Monday, January 31, 2011

New Training Guide

Our friends in Texas at Floorball Planet has just released a new written training guide for Floorball.

IT is Green in Ireland

This is the full press-release from the recent Floorball Introduction in Ireland:
It sounds like they had fun, are doing the right thing and making serious progress, congrats all of You involved in this. Here is their Press Release!

--- Need more Pictures? Try this
Last Saturday (29/1/11) the Killarney Vikings Floorball & the Irish Floorball Association organised
it's first official event, Official Launch of Floorball in Ireland/Family Fun Day. The event took
place at Coral Leisure Centre in Killarney and was a great success with about 200 visitors curious
about the newest sport in Ireland.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is not repeated


Game or Sport?


We are very happy that we finally have a good computer PC game for Floorball. And if You missed JetJets great article on the game FBL (something that later on turned into addiction to poor Jetjet) you can find his text here.

Computer games are often put up against a sport activity as a parent looks at his or hers teens or youngsters and say something like: "Hey, - I wish you would not sit all day in front of that screen - but instead go out and kick a ball or something..."
Here is another interesting comparison that you never heard of too much...But you'll find it here of course.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Main Webite Open U19

This is the new site from Germany on this Years U19 World Floorball Championships... 

The IFF reports on Canada

This is how they start..
The Buzz surrounding Floorball in Canada is undeniable. National News network CTV recently caught...
The article continues to describe on how Canadian kids start to pick up "famous" Floorball players as household names together with more famous NHL Players...
Full article and the video that now have gone global is here

Friday, January 28, 2011


This post is a repost from BCFLOORBALL - with their kind permission!

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA. February 4-6, 2011

B.C. Floorball would like to welcome everyone to attend next week’s Womens’ World Championship Qualifier matches at the Richmond Olympic Oval.
Team Canada will face off against Team USA at the Richmond Oval next week, February 4 & 5th, 2011. The Qualification games will determine who will compete at the December 2011 World Championships in St.Gallen, Switzerland. A two game qualification series will be played in which the most goals scored at the end of the two games will advance. This will be the first time that the Canadian and US women’s national teams face one another.

Team Canada brings a new look to the floor this year, having spent the last year recruiting and evaluating top level hockey, ball hockey, field hockey and floorball players from across the country. Team Canada welcomes five time women’s hockey national team gold medalist Delaney Collins to the team. Collins is a player who possesses a great deal of finesse and speed and will be one of the top players to watch in the tournament. Other newcomers to the sport include Christine Hartnoll and Azelia Liu, a Team Canada field hockey goalie. In addition to these fine players, BC players Rossi Thomas, Lynne Verhoeven, Serina Marchesi, Lynn Santiago and Katrina Galas will be joining the team. Attendees will witness some of Canada’s finest female athletes in this historical first match between Team Canada and Team USA as they play this exciting new hockey variant that has Olympic aspirations.

Following the qualifier matches the Canadian National Floorball Championships will commence, featuring the best players that Canadian Provincial Teams have to offer. Team BC were crowned champions in 2008 and 2009, the last years that they were able to compete. They look forward to defending their title this year.

World Championship Qualifier Game Schedule
Game #1: Friday February 4th @ 6:00pm – Richmond Oval (6111 River Rd, Richmond, BC)
Game #2: Saturday February 5th @ 12:00pm – Richmond Oval (6111 River Rd, Richmond, BC)

International Floorball Federation:
Floorball Canada:
BC Floorball

for more information contact Greg Beaudin: 778.385.7825 or

Team Canada ladies before Q WFC

We just stumbled across a full presentation of the Team Canada staff presented by Dr. Koo just before the up-coming games against the USA for one spot at The 2011 World Floorball Campionships for ladies. Here you go

If someone find something similar on the US team pls let us know.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lou Scanlan from Nicholson Catholic College - Canada!

It is about Canada right now - very good! And it will not take long in this our age to hit your street or backyard too.

Comparing Floorball and Floor Hockey and more from the coaching perspective...

And here is a local but very interesting article on a Young man on a mission for his country and the leaf.

Main Finish News-paper

Helsingin Sanomat report on Sports that are liked among the big audience in Finland.
This is a quote on how they mention Floorball.

"Another discipline slipping down the table owing to poor results is football (soccer), which slumped from 2nd to 7th, at least partly as a consequence of the national squad's rather lame performances in the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign.
      Apparently not even the extensive coverage given to the World Cup finals in South Africa could stem the loss of support.
      Future "ones to watch" on their way up include snowboarding, floorball, and freestyle skiing, while one of the Finns' traditional sporting staples - Nordic cross-country skiing - does not feature any longer in the top ten mix."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Best we Ever posted?

It is here it all start - nothing more is needed to say - these kids from Canadian TV say it all.

Credit to Perry's Prospects, The Kids Playing and Greg B.
Thank You guys.

The Great One, FIFTY!

Twitter tells us that the Great one turns 50 today - Happy Birthday Gretzky!

The other guy in this video is Mats Sundin, one of the first hockey players that acknowledged that Floorball helped him with his hockey, according to the sources we have.

And yes, here is the true reincarnation of this the same video in HD "Salming- or Floorball-Style:

Happy Birthday Yet again!

New Organization forming

International Wheelchair Floorball Federation (IWFF)
Here is the link to the official Facebook page of the International Wheelchair Floorball Federation, IWFF. International Wheelchair Floorball Federation, IWFF is currently forming head organisation of world wheelchair floorball

This is a tremendous important development for the Sport of Floorball in the aspect of depth. To make Floorball fast the main broad Sport we all dream of - developments like this is crucial. Thank You guys for working on this and we do hope that you will get firm support from many other organizations as well as federations. We/I definitely will support you.

Please like their page.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Floorball League - Game Review


Hi all, I have not been posting much lately due to busy schedules. But I would like to write a review about the Floorball League PC game. Well, the game has caused buzzes around the floorball community in the world and floorball players and fans have been dying to get their hands on the game. So, when it was released back in December 2010, it is without doubt the game has been one of the Christmas presents in any floorball players and fans' wishlist.

Confirmation Brazil

We have mentioned this earlier but here it is in Black and White from the IFF.
Brazil is in - and maybe we must start with some Portuguese posting too?

Let us know what You think - in a constructive way please - comment here or at our Facebook page.


The Scoop and Responsibility


Let us play with thoughts and say that Flag Football as a support sport to Football (American) was selected to gain Olympic status in less then 10 years and no one in America knew about this. OK this is pure fiction but think about it!
Would You not become mad at the American Sport Journalists if they would not write on this story to let all PE teachers, kids, parents and players know?

Would You not say the same thing about Futsal, as a support sport for Soccer, if it gained the status to become an Olympic sport in a short time and no journalist wrote about it to inform players, kids, parents or PE teachers?

What kind of press coverage would that be?

Monday, January 24, 2011


What logic is there behind a blog post in Spanish? Well...
The two largest Floorball States in USA, CA and TX are almost Bi-lingual.
In 2050 as the population mix in USA will be dominated by Hispanics and this is also when I have said Floorball will be a dominant new Sport in Americas too.

Soo here it is our first Full post in Spanish:

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jaromir Jagrs personal trainer goes to Floorball

Here is an very interesting article from the Czech Republic on Jaromir Jagrs former personal Ice Hockey trainer Marian Jelenik as he just recently visited a Top Floorball game in the Czech Republic.
N>B> This text has been translated to English by friends from The Czech republic PLEASE see in Comments.

I am not good at Czech and the Google translation is not very much to rely upon. But I gather the Following as statements from this iconic Ice hockey man and repost them here.

- His own son plays Floorball
- The Swedish Club Umeå HC uses it for their Hockey team (this is the 4th Top Hockey team from Sweden we now have confirmed - using Floorball for Hockey)
- He thinks some Hockey players may be too heavy for good Floorball. But the Czech Top Hockey Player Martin Straka is perfectly built for Floorball.
- He also see the economic advantage for Floorball as compared to Hockey.
- He refers to Floorball at a University in America,
- and acknowledges that he sees the growth of it in the Czech Republic and a more professional development and there is no doubt that this big Hockey man likes Floorball.

So hey, if someone in the Czech Republic wants to do a perfect translation - we will post it here.


Friday, January 21, 2011

A cool 7 minutes Youth game

Look how this is produced, nice footage, nice sound and a few trix with the editing.
Also some decent Floorball by the future born 1995 - from last weekend.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Floorball Fashion


These Glasses are better than Lady Gaga’s. And You know why. It is Salmings News Gaga Inspired Sunglasses!
This is also styling that I do think beat anything - What a Lady I must say!

This is Floorball Fashion. from IKSU Fashion. IKSU is one of the worlds - if not THE worlds leading Floorball Club for Ladies and someone in their organization have created a blog called simply Floorball Fashion. Hey, Cristian Dior - Watch out - this is good!

We asked them permission to run these pictures - but since I have not heard back I take a chance and hope they will let us have them up here - for the sake of Floorball - if not I will pull them immediately.

Copyright, Idea, Credits - everything and even more is to be found at IKSU Fashion - sorry it is not an English website - but here it is


Spring Break?

It is back, the only - we think - Floorball camp in Americas so far.
It looks bigger better and even more ultimate..
It is from Canada and it seems like there is even more coaches this year
Read about it here or register here

More on how Hockey players can use Floorball


Here is how Floorball is promoted for Hockey players in Canada - Today.
Do You want to read the article?
Here is the link

As it comes to the reasons to use Floorball - we do not need to add any - it is all there in the article!

Serious work to improve kids hockey by Floorball

This is one way to do it - just in from Floorball Hockey America.
California lead the way and is obviously the State that understands a good trend!
Good Morning America!

Yes this is a copy from Facebook and their presence - from where? Here

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Twitter,


How do Floorballer's do on Twitter? 
Kind of lame I think. 
There is several tweets a day on the subject Floorball - but of course the fragmentation of the name we have on our fav. sport creates a havoc, this since most Swedes Tweet Innebandy, Finns they Tweet Salibandy or Sähly and so on - stinkin’ tiresome I say. 
And I do not understand why we do not see a more forward movement in this matter of the name decay - we do have a name problem as I have defined before! But Who is up to the task?...Me only?
Most folks do include #Floorball and some do use the #hashtag even if they still tweet in their own language. That is the GOOD side!

But as it comes to the art of re-tweeting most Foorballers seem to be a true disaster. My little very serious advice is that U must re-tweet other messages if U post about Floorball on Twitter - that includes the IFF and all the few other National federations that do seem to use Twitter. And other heavy actors in Floorball on Twitter. It is a PLAIN must to do this - to be able to build a network, spread knowledge of the sport and for heavens sake - Twitter is not email or SMS - it is a way to build and expand a social network. Got it? 
It is a modern way to spread information about our sport. Use it like it is intended to - it is perfect for Floorball since we can fast reach many new target groups if we do this right.
Shame on all the Floorball federations that does not use Twitter - or do not include the #Floorball tag in their tweets.

It is only as U re-tweet U reach out to new groups and find new readers and expand your own network. So if U sit there and just Tweet to your own 30 followers - U can as well stop using Twitter and look at TV instead. Your impact to build Floorball on twitter is kind of similar.

Go Tweet something on Floorball now - make it into a campaign and re-tweet others too - every day - it may make wonders or at least make your day.

Cause U want Floorball to grow - RIGHT?

Nothing to do?

Why not look in some - kind of modern - catalogs?That covers - what is next in sports and tell Your buddy that you saw this before him/her.
Floorball Punk is a new online German shop with attitude and a stiff and sturdy street feel too.

Here is some catalogs they have tossed up online from a couple of brands, oho warning the PDF's take a bit more time to load and you - as always - need a PDF reader for your browser - maybe?
Yes they are in English - Danke mein frau!

The ladies Q for WFC is coming up

Here info from facebook
Place Vancouver Canada
Friday, February 4 at 10:00am - February 5 at 6:00pm

The Qualifications to Women's 8th World Champions are played in four continental tournaments on January and February:
- WFCQ Europe 1 with 5 european teams
- WFCQ Europe 2 with 6 european teams
- WFCQ AOFC with 2 Asian and Oceanian teams
- WFCQ Americas with 2 North-American teams

The WFCQ Americas will be played in Canada. Participating teams:
* Canada
The best teams of the tournament will be qualified to the 8th Women's World Championships, played December 2011 in Switzerland.
Link to WFCQ Americas page on IFF web pages:

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Report from the Duck-pond

Photo Sandra Heier

We normally do not post things like this but right now Floorball is in the main-stream Swedish media due to two things beside of the sport itself.

First the National TV showed a report on how very few immigrants in Sweden picks up Floorball. They kind of prefer Soccer or Boxing. The broadcast showed a Swedish elite club based in a suburb with 80% immigrants - but more or less no immigrants at all on the team. As they tried to understand this they used different explanations. But it made not sense, I say.

My own take on this goes in two directions. First it is a pity that not more immigrants do play Floorball in Sweden since it does in the reality hamper the expansion of Floorball to the countries where these immigrants claim their roots.

On the other hand since many immigrants tend to belong to a weaker socio-economic part of the society it maybe is natural that they seek sports for “grass-roots” and can this on the other hand be that less players from lower socio-economic groups - may work reversed and in this way raise the status of the sport in a socio-economic perspective even more? I do not know.

The other issue that the debate flies high about is that a well-known Ice Hockey personality, in live national TV, said that Floorball is not a real sport and it is only for left-handed "bed-wetters" - or something similar.

The Floorball side replied with some facts that as a sport Floorball is larger as Hockey and offered a challenge game on the Floorball court to the outspoken man and added that the man saying this - his own two daughters are Floorball players.

Duck-Pond Hockey? Oh Yes. And I wish they could look across borders like some doctors and journalists do. But as some folks already know - bad publicity is good publicity too as long as it is,,,

Grace Issue FOUR

The last issue of Grace - for Girls only?
According to reports Grace is Dead from now on - Long live Grace!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Quick Update SSL

An Image say more then words right?

Crosby coaching Canada Floorball

Yet again a splendid example of how Canadian Ice hockey ties its relationship with Floorball.
This time we have a genuine Hockey coach that decided to Coach the Canadian Ladies National Floorball team as they clash with USA early in February for the qualification to the female World Floorball Championships.
Here is the full local story on Pete Crosby from Brantford, outside of Toronto.

Qualifications for W WFC Canada-USA

The Americas qualifications for the ladies w WFC is up next month.
Or to be more precise:
Women´s WFC Qualification Americas takes place February 5th and 6th, 2011 in Vancouver, CanadaThe IFF has released full rosters for both the Canada as well as the US team!
Click the links!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Update for Horicon Floorball.

Here is the first ever report - from Horicon Wisconsin! Direct from our Andy:
Sunday night we had a practise with goals. 
I learned the guys the right technique to shoot and pass and after that we did some movement plays.
The interest is high - the only problem is that we don't have enough sticks as of yet.
I have my lefty sticks but majority here in America play righty. So the people who playing righty need to buy their own stick or if we can find som sponsors.
We're planning for having a fundraising soon for the team so we can get more sticks and pay trips to practise games, etc.


Recent Expressions


As we try to market or sell the concept of Floorball in Americas and since we are on the Internet we do, de facto, reach out to the world and some interesting phrases or even ideas are created.

It is just less than a week since I for the first time ever heard the expression used by a journalist from Canada... he wrote “ventilated blades”.
To me that is “a hit dead on” and one of the best things I have heard in a long time. Of course a Floorball stick is made with a ventilated blade. But as many folks may hear this for the very first time they may think - it is ventilated because it needs some cooling? No, that is probably not the truth even if Floorball is a very hot issue. 
But the truth is that a Floorball stick is a part of one of the fastest Hockey sports on the planet.
And it is not the “ventilation” itself that is done to “cool” things off - no it is the other way around - it is the ventilated blades - letting air through that makes the blades to fast. So more “ventilation to the people”! Right?

Today, I for the first time ever heard the description from Modern Hockey in Canada that stated something like that if you look for the best “cheat sheet for Ice hockey” - the answer is Floorball.
Think about it - it kind of sticks.

Earlier on, like a year ago, another journalist from Ontario created the expression “Skateboards for Hockey” also a very good description of what is going on I think.

In good old USA another group driving Floorball forward in relation to Hockey has started to use the expression “Hockey without Ice”. I like them all.

But to be honest it is not the expressions themselves that is important - but that you play Floorball or that you get more people to do so. Hey feel free to use any expression you want as of above as you try to convince more people to play. And if you got your own killer expression on Floorball - do not be shy - share it with us.

A very creative way to get boards

From Austin Texas, they let us know that they will have a beer tasting fund raiser for Floorball boards - commin' up.
Let just hope that they keep the fund raiser separate from playing Floorball so they do not end up in some doping issues..he he.
Here is a snippet on what is going on:

Austin Floorball Club Beer Taster Fundraising Bash!
7:30 – 11 pm
$30 per person

Support the AFC and help raise money to import a set of boards from Europe! Open to the public, $30 admission fee. Bring your friends!!
Beer Theme is Big Beers. Porters. Stouts. Winter Seasonal Beers. Come sample 10 Big Beers from around the world and here in Austin. All proceeds go towards purchase of floorball rink. Pre/post event keg to be provided by NXNW Brewmasters.
Presented by professional beer connoisseur Bob Hewett.
Located at:
AMLI Apartment Complex Clubhouse
2601 Scofield Ridge Pkwy, Austin, TX, 78727

Our take on this - If you like Beer - You can not miss this one - the same goes (that is You) if You like Floorball!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Calif news for this weekend - Be there


Floorball Hockey America REMINDER: Floorball Hockey America will be @ the Grand Opening of HockeyTron in Cerritos, CA (this Saturday and Sunday). We will have our "Hockey... MINUS the ICE" Floorball Demo in the parking lot. Come down and pick up a stick... We know you will absolutely love the game... not to mention what it can do to improve your hockey skills, etc. We'll see you @ HOCKEYTRON!
Hockey Tron's Hockey Equipment

Local advertising from Ontario

FLOORBALL U SAY /// cool moves from Ontario

Manager Vesa Mikkola has selected Team Ontario for the 2011 Canadian National Floorball Championship, which will be played in Richmond, B.C. February 5th and 6th. Ontario won the National Championship in Hamilton, Ontario for the first time last year. As defending champs, they will look to repeat and bring home the trophy yet again.
Read more here 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wrap up Gothia Cup and WFC 2010

Here is a quick wrap up from the worlds largest Floorball tournament in Gothenburg, Sweden that just ended.
It is a coverage upon the participation from the Czech Republic and it is in English and the vid on this page is in HD.
You can find much more interesting information at their webpage.
But did you know that this annually re-occurring tournament sports some 1000 teams and have seven bus lines on their own?
This is from WFC 2010 and...  Zorro on the world stage

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



No it is just before the beginning - by the way...ever seen a logo like this before?
More to come - but for now we promote the Next Floorball Madness at Huntington Beach in Calif. at

A Wednesday - with Toronto and Brazil


This is a promotion vid from Toronto and hey the IFF just posted a write up on their High School finals here

As we earlier concluded (a post that seems to be very popular) that Brazil now is up running here is an interesting read on how this was initiated like 5 years ago by Floorball for all - very good and humane initiative from Swoochzerland (I think you can call Switzerland "Swoochzerland" as we talk Floorball)- Go Brazil Go!
We are looking forward to hear more from you!

We will soon be back with more news upon a new US initiative - for Floorball - hold on.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

120 Pages for Girls Only

This is how a Swedish 120 page Full-color Floorball Mag for Ladies looks like.
It is called Grace - but I think it is kind of bold.


Floorball League in the Works


by Benjamin Alldritt, North Shore News January 11, 2011

Read more:

Floorball may not have the profile of its more popular siblings — ice hockey and field hockey — but a North Vancouver man is working to build up the sport’s numbers in B.C. and around the world.

Greg Beaudin spoke with the North Shore News after returning from Helsinki, Finland, where he was elected to the International Floorball Federation’s central board. Floorball has been provisionally approved as an Olympic event, and Beaudin’s election is part of the federation’s effort to grow the sport in North America.

“There’s a global movement and it’s hitting in Canada pretty hard,” Beaudin said. “North Vancouver in particular is a hotbed. This is where I live and I’m the guy who is championing the development of floorball. This is where we’ve done a lot of our testing and pilot programs. It’s going really well here and now it’s starting to flourish in Vancouver and Burnaby, Abbotsford, Langley and so on. I’ve got school districts calling me all the time.”

After three years of preparation, floorball has been recognized as a provincial-level sport, making it eligible for some government funding. As president of the newly minted B.C. Floorball, Beaudin is working to build an organization across the province.

“They (Sport B.C.) are pretty particular about who’s going to run that sport for the province,” Beaudin said. “We have the right board members and the right programming and we touched all the right trigger points for them. For the last five years we’ve really built that up with seniors and kids and hockey associations, and we’ve got some disabled floorball going now too. We’re really trying to do this properly. We just had a seniors’ event at the West Vancouver Community Centre. That was really fun and unique. A couple of people showed up on scooters in their Team Canada jerseys. We had a blast.”

On the North Shore, about 24 schools play floorball as part of their physical education classes. The next stage of development is the establishment of a local league. Beaudin envisions the fledgling league would start with six teams with 10 players per side. While there’s no shortage of interested players, finding floors to play on has proved a challenge. Most schools and community centres have their gyms almost fully booked, but Beaudin is hopeful that the North Vancouver school district’s Lucas Centre can find some schedule slots for him in the spring.

Alongside building numbers, B.C. Floorball is trying to coax players into upgrading their ancient floor hockey equipment and bringing it into line with the gear seen in northern Europe, where floorball enjoys immense popularity. Readers may remember that it was during a game of floorball in Finland last year that Vancouver Canucks star defenceman Sami Salo picked up his latest injury.

“It was European hockey players who took floor hockey sticks from Canada to Sweden and started tweaking them and re-engineering them. Now they’re lightweight carbon graphite with a ventilated blade that really promotes stick-handling and creative control. Floor hockey sticks in every school in Canada are the same as they were in the ’70s. It’s the plastic tubular sticks with the straight plastic blade. No-one ever thought to upgrade them.”

Beaudin, son of former Winnipeg Jet Norm Beaudin, insists that his sport doesn’t have to compete with ice hockey for players or be seen as the poor cousin. The two sports co-exist quite easily, and Beaudin points at the recent decision by Hockey Now magazine to include a regular floorball section.

“There’s hardly any real conflict and there’s a lot of crossover,” he said. “Floorball is a skill development system for young hockey players. If you’re a hockey coach or a hockey parent and your kid is excelling at hockey, the first thing you want to do is get them a floorball stick and a ball so they can practise at home — toe drags, tips, pull-ins, just general stick-handling moves. I can honestly say there are dozens of North Shore hockey kids who have been training with floorball. It really complements hockey.”

With only a stick and ball needed, floorball is also an option for players who don’t want to invest in a full set of hockey gear until they’re sure the sport is right for them. Beaudin said several families have told him the sport was a “gateway” into ice hockey for them.

Hockey fans will certainly recognize the sport, although there are significant differences. Players wear no equipment, and while shoulder-to-shoulder play is allowed, checking is not. The lightweight, perforated stick blade and lightweight ball emphasize speed and skill over strength. Perhaps the most noticeable difference is that goalkeepers in floorball carry no stick.

Anyone interested in getting a good look at this growing sport can head down to the Richmond Olympic Oval Feb. 5 and 6, where the Canadian national championships will be held. Also on the card is a qualifying match between the Canadian and American national women’s sides. The winners of that contest will book their passage to Switzerland for this year’s world championships.

If you or someone in your family is interested in getting involved, email

Read more:

Finland Team of the year

Direct in from the IFF,

The Finnish National Floorball team has been awarded team of the year by Finnish sport journalists.
It may take a couple of years until that possible may happen here - I think

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wisconsin Mushroom

A Bold Rumor just came in over the Facebook cables here - and it is my understanding that we do have a new team sailing up in Wisconsin, USA.
The rumor say that Horicon, Wisconsin has a new Floorball team.

This matter will be investigated further and we will also try to set up some kind of a practice game as well, - most likely against Tomah.
Another just natural development would be to have a little tournament - lets pull some strings - and we will report here on what in the world we may come up with....

SSL Storvreta-Warberg

There is a new TV game coming up today from SSL, this is what happened last week. Follow the link and it should work.

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Formal Call from Canada


Floorball Canada is pleased to announce we will be hosting our 2010/11 Annual General Meeting on Saturday February 5th at 9 pm at the Hilton Hotel located in Richmond, BC.  The AGM will take place in conjunction with the Women's World Floorball Championships Qualification Series between Team Canada and Team USA and the

Brazil Breaking News!

It sounds like they will have a main kick-off for Floorball next Monday in Brazil - as we heard a rumor over twitter...
Tacada Inicial Rumo ao Mundial 2012
Good News Indeed.
Hmm, can that possible be that for the Qualification rounds for WFC 2012 and beyond that we have three teams trying to Qualify from the Americas? YES read on...

Our first post with only a picture - and no comment


The Floorball shooting school

You may already have seen the Salming Academy?
Or their head coach Patrik Lönell's own original Floorball shooting School?

Anyway, as we saw this amazing trick shot made by Roger Federer, in Tennis
(yes he has played Floorball too) we asked Mr Lönell about how he would define Federers shot from a Floorball view-point?
 - As a Floorball "symbolic" shot it is a "Legtrickster" but it also looks like a "Tunnelstriker" too.
 is what he said.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Texas State Championship 2011! and more from USFbA

Here is the latest update from USFbA the Floorball governing org for USA,

Denton, TX, USA: The first ever official Texas State Floorball Championship (TSFC) will be held in Denton, Texas on the 26th of February.

This is a USFbA sanctioned tournament and official IFF rules will apply.

The Boys and Girls Club In TOMAH


Yesterday we had a new first “state premiere” here in Wisconsin - again.
We think the Boys and Girls Club in Tomah most likely was the first such Club in Wisconsin - ever - to try Floorball.

We do know that similar Boys and Girls Clubs in Texas have been very - very - successful indeed by using Floorball at several locations in both the Dallas as well as in the Austin area.

“The kids couldn't stop talking about how much fun they had when we got back!” is what the responsible leader Ms. Protz spontaneously stated after the first game.
And yes, the Boys and Girls Club in Tomah will try this again - next week.

IFF looks back and forward

Here is a good page from the IFF that looks back to the last WFC 2010, it just a pity that they use a "silent" movie.
Anyway some good information on upcoming events for 2011 is also listed.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The worlds largest Floorball Tournament...

Starts in a couple of hours in Gothenburg Sweden, 13 hours or you read this.
Here is the crucial link..- games are on from Jan 6th to Jan 9th 2011.

Here is some humble statistics we borrowed from their fact page

Participating teams:450
Players:10 000
Playing fields:27
No of games:1000
Own bus lines:7

Here is their HD TV feed:
It is full of "Swenglish" - enjoy and this year feature many new teams from The Czech Republic.

Want to go next Year?

Alberta seeks Players for Nationals

Do you live in Alberta and are interested in playing floorball at the Canadian National Floorball Championships in Richmond, British Columbia?

If so, Team Alberta is looking for men's representatives for the 2011 squad to participate at the Richmond Olympic Oval against Canada's best from February 5th to 6th. Try-outs will be held on January 6th, 13th, and 20th at Norwood Elementary School in Edmonton, Alberta from 5.30 to 8.30pm. The team will have 2 final practices on the 27th and a yet-to-be-announced date before nationals take place.

We hope to field at least 2 full lines with 2 goaltenders for a total of 12 players at this event.

For more information, contact Team Captain and President of Floorball Alberta, Andrzej Zadora, by e-mail (

Federer - again

As we have mentioned earlier Roger Federer was raised with Floorball.
Here is a recent trick shot from him - in Tennis.
We will link you out since this is posted on You Tube and we are not certain if the poster at You Tube have the rights to upload clips from Eurosport

A Table-Goal?

What would your mama say if you tried this at home with a hockey puck?
The Zorro moves here is OK - but what I do like is the way how you can use furniture - regular furniture as you practise some Floorball - innovative I think!

Floorball ZORRO from sylwester on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Toronto League Update

Here is the latest Floorball promotion from Toronto.
We took out the pictures since they where under copyright - otherwise copied under full splendor - thanks Juha!

Get Active in 2011! Join the
Toronto Floorball Revolution

Men's, Women's and Youth Leagues are starting in January.
Come to an Open-House session and try a game for free!
Floorball is an exciting, safe and inexpensive indoor sport suitable for players of any skill level. It is very easy to learn the game, which is similar to Floor or Ball Hockey.
Youth Floorball (NEW: TWO AGE GROUPS!)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Lake Cowichan Gazette - Introducing Floorball


I found this article through Google Alert and I think it is a good news about the development of Floorball in British Columbia, Canada.

Probably Greg and his gang might have known about this. Oh well, do read it. It is really interesting. ))


Saturday, January 1, 2011

The True Challenge and Definition of 2011


There is tonnes of ways to define Floorball and we just came up with a new one -


Readers out-side of America wonder what Floor Hockey is - and yes I do that too?

But many Americans play and have played an odd, or a funky kind of a game, that is without any International standard and it is called Floor Hockey - check it out on You Tube.

To a true Floorballer it looks kind of primitive... but it is kind of big over here - even if it does not seem to become an Olympic sport rather soon...

But lets now, once and for all, try to figure out how good Floor Hockey is? If it is good?

This text is a call to Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Dallas, and Fresno or to You....
Take your local Floorball team - zoom in on that local Floor Hockey team - give them the only single, nasty and true challenge!
Tell that local "Floor Hockey team" that your Floorball team will beat their Floor Hockey team “big time” in a series of at least two games - one Floor Hockey game and one Floorball game. Or make it a 7 games series and end it with a Hockey game maybe?

Is it important to win this series - NO.
Is it important to show hockey folks in the USA and Canada Floorball - Heck YES.
So do not sit there...
Happy new 2011!

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!