Sunday, December 26, 2010

Donate and Invest in Wisconsin Today!

So What do you do? I discussed this with my friend "A" and we decided that we wanted to donate like 20 Floorball sets to the same number of Schools in Wisconsin. And as we found the website - we hoped that they would like our idea too and maybe they would help us to fund our campaign to kickstart Floorball in WI.

OK, we knew that was mainly aimed at funding art projects - but we thought that Floorball might be seen as a "cultural transfer project" and we liked the idea to find a fast track to realize our good deed - without going the long way over "grants".
Here is their answer as well as our "application":

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Zuccarello scores in his First NHL game


But we have said that before... to be cont.....

See his stick-handling and then take your Floorball stick and go practice in the living room, please

by the way Merry X-mas - time for a little break over the holidays here..

News from USAfB reg TEXAS


I’m proud to announce that we have two official state championships in 2011,
California and now Texas!

The first ever official Texas State Floorball Championship (TSFC) will be held in
Denton, TX on Feb 26. This is a USFbA sanctioned tournament and official IFF
rules will apply.

Contact Jukka for details on the TSFC 2011:

The final standings of the 2010 CSFC (California State Floorball Championship)
will be published on the USFbA website, by the end of this month. This will be
published together with details of the 2011 CSFC.

Please help spread the word and contact Jukka if you have any questions in
regards to this event.

Thank you and have a great Holiday!

Calle Karlsson
Vice President, USFbA
Mobile: +1 408 206-7204

Mika Kohonen 500

The Finn Mika Kohonen was selected as the best player in WFC 2010. And this week he passed beyond another remarkable landmark. Last Monday he surpassed 500 assists in his SSL career - a truly remarkable record since the closest player in the Swedish Super League is some 200 assists behind him. Something that provides a perspective on this feat.
This was just reported by the Swedish site and the full Swedish article on this is to be found here

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

NYR and how some players relate to Floorball

Todays best news was just tweeted by us as we picked this up from other sources:

Merry Xmas #floorball fans #Zuccarello will start to play in NYR and NHL.
Yes he is raised on Floorball too like Swedes -hint stick-handling
It sounds however that since Gaborik is out Zuccarello is in - or in other words one Floorball "playing" Forward goes out and another one comes in!

Here is the NYR article on it
And here is something we posted last spring

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coach Chic on Floorball

This man is serious about and knows his Hockey at the New England Hockey Institute.
Here You can listen to what Coach Chic say about Floorball and the WFC 2010.

- I can for sure promise you that many other hockey coaches will agree on this his message!
And this is not a thing I am guessing about....




Canadian National Floorball Championships
BC Floorball is looking for adult male players (minimum age of 15 with parents’ permission) to represent BC at the 2011 Canadian National Floorball Championship. Selections will be made in the coming weeks, so if you have played in the Vancouver Floorball League or for any other team or scrimmage, please email us for tryout form, and we will contact you with tryout dates.
Here at Floorball U we like this very much since it shows how Floorball is advancing very fast in Canada.
But we also think that this logo used is one of the most ever best logos made as it comes to Floorball in Canada - yes the competition is stiff we admit that.

A half Bull?

At first sight, I liked the idea “One world - One ball” but  I had some ideas on how to improve it so I posted them here on the blog.

Let me Explain One World -One Ball is the new "slogan" from IFF to promote the game of Floorball.
I was first not sure if I would dare to post this one - but I decided that I have the ball or the balls it takes to toss this post up.

Someone mumbled to me, - hey do they not know what “one ball” may mean in English?
Then I suddenly saw that this device, slogan, tag line, by line or what ever You want to call it - was used in full swing during the WFC 2010. It was not just a proposal - it was up live in actual use.
Hrm. I thought they said it was a proposal...

So then last night I saw someone making fun of it on Twitter - and it is kind of fun if you think that the ball now is a testicle - just as many English speaking people may think it is - as they want to be nasty.

So Floorball is now the first global sport for people with one testicle, huh? or dare we say ouch?

Monday, December 20, 2010

See and learn - who is the coach?

So who is the coach - you yourself or these kids?
I know that not all of you like this kind of "news" but I cant help myself since I do think it is here everything starts - and if you miss this - you are not fully out - but you will have a heck of a ride to beat these guys down the road as we will meet the future.
So let me ask again who is the coach - you or these kids?

The Future is Play

I like this - because they younger players are - the more they are about the future - and even deeper so into the future, and how it will be shaped. I say this is about both Hockey and Floorball.

This is also the kind of in-door - in-home hockey play that most mothers can live with.
We will write another piece on why Floorball is so good for Hockey players soon.
Hang on.


TV and Internet

IFF just announced the first numbers from the TV and Internet as in numbers of viewers and there is several new records as they relates to the WFC 2010.

Our own site had a few problems during the WFC and due to different reasons we did not post here as much as we wanted to. But still our own average was about 200 visitors per day during the WFC, normal numbers are about just under 100 visitors per day to this site.
What is remarkable however is how South America now tends to find this site too and several new countries from South America has been visiting this site.
So per no doubt Floorball is growing steadily in many numbers.

Floorball - The Magical Game


No, I'm not talking about the World Floorball Championships 2010's theme. But it is what a Finnish article had written and described the sport. Without a doubt, it was a really good article. Take a look at it !


Don't Hibernate this Winter, Join the Toronto Floorball Revolution
Men's, Women's and Youth Leagues of all skill levels are starting soon. 
Come to an Open-House session and fall in love with the game for free!
Floorball is an exciting, safe and inexpensive indoor sport suitable for players of any skill level. It is very easy to learn the game, which is similar to Ball Hockey.
Youth Floorball (NEW: TWO AGE GROUPS!)
  • Action-packed league for youth born from 1995 to 1998 or 1998 to 2001
  • Great for experienced hockey players who are looking to improve their endurance, stickhandling and shooting ability or players new to hockey
  • League starts on January 7th, 2011 and runs for 8 weeks
  • Games are played Friday nights between 6 and 9 PM
  • Location: Crescent School (Lawrence & Bayview)
  • Fee $125 - Register online or contact the convener
Ladies Floorball (All Levels)
  • Fun, fitness and competition for ladies of all skill levels and ages
  • Only 32 available spots for the coming season
  • Free Open House on Monday January 10th 7-8:20 PM followed by a 16 game season
  • Games Monday nights between 7 and 11 PM
  • Location: The Hangar Roller Derby Rink (Downsview Park)
  • Fee $145 - Register online
Intermediate Floorball (Friendly Recreational)
Elite Floorball (Competitive)
  • Canada's best floorball league! Perfect for players with previous experience playing competitive ice hockey, ball hockey or floorball.
  • Free Open House and tryout session on Monday January 10th 8:20-9:20 followed by exhibition games.
  • Full sixty minute games and a 14 game season including playoffs
  • Games Monday nights between 7 and 11 PM
  • Location: The Hangar Roller Derby Rink (Downsview Park)
  • Fee range $180-$200 depending on team- Register in person at tryouts or contact us
Ready to register?
Check out the online registration page now! Registration is open for the Ladies, Intermediate and Youth leagues.

Floorball Madness

News from California and Erik Larsson...
Floorball Madness 2011, Saturday February 12-13, Huntington Beach, California
Time for another Madness Tournament, Hope you can make it. The date is set: February 12-13, 2011 (1 or 2 days depends on # of teams). Venue: More info. will be available in January at
If you have played the Madness before - it's the same place and only details will change. I hope to see some new teams providing a new challenge for teams coming back.

I will post news and updates about Madness on facebook Join the Floorball Madness group

Erik Larsson
Get your team ready Sign up deadline January 31, 2010 go to to sign up


3 Adult Divisions
Adult Co-Ed ELITE
6 Junior Div.
U7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-17

Sign up as a team 16max players. 11 is the recommended minimum, 1 goalie and 2 lines of 5 players.
You can also sign up as a single player.

The tournament is played indoor on 2 adapted in-line hockey rinks. One rink is equipped with a certified world class floorball rink. Floors are marked for floorball and trained certified referees make sure all games are played according to the international floorball federations rules and regulations.

Go to to download the rules.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Discipline - A Serious Measure to be Considered


It has been a long while since I last posted here. But something caught my attention yesterday that I think everyone should take into consideration. Well, my floorball league officially started yesterday and of course, in a serious level of competition, there were several interesting occasions where people started shouting at each other to call foul, referees making some slight decisions which offended players etc; basically, the common things that happen in floorball.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

A good read for four big National Federations

This - Ice Hockey article - spells out very clearly what IFF, as well as the 4-5 strongest National Floorball Federations must do and why they must act - now.
In short it say - help and mentor Your friends - it also explains why it is a good idea to do this - or why it is just a must to do this. It all relates to the Olympics and it is thus a very big matter. The Floorball community must have its act in order, soon, or our time may run wild.

Floorball as a business?

We do not know the primary source of this but it has been posted online by a former representative for the IFF.
Floorball is good business.
The number of sold material looks the following for 2010:
Sticks 562.641 pcs
Balls 1.738.625 pcs
Goals 1.968 pcs
Rinks 384 pcs
Face masks 408 pcs

I think as it comes to masks - many other kinds of masks not approved by the IFF is involved in this.
What is your bet on the number of sticks sold in like 10 years? In other words maybe right after we do have Floorball in the Olympics.

A lesson in Art from BC Floorball

This post is a re-post from BC Floorball (source here

A West Coast Modern Wooden Classic
The Vancouver Floorball League would like to thank Tartooful for its generous trophy donation.
Carved by Sam Plumley of Tofino, BC, the trophy exemplifies the fresh, West Coast approach embraced by the VFL.  Sam Plumley sculpted this piece of art out of solid reclaimed yellow cedar from Clayquot Sound.  Sam is a second generation carver who is a rising west coast art star, having recently had his work on display at both the Beijing Olympics and at the Aboriginal Pavilion of the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  It is hoped that the trophy, with it’s sleek, modern silhouette and traditional, solid West Coast material, will act as an inspiration to the players of the league for years to come.
Here is the first winners and the Trophy awarded to the team
Our Comment here at Floorball U is that the trophy issue is a very serious thing - and right now a big matter in Sweden too and in particular as it comes to soccer.


Either someone is pulling our leg here or I do not know what is going on - but this is fun and worth to check out:
One text has not been published on the blog - it was just an email so I have my suspicions about who is behind this.
Good work!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Team Ontario wants you!


Vesa Mikkola writes,
Do you want to represent Ontario at the 2011 Canadian National Floorball Championship in Richmond, BC (February 5th-6th, 2011)?
If you are an adult male floorball player (age 15 and up and live in Ontario) and want to improve your skills and demonstrate your floorball prowess against Canada’s stiffest competition, Floorball Ontario wants you!
Email Team Manager Vesa Mikkola ( expressing your interest. Selections will be made in the coming weeks so don’t delay!
For more information, visit;

Keep floorballing!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

NHL and its latest Floorball connections

Lets talk a little about Johan Harju now in Tampa Bay Lightning and Linus Omark in Edmonton Oilers. They have recently been promoted from AHL to NHL and the first thing Omark is doing as they play each other is a "spin-o-rama" goal that much have been talked about in a very short time.
This is two young men, that according to some sources, grew up together as next door neighbors in Northern Sweden in Övertorneå.
Harju was as a young child invited to the Swedish national Television since he had a remarkable sports interest for several sports - including Floorball. Something we showed here on this blog earlier.

A webpage for the Green Wolves Floorball club in Övertårneå from 1997 shows further that Johan Harju has played for this team, His dad Åke is listed as a coach for this the same Floorball team and Linus Omarks older brother Jörgen (also hockey player but not in NHL) played Forward for the same Floorball team.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cool Statistics from the young WFC history and more

The IFF has compiled a very good resource on different statistics and the Norwegian Willy Fauskanger comes out like a big man as all these numbers are being crunched.
You can read more here

Finland is planning to celebrate their second win in the World Floorball Championship tomorrow in Helsinki so the celebration is not over as of yet

Here is an interesting international site where you can log all your exercise activities, and Floorball seems to come out as one of the more popular forms of doing excercise

Saturday, December 11, 2010

More from IFF on Floorball

First here is a a few lines about their central board

IFF Central Board 2010 - 2012

The IFF President and the Central Board consists of the following members for the next two year period:

The President: Mr. Tomas Eriksson
Members of the IFF Cetral Board:
Mrs. Monica Bakke, Norway (new)
Mr. Hans Botman, Netherlands (re-election)
Mr. Greg Baudin, Canada (new)
Mr. Risto Kauppinen, Finland (re-election)
Mr. Stephen King, Australia (re-election)
Mr. Oliver Stoll, Germany (new)
Mr. Filip Suman, Czech Republic (re-election)
Mr. Lars-Gunnar Tjärnquist, Sweden (new)
Mr. Edwin Wiedmer, Switzerland (new)

We are very happy to see Mr. Beaudin here as well as the new larger Geographical spread this board now cover. We also like the idea that we now have a female on the board - we only can hope that many more ladies may join Monica Bakke in the future since Floorball is definitely for ladies and girls too. This can not be a boys club.
Here is further news on the Floor supplier too:
Gerflor has been awarded to be, the preferred surface of all IFF Official Competitions:
"Gerflor has been an Olympic supplier for a long time and has been selected for nine consecutive Olympic Games from Montreal in 1976 to Beijing in 2008 for indoor surfaces like Handball, Volleyball, Badminton and Table Tennis and we also wish to continue the fruitful partnership with Floorball", says Gerflor events manager, Mr. Lionel Arlin.

Hm I just remember that I had an unresolved issue in regards to the Floors and developing markets. Let us be back on this.

Here is the latest from the IFF on the first Semifinal and a picture on how a full Harwall arena looks like as Floorball is played at the very top level.
The main thing in the lime light - shining: Who wins 5th Place? Finland - The Czech Republic 6-1 (look here also at beautiful arena pictures) Sweden beats Switzerland in a very close call

Friday, December 10, 2010

Floorball aims for Gothenburg

This came through a cable:

The Swedish Floorball Federation decided this summer together with City of Gothenburg to apply for the hosting of World Floorball Championship for Men 2014. The International Floorball Federation has now decided to nominate Sweden as the organizing partner.
The World Floorball Championship, with 16 participating nations, will take place 5-14 December 2014 in Gothenburg.
We already knew that in 2012 these games would be arranged in Switzerland.

I like it since Gothenburg is the same town as I held my own recreational Floorball team alive for above 10-13 years.
But for the sake of a faster growing sport Internationally I wonder if it not is time to soon take the step to play big time Floorball outside of Europe?
I do like Juha Mikkolas recent post that dreams about taking Floorballs most prestigious competition to Canada within maybe a ten years time frame. Lets push the envelope and a good start doing this is if the IFF also mandates that most communication from a WFC organizer should be done in English - including webcasts including live TV over the Internet. This so it does not get too "magical" and sounds like a spell.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Floorball at Toomah High School, Wisconsin


Sometimes, it is a long road to get things going right and it is well over a year since I first started to promote Floorball in Tomah WI. We play in an arrangement through the Parks and Rec normally once a week.
I have approached teachers, folks at the local hockey club and other people related to hockey, people related to the school in other ways and folks in specific other important positions or related to other sports to try to wake them up about Floorball.
I feel myself that the natural place for Floorball is at the school. It is the basic thing and where all things must start.

Juha is fast as Team Canada


Team Canada beats Italy

This is another re-post from Juha Mikkola at Salming Sports Floorball Blog
Canada is ranked 11th best in the world after their win against Italy
Team Canada beats Italy to finish 11th
Team Canada defeated Italy this morning by a score of 7-4 despite being decimated by injuries. Sitting out from the game were goaltender Martin Belanger (broken finger suffered against Poland), Simon Leblanc (back), Pat Pare (shoulder), Guillaume Gosselin (knee) and of course Phil Schuler who did not make the trip and Patrick Ducharme who left after the first game.

Despite the 14-man line-up, Canada was able to recover from another terrible start. Less than 10 minutes into the game the Canadians trailed Italy 2-0. The first goal was an unlucky own goal off the stick of Pat Root and them Thomas Ilmer scored from long range to deflate the Canadians.

One of the best things ever for the International Community

Here it is in Full Glory.
A Free full size digital magazine in ENGLISH on Floorball

    I can only wish that the guys behind the Magical Games will see this - since they do post soo much stuff in Finnish as well as YLE that kind of embed their English text in a framed webpage full of Finnish too.
Naw, this is the way to do it.

Thanks You guys

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Outstanding post from Juha

Here yet another repost of highly qualified material from Juha Mikkola at salming and floorballpro

Disappointing loss against Poland

Team Canada stumbles in 9-4 loss to Poland and fails to finish in the top 10
Team Canada's win against Denmark yesterday guaranteed that the team would finish somewhere between 9th and 12th at the World Floorball Championships.
The next round of the competition would see Canada battling the other third place teams with the aim of a top 10 finish.

To a living finnish legend....


IFF sums up Canadas game in a nice way

Todays loss for Team Canada versus Poland is summed up here by the IFF.
A very good set of links that relates to this is at the end of the same post enjoy.

Not enough work-out - may be a national health problem?

First Read this in USA Today.
This article shows in black and white why we promote Floorball so hard here.
This article say that kids does not get enough work-out at school or in after schools programs.
Whatever sport they do there is too much waiting in lines, too much technical skills and just too much down time.
Of course You can enhance the practice for all these kids or you can also construct a Floorball practice based on silly technical drills and put in a lots of down time in Floorball too - but why, as it would not be the best thing to do? - and Yes I do agree that some times, some drills, may be good too - in any activity.
But the core is - play the game. Avoid down time. In Floorball there is nothing like a face-off instead the game has a "free-hit" rule like a free hit in Soccer to start the game as fast as possible with the idea to avoid downtime - it is just built built into the rules of the game.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sportology Hockey

Writes up on Floorball through their writer Shane Malloy.
Let us just Quote one session in this post:
“Floorball has grown exponentially within our Hockey Canada Skills Academy programs across Canada,” says Kevin Bathurst, Manager, Hockey Canada Regional Centre -West. “There’s a lot of end-to-end running in the game, which really helps to promote physical conditioning. The rules of the game also place a strong emphasis on stickhandling and we’re already seeing how that’s helping kids out on the ice.”

Full article available here

Will we see more of this - You bet ya!

Victory against Denmark

Re-post Juha Mikkola 
Canada makes history by becoming the first non-European country to place amongst the world's 12 best nations
Victory against Denmark
Canada faced Denmark today at Energia Arena in Vantaa. Denmark was expected to battle for the second spot in Group A but as expected lost to Finland and then surprisingly stumbled against Russia.

Going into the tournament, the Canadians had figured Denmark would be a tougher opponent than Russia but judging by Denmark's results - and Canada's strong play - it was apparent this game would be one that Canada could win.

The Canadian team had learned a lot from their defeat at the hands of the Russians and they came out strong from the first face-off. They built a two goal lead in the first, then a four goal lead by the end of the second. Despite a strong Danish come back in the third, Canada held on, thanks in a large part to goaltender Mike Hayward's great play between the pipes. He was rewarded with best player honours for Canada making an outstanding 37 saves, including 18 in the third period alone.

Canada beats Denmark

Who would have thought so. I did not.
Here is the high lights enjoy


Looking for players from Detroit

We just had a request to search for Floorballers in the Detroit MI Area.
It sounds like someone needs you.
So if you know anyone related, feel the urge or knows someone that could be interested please comment on this post or send
an email please.
We will try to hook You up in some way.


For teachers only

Yes this is a re-post cause it is such an important post for all of us

One of our best posts ever

Direct from Twitter it has just been reported
Historic Victory for Team Canada at the World FloorballChampionships vs Denmark 6-4 Congratulations to the whole Team!
This is big news for American Floorball - since Denmark is not a very bad nation

More to follow

Harry Hannelius excited about Canadian performance against Finland!

This post has been re-posted with kind permission from Team Canadas own blog and comes from WFC 2010
posted initially by Dr. Jonathan Koo

What a memorable game!!!
Team Canada played today against the reigning world champions Finland and were defeated 14 - 4. The loss was taken as a huge victory for Canadian Floorball. The final score may seem like a blowout but the players and staff were extremely happy with the performance today. Team Canada's fighting spirit and hard determination came through today.

The youngest player on the team, Pat Root from Hamilton had the honor of scoring Canada's first goal. The most senior player on the team, Seppo Lattu also scored a memorable goal. Team Canada played a solid game overall and the Finns really had to earn their goals tonight. To show that Canada is competitive in our group, Sweden beat Australia 39-1 in their group play earlier today.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Mjölnir - a design study by Speedhoc
It is not everyday I write about a specific stick brand. But some producers do “stick out” and it might be worth to write about a few of them. Do not take this as a promise for more texts upon specific brands for now...But
There are three main reasons behind why I want to write about Speedhoc. This is a relatively new brand for many but they offer some truly new and highly interesting features.
First I want to mention their name: I say they have one of the best brand names ever. The name Speedhoc truly describes very much what Floorball is all about and it is not a secret that I do think that the name Speedhoc is ten times better as compared to the name Floorball - if I would try to describe to someone what in the world I try to play together with my friends.
Naw, I even dare to say that one of the best things that could happen would probably be if someone purchased the name Speedhoc from the company behind this brandname and then we instead all started to use the word Speedhoc instead for the sport itself.


The Y in Prince George starts Floorball in January.
Where? Here

Family YMCA of Prince George
2020 Massey Drive, Prince George, BC

Why not go to Your YMCA and ask them when they will start Floorball too?

British Colombia Vancouver by the wire

We just had a note over Twitter sent that BC Floorball is now - as you read this - participating in an activity with the Mayor - we suspect it is the mayor of Vancouver - at the Olympic Oval in Richmond and this demo of sports are including the media.
So lets see what comes out of this - sounds kind of interesting...

We will try to link you up as we hopefully will find some articles coming out from this later on.

Canada challenges World Champion Finland

Re-post from and by Juha Mikkola
Canada challenges World Champion FinlandTeam Canada faces Finland at Hartwall Arena in front of over five thousand spectators.

Canadian and North American floorball history was made as Team Canada played against the reigning World Champions from Finland.
While Finland/Canada is a classic rivalry from ice hockey, the two countries had never met in floorball. The stakes were set for a clash of two countries coming from two very different floorball backgrounds:

A Sweep in the International direction

Hey we are very happy to announce that the worlds largest Floorball magazine now are producing stuff in English - this is a true I N T E R N A T I O N A L  breakthrough for the sport and most likely the best coverage on the ongoing WFC 2010
that You can find.

Otherwise we do think that the organizer in Finland still do way too much in Finnish. The Finnish broadcaster YLE is doing a very good job with hi-quality material and good productions but - the color of the ball do interfere with the logos on the floor - as I try to watch Floorball on a computer on the other side of the globe. So something must be done about this I think. My largest problem with YLE is otherwise yet again to much Finnish and I have not been able to find an English commentator for the games. I wonder why? Can someone help me with this?

High lights from Canada - Finland

Follow the link

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Smurfs for Finland


How the Hockey rink became THE Floorball venue

Time-laps from Hartwall Areena Finland

Harry Hannelius Recaps Canada's 1st Game against Russia

posted 2 hours ago by Dr. Jonathan Koo from Canada's official blog
Canada's first game was a difficult loss to Team Russia because of our slow start to the game. Final score was Canada 6, Russia 9. It was an exciting event in the beautiful Energia Arena, a capacity of 2600 spectators with 200 loud fans. Canada came back strong in the third period and were only two goals short as the Russians felt the late pressure. Canada eventually ran out of time.

Tomorrow Team Canada faces Finland at Hartwall Arena, with 5000 people expected to attend. The game will be played at 4 pm local Finnish time and will be broadcasted live on television. For our international fans, the game can be watched live on the internet:

Sunday 5.12 --> 16.00 Finland - Canada (9 AM EST, 6 AM PST) -

Injury report is clear, no major injuries at the moment.

Here a National Anthem pic from Game 1 against Russia:

Our WFC Poll is over

Finland won with 115 votes
Latvia surprisingly second on 100 votes - good work you guys
And Sweden third place with 72 votes.
New poll is up vote fast please


Will Canada beat Finland at the World Floorball Championship?

More from Juha Mikkola: He asks You to Win a pair of shoes!
Read on!

Canada reigns supreme in ice hockey but will it translate to floorball...
The World Floorball Championship is taking place in Helsinki, Finland. This tournament brings together the best floorball players in the world, playing a fast-paced, exciting, safe and low-cost type of indoor hockey.
In the most anticipated match of the tournament, newcomers Canada take on Team Finland, the current World Champions. Game time is Sunday, Dec 5th at 4 PM Helsinki time (9 AM EST)
Can you predict the score of the game? Reply to this email or post on our facebook page to make your prediction. The closest prediction will win a brand new pair of Salming X-Factor shoes before they are available in stores.
FloorballPro and Salming are proud to be selected as the official equipment supplier to Floorball Canada.
Missed the game? Check out the following websites:

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Floorball Training For Hockey Players

article in BC Edition HockeyNow

By Greg Beaudin, Modern Hockey /

Most Hockey Players do not take up Floorball because they are looking for a “get better skills quick” strategy. Players jump in to Floorball because it’s fun. I mean, what’s not to like about a cool, lightweight, responsive, technical, hockey stick that allows for creative stick-handling and effortless sniping?

Let’s face it...a Floorball stick is MAJOR fun, and getting a group of your friends together, in a gym, to play Floorball is a blast. We are talking fast-flowing, end-to-end dangling with super deft touch passes and deflections, and powerful shots that zing where crossbar and post meet. After an hour or two of playing high tempo Floorball, a Hockey player will develop a new set of skills that transfer brilliantly on to the ice...and all this while having fun. When a player is having fun, it doesn’t feel like work.

Canada at the World Floorball Championships


The latest from Juha Mikkola Toronto -

Team Canada makes it to the World Floorball Championships and takes on Team Russia in their first game.
Canada at the World Championships!
For 2010, the International Floorball Federation changed the format of the World Floorball Championships to a style inspired by the soccer World Cup. Essentially participation in the new World Championship required regional qualification, in theory bringing more representation from all sides of the globe, including places like North America and Asia.

For Canada and the United States, the news was mixed. On the positive side, one of the nations would play in the top 16 and get to face some of the best floorball countries in the world. Unfortunately on the flip side the other country would be relegated to watching the Championships from the sidelines or via the Internet.

The two countries gathered in Hamilton, Canada in February to qualify, playing a meaningful national team game in North America for the first time. (A two game series of exhibition games was played as part of the Canada Cup in 2007) The two game WFC qualification series was truly a best-on-best as the two countries brought their top European born players as well as recruited the top local talent available. As a result, the level of competition was excellent and represented the best level of floorball ever played on North American soil.

To the delight of the Hamilton fans, Canada took advantage of its strong European players, domestic depth and fan support to take the two game series. It was a significant win for Canada considering the country had toiled in the C-Division of the World Championships without much success beyond a 2nd place finish in 2004. The United States had put together some strong results in the B Division and gave Canada a great challenge in Hamilton but seemed to lack the depth they needed to get a win.

WFC 2010 You Tube Channel

Yes, they have their own channel at You Tube and today this the first WFC 2010 day - already some 33 videos available - enjoy -most stuff is in english
Here is Grönlund from the Canadian team

And here the "Canadian" coach before the game

THIS IS DA important link

Friday, December 3, 2010



Floorball Canada- Let the Magical Games Begin!

On December 4th, 5th and 7th, Team Canada will play in the World Floorball Championships- Group A preliminary matches against RUSSIA, FINLAND, and DENMARK, respectively.

Saturday 4.12 --> 10.00 Canada - Russia (3 AM EST, 12 AM PST)
Sunday 5.12 --> 16.00 Finland - Canada (9 AM EST, 6 AM PST)
Tuesday 7.12 --> 14.00 Canada - Denmark (7 AM EST, 4 AM EST)

So Far, Team Canada has played three exhibition matches against elite Finnish Floorball Clubs.  Results were as follows:

loss-Game 1: Tampere (1st Division) 6, Canada 2
loss-Game 2: Happee (Finnish Elite League in Jyväskylä) 14, Canada 4
win- Game 3: TFT Fumblers (2nd Division in Toijala) 7, Canada 9

The Sport of Floorball and The World Floorball Championships are dominated by the Swedes, the Finns, the Swiss and the Czech Republic.  Canada is relative newcomer on the scene and will play in their first WFC against the top 16 teams worldwide.

In Canada, The National Teams Program is targeted towards elite Hockey and Ball Hockey Players.  European players with Canadian passports also play an important role on the team.  

The Sport of Floorball in Canada is experiencing a phenomenal growth trajectory.  It is an ideal variant of Hockey in Schools because of its low-cost, accessibility, safety and cool factor.  The sticks are very responsive to stick-handling, unlike plastic floor hockey sticks, and they do not damage gym floors or cause injury to players.  It is a sport that has to played to be believed, or viewed to be appreciated.

Hockey Academies, Community Centers, and Schools are leading the charge to bring this re-invented version of gym hockey to all Canadians.  There are many amazing stories within Floorball and none bigger than our National Teams Program  because it showcases how incredibly fast and hockey-like the sport is, especially at the top levels.  Audiences fill arenas to watch professional Floorball and the World Floorball Championships will see crowds of 10-15,000 per game at the Hartwall Arena where the Helsinki Jokerit Ice Hockey Club plays.

Floorball is an ideal component to develop ice-hockey skills.  Many NHL players are training with Floorball each summer.

For newcomers to Floorball Hockey, Seeing is Believing, so please tune in to see the live games and watch Canada show-off their Hockey skills on the World stage.  Floorball is also a Provisional Olympic sport so these games are preparatory games for our quest for Gold in Floorball.

Team Canada Roster:
1 Hayward Michael
96 Belanger Martin
77 Ferron Mathieu
91 Ducharme Patrick
95 Gosselin Guillaume
10 Grönlund Michael
6 Hannelius Lauri
67 Laporte Stephane
12 Lattu Seppo
27 Leblanc Simon
58 Páre Patrice
13 Parikka Paavo
21 Parikka Risto
66 Plante Jean-Sebastien
4 Root Patrick
81 Schuler Philip
76 Ulli-Vanasse Eric
89 Vaessen Leon
9 Vörös Jean Olivier
29 Weber
Greg Beaudin
BC Floorball/Floorball Canada
778 385 7825
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!