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A Tribute to Singapore

Lets first recap some knowledge about English as a language. It is the first language to 309–400 million people and second language to 199–1.4 billion people so overall number of people speaking English is like: 500 million–1.8 billion. In 53 countries English has some kind of an official status as a language (source “weak-ipedia”).
In Singapore they do not just speak English. No, they play Floorball too and communicate about this in English on blogs, on twitter, facebook and so forth. Singapore is a small country with only about 5 million inhabitants in Asia. But we hear them load and clear - in English on blogs and tweets etc.

So in principle it is the Singaporean English voice or roar we hear on the Internet about Floorball. It is a clear voice full of giggles and laughter, joy and love as they talk about Floorball.

Swedish blogs or tweets are manly in Swedish so with 124.000 licenced players they mainly talk to themselves. Same thing with Finland and so on. It is like the saved only preach to themselves.
Why? And is this important? I think You know the answer yourself.
To me it is per no doubt Singapore that today carries the Global Floorball torch!
In Singapore there is like 1,5 % in relative numbers of licenced players as we compare to Sweden or 1700 players in absolute numbers. But as I use the English language as a benchmark to understand global promotion of Floorball I say they do a heck of a much better job in Singapore with just a tiny fraction of actors. And many of the tweets and blogs are not produced by licenced players but by young teenage students - just in love with a sport. And this is the true force to count with - cause they are the future and they know what they want.

OK, we can be fair and say that some communicative actors in the big four countries at least try. The worlds largest Floorball magazine, are not available in English (yet) but they do tweet with a Floorball tag in English on twitter so they may be recognized Internationally too. However if you read their tweets or aim for an article it is all in Swedish - yet again, trying to save the already religious? Where is the mission?

What is now the most important matter for Floorball as we all strive to create a new proud Olympic Sport? Is it a tournament that comes up in a couple of months in Finland - where probably only two teams have a true decent chance to win?
Or can the matter of global expansion and to build the sport stronger be even yet more important, for all of us?

I say it is by far the later. I also say that a bunch of young teenage girls (and boys) in Singapore is working on this in the very best possible way. And if you have not been seduced by them yet - you will (as long as you understand English).
I hereby say that Singapore is the World Champion and the World leader for the most important task every Floorballer and related national organization have to deal with - global expansion. In other words Singapore is the most important and best Floorball country in the world right now. Irrespective of the outcome at the games in December.

Thank You all Singaporeans! You do the right thing and continue to giggle, laugh and love Floorball online - you are doing the best thing possible for all of us!

So if you as a reader of this can not beat Singapore in this game - join them and start to blog, facebook and tweet on English --- just like we did.


Germany - Next Power House!


As IFF just released the global numbers of licenced players Germany came out very strong.
This is how the numbers have been built up during the last years in Germany from 2006:
3600, 4480, 5311, 5920, and til this years 6500 players with a valid license.

Beside of the four big countries (SWE, FIN, SUI and CZE) Norway has by many been seen as the “5th” nation. Just recently a Norwegian team was able to divide the regular quartet and "break in" between the big 4 in a big tournament. Good work Norway!
What is going on in Germany is that they are coming up with numbers of licenced players that is now almost on par with Norway. They are also on track to surpass Norway by next year. So Germany is about to establish a large base of players that - in a near future most likely will create the next large European powerhouse in Floorball.
Danke Schön!
Otherwise I must admit that the numbers was not as impressive as you may expect and I do suspect inaccurate reporting too since some federations has not reported and some numbers seems to be too “round”. So I read these numbers carefully..
Maybe it is now time for all the “good” Clubs and the “good” Federations to do more serious work with the issue of expanding Floorball globally? We have made several suggestions and almost brainstormed on this site how matters like this can be dealt with. We will present even more ideas here as the time gets right. 
It is more or less just to do what it takes - but everybody must take their responsibility.

I say the world needs Floorball as much as Floorball needs the world.
I think first and foremost about every school system on this earth that does not offer Floorball - and all poor kids in these schools. I can not imagine a single school without Floorball myself - can you?
You can start out yourself by making a difference by asking your friends to “like us” on Facebook - to the right on this page. Or by becoming active yourself on Twitter or elsewhere to spread the word about Floorball. You can make the difference!

This is more than a Sport - it is a Mission.


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One of first Floorball tourneys sanctioned by OFSAA

This post is reposted from
originally posted by Juha Mikkola

The St. Andrew's Saints, from St. Andrew's College in Aurora, defeated the St. Paul's Wolverines, from St. Paul Secondary School in Mississauga, to win the first Toronto Regional High School Invitational sanctioned by OFSAA. The St. Andrew's team was made up of members of the school's high school hockey team and led by Floorball Team Canada member and tournament MVP Patrick Root.

St. Andrew's improved throughout the tournament and in the final were too much for St. Paul, eventually winning the final game 11-2. However St. Paul's, who were led by several players that play in the Huron Park Floorball League in Mississauga, were the best team after the round-robin. The more experienced team beat St. Andrew's in the team's first meeting but they were unable to replicate that performance in the final. St. Paul's leading scorer was Tyler Rutledge with 6 goals and 4 assists and goaltender Keith Matush was strong in each game.

Both teams qualify for the Ontario High School Invitational finals that are going to be organized later in the year.

Woodbridge College played a great tournament, once again showing that the team has a lot of floorball skill. They were close to pulling an upset against St. Paul in the round robin. For Woodbridge Steven Deacon, a AAA hockey player from Markham, led the way scoring four goals and adding three assists.

The North Albion Cougars showed jump in their games and experience, this being their fourth floorball tournament. Ani Kharotia scored 4 goals and added two helpers to lead the team and goalies Neerav and Naman Patel showed the Cougars goaltending is in good hands.

Hosts L'Amoreaux did not get into the win column this time but the hard working and passionate team fought hard every game. The team relied on their goaltenders Heerththan Mankaran and Ali Rzvi to carry the load and the two did not disappoint. The crowd exploded for Lam's goals which were scored by Matthew McKitrick and Laavanyan Selvendren.

Thank you to the host school L'Amoreaux, Bruce Briard, his team and the volunteers who did an excellent job running the tournament. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Three Fresh Cuts from Canada

This is how it looks like in Canada as You relate Floorball to a High School or a Hockey environment.
This was made today.

Steven is a AAA Hockey player and a member of Woodbridge College's Floorball team

Teacher speaks about how Floorball has allowed his students to play Hockey

Shawn talks about Floorball at his school in Mississauga

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Stick Maintenance - make it stick to your hands


Do you need to do maintain your Floorball stick? I say yes.

The most obvious type of maintenance you must do is if you use your stick outside. Asphalt or concrete will wear the blade down. So if you have done this - go and look at the underside of the blade - if it looks like obvious wear on the bottom of the blade You should consider to replace the blade.

But be careful. With all new sticks and brands on the market it can be hard to find a new blade that fits. This since not all blades and how they fit to the shaft is made the same - this can also differ among the same brand. I have the feeling that to replace the blade was easier earlier on as not so many versions of sticks was available on the market. Also some of today's sticks have a more complex way of being fitted into the shaft So the best thing to do as you have played your stick on a bad surface is probably to consider to get a new stick - and try to stay away from rough surfaces and only use Your new stick inside on a good gym floor.

Sometimes you must get a new blade. I have seen players trying to adjust their blade with heat, by using either boiling water, a toaster or a heat-gun. The final result of this, as you are inexperienced, might be that you burn the blade into something you can not use. So if You plan to adjust the blade with heat and buy Your sticks online - get an extra replacement blade at the time you initially order your stick. Make certain that you have the tool needed to exchange the blade too. Do talk with the retailer so they can explain exactly what is best for you.

Most shafts on a Floorball stick has a good “hefty” grip with a nice soft feel to it. As you play with this grip it becomes over time dirty and it “dries up” from your use of the stick - with greasy and sweaty hands. Today you can order new grips that fits the full length of the grip and your stick. But sometimes a faster way and maybe even cheaper way is to find a sporting grip for a Badminton or Tennis Racket and use that instead.

When you do this you have two options. Either you try to peel of some of the old grip and then apply the new grip. Another way is to just add an extra layer on top of the old grip.

As You understand there is a big difference to play with a stick that “sticks” to your hands or one that feels almost slippery. I would suggest that you take a look at your own "stick grip" during every fall and spring season.

As you choose the method to add layers of the grip material onto your stick you will notice that the grip for your hands gets wider and it might even fit your hand a bit better and provide your grip with a stronger torsion power as you turn the stick. The back draw is that it can get too wide and thus creating a too thick and too soft grip for your hands at the same time as the stick gets heavier.

But this is more on the subject on stick modifications and not on maintenance. So stick modifications is another subject we will examine soon.

Feel free to send us any comments upon both maintenance and modifications on Your own Floorball stick!


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A video burst

Since embedded video bogs down our page we here instead post a set of links to recent remarkable Floorball videos.
Storvreta does it again in the Swedish Super League (from the loosing department)

A new short, never seen before, clip from the historic - first ever US Championship

French TV channel 3 discovers Floorball

A few seconds from a progressive High School in Toronto

Here is a College player on a select Hockey team from Canada talking Floorball

A Girl just named as the new Zorro star in Swedish main media - she is good

A Scoring Fest from Sweden

This video is from 2 days ago, where Svenska Superligan rivals Warberg IC and IBK Dalen squared off - quite the scoring fest, and the camera man is no where near fast enough to capture it all.

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Big International Weekend Announced

The International Floorball Federation (IFF) made a big announcement today about 4 international tournaments that will be held over the first weekend in November.

The first tournament is that of the EuroFloorball Tour. For those of you who don't know, the EuroFloorball Tour is a tournament held every few months for either Men's, Women's, or U19 floorball between 4 countries. These 4 countries, the Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland (the floorball "powerhouses"), in preparations for the 2010 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland, play against each other in order to see where they are in relation to the other teams

Bits and Pieces from a Monday

It has just been reported by the IFF how Floorball is growing very fast in Russia.
There is a fall tournament coming up and it sounds like 70 teams has signed up.
Read more on this here
In other words it sounds like Floorball is growing in Russia as fast as in Canada since the largest tournament in Canada is Canada Cup and it sports about a similar amount of teams.

Pär Djoos, a former hockey defender in the Detroit Red Wings as well as in the New York Rangers is nowadays coaching the team Sundsvall Hockey in the Swedish "second" hockey league. This is a team has been working hard over the summer to rebuild its strength and become more compatible in that league. This is what their summer training consisted of according to a newspaper interview with Mr Djoos from July this summer: Running, Wrestling and Floorball.

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History in the making

Since Floorball is a sport in the makin'. There is no pictures from when the times was cold and grandpa played. The closest we get is to historic Bandy pictures like this one to the left.
Did You know by the way that this sport was a predecessor to hockey from 1882 and that the Russians have been working to provide it with Olympic status too for their own 2014 winter games?
We here say that the most important thing for us is how their sticks looks like. Does not the shape remind you of another stick?
The history of Floorball does not exist yet.
It is still in the making and You are a part of it. The only thing we have that might be good history one day is this from like 15 years ago...

Ottawa Blizzard win International Tournament

News comes out from Tourcoing, France today, where Canada's sole representative at the 2010 Tournoi International de Floorball, the Ottawa Blizzard Floorball Club, have been crowned champions.

This is big news for Canadian floorball, as this is the first time a Canadian club has won an international tournament outside of North America. It definitely shows that Canadian floorball is getting better by the day.

The Blizzard faced some stiff competition throughout the tournament, but in the end defeated the Netherland's representative at the last EuroFloorball Cup, HDM, 4:2 in the final.

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2010 Men's WFC Update (23.10/10)

With the latest poll for the world floorball championships being up for just over a week now, we have reached 100 votes in total.

Looking at the totals, an overwhelming 45% of you believe Finland will repeat as world champions this year, with Sweden finishing second and Latvia in third. Honestly, I believe this will be a year of upsets at the world floorball championships. There will be unprecedented competition and some very high calibre floorball from all 16 teams. There's no way any team won't bring their "A" game for this event! Every team will give their all -- no excuses, no limits.

We are only 6 weeks (42 days) away from the world championships now, and so the biggest event in the floorball world is drawing nearer and nearer by the milisecond.

FB Quiz: What Floorball Position is Right For You?


Want to know which position suits you best ? Try this quiz on Facebook ! ))

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Now also on a theater in the Philippines


For now we do not have much more on Floorball in the Philippines but this.
It looks fun - may be we should hint them about some rules- na they will learn Good works and thanks for sharing! If someone knows more please drop us a line.



My sneak into a closet and the holy Grail

Today I sneaked into a closet at an elementary school in Midwestern America - NO it was not in the town where I live. It was at another town.

I sneaked in to a closet at a gymnasium (gym) for kids aged about 10 years as they had PE.

No, I did not break in - I had official business into this gym.

In a corner in the dark - I saw something. And It felt like finding the holy grail in a live Indiana Jones movie. It was there - a COSOM stick. If this was not a COSOM stick it was something very similar - or otherwise I am Santa Claus.

The shaft was white with stripes on it. It was just a pipe of cheap ugly plastic, fully ripe. The blade was attached to the pipe with big staples on both sides. The blade was ugly, cheap and looked like a relic - not an open blade to let air though. It was thinner and lower then most blades I have ever seen. But it had the right curve - so without no doubt I did find the missing link and the holy grail - or the stick - the Cosom stick that one time started everything as a man by the name of CARL-ÅKE ”CALLE” AHLQVIST took this to Sweden via Holland and then started to make his own sticks.

Today’s next question is why did this take place in Sweden and not in the USA? We can only speculate. But I think the big breakthrough came as they opened up the blade to let air through - it just kick-started the stick development and the next crucial thing is the fixation of common rules to be used by all over in Sweden.

Or why do You think I was able to find a COSOM stick in a closet at a Midwestern Gymnasium in the USA today, anno October 2010?

Well they still sell these at Amazon but the one I saw today was far more ugly and authentic. And I would definitely not recommend anyone to use or buy this today. Floorball has advanced by some 40 years in technical development since we called it COSOM and saw this on the market. Kids are worth something much much much better and current. Just read the rest of this blog.


Sister-Cities, Federations, and Clubs


As You know, many Cities or local Municipalities across the Globe have their own Sister-city.

Like a brotherhood of local politicians - good stuff if used right, I assume.

What is now the purpose of a Sister-city? Is it to have officials to go on fancy visits across the Globe OR is it to exchange ideas, teach and learn from different Cultures and try to understand each other better and maybe increase the trade of goods and ideas?

I think it is the latter - and I think one of the most important things to exchange is Culture. I say Floorball is a vital part of modern Culture. I say Floorball is also good Culture since it may improve the physical work-out at school and after school in many different settings. A product like Floorball must have something big built into itself - since it has exploded from nothing to a very large part of the Culture in countries like Sweden, Finland and at other places in a very short amount of time.

So what are now these specific Sister-cities with a living Culture doing to promote Floorball? I do not know - but I sure want to find it out.

What have we done ourselves at Floorball U? - Not much. But we pushed in directions so officials at the city of Bornholm in Sweden (Sister-city to Rockford IL) at least had the matter under some kind of investigation. But we think it died with that.

What we do today: - Is to spell out this question in the open to see if someone else will grasp the idea?

If you happen to live in one of these Sister-cities listed below or any Sister-city related to a city that have a living Culture of Floorball - go to an official at your home town - ask them what they have done to spread the Culture of Floorball by connecting it through their Sister-city? Also ask them what they plan to do? I think it is the City officials fundamental responsibility to act in this matter. Or why do they otherwise have Sister-cities?

Look at Växsjö, Sweden in the list below - they have three (One-Two-Three) Sisters-cities in the USA. What have they done to spread the joy and culture of Floorball to USA? Something? Or should not Uppsala in Sweden and Kuopio in Finland not do something together towards Minneapolis - for the sake of Floorball? Like sending two good Floorball teams to play an exhibition game at a big penetrating event (think Mall of America) or for visits at schools? But maybe they did and I just missed it? Or maybe they got engaged in other cultural exchange activities? (most likely cultural things all three cities all ready have)

The list below is not perfect and the source is Wikipedia - in this case "Weakipedia" seems to be very unreliable (since it is easy to do a crosscheck). I have also only included a few countries in this list - still it gives you the idea. Do not worry about the bad list I provide, as of below. Go instead to your own towns website and figure out if there is some Sister-city relation to - or from a country like Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and The Czech Republic. Then put some pressure on them and try to get something good done for the sport you love, OK. (or is it impossible - if so why?)

Sister Cities USA - Sweden and Finland
Rockford IL - Borgholm
Minneapolis MN - Uppsala and Kuopio, Fin
Madison MN - Solleftea
Fargo ND - Vimmerby
Duluth MN - Växsjö
Pendelton OR - Växsjö
Salem OR - Växsjö
Johnsson City, TN - Ronneby
Alexandria VI - Helsingborg
Wilmington DE - Kalmar
St Anthony MN - Salo, Fin
Virginia Mt - Seinäjoki, Fin
Chicago IL - Göteborg
Greenwich CT - Nacka
Palo Alto CA - Linköping

Canada and Sweden
Aurora ON - Leksand
Saskatoon SA - Umeå

Other remarkable connections for Floorball (Sister-cities)
Beijing China - Helsinki
Shanghai China - Göteborg

And the last questions is what can Helsinki and Gothenburg do together for Floorball in China? I do know that Gothenburg already sent a Football (Soccer) team (IFK) like some 10 years ago for Cultural exchange - but the Chinese in Shanghai already knew how to play good Football - so the exchange rate for a Cultural transfer would have been several times higher if they tried to promote Floorball instead. That is one of the dear reason we promote Floorball here too.

NOW go kick some butt on your local city official - have fun.

On a final note - You also may wonder how the National Floorball Federations relates to this - do they? If so, why not create a mentor system or Sisterhood system between them too. Can You see the Swedish Floorball Federation mentoring the US Federation? Or Finland helping China (think Helsinki too)? And Switzerland offering a Sister relationship to Italy and the Czech Republic on a rotating schedule with a new country every year - from strong to weak? Or can this be done at the Club level too? What Club do You want to help - or what Club do you want to be helped by? Do you think we need a Mentor - Apprentice system? I do. There is probably still room for yet even more ideas on this theme.

Maybe I am just very alone about these visions or maybe they already exist - on the dark web - and I have just not seen them? I think this mainly boils down to your own attitude and the room for improvement. This subject feels as roomy as Floorball.


Cool Competition from Down Under

Do You want to name teams from Australia and be awarded for it?
Ha, here is your chance

From Canada to Sweden to Norway

A sum up post that offers first a quick look at what is up in Toronto

Here is a Canadian girls first Experience of Floorball as she is an exchange student in Sweden

And finally some Norwegian Zorro talent

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New composition from two guys we love

Parts of this we have seen before but some footage looks brand new - enjoy

EFC and IFF on Flickr

This means only one thing tonnes of pictures in sharp high res of hi class Floorball.
Please do not download pictures without explicit permit from the copyright holder.

Mexico Floorball, breaking News

Our own Greg Beaudin have friends that just this last week brought Floorball to Mexico.
Here is the first ever picture from Floorball in Mexico.
Owly Images

More to Follow

Hands off - A new level of Zorro

Zorro is fun. Zorro is when they airhook with a slightly scooped up blade often to music on You Tube or something. I say it is a dance or an art-form more than anything else. But that is fine and the triX in Zorro are sometimes amazing - love the floor drop myself. Search on You Tube - toss in the words Floorball and Zorro, have fun.
This Zorro artist took this game to a new level - one hand Zorro and it was released this week.
Some folks (that are not good at Zorro) say - ehh the stick is shorter and they have a big scoop in the blade.
I think they may be jealous and some artists even do this with a small "pocket".
It is like Ice dance or Figure skating and should be judged by referees in competition and I am sure they will do that as well as set legal standards for Zorro too on one fine day. Maybe someone will invent a Zorro pair-dance too? Yes we have seen synchronized Zorro already.
Until then - enjoy the one handed Zorro - this should be the first time ever you have seen this.
RIGHT? Yes as we shoot for to bring U some news here.

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Out of this world

Two things:
Go to this website
Do NOT punch in Your address of birth - But do for instance this address
Areenankuja 1
This is the address to where the WFC 2010 will be played in December 2010.

Remember for this to work good - You need a fast connection, a quick computer and preferable run a late version of Google Chrome. (It is a showcase for the next HTML5)
Now if you liked this - do your own address where you play Floorball and if it comes out good - why not post Your own Floorball address as a comment here?

Floorball in Ireland


Irish Floorball Association

From a casual outing to reviving his passion for the sport he played during his childhood days. Pontus Glad tells his story on how he rebuilds Irish Floorball Association (IFA). Recently, I made contact with him and he told me few inspiring stories about him and his plans for IFA.

Pontus grew up in Sweden and had played floorball in school. He moved to Ireland and been living there for 11 years and have not played floorball since then. He always wanted to play floorball in Ireland but failed to make any contacts. But interestingly this year, he was out shopping with his step daughter, Ava (6) and they saw little sticks (I assume they are hockey sticks) and a puck. And at that moment, he realized how much he missed floorball. So, he gave another go on the Internet in an effort to find any contacts of floorball in Ireland.

A little background check, IFA was formed in 2007 but the committee in the association had given up any hope to bring floorball to the country because of low interests within the local community. Just like any other country, Gaelic football and hurling are the two most famous sports in Ireland. This is common because every country has its preferred sports. And the challenge in bringing a sport which is an “alien” to the community is definitely tough.

Pontus did not give up despite not having any contacts in keeping touch with the former IFA committees, after several suggestions by different institutions, including IFF, he decided to bring floorball back to life in Ireland by re-starting the association.

After planning out the organization directions and visions, he spreads the words to his family and friends and they are willing to support his work. And thus, he formed the IFA committee which is based on some well-known people in the local community.

They had their first floorball session last Thursday (14 October 2010) which sees 10 people turning up. It was definitely a good start and their upcoming plans are to distribute flyers to the locals and visiting schools by making floorball demonstrations.

Here in his own words, “I have no doubt that the beautiful game of Floorball will develop and grow very quickly here in Ireland.”

Yeah, I agree with him. There is no doubt Floorball will develop and grow very quickly in Ireland because the sport itself is a beauty and always gives us non-stop excitement.

On behalf of Floorball U, best of luck to Pontus and IFA and thank you for giving Floorball another go in Ireland.

Some pictures of the first Floorball session in Ireland are posted below. Credits to IFA.

You can view the full photo album in Irish Floorball Association's Facebook page:

p.s If you are from Ireland or living in Ireland, please try out Floorball ! More information, you can comment in this post and we'll see if we could help you. Don't feel good to post Pontus' e-mail here. ))


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Floorball and Attitude


Hey everyone, I just wanted to write something which randomly came out of my thoughts. You know what most people always say your attitude and behaviour change while you are playing sport? Any sport applies, not just floorball.

It was unbelievable that the human behaviour could change within split seconds. Say for example, you were naturally a quiet and an introvert, but the moment you warmed up and stepped into the field/court, you began to speak out loud and giving team instructions. Of course, this is just an example.

You know, my life began to take a 180-degree turn when I learnt and started playing floorball. I knew the sport back in 2004 but only started playing regularly in 2008. Being a rookie back then, I never thought I would get myself heavily involved in the sport that I will love in the future.

I believe most of you who just started playing floorball will always have a nerve-breaking experience when you are facing experienced or even national players. And because of these nervous breakdowns, you were “thrown around” as they were faster in their plays and speed. Yeah, I felt for you because I was like that too.

But what matters most is your attitude towards floorball; your passion. You know, I was not the best player in the league, not even in consideration for a spot in the national team, but I have a great passion for the sport. Even though there are so many great players out there, way better than I am, I did not give up and kept learning from the best. And today, despite those two things that I did not achieve, I am a captain of my club, committee member of the league, working together with different people, and especially, working with the Floorball Central guys. It is like WOW, this is a whole new experience and achievement. Most importantly, people respect me for not who I am, my skills and techniques, but for my passion and effort.

And from these experiences, I became a better person. I am more calm and always cautious in making any decisions, on/off the court. Of course, occasionally I was impatient and did silly mistakes, which I strongly discourage you to follow, but this is the part where you have to turn back and keep your cool. Never let emotions take control of you.

So, my main point of this post is never give up, always keep your attitude right when you are on/off the court. And of course, set challenges so that you could achieve something out of it, you may or may not accomplish it 100%, but the effort you put into will definitely benefit you. But always set the RIGHT attitude towards the sport. You can make a difference in one way or another.


Ladies turn

Lets give some way now for the ladies they know how to do this too.

Floorball and other Sports

We do not need to yet again say that Floorball is an excellent "support sport" for any level hockey player.
And that most NHL players from western Europe is raised with Floorball at school.
Or do we need to say that again?

Anyway, here is a little short list of other Athletes from other areas with strong relations to Floorball.
Now your job is to expand this list if you are able to.

Tennis: Roger Federer and many Swedish ATP players since approx 25 years
Table Tennis: Waldner, Appelgren (World Champions)
Soccer: Larsson, Zetterberg, Vohnlanten, Hamsik (International Euro Soccer players)
Ski-Jumping: The Finnish National team
Cross Country Skiing: Markus Hellner, Olympic Champion 2010, 30 K

Quick Rule Comparison Hockey versus Floorball

Greg Beaudin just recently posted an excellent comparison upon the rules between Hockey and Floorball from the "Hockeyplayers perspective"
Enjoy here a slightly adopted version for this site:

Slashing and Whacking sticks is discouraged in Floorball, smart defense and clean steals are encouraged. taking the hack and whack out of gym hockey makes it harder to play defense, and makes it a tad easier to be a dangler- the result is more running and less cheating so to speak.
Growing up, I was classic sneaky hockey player, and it always felt like cheating when I got away with what I was doing, In Floorball, I can’t do those sneaky moves (i’ve learnt new ones of course ;-) ), hooking the player, slight taps of the sticks, the hands, the blade, holding a players stick, but the best one was when you knew you were beat and you just power reached to either hit the players stick or hooked them at the waist to slow them down, nothing vicious, just sneaky and very much hockey.
In Floorball, I feel more accountable for my foot speed, if you don’t run- you’re done! I feel that has helped me on the ice, too, in my oldtimers league as now I’m mentally engaged in always being between the Puck handler and the net, its’ harder work, but better results.
The Game structure, with periods, and line changes are just like hockey. In Floorball there is NO offsides or icing, at all. No Jumping, No playing soccer with the ball, You must learn to trap the ball, by using your chest to knock the ball down to your blade(like soccer) but no hands or headers. When you get near the Goalie, and he/she grabs the ball, YOU MUST get out of their kitchen- swiftly, or you will be called for a penalty, called illegal distance. So no vicious scrums around the net occur, and no broken fingers for the keeper.
The best way to learn Floorball rules, is to play through them in a game setting with a ref that know the rules pretty good. One high stick, a couple of stick on stick, one hands, one header, one kick pass, and a couple of illegal distance calls later, 95% of olayers have the rules aced. In game play, the floorball rules just make sense, and this shines through easily if you have a leader who is paying attention and not just letting the players go wild. a few games or gym classes later, and everyone just seems to GET it.
You can use the 2 feet high off the walls rule in gym class (results in a hit-in form point of exit), and we usually do that rule too, depending on the space.
When I’m reffing kids, I constantly give out warnings of “watch yer stick” and “play it clean” and I am very strict with no hack and whack policies. If I see a kid is “cheating” in order to gain ball possession, I reel that in quickly. Everyone enjoys it more when the flow is fast and skilled. If a players is just too rough, then it’s usually because they are masking their lack of skill, whereby in that case, I can always pull out the cones and get them working on agility and dribbling, as that too benefits everybody.

Facts and update upon the worlds best League SSL

The Swedish site has just released an update on the Swedish Super League after 5 rounds.
They provide us with some interesting facts and numbers. Since the Swedish language is an obstacle as it comes to promote the sport we have done some quick translations here.

Most interesting might be that the audience is up like almost 25% this year - so it does sound like Floorball still is growing even in the motherland of Sweden.
Most Goals in a Game: Pixbo Wallenstam - Caperiotäby, 9-10
Fastest Scoring in a Game: Patrik Hagberg, Caperiotäby, 16 sec against Storvreta
Most Points: Daniel Calebsson, Pixbo, 19 (8+11 Goals plus Assists)
Most Goals: Kalle Brännberg, Pixbo, 11
Other notable facts: Last years winner is so far placed 10th in the league with 3 losses. And the new team Linköping being moved up from a lower league is at this moment third. This team is coached by Stefan Hedlund who also coaches the US National Floorball team.
The original Swedish report is to be found here
Numbers are Scoring plus - minus and points

1. IBK Dalen 42 - 17 15
2. AIK IBF 27 - 18 12
3. Linköping IBK 26 - 18 10
4. Umeå City IBK 27 - 20 10
5. Warberg IC 40 - 24 9
6. IBF Falun 25 - 24 9
7. Caperiotäby FC 39 - 32 8
8. Pixbo Wallenstam IBK 38 - 32 8

9. IK Sirius IBK 23 - 28 7
10. Storvreta IBK 26 - 29 6
11. FC Helsingborg 20 - 27 6
12. Hide-a-lite Mullsjö AIS 17 - 28 1

13. Balrog B/S IK 17 - 33 1
14. KAIS Mora IF 11 - 48 0

Hearts For Harvest-Floorball for All: Bringing Floorball to Villages


I remember Michael posted about 'Floorball for All' before and interestingly, I read about one of their recent projects on a blog. A Christian missionary team called 'Hearts for Harvest' in Mozambique invited 'Floorball for All' to organize a floorball clinics. It looks like an evangelistic event with floorball as the main attraction to the locals.

You can also read about 'Floorball for All' projects at:

p.s If anyone from these two organizations knows anything about this and would like to explain further, then please do so. To avoid any false context. ))


Monday, October 18, 2010

The latest from SSL - Thanks TV4

It is the top and the bottom at the same time at the highest level.

Fan produced WFC 2010 Video

Do you think Finland will win again, too? If not please cast your vote in our voting department.

SIL from a very low division

Hey, even if they play in a lower division they can make some interesting goals.
This is from SIL a Swedish recreational league - and wow lets see here they play 3 on 3 with goalies - very interesting concept for smaller gyms and something that creates intense Floorball even in the lower divisions.

Just of the press from Texas

Here is the latest from Texas:

PlayersBench and FloorballPlanet are hosting a Floorball event.
Come see what the BUZZ is all about!
Bring your team and play for the parking lot championship
DATE: Saturday October 23
Address: 751 S MacArthur Blvd Coppell, Dallas TX
From 9 AM to 5 PM
Come join us and try out the worlds fastest growing sport.
FREE EVENT  Sticks will be provided
Please send questions to
Jukka or Emil
Since we do not like spam we did not include the emails here - If interested in this drop an email to michael(at) - just replace the (at) with a @ and we will hook You up.

Other news from Texas indicates that we have USA's largest Floorball group on Facebooke here too

- our recommendation is - LIKE IT

Slideshow Finnish Girls

This is pure artwork from Finland.
However Ohh be careful no copies this is under copyright, so just watch and enjoy.



Just want to post this for fun after Michael posted about promoting floorball in one of the recent posts. This was the 2nd tip he mentioned if you are planning to promote floorball. Yeah, I did this around March this year and wanted to show everyone how much I value floorball. ))

The "legendary" Fatpipe Raw 27

This was my first competitive stick. It is a Fatpipe Raw 27; classic stick. I scored many good goals with this baby and decided to "retire" this stick as the shaft was rather weak and also since I have changed to Unihoc for good.

So yeah, hope some of you floorball-fanatics have interesting ways to promote the sport. I believe Floorball Central would love to hear it. You can post your suggestions or show us a picture of how you promote floorball under this post. Enjoy the rest of your day ! ))

Read Michael's floorball promotion tips here:


Combined Floorball and Hockey exhibition

This is what will be up in Finland next month.
Among many things related to both sports the visitors will see some advanced demos of the first PC based Floorball computer game FBL.
Have fun You guys!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

By Request

We have shown this earlier - but since we had a request to show it again we must comply...



How can You promote Floorball if You do not run a Website, a Blog, a Facebook Group, a Twitter Account or participate in the discussions here?
Well there is several ways to promote and express Your relation to Floorball and thus share this style of life with your regular little world and this way do a good thing for the sport.

Let me just mention two ways divided into the extrovert approach and the introvert approach.

One extrovert approach would be to “Walk Your Stick”. Do not put Your stick in a bag, keep it out, highly visible - on the bus, on the bike, on the subway, on side walks, walk the walk and talk the talk - even if You not are on Your way to or from practice, take the stick with you as your dog. And people will wonder what it is and that is a good start for this new thing.
A friend of mine even used his Floorball stick to direct traffic or at least get motorists attention as he tried to cross some buzy streets of Gotheburg Sweden - by.... Yes swinging his Floorball stick high in mid air.
The bad side of this story occurred the day one motorist did not stop his car in an appropriate manner - so my buddy slammed his Floorball stick right on the cars hood with a large thud!
- Today I would call that negative marketing and not very advisable. So please avoid that! Just let the world see Your stick. Even if an action like that might save your life (Floorball sticks are good).

The introvert style is much more delicate - but it makes wonders too.
First go to your hardware store. Buy one or a few of these little clips that they have and you are supposed to hang a rake or something similar on - for the garage.
Pick out the number of clips you need, one per Floorball stick. Take the shiniest and nicest you can find and make certain they fit your Floorball stick - they are very cheap so this is not a very big investment.
At home You now must find a very prominent place next to your door on the inside of the house.
Maybe next to your outdoor coats and right above your shoes. Here is where you now mount the clip to the wall. If you have more than one Floorball stick you need more clips on the wall. The final step is to hang Your Floorball stick on this clip.
This will now work with wonder. First You have a dedicated place for your Floorball stick and You will always have it very readily available as You have to rush out the door for some practice.
That is the practical side of this. The interesting side is however how this works on Your guests to your home.
First they will immediately see how much you value your Floorball stick. They will also understand how important Floorball can become. And the spot next to the door on the wall - in a nice arrangement - sends very strong signals to all of Your visitors.
And we can assure You that any other Floorball player that sees this nice way of keeping Your stick(s) - We almost dare to promise that they will start to do the same thing.
The few ones lost in this is the few visitors not playing Floorball - but the chances that they will are now much higher - as You do extrovert and introvert advertising for your sport.
Good Luck!

Marek Hamšík - Floorball Charity Event in Slovakia


You may know him as the Slovak football national team skipper and Napoli FC's playmaker, but Marek Hamšík once played floorball for a charity event. Yes, this just in - Marek Hamšík played floorball in a children charity event before. Here is an article I found from Šport č

Unfortunately, the article did not reveal much information and it is all in Slovak. You can use Google translate but of course, it might not be as accurate as the original; they do have a nice picture of Marek holding our 'best friend' - floorball stick. Basically, the article is about this Slovakian superstar playing floorball for a children charity event and he expresses his passion for sport and loves the expression of each child when they play or how they react to the camera. Based on my Google translate, Marek said, "Floorball match belonged to a nice variation of a successful action." (Anyone who knows Slovak can help me with translating this accurately please.)

Marek Hamšík joins Johan Vonlanthen, Pär Zetterberg and Henrik Larsson in our "Footballers (or soccer players) who play floorball before."

And here he is, scoring his top 10 goals of his career (as of 2009)

Player Factfile:

Name:Marek Hamšík
D.O.B:27 July 1987
P.O.B:Banská Bystrica, Czechoslovakia
Position:Attacking Midfielder, Central Midfielder
Current Club:Napoli

[Source: Wikipedia/Marek_Hamsik]


Saturday, October 16, 2010

IFF Board & Committee Nominations

Earlier today, the International Floorball Federation (IFF) held its 4th meeting of the year in Helsinki, Finland.

During the course of the meeting, nominations were presented for the IFF's Central Board and their Appeal & Disciplinary Committees. Many of the names nominated may not stand out as much to one, but to Floorball U, they stand out like floorball sticks in an ice hockey rink.

Friday, October 15, 2010

In Nine-to-Five days

Nine-to-Five days is about how long this little collaboration project known as Floorball U has been up.
Let us do some numbers now before the weekend. The blog is close to 1000 visits and has just above 2000 hitz in only 5-9 days (the redesign started like 9 days ago and was finished 5 days ago).
So every visitor on average is visiting a bit more than two pages.

But the fully incredible number comes from Facebook friends - in Five days only we have surpassed 150 Facebook friends! Help us now to invite all your friend and make something super good out of this day too.
Wow You keep them rolling in and we will be able to make a difference for many more people.
For Floorball and U.

The Minnesota report from Finland

Here it is in full splendor how US media "discover" Floorball as they go visit Finland to cover Minnesota Wild as of last week.
What a feat!

One-on-One, from German TV

We think they just released a new one in this series (looks like a game show on TV) and had millions viewers in Germany - if we now understand German right (and we do not). This is however the largest news on at the German Floorball Federation right now.
The new one has due to some restrictions not yet been published in a way so people outside of Germany can watch it. We do not know why - but that is what it seems like.
This one is old from 2009 and it boosts close to 200.000 viewers on You Tube. So it gives You at least the idea I hope.

The TV shows name seems to be Schlag den Raab - if someone from Germany knows more about this please fill us in

The latest from the Finnish League

Suddenly it seems like Finland is sailing away in the vote we have about WFC2010.
This is interesting since the old election we had before we re-made this blog - Sweden was ahead of Finland. As we now for the first time enter the era where we have more voters as compared to days left until it is time for WFC2010 - we now celebrate this with a quick update from the Finnish league, here is a summary from a recent game.

If you wonder why the tweets to the left is not fully updated - well we are working on this - but it is related to have multiple accounts on twitter tied to one account. So a fix is in the worx.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Microphones in the Czech Republic

Today at 18.00 CET or 6 PM Central European Time there will be a live transmission from the Czech top league - The Fortuna Extraliga.
Tatran Stresovice - Vitkovice (which is silver medalist from recent Eurofloorball Cup) so this is high class Floorball.
You can try to tune in at 18:00 CET on

One of the most interesting part of this game is that the referees will be equipped with microphones - for the first time ever - so the audience will be able to hear how they ref the game. Nota Bene, this is a first time experiment in the top Czech league.
Lets see how it works out.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!