Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is not just a sport revoution

We have a new sport - right.
But we have so much more - here is a Swedish team in the second Swedish division - they have decided to start to transmit their own games over the internet too - in kind of live tv.
So central european time at 4.50 PM, like 10.50 AM eastern US time this Saturday - we should have a live Floorball feed here

Who was on the first line in professional Hockey to each score over 100 points in a season?


"Do You know Norm Beaudin?"
If not - let us say he played for the Winnipeg Jets during the 70 ties together with Bobby Hull - ever.., like, heard of Bobby Hull!?

Their line in the Winnipeg Jets was one of the most successful scoring lines - ever in American Hockey. No kiddin'. Only an Esposito line from Boston was ahead of them in the 70 ties... We do remember the Esposito brothers.
Who was now on the first line in professional Hockey to each score over 100 points in a season?
The Luxury Line, who later became known as the Century Line.
Chris Bordeleau
Bobby Hull
Norm Beaudin
Winnipeg Jets- 1972-73
What in the world has this to do with Floorball You may ask? Good question.
Well Norm Beaudin's son is the strongest proponent for Floorball in Canada.
Now, Go figure...skating or something?
This is Mr. Beaudins most recent main statement on Floorball.

The Golden Jet might be a book for you...too? or this one..Remembering the Golden Jet: A Celebration of Bobby Hull or why not the family

The English Lesson part uno

If you can read this - good.
Task 2 is to grasp the consequences.
As we see it Canada is movin' on just fine

Canada - Esselmont

What do You know?
This is a picture of the Hockey player Shea Esselmont, he is 6'4" 225 lbs - in other words a big guy if You run into him.
He is an exceptional hockey player that augments his already soft hands and deft passes with Floorball training.

The Esslemont brothers Shea and Ryan played pro Hockey and also run:

Thank You - Greg!


Here is a good story from the IFF on how Floorball grows in Russia.

USA continues to Support Floorball in Europe

We have told you how the Malibu resident and philanthropist H. Saperstein sponsors the Swedish Floorball Club Warberg IC with substantial sponsorships as they play in the Swedish Super League.
We have also told you earlier on how the former American professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Randy Pauch, has been a good source of inspiration for the Swedish head coach of the National Swedish male Floorball team.
The latest is that a Swedish player being a professional Floorball player in Switzerland needed to repair his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL).
And the reports from the Swedish Innebanbymagasinet journal is that this surgical procedure was done thanks to the donation of a anterior cruciate ligament from a deceased American.

We think it is very good that we have this kind of exchange over the Atlantic. But we leave the issue open for now because we also want to write about transfer of knowledge and /or support from Europe and Sweden to build Floorball in the USA too - so this works in both directions. So as a reader, - you either send us your story or do something to promote Floorball in the USA - and you will make us even more happier.
We think - you are supposed to give and take in both directions. Right?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This one is for the Ladies

This is highly recent good stuff showing the direction of Europe.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Did You ever find Your Way?

To IFF's Photostream?
Here it is

And do this one to as You are at it OOK?

Warm Yet?

Ok try this


Good techno can only be done in Germany.

The latest from SSL

Pixbo-Täby Highlights courtesy TV4

Stone-Age Floorball from 1979

This is how it looked 30 years ago as Floorball was introduced to Switzerland.
Holy Cow! Goalie with a stick? Funky pants and toy sticks?

Coaching Education in English!


The Finnish Floorball Federation will offer a coaching clinic December 8th during the WFC 2010 in Finland.
The cost is 60 Euros and the emphasis of this clinic is aimed at speed and the passing in the game.
Something that is obvious as you see any more talented team - they must be able to "own" the ball in the team to be able to become a winning team - as well by doing this very fast.
Here is more informations from the IFF on the subject. We say - if You plan to go to Finland in December - this sounds like a good thing

If you miss this - here is something else that might work too - if so only a book on Tactics, The Floorball Book: Formations and Tactics

Monday, September 27, 2010

FBL was showcased live last weekend

So let us celebrate this with their promotion video. This game for PC is due out as WFC2010 is - in December 2010 - WFC2010 is this years largest sporting event in Finland! Hurry up an vote too!

Start em Young!


At Last IFF releases a new WEB-SITE

For the full Glory
Go here

Floorball versus Hockey

Here we see Frolunda Indiands Playing Pixbo Floorball from 2009
I other words Floorball versus Hockey - in Floorball
If they would have played Hockey we would have not posted it here, lol

There is also words floating around that Modo Hockey this year played Hockey against the National Swedish Bandy team - on Ice - but that they changed stick and puck to a Bandystick and ball after halftime. Bandy is the ice-version of Floorball or rather the other way around kind of.

New trick

Thanks Genial-trickan

U19 Canada! Wow is this related to hockey or not?

The U-19 Canadian male Floorball roster - at this time 30 men deep - have just been presented and You can find it here.

If you now know your players or have the ability to search online you now can find something very interesting in this group. There is an obvious link to Ice Hockey here buddy! Some of these players are very good hockey players in the CHL too - a sort of "grow up league" for the NHL in Canada.

Lets listen to some of the names on this list Windsor, Foster, Thomas and O'Connor.
Hrrmpf - we think one of these Floorball players is drafted by the NYR as a Hockey player and we also think another tried out for the Flyers earlier this year.
So the our conclusion here is obvious - the Floorball foundation for Hockey - as been around for a long time in Western Europe is now making some serious and clear inroads in Canada at this point.
Our main question is still about the USA - when will someone in the USA discover the same thing and try to do something about it? Beside of our little phony blog?

Can someone help us to get Floorball going in the US school system please - like now?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Finnish Federation - Happy Birthday

It was just said over at Twitter that the Finnish Floorball Federation today celebrates their 25th birthday.
Let celebrate that with a fast recent clip from the top Finnish league.

Otherwise blogin' over the weekend we be on hold since we do other stuff.
But please help us to continue the push for Floorball - we think - as always that Floorball needs USA as much as USA needs Floorball and that is in particular when we think of our kids.
This is a GOOD sport - motivational, comparable safe and strenuous in all.
Could not be better right?

This was recorded in 1998

This Norwegian gut shows how to play until you faint - the boy is 6 and the recording was made in 1998 - a pure home video that shows - Floorball is for Kids!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Zamppa Rules


The engine and more


The engine
As you try to build the most efficient chemical engine, irrespective of you go by Diesel, Gas or pick a Turbine - it is our understanding that the most efficient way to design something like this would be an engine built for a constant load, at constant temperature with a complete as possible burn process. You would design this engine for a total static load. This means it would run at a constant speed.
It would not at all look like the car engines we drive today that revs around in all possible directions. Car engines would instead be what we call engines with an intermittent load.
We suspect it to be a similar thing going on as you do exercise - with just one main difference.
Here we do not want to be as efficient as possible but as strenuous as possible to be able to get as much out of exercise - as possible. That is at least what we believe some recent reports have tried to state.

Typical activities with a constant strenuous load is long distance running and cross-country skiing or cycling in a flat landscapes or some activities done in the gym geared towards a static load as well as swimming in calm waters.
Floorball is by many considered to be highly intermittent with continuously stops and goes - toss  and turns in many directions.
With this background - you might enjoy to read this interesting blog post (below) upon the subject how a very serious long distance runner used Floorball to promote his performance as a runner. 
We knew - already before - knew that some Olympic Cross country skiers also use Floorball as a way to build their condition or is it just maybe to have some fun?
-Tonights other news include a very nice set of pictures of Finnish ladies, please notice all these pictures are published under copyright.
We also ran into new information about the new League they play out in west Canada.


Yes it is open to comments...

Grace Floorball number 3

Hey they just published the third issue of the big bold colorful Floorball magazine for girls/ladies over in Sweden and you can read it online here.
Well read - maybe just watch the pictures. It gives you an idea what Floorball may grow into one day maybe?
Here it is and it is sweet!

A poster from Vancouver

We think the message is rather clear - what do You say?


Johan Harju is a new young hockey player that tonight played well for Tampa Bay Lightning in a game against Dallas.
This summer a Swedish local news paper wrote an article upon him.
Let us quote one translated part where it is described as he for the first time was seen on National Swedish television in a kids sport show as he still went to middle school.

"...his mother Elisabeth helped him to write a letter to the Swedish TV show on the Swedish national television. They got hooked on his interest for sports, at this time consisting of Hockey, Floorball and Soccer"

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


One of the largest sport clubs in Stockholm Sweden is AIK.
It is interesting to go to their webpage and see how they host several different sports within their operation.
It you try the main start page you can easily find tabs to one of Sweden's more distiguished Hockey operations as well as a top notch Floorball operation etc - all under the same organization...

Plus 2 hours from the Swedish Super League

Courtesy of Swedish TV4, Falun-AIK, enjoy

Here is further all information you need on current standings, schedule etc on the Worlds best Floorball League.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Let us just repeat a link

A vital one

AIK - Falun from SSL

Highlights courtesy TV4

In Austin Texas? - What do You wait for?

here information upon Austin TX
The Austin Floorball Club starting a new league on Oct 3! The teams will be evenly matched and there will be a lot of new players. Our home is at the Austin Sports Arena- 5 minutes from IH35 and Hwy45. Full court, 5 on 5 floorball with goalies! We can match individuals and groups up with other players or bring your own team. We will provide all of the gear; all you need to bring is some water and your sneakers!
Season begins October 3
Sundays between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm 

Floorball is a fast paced team sport that’s simply described as a safer and more exciting version of floor hockey. Floorball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world today. It is played indoors on foot using lightweight sticks and a whiffle ball. The rules are easy is no contact; game play centers on control, quick passing and running. It's a great coed game.

For more info check out the website @

Twin Cities

Here is how they play in Twin Cities this week!

September 20, 2010 at 7:59am
Subject: FLOORBALL for the WEEK of September 20th 2010
FLOORBALL for the WEEK of September 20th 2010

TUESDAY: 09-21-2010
NE Middle School
7:30 to 8:50 PM $3
2955 Hayes street NE Minneapolis

THURSDAY: 09-23-2010
NE Middle School
6:30 to 8:50 PM $3
2955 Hayes street NE Minneapolis

SATURDAY: 09-25-2010
Stewart Park Gym
12:30 to 2:30 PM $3
2700 12th Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

The Hype Vid is now up at Floorball TV

Here it is again

And here is a link to Floorball TVs channel at You Tube

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our First aim is to get Floorball into the schools

But irrespective of this - we think it is important too on how you deal with kids in PE.
Here is some good advice from England to improve or develop the regular PE hour.
And yes this is a group that promotes Floorball too. It is like just the basic factor for us.

The Swedish National Team on You Tube

Yeah Hey - what do you know.
They have their own channel on You Tube.
Only one problem - it is mainly TALK TV - we mean tv that is better on radio. So naaa, we would not recommend that as of yet - as they might start to push out some nice Floorball footage we might recommend it.
Anyway here it is

What is most popular here?

Well for a long time this was the most popular post we had
But to be honest with you dear reader - this NEW post has sailed up as the most important post the last week - and we did not even write it ourselves - Kudos to Greg B in Vancouver.


Hey things are moving along fast here.
The main team in Edmonton has been transformed into a new team with a new logo more sponsorship and...
we quote from Facebook
"Edmonton Panthera Floorball Club ‎- it's almost official! Just waiting for confirmation from the City of Edmonton, but the 2010-11 floorball season will start October 15th!"

So it is time to heat up your stick blades and get ready soon if you live around Edmonton!

So the New season for SSL just started

SSL is the Swedish Super League and Yesterday this professional league started a new season with two games.
Here is some cool video from TV4 that sends this live nationwide - how it looked in the final minutes last year.


Hey here is a new season of Floorball coming up.

Here is more on the place on earth in a book form
Luxembourg (Bradt Travel Guide)

Here a cool Swedish one edited on the Youngest player in this team and an interview too - just feel it.

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Hey you see that button to the left - if it stills say 49 - You might be the one

A happy winner

Just a few HRS ago from Canada - targets - 4 out of 5 this man made it
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Friday, September 17, 2010

They are still building Floorball in Sweden

This year they now build 8 (eight) new sport arenas to better accommodate Floorball in Sweden.
Let us now dream that the same thing would happen in the US and we would need about one new arena for Floorball per approx every million of inhabitants - wow - you might now grasp the scoope of the dimensions maybe?
Then you do the numbers and figure out how much good excercise that is.
Here is a Swedish TV clip on the subject
Sweden-The Czech Rep a few intense seconds

Goalie training cont..

Here is more good practice and we also start our own countdown to the first games that will be available on national Swedish TV4 from one of the Worlds best Floorball Leagues - the Swedish SSL (Swedish Super League) - maybe we can embed some games here too? Let see.
Another thing that is coming closer is our own anniversary - 10/09-2010 marks the day when we have been here a year. We will tell you about how we are doing at that time - it looks good and over the month we are up like  50% or above in numbers of visits. Enough said for now.
Let see some good instructions now

Big News from Toronto


 Join the Toronto Floorball Hockey League
Men's, Women's and Youth Leagues start soon! You can try it for free!

Floorball is an exciting, safe and inexpensive indoor hockey sport. It is easy to start playing but difficult to master and is suitable for players of all levels.
Youth Floorball (Ages 10-15)
  • Fun & exciting youth league, great for hockey newbies or competitive players looking to develop their stickhandling, passing and shooting skills
  • Free Open House on Friday October 1st 6-8 PM followed by a 10 game season
  • Games Friday nights starting at 6 or 7 PM
  • Location: Crescent School (Lawrence & Bayview)
  • Fee $140 - Register online or contact the convener
Ladies Floorball (All Levels)
  • Fun fitness for ladies of all levels and ages, from ice hockey and ball hockey players to hockey newbies. The first season is limited to 30 players!
  • Free Open House on Monday September 27th 7-8 PM followed by a 7 game season
  • Games Monday nights between 7 and 11 PM
  • Location: The Hangar Roller Derby Rink (Downsview Park)
  • Fee $110 - Register online
Elite Floorball (Competitive)
  • Canada's best floorball league! Perfect for players with previous experience playing competitive ice hockey, ball hockey or floorball.
  • Free tryouts on Monday September 27th 8-9 PM followed by a 12 game season
  • Games Monday nights between 7 and 11 PM
  • Location: The Hangar Roller Derby Rink (Downsview Park)
  • Fee depends on team, around $200 - Register in person at tryouts or contact us
Recreational and Intermediate Floorball
  • We are working on securing a venue for Recreational and Intermediate Floorball leagues.
  • Games will likely be on Wednesday nights in downtown Toronto
  • Stay tuned to our website, facebook group and your email for updates!
Now is the perfect time to join Toronto's fast growing floorball community!
New Leagues Coming Soon!
  • Durham Youth League Fall Season
  • Hamilton Youth League
  • Burlington Youth League
  • Barrie Youth League
Contact us if you are interested in participating in these leagues.
Ready to register?
Surf to the online registration page now! Online registration is open for the Ladies and Youth leagues.
Keep in touch with us by joining the Toronto Floorball League facebook group or follow @floorballpro on Twitter. To learn more about our leagues, check out our league website or call me at 416-972-9305 Don't hesitate to get in touch anytime as we are always happy to talk floorball.
I hope to see you on the court.

Juha Mikkola & The Grassroots Floorball Team
(416) 830-3992

Looking forward to the Swiss leagues

Here is the nice report upon how the upcoming professional leagues in Switzerland will look like.
As always excellent material from IFF

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IT is so basic

Plain old recreational Floorball - here from Germany

Then lets think about stick-handling for a few minutes.
This is Finnish Zorro Dancing

Australia steps to wfc2010

Here is a local Australian Club announcing players for the Upcoming WFC in Finland as well as players for the Asian championships..More here

Floorball on Ice

Here is an interesting article on Floor problems and Floorball.
But this is not upon the ignorant notion that Floorball might hurt a gym floor - no this is serious stuff on how to Play world class Floorball on Ice - that must be covered right.

For Your Eyes Only 2


As estranged folks try to understand the new phenomena of Floorball they sometimes tries to find problems with the activity and two common issues of concern is Floor damage, something that we have extensively tried to cover her with the clear notion that Floorball does not damage any floor.
The other area of fear is about eye injuries.
This is what we have stated earlier:
US statistics show that in USA per year we have some 40.000 eye injuries per year and of these about 8850 from Basketball alone. This does not in particular mean that Basketball is a dangerous activity but probably that a whole deal of people are engaged in Basketball. But we at Floorball Hockey U do not want to bring on Floorball as an activity for kids that would increase these numbers. Our recommendation is to follow the Finnish example and ask children to wear protective eye -wear - something that have the potential to even lower the other numbers of eye injuries from other sports activities - since these goggles can be used in any activity.

What we here want to develop is two things. Just recently the chairman of IFF made the statement that doping in the sport of Floorball is as rare as eye injuries. Exactly what brings him to that conclusion we do not know - but he should have the true knowledge to send this message - we think.
Further there is a study done at the University of Helsinki, Finland back in 2006 upon Floorball and its relation to eye-injuries. We have read this study at an non-authorized website in Russia so we do not dare to share or publish the full study here since it might be protected under copyright law.
But let us share some numbers from this study with you.

Of all eye injuries in this study 17% are related to sport activities. So 83% of all eye injuries in this Finnish study is related to other activities in life. All numbers below is based upon activities or measurement during a six month period.
Scoring highest with 0.63 eye-injuries per 1000 players in this study is squash - very similar to racquetball, by the way it looks like this:

In this study Floorballs score is 0,46 eye-injuries per 1000 players.
And for a related sport rink-bandy or Hockey Bockey shows some 0,39 injuries per 1000 players - this is a close or similar rate.
Rinkbandy looks like this and here you see how Floorball came to live from a hockey ancestor.

Another sport you might think would not be dangerous at all for your eyes is Tennis and as an comparison the rate for tennis in this study was 0.21 eye injuries per 1000 players. So you might draw the conclusion that Floorball is slightly twice times more as dangerous as it comes to eye-injuries as compared to tennis?

Other factors that affects this study as we compare the raw numbers and data is the number of players measured. In this study Floorball was the second largest sport at 335000 players in Finland, only shy behind Soccer. Tennis came in at approx 100.000 players and Rink-bandy at 30.000 players. Of course the numbers of participants affects the actual number of incidents so that is why we prefer to only discuss the rate per 1000 players, just as we have done above.

What about Hockey? In 2006, and in this study, 193.000 hockey players in Finland and the eye-injury rate was at low 0.10 for 1000 players - very good and that is most likely thanks to good protective equipment.
Other findings in this study shows an lower number of incidents in elderly Floorball players - - we tend to believe that this is more related to how young the sport of Floorball is - and that the most new players are young and not so many older Finns played Floorball in 2006 - but we may be miss-interpreting these numbers too..

So our recommendation stands firm, get some protective goggles and use them as You play Floorball - it is like the seat belt - just a good thing to have on a bad day.

MVP's in Switzerland

Read all about it here, courtesy of IFF

Floorball discovered in Strasbourg, France

Take a french lesson and listen to this music. It is a TV clip from France...

Le Floorball à Strasbourg
Uploaded by StrasTv. - Basketball, baseball, pro wrestling and more sports videos.

Here is a cool graph

This top part of the image shows the search trend at Google for Floorball in red as compared to Floor Hockey in blue.
The numbers reveal that Floorball is 5 times more popular as a search as compared to Floor Hockey.
As Google gives Floorball the index 1 - Floor Hockeys search index is 0.2.

The second graph shows the number of news articles and here you see that Floor Hockey gets almost similar news coverage as Floorball. We do not understand this? Do all the editors write about the wrong thing?

One more thing as the Swedish name Innebandy is used it generates twice as many hits as for Floorball in the top graph - we did not include this in the graph = It is an obvious thing that Floorball has a name problem as well as a problem to get visible in English spoken press or online at least.

What can you do to change this? Do not ask what we can do for you - but what you can do for us!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Training with above 85.000 hits

Time to head over to goalie training - wow 85.000 hits on You Tube and counting

The Goalie mask here is not certified to be used for Floorball. But rumors say it might work even if it is on the cheaper end and designed for youth. If you want to try it let us know how it works.
Certified and good masks for Floorball you otherwise find at

A new angle on things

We have never seen this before and we think You have never seen this before.
This is wheelchair practice for Floorball in Prague

Cool Stuff!

The Olympic Dream! Breaking News!

Wow things are speeding up here. As it has been said before it sounds like you may see Floorball in the summer Olympics by 2020.
But the latest right now is that there is also an idea to take Floorball to the Youth Olympics much earlier.
And today the chairman of the International Floorball Federation Mr Eriksson has said in an interview with the Swedish main Floorball Magazine that we might see teams as early as 2018 or even 2014 that play Floorball in the Youth Olympics!
So maybe players born between 1998-2000 might get the first chance to play in these Olympic Youth games. The number of teams - probably in-between 4-12.
Exciting stuff indeed!

Hockey Players and their relation to Floorball?

Yes it is kind of a relation over in Europe and has done the work to inform about the nitty gritty stuff in this issue right here:

Then you can also wonder if any shoe producer is making specially designed Floor Hockey shoes? We do not know?
But we know that Adidas, Asics, Puma as well as Salming have specially designed shoes for Floorball. So why not go with a winner?

We have more news take we wanted to share - upon a game between Russia and Canada, that was just mentioned by Floorballpro on twitter - but right now the website at IFF seems to be down - so we will be back on that issue.

Specially Designed Floorball Shoes

Check this out - Here is specially designed Floorball shoes from Adidas, Asics, Puma and Salming.

This is an extensive presentation and the only thing that is sad is that they did not do an English version of this - credits to Innebandymagazinet in Sweden.
Here it is - You can not miss this one.
One Picture is taken at the Asics Floorball test center for shoes - or that is at least what they wants us to think.
Cool stuff anyway.

First Ever US National Floorball Championship

We are now lucky enough to present two exclusive snapshots from this Historic event.
Credits and copyrights - Alex L.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The best piece ever written about Floorball in America

We did not do it.
But we read it and we stole it right of - from Canada - copyright G Beaudin.
Here it is:

Five Years ago, I learned about Floorball from Hockey Legend Borje Salming. At that time, I picked up a Floorball stick and felt the future of Hockey in my hands.

Some observations:
When introducing Floorball, as I have done so many times to new people, a common first reaction is to dismiss aspects of the game of Floorball; The Stick is too short, The Ball is too light, The goalies have no stick?, But where is the ice? I would say a typical Canadian reaction to learning about Floorball is to pick it apart. Maybe that’s why we are the best Hockey Nation in the World, I don’t know, we are sensitive about our brands of hockey, and so we should be.

The key points get blurted out, affordability, accessibility, easy to play, a sport for everyone, the soccer of Hockeys, all you need is a stick and ball, it’s fast, fun, and safe, no hacking and whacking, adaptable, global, an Olympic provisional sport, professional leagues in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, The Russian Olympic Hockey team used Floorball to get ready for Vancouver, NHL stars like the Sedins, Sellanne, Gaborik, the Hossa brothers all played Floorball growing up and many still play in the Summers…blah, blah, blah….the points come out, in staccato like fashion, and the words become just that- words…

And then, we take a shot…and it rips top shelf with a flick of the wrist. Then we stickhandle and feel, and tap, bounce and twirl, adjust, and shoot, and attempt to corral the ball, at first mostly getting air. For Canadians, this is not the Floor Hockey stick of the past, the one we all grew up with, it’s something new, fresh, cool, hip, ergonomic, familiar yet distant - It’s a Floorball stick, a “euro thing” that permeates through the hockey communities of Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, The Czech Republic and beyond.
there is something about a Floorball stick, a certain magic to it.

Canada does have a national federation that belongs to the International Floorball Federation, it’s called Floorball Canada. There are Provincial organizations, leagues, Hockey Academies, Hockey Schools, Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Indepedent Schools, Universities, Private Clubs, Corporate sport groups. There is a National Championships, and a few big tournaments that take place every year.
Canada is becoming a Floorball nation, and it’s happening, virtually under the radar, with no funding, no corporate support, and very little media recognition. We need to talk about this, we must discuss why Floorball is succeeding wherever it goes, and why our Hockey Canada Skills Academy talent, AAA girls and boys, across the country, are honing their skills in school gyms and local rec centers with Floorball, and yet few hockey journalists have ever even heard about the sport- they just assume we are talking “Floor Hockey” with those lousy plastic sticks.

Recently, I conducted two week long Floorball Summer Skills Camps where parents would approach me afterwards and say that they preferred Floorball to Hockey citing violence, the cost, and the early morning practices. Furthermore, the smiles, the sweat, the drills, the games, the growth that their kids displayed just validated to them that there could be an alternative to Hockey, that is technically Hockey without the skates and the smelly bags.

Many Parents feel mixed emotions about floorball because they played Hockey growing up and it shaped them as people like nothing else could, and although they want their own kids to learn about Team, Hard work, Dedication to Sport, Canadian culture and all of the wonderful things that Hockey brought them, they see so much madness connected to the game now. They crave the simpler times of Hockey, where it just happened without all of the big expense and the big fuss…and enter Floorball. Floorball is going to provide tens of thousands of Canadians an opportunity to “feel” Hockey and the sensations of scoring a big time goal and making a poetic pass.

No matter how much doubt and scrutiny you throw at the stick and the sport of Floorball, as it relates to Hockey, it counters back with an explanation, a smart take, a scientific observation, and a model of proof from blossoming Hockey communities/cities like Gothenburg, Prague, Helsinki or Zurich.

For here is a version of indoor hockey that requires minimal equipment- a stick and a ball. It is played as a team game, it is very high tempo, high scoring, high energy, physical but safe, it’s easy to learn yet develops amazing skills.

Floorball should be in every school in Canada. Floorball is currently being utilized as an off-ice training system for Hockey Canada Skills Academies, coast to coast. Do your homework people, You will see! Floorball has arrived in Canada but needs a helping hand, as Floorball is a Sport for Everyone. I remember reading the summary from the last Hockey Summit in 1999, and am happy to see the 11 recommendations come forward in a real way to develop Hockey players and enrich the Hockey experience.

I have personally witnessed thousands of smiles of bewilderment, as Young Canadians, New Canadians, Old Canadians, Disabled Canadians, pick up a Floorball stick for the first time. At first play, the ball is bouncing everywhere and you can see the power shift from the hockey players to the newbies. from the hack and whackers to the runners and the thinkers….it’s a mind shift that provides agility and skill to the Hockey player that already has the strength and force, and it’s empowering to an athlete who has never skated, and now can “snipe” one from 30ft at 90km+/hr.

Floorball is an exhilarating game. It speaks to everyone. It enhances skills in a Young Hockey player and it brings skilled players into Hockey.

Canada has the infrastructure, the will and the desire to breed Hockey talent like no other nation. You will see Floorball as a solution at every school, rec center, sport club, minor hockey program, skills development center, high-performance academy, Olympic training program, and corporate fitness programs. Floorball is an important component of the Hockey Player Development matrix. It is also a potential gateway sport to assist many Hockey enthusiasts who are a bit hesitant to enter the world of Hockey participation. I have had many discussions with families that are using Floorball to hedge their bets that their children will one day wish to play Ice-Hockey. So, by developing Hockey Smarts and Skills through Floorball, a young player can join-in on Ice Hockey years down the road, if the interest and/or passion is brimming.

Yes, Floorball is a global sport and it used by Professsional Hockey players to maintain fitness and enhance skills. At the Top level, Floorball is vying for a permanent spot in the Summer Olympics. Universities dole out scholarships, and there is even opportunity for elite players to advance to Professional levels. However, this is not why I write this letter to you…
This letter is a call to action, it’s to initiate discussion about Floorball and other types of off-ice Hockey. As a nation, it’s like we are still skiing on wooden skis, when other countries have switched over to high tech parabolic ones. We need to get with the program, Go find out where you can pick up a stick and try Floorball, If you want to learn more and try it out, just email

Author Profile:

Greg Beaudin is the founder of Modern Hockey, a forward thinking Hockey company with deep roots in Ice Hockey and Floorball. Modern Hockey has worked with dozens of Hockey Canada Skills Academies to develop their Floorball cross-training programs. Greg is the son of the “Original Jet” Norm Beaudin, and grew up in a household where Finnish, Swedish and Swiss Hockey was always highly respected. Like the Oilers of the ‘eighties, Greg’s hockey philosophies were also shaped by the formidable International elements of the Winnipeg Jets of the seventies. It is this base knowledge that brings Modern Hockey to Floorball and why the push is on to grow Floorball in Canada.
here is the link to the original posting of this masterpiece in the north american growth of floorball.

We like to bet on things

We bet on that this guy will become huge in the Rangers and NHL

If we are wrong - well we can live with that - but we are not wrong so why worry about that?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Win a hot stick in Sweden

It does not explicit say that Americans can not win.
But still I wonder if the will ship you a stick but it is worth a try - we think
Here is the hottest from X3M on Facebook and if you like (push the button like) this you might win a stick.
Yes we liked it.!/pages/Innebandymagazinet/241965292750?v=app_4949752878

Wow - they are reporting it right

The Province in Canada as well as the Vancouver Sun as well as NBC - all report it right this time!
They report Sami Salo's injury as being from Floorball.
Here one of them

Good thing we messed with the first reporter writing about Sami Salo doing Floor Hockey.
Now lets see if someone in the American press also starts to investigate why a Hockey player would do Floorball? And then can figure out that Floorball is not only responsible for one injury - but for thousands of European hockey players building their skills as players with a plastic stick and a whiffle ball.

This article is good
Main problem is the notion in the article that NHL is suggested to prohibit players from Floorball over the summer - something fully absurd and crazy since Floorball is a part of the hockey player build in many European places. The comment only shows the ignorance of the writer. Otherwise a good article.

Update 2
Another good article that indirect actually promotes Floorball to Hockey players across the Americas - even if that is not the most obvious message in the text

Update 3
Sometime we must acknowledge that someone else is reporting much more balanced and good as compared to what we do. And the take on this story by BCFloorball is much better then what we have reported in this matter.
It starts Pro Hockey Players love Floorball....
Read it here for your own insight to the real issue in this story

The New Stockholm Arena

It has just been announced that this little shack (cough hrmpf cough)
Will become the designated arena for the Swedish final rounds of Floorball The Stockholm Arena, most likely in 2013 for the first time.
Yes it is under construction for now.

And of course they plan to set some new spectator records here for these event with like 30.000 plus spectators.

Now you tell us what other "hockey-emulation" sport that can do that?
We do not know - and have not been able to find any number on for instance field hockey - maybe they sport more spectators? So please help us out here.

Reminder Live Floorball Today, Tomorrow and Sunday

Here you can watch live Floorball on-line from Polish Open today Friday next game starts at 5.45 PM local polish time.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!