Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Ice - No Problem

practice makes perfect

First Ever US National Floorball Title

FLOORBALL HOCKEY U SAY /// this is from Erik Larsson California
pls Enjoy,

By P. Erik Larsson www.floorballca.com


Innebandy LA takes the 1st US National Floorball Championship Title in a dramatic
shootout win.

The US National floorball Championship tournament hosted by myself, Erik Larsson of
floorballca.com, was played August 14-15, 2010 at The-Rinks in Huntington Beach, California.
It was played in combination with the 3rd annual US Open Floorball Championship.

With great support from The USFbA, Calle Karlsson (USFba vice president), Vince Faso,
The Fresno Floorball Club, Andrew Beyer, and all volunteers, this year’s tournament was a
great success.

Seven Elite teams, five Intermediate teams and four youth teams competed in the tournament,
making this the biggest floorball event to date in California. The majority of the teams came
from California but I was also honored to host a team from Colorado and two teams from Austin,
Texas. All teams in each division played a full set of round robin games to determine play-off

Four teams competed in the US Open Youth Division. This division was designed for players to
have fun and to learn the game of floorball at the same time. We had a talented group of young
hockey players who had a great time.

The Youth Division tournament had great success in introducing floorball not only as
its own sport but also as a great compliment to hockey in general. The credit goes to the
coaches – especially Peter Torsson - and all the parents willing to try something new.

In the US Open Intermediate Division, I was blown away by the U19 Ice Hockey teams from the
CA Heat Organization. Again all the credit goes to Peter Torsson who some years ago introduced
Floorball to his hockey community as an off–ice training / conditioning tool.

This was the 3rd year Peter brought teams to the US Open – WOW they are getting good. With
three teams from the Heat, one from Austin Texas and one from the The-Rinks in-line group, the
stage was set for a great tournament.

In the end the CA Heat RED Team were the worthy US Open Champions by winning all
games including a 7 – 0 victory over Austin in the Semi final and a 5 – 2 win in the Final over
The-Rinks. In addition to their impressive victory in the tournament, the CA Heat RED
had the No. 1 Goalie in Tucker May and the No. 1 Points maker in Connor McPherson.
The bottom line is that they were a hard team to beat.

Also worthy of mention is the AUSTIN team. After having a tough time and losing all their
round-robin games and facing elimination in the only quarter final, Austin had one last chance
to show its best game. Austin took that chance by beating the CA Heat Yellow team 4-3 in a
shootout and captured the last semi-final spot. After losing to the CA Heat RED in the semifinal,

Austin again regrouped and came up with a win over CA Heat Black to capture the Bronze in the
US Open Intermediate Division.

In the Elite Division, Colorado, Fresno and San Francisco did not make the playoffs, leaving San
Diego, Innebandy LA, So.Cal UFC and Austin to fight for the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals.

San Diego defeated Austin in the first semifinal, 6-0. LA overcame So.Cal UFC after the
tournaments most intense and tight game by scoring the 3-2 winner with only seconds left in the
game. After the tough loss, So. Cal UFC came back to beat Austin 5 – 2 to capture the Bronze.

The 1st ever US National Floorball Championship Final was a thriller between the tournaments
2 best teams, Innebandy LA and San Diego. With San Diego in 1st place and Innebandy LA in
2nd place after the round robin games and strong performances in the semifinals, both teams had
proven to be worthy finalists. The final game was well played with strong performances from
both teams and excellent goaltending. When San Diego put in the 2-2 equalizer with a couple of
minutes left in the game the stage was set for a thriller.

San Diego then handed LA the opportunity of the game in the form of a penalty. LA pushed hard
to score the winner with the man advantage but the score remained 2-2
at the end of regulation. With the penalty to San Diego carrying over into the 5 minute
sudden-death overtime period, LA pressed on for the win. San Diego fought hard to stay
alive and managed to stop LA from scoring on the power play. The game raged back and
forth for the remainder of the sudden-death period without either team being able to score.

LA took charge in the shootout with 2 unanswered goals from Marcus Davidsson and Erik Nord.
Although San Diego kept their hopes alive with a goal from Carl Persson in the 4th round, LA
Innebandy’s Christopher Bjelkstam could AND DID secure the win by scoring his team’s 3rd
shoot out goal.

Final note:
I would like to thank every single person, player, volunteer that showed up for this tournament.
YOU ALL made the tournament the success it was, THANK YOU!

Hope you ALL come back! January 2011 MADNESS and August 2011 US OPEN.

P. Erik Larsson, Floorballca.com

China, Beijing

Well here it is coming along too..

(almost) World Premiere?

Greg B, in a stunt never seen around British Columbia before..

Cool clips from a Swedish Floorball mag

We can post most of this here embed style - but it is even better if you go to this magazine cause then it all comes like in a playlist to you.




FBL is a PC computer game on Floorball of course to be released December!
and as you wait...maybe this?

New league in vancouver

here enjoy

This is one of the best Hockey teams in Sweden


It is all in Swedish but please admire the pictures of some very good ice hockey players

We think some Floorball and a new pair of these CCM Vector 6.0 Senior Ice Hockey Skates will make your day. He he.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A cool game from WFC 2008


We can not embed this here. But follow the link and kick it up to fullsize - its good.

It is getting better


Here is amazing Pictures from Europe


This is coverage from the Euro Tour Cup and wow this is the way pictures should look like

NB, do not copy these since they are under copyright please.

Advertising from Slovakia


So what is wrong in this one - you tell us.

Friday, August 27, 2010


We will be back after the weekend and we can promise at least three Floorball related news from North America - hang on.

Ooops, now we got some Floorball products up

OK, we will polish the design and we might slim some parts of the blog to speed it up.
But in our quest to conquerer America - everyone must carry a stick but also wear a sweater with Floorball on it and here is one that will make your friends wonder and ask about Floorball.
You can not go wrong here.
But maybe the best offer is this book The Floorball Book: Formations and Tactics for less than 3 dollars, yes THREE, if you buy the Kindle version - of course you already have a kindle?
Well if you get it through this blog with the Floorball book you will make us happy.

Kindle is an electronic book reader that has a lot of trix up its sleeve like any Floorball player...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Traffic... report again


We decided to call this little report... Traffic update - since last time we used the headline Traffic - remarkably many visitors came by to see this text, like + 250 in a short time.. We do not know why
Over the summer the number of visits to this blog was down with roughly 30%. But this months reading shows that we picked up speed again and are like 50% above last months numbers.
It is only days until we log hit number 20.000 and our 5000 th absolutely unique visitor - not bad since we still have like two months to go until we have been up our first year.
Other interesting numbers is that Canada lag behind the USA to be like 20%-30% of the volume in traffic and Canadians are spending almost a minute less per visit. Interesting stuff since Floorball is comparatively larger in Canada. Maybe we need better Canadian material? Or maybe Americans like to read about Canada? Right now the average time spent on the site is slightly down - not too much, but in an obvious way. We will not do any tricks to adjust this but try to put up interesting material if we so may.
The large visiting states in the US looks different over time. Right now overall, WI is in the top but CA has a new clear second position and PA is third. IL has grown fast lately and did just recently pass MN. During this winter MN was almost as big with visitors as WI but they are right now lagging behind big time. The last large state is Texas - but they are not too close to the others mentioned here. Otherwise - Yes all other states in the USA have been here and this month we also had some 30 visits from India...
We will continue to post traffic reports as we feel the need to inform you on how we are doing.
Please HELP US spread the word - since we think North America needs Floorball as much as Floorball needs North America.

U19 from Great Britain


Would a US team U19 beat this team? Our answer is clear - what about yours?

EuroFloorball Cup Qualifications started this week

This is a large tournament with venues, games, teams and websites as well as different logos all over.
We recommend this website to start with http://www.efc2010.lv/en
Also the main news from IFF at http://www.floorball.org/default.asp probably gives the best overview.
As some video from this years activities trickles out we will try to serve it here.

Want to work in Canada?

Notice that this is a volunteer position so compensation is probably accordingly - but otherwise - this could not be better right?

APP for Ipad and Iphone


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweden builds for Floorball

Sweden is a large country but only 9 million live up there. In like 40 years time Floorball grew from nothing in Sweden to become the second largest sport, source SIBF.
So how do they now grow Floorball further?
Well, right now eight new sport arenas are being built for different Floorball teams.

Penalty to SSL

This Penalty took Mullsjö to SSL, the swedish super league...

Floorball VS Floor Hockey to build Hockey?

In Europe mainly Floorball is used by Hockey players and clubs to practice "dry".
In North America most folks use Floor or Ball Hockey (still).

As die hards for Floorball here we know what we think is the best... yawn, kind of.
But we also must have some respect for those that say the other more North American version is better.
And the discussion at this level is mainly - maybe a little bit philosophical?

So what is best? How to find the true verified answer?
We think there is two ways of doing this - to find the real truth.

A) Challenge a University, like maybe in Toronto to try to set up some serious study or research on the subject and try to measure in validated numbers what players gain from the two activities.

B) Take the best Floor Hockey team as well as the best Floorball team. And let them play to see who is the winner. Let the two teams meet in like six games - three games in Floor Hockey and three games in Floorball and count the score - cant be any discussion after that can it? And six games should be enough - we think.

We think both ways sound fun and interesting even if we still here at the philosophical level knows the outcome to be a disaster for one side - or will it?

The Missing link is the whiffle ball

As you already know the whiffle ball was developed for Baseball practice and then is ended up in Floorball - used for dry land hockey practice.
Here is an interesting clip as a Hockey player plays baseball - it would have even been more fun to see them play Floorball - we think.

last year a lady year


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This is more fun than fun


Here you have the first promotion vide0 for the up coming World Floorball Championships in Finland.
The funniest thing is that they did not make this one with subtitles - and it is made in Finnish, with some broken English and a Swedish phrase here and there.

Recently Google released a new beta close caption module with translating ablilties. Well Googles automatic translator is not too developed to meet this and it gets wild. So as you run this video - the whole thing gets fully crazy.
It made us laugh so hard after we understood that this was not right - we do not understand Finnish - but thank You Nancy at the end says it all.

We can not show this here with the bad translation, we can not embed it.
But go to this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNPZ13AljfE
then find the little red CC button to the right hand on the video window, select transcribe audio and the day is yours!

Here without close captions, also hard to understand -huh and not too funny

Canada will show USA how to do it


Here is an excellent big time article on Juha Mikkola and his wife Johanna - they are doing the right thing.
Read this or continue to stay lost...

The IFF channel on YouTube

The International Floorball Federation is continuing to push more and more seriously good material to their own IFFCHANNEL - at You Tube.
....go here http://www.youtube.com/iffchannel
This is good high quality movies and very interesting.

Most of their first videos was published in a way so we could embed them straight into our blog.
But most of the recent material has been published - without the embed code - by the publishers request to You Tube - so we can not show it here - as we try to promote the sport?
Our only way right now to share this goldmine of material on live big great Floorball vids is to ask you to follow the link as of above - but remember where you heard it first, ok.

Well, there is still very much and very good Floorball out there to be seen and stuff that we can embed straight into the blog - it is just a pity we can not share the best stuff direct with you here... Maybe one day?

Here is a clip from the Finnish national federation on younger kids:

This is what Floorbal.tv wrote after this clip was posted - let us qoute
"Some genius in Finnish Floorball Federation decided to make this series of clips showing the sequential differences and passionate similarities between the age groups. There are also videos on 5 year and 7 year olds playing Floorball.

Well done Finnish Floorball Federation on this groundbreaking series of videos."

End qoute.

Festival in Berlin Germany

Yes a Floorball Festival is brewing for next weekend in Germany according to

Monday, August 23, 2010

sloopen 2010

Even some europeans mix Slovenia up with other countries like Slovakia - so how can we here in the usa get this right?
well sloopen 2010 is Slovenias big international Floorball tournament - now in August.
Slovenia is the most northern country in former yugoslavia, and it is kind of not too far from Venice Italy if you cross the Adriatic sea...
no more geography lessons please..
try this instead http://www.floorballsloopen.com/
here is web-tv http://www.slonet.tv/?si=807 coverage between aug 27-29
and final game of course on the national televisions largest sport channel...

source IFF and sloopen 2010

Austin TX League

Their Family league started Yesterday all according to
Family/Youth Floorball Drop-In for $6 from 5:30-7:00 today and then Adult Leagues all night!
So if in Austin a Sunday - have fun.

Top 10 Zorro goals

Or do you have a better one?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

training now at 3.6

US Championships

A shorter note at USAfB's website inform us that the first ever US Floorball Champion is LA Floorball - they won the finals over San Diego. They also hope to be back with more information later.
Earlier, unconfirmed, rumors stated that the SoCal team won - but we must rely on what USAfB now have posted.
We think that it is a pity that this event not have been used much more to promote Floorball in North America.
We say - this can only be improved.
a n d
It will.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Floorball League or FBL is now on wikipedia

So all you want to know about the up coming full fledged Floorball game for PC, with rumors about console versions too - due to be released in December 2010 by a Finnish game studio...
Is to be found here

Our Super Tweet..

We just figured out that our Super-Tweet page can be yet more improved.
So if you send us other words for Floorball in more languages and we will expand our super-tweet to more languages - and every one can stay on top of it?

the message is...

can U see enough of this?

Floorball: A Sports Revolution DVD Commercial from FloorballPro Inc. on Vimeo.

Friday, August 20, 2010

kiwis in Auckland

in search for goalkeepers

They say a dear child has many names

So here is our large twitter run on Floorball in other languages. Enjoy..

and hey if you are clever enough to figure out another exotic language with a fat feed of floorball news - amaze us please


Na, we do not know Finnish - but it is said that Sähly is the school form of Floorball - otherwise called
salibandy on Finnish. Like small goals - no goalie.

Sähly is cool - promise you.. welcome to sähly..

Austin Texas

Here is Floorball for You on Tuesdays

Merge The Czech Republic and Slovakia?

Naa, we do not think that will happen.
But as our small tweets upon FBL - the first big computer game for Floorball - continues..
We have found a "Czeh - o -slovakian" fan site for FBL:

A new Club in Ontario


Lookin' coool

More Candy from Prague last weekend

Women's Elite Final:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Say Cheese

This is only one reason why Floorball is good - it lures the sense of teasing out of you.
In many other sports the scorer must go for it the hardest possible - this is more "fingerspitzgeful" balance and with a smile - according to the notes the scorer scored like this earlier - but this time the cat in the goal won - big time and earned the smile!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Tennisplayer - we told you already about yesterday - that played Floorball..

well...Floorball looks safer to us - even if this is Roger Federer

We say...stubborn as always

all these guys have played Floorball

So when will you try it?

The IFF writes about FBL too

Here it is.

And they have been kind to involve some ground breaking new news too -
like a consol version of the game and your input to develop this game -
what do you say...

It is called Calebssons crazy penalty

It just took place last weekend in Prague

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Malaysia - Calls in

Here is a special report from Mr. Jethro Wong from Malaysia. What we like in this report is how he describes on Floorball and its use in the schools of Malaysia, but before we take the context right out from Mr Wongs mouth.
In is his own words...
First and foremost, greetings from the whole floorball community in Malaysia.

Maybe a little brief history on floorball in Malaysia. It was first introduced to University Malaya by few Singaporean floorball-enthusiasts back in 2000. Since then, the national team and association was formed and featured in the 2002 and 2004 Men's World Floorball Championship.

Practically, the most active floorball states in Malaysia are Selangor, Penang and Sabah. In Penang, the state association has been recognized and inducted into the School Sports Council of Penang and it has been played in almost every school in Penang. Besides schools, churches are also involved in this amazing development of floorball. Most floorball tournaments in Malaysia are held in Penang throughout the year.

As in Selangor, we had our first floorball league last year and it was a great start for the sport to grow competitively. Unlike Penang, here in Selangor, we focus more on colleges and universities. However and unfortunately, we were supposed to have our 2010 edition of the league in mid-2010. But due to the closure of the venue, we are still unable to find a suitable place for floorball. But floorball is still alive with various colleges are still actively training and introducing the sport in their varsity. But we are still reviving the passion in each floorball players here by organizing mini-tournaments to maintain the competitiveness of the sport in Malaysia.

As in Sabah, the progress is very much monitored and cooperated by Penang Floorball Association. Every year, they will organize floorball league and send teams to Penang for tour or participate in a tournament.

We say thank you Mr Wong and please come back - one of our dearest subjects is just Floorball in school.

Roger Federer Played Floorball too

Read it here
- they call it unihockey - the swiss name - it is Floorball in English.
We have earlier covered here how other players on the ATP tour play or has played Floorball.

Why not try to search at our search function for Tennis and learn something new?
Did we mention that this is a LARGE Canadian news paper reporting?

Only 4 months to WFC 2010, Go Canada Go!

Last month the big Swedish Floorball Magazine presented a larger interview with the Canadian Goalie, Mike Hayward.
In this article it is clear that Mr Hayward already in wfc 2010, this December, wants to challenge the other nations for a place among the eight best nations in the world.
- Finland is not in team Canadas reach but both Russia and Denmark are teams in the same group - teams that Mr Hayward thinks it will be well worth to play for the victory in both these games.

On the future of Floorball in Canada - Mr. Hayward sees that the similarity to Hockey will give the sport a fast stronghold and become popular. In a couple of years he thinks Canada will see an explosion of new players and Canada will become a dangerous contender in the world of Floorball.
Today Floorball is mainly played in four Canadian states British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. Between 2007 och 2008 the number of Canadian players was increased five times.
Mike Hayward played senior Hockey until he was 17 and after that he got fully consumed by Floorball. Two other players in the Canadian team is from the same city in Canada and both also play Hockey at a high level.

Floorball Hockey U wishes team Canada Good Luck at wfc 2010 and recommend the full text at innebandymagazinet.se. This text above is just a breif translated excerpt.
Full text is available here - in Swedish


Many tweets on Floorball is on our page.
Sometime a Tweet is important so we repost it here - like this:

FloorballPro is attending the @wldhockeysummit in Toronto! Visit their booth to learn about #Floorball!...http://fb.me/DLgItvLr

Magic - true magic stuff on how to build a website for Floorball

It is here

Cool Jerseys from Floorballpro


About correlation?

Newsweek did just release a study about the worlds best 100 countries.
If this is true you can figure out yourself at.

Then we thought you can correlate this to how popular Floorball is in the three top countries on this list?
Maybe you can not do this... - but still some kind of a funny coincidence right? Since the three countries where Floorball is very dominant is the three top countries.... Ehh any conclusion someone?

Future Home in Toronto?


One hour ago - the WFC organization in Finland posted FBL

We think we posted this first of all in the global Floorball community and are kind of proud about it since it generated nice traffic to our blog as well as it has now also been posted by the official World Floorball Championship organisation in Finland, for WFC 2010 - due in December.

Some quick facts:
FBL (the computer Floorball game, will now get a lot of traffic)
This years WFC in Finland is Finlands largest sporting event this year
The WFC has an official protector - the Finnish President.

So let us now repost this interesting vid on the FBL game

Wheelchair Floorball - a Special Sport indeed

From last month..
This is good stuff enjoy

Full text coverage from Czech Open

Here is a good article that cover the largest tournament in the world and its winners
Yes, this happened in Prague and took place over the last weekend - it included some 700 games and it was Televised across large parts of Europe.

Courtesy of IFF

Monday, August 16, 2010

The art of Marketing in relation to Floorball

Since our friends up in British Columbia is 100% superior as it comes to the art of Promoting Floorball in North America....
We here will repost what they just posted at
This was played this weekend.

North Shore Winter Club

This Past Weekend, BC Floorball set up a rink at the North Shore Winter Club and held a Summer Showdown for Kids and Adults. The Kids event was a blast!  In the end, The Canucks won the Gold!
The venue was perfectly suited for indoor Floorball Hockey.  We hope that more and more Hockey facilities like the North Shore Winter Club make room for these fast, fun,”pop up” hockey events.  It’s great fun and awesome cross-training for young hockey players.  Floorball gives you skills, that you cannot see with Ball Hockey and/or Floor Hockey.
Congrats to Cal Brebner, who won the Scoring race, and the tournament MVP:
Overall, The Kids were excited to play Full Rink Floorball, with Refs and scorekeepers. Thanks to Chris, Donny, Dallyn, Cristi and Cathy for their hard work volunteering their time. Thanks to the Parents for signing up their kids, and Congrats to the players who played extremely well, all day long!
floorball cheer

the ladies final in Prague

This time a shorter compilation

Sunday, August 15, 2010

And a new Dutch Magazine is here


Dank U wel!

TELEVISION in 46 countries - today of Floorball

Well, this is how it looked today on Eurosport 2 and on other channels like the national Czech channel 4
Live floorball to die for...

You might need a MS plug-in to see this on your browser - it is worth the installation it is a long clip

And hey why not wake up an American buddy of yours of what is going on!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Is Floorball for Nerds?

Well as the largest computer conference in Finland was held last week, Assembly 2010, they did relax with other things beside of Computer games and one was...
Floorball - a street version of Floorball so Yes it is for nerds too

Over 2 hours - the Final Womens WFC 2009

Thanks to IFF, this has just been released enjoy...

From Czeh TV

They say an image say more than 1000 words.
Well here is fresh TV from Europe, boys and girls...

It has also been said that this tournament is televised to 46 countries.
No not to USA yet - but help us and it will be here too - on tv ...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fantasy league?

We guess we never told You about the Floorball Fantasy league.
Is there one?
Sure buddy.
Like all large sports we have a fantasy league too.
Yes we tried it - but got lost since we are not too good at fantasy leagues.
To be honest...
Here is a fresh statement on some developments of the official Floorball fantasy league
now play it out!


We did not like that we have to sign up with a password to join your site.
But it is super great that Florida Tampa and the University is with us now.
Yes Floorball is for you too!

Here is the link

If someone signs up with them please let them know that information wants to be free - and we do not want to sign up to talk to or get news from every University in the states that plays Floorball - join instead the open community and spread your news here. Or wherever you like - without passwords and @$%@^.
Do you give a store a password as you enter? No. why online as we want to spread Floorball?
To Everyone in the US.


This is Christ Floorball

Religion is a large thing to many.
Some like us ourselves - would almost say that Floorball is religion.
Others use Floorball as they work on their own religion.
We think if you are a good person and do good to others and believe in Floorball (and religious stuff too).
Then you might like this website

Floorball is for all as the IFF - state.

They call it the evolution of Ball Hockey in Canada

They also say a sports revolution in Canada.
We at Floorball Hockey U also pretend to wonder on how one new sport, including teams and balls can sweep the floor with ancient old traditional sports in Sweden. To become the second largest sport in just 30-40 years, going from nothing?
Well we do not wonder since we do know that is hard to find any other activity to be rated as fun as Floorball - not even a theme park.

Here is by the way a ride on that Theme park  A semifinal from womens wfc 2009, courtesy of the IFF.
Hey - only three people saw this one before it was published here.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Winnipeg and Floorball?

Yes they do hold Floorball sticks
Owly Images


Sure here
And here the latest from Salming at Floorballpro Canada.
More stuff added by the days to come
If you are in the USA, Salming stuff can be ordered through Floorballplanet.com.

Remember to include Code MICHAEL as you place your order

Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Båstad

Next Weekend in Canada

Here info from BCFLOORBALL - we took it right of the bat!
JOIN US for Two Days of Summer Floorball Hockey Action at the North Shore Winter Club
Starting on Saturday at 10am, we will have a Youth Floorball Event
The MiniMites, ages 5-7 will play on the side rink, 3vs3, Mini Nets- The cost is $10/player
The 8-12 year olds will showdown on the main rink with boards, refs, and scorekeepers.
play will start at 10am. it would be great to get there at 9am for warmup, cost is $30/player
Teams will consist of a minimum of 6 forwards and 1 goalie

Bandy vs Hockey

MoDo Hockey is the Swedish Hockey Club that raised Peter Forsberg among others.

The Swedish National Bandy team is a National team for a rather large Ice sport in Sweden that is played on large, soccer size fields, on ice but with a little hard ball and wooden sticks that looks like Floorball sticks. And this is the sport that gave Floorball its Swedish name “Innebandy” meaning indoor bandy.

Now, what is Bandy vs Hockey?
Just recently they played a game - a crazy game. They played on a Hockey rink and in the first period these two teams used Hockey Sticks and a puck. Not surprisingly MoDo won with 3-1 in the first period. Next period was played with the shorter Bandy sticks and a bandy ball. This period was won by the national bandy team 3-2. 
So the over all winner was the Hockey team MoDo, 5-4.
Afterwords the Bandy spokes man said that the small rink and the position play was their weaker spots.

May we suggest that they play Floorball next time? It is the natural thing to do, since in number of licensed players Floorball is larger than both Hockey as well as Bandy - in Sweden.

From this morning on the center-court in Båstad

Båstad  is an old prestigious Tennis court in Sweden (check out Båstad Open) and each year the top Floorball teams met to have some fun outdoors during their vacation.
It used to be very serious business but it sounds like most of the intensity have calmed down a bit and nowadays it is most for the fun of it.
As you can see not too much crowds but it is nice to see Floorball outdoors -

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More on Sami Salo Vancouver


We say Floorball is a very safe alternative in sports - but as with any sport you can get hurt.

Only 10 (ten) days left until we have the first US Champion

So what team will win?
We suspect that a team from California will be doing very good - but we can not tell which one - since the participating teams have not yet been posted.
Hmm, irrespective of the sparse information our bet, from Floorball Hockey U, is that a mid-western team will be doing good too.
Do you know what team your bet is on?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let Us Floor the Question once and for all

As we approached a federal installation and asked them to try Floorball the answer never came but - but we heard a whisper under the table - it sounded like - no we think it will damage our Floor.
As we contacted a Y and wanted them to try Floorball they asked “will that not destroy our Floor?
As we tried to arrange a little tournament in town... the issue of wear and tear on the floor came like another whisper in the night.

So let us here try set things straight. And floor this question out - once and for all.

As Floorball was spreading from Sweden to Finland they ran into the same problem that several places or gyms did not let Floorball in due to protection of the Floor (or at least that is what was said).

This was an approach that resulted in a Finnish Scientific study performed at the Tampere University -and if we did not get this explained wrong the conclusion from this study is that Floorball does not damage a gym floor, at least not more than Basketball.
Another conclusion one might draw from this - is that the establishment use wear and tear or Floor damage as an excuse to maintain a little monopoly on existing activities. Sad? But maybe true?

Something that in reality only can delay the expansion of Floorball. It will never be able to not stop it.

If you now run into problems with ignorant people claiming Floor damage:
- It is said that the York University in Canada can provide you with a testimonial that Floorball does not damage a gym floor.

- The only hockey emulation allowed at the Richmond Olympic Oval in Vancouver Canada - was Floorball - and that was stated even before the Olympics in 2010 took place - on that same floor...

- We also wrote the main Floor supplier in Sweden that provides the dominant Gerfloor brand, it is a sports floor folks, and asked about their opinion...
The product manager answer is clear as glass: “Floorball does not wear and tear a gym floor more than Volleyball or Baketball”.

So if you run into someone else complaining about Floor damage or wear and tear - and they do not really know... Tell them that they confuse Floorball with some other odd sport and then send them to this page.

End of discussion!

Well here is more substantional information from Canada on the same issue:

From: greg beaudin - Yes, we have run in to this problem/issue a couple of times. One institution, University of Northern BC(UNBC) had us fly up to Prince George and prove our claims...The Floor patroller was really strict. In his words "I'm shocked and impressed"...You see this patroller thought he knew everything about indoor gym hockey, turns out he did not know about Floorball...anyways, we are happy to report that UNBC is now a Floorball facility, and they have banned Floor Hockey and Ball Hockey because of real damage from those sticks.

another situation where we cannot get in the door with Floorball is Capilano University...They have a great facility and nice hardwood floor for basketball and volleyball. I have cited the evidence, the studies, the testimonials etc. It seems as though they are stuck in an old train of thought whereby Gym Hockey is too violent on the students and on the floor.

You would hope that professionals in Sport Administration would be able to ask around to their network of facility programmers about things like this...but as you say, their is a political will to protect certain sports. I just wish they would admit that and agree that Floorball sticks are safe for Floors.

Floorball Sticks do not, i repeat, DO NOT damage Gym floors. Floorball sticks are Hockey Sticks that are engineered to be No Impact on Floors, it's one of the major components of the blade and it's design.

The blades have a slight curvature on the toe and sole(no sharp edges) and they flex perfectly, giving the shooter maximum power for shots while giving the Floors a non scuff, non skid, non pitting result.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!