Saturday, July 31, 2010

British Columbia is working on a Summer Floorball Showdown

This tournament will take place August 14-15th.
Same dates that the first ever US National Championships at Huntington Beach in CA.
Lets hope we will have as much news from California as we will have from British Colombia...

Two weeks to go for both tournaments! Stay tuned.

A clever comment - what sport is all about

In the British Newspaper The guardian we read this
we like what Peter Goodman writes

Floorball at school?

Last December - the big Swedish School Final was played between two Gymnasie schools - it is like in-between a high school and a College here in America.
How it went?
Well here it is, you have to live with the Swedish commentator

Thursday, July 29, 2010

DAN-EST wfc 2008

In HD it is nice - with greeting from IFF we take it

Planet Hockey

This is one of the largest Hockey schools in the USA and Canada and as they go on a camp they go to Europe.
What they do - play hockey of course - but also other things - like, yes they play Floorball (maybe with too high sticking but anyway).
See for yourself if You do not believe us here is a vid from last year

There is several presentations on Floorball

But we thought it would be good to have one that is small i.e. fast to go through and was made for the North American market.
Soo here it is;

Please share with Teachers, Park and Rec guys or Hockey Folks - You can not go wrong on this.
And hey no copyright on it - just use it as you wish and mention Floorball Hockey U please.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Is picking up again - and wow a honorable mention to Illinois this time - we know this is low season - but with the first US Championship knocking on the door midst August....
If some one have news related to this epic tournament please do not hesitate to share them here at FHU.
Good work and please spread the world or the word - whatever you prefer.

More from IFFchannel

The International Floorball Federation is having their own channel on You Tube.
And recently they started to fill this channel with one high profile game after the other - both full games and snippets.
A viruell goldmine for a blogger.
So today lets share a game between two largeer European Hockey nations Russia and the Czech Republic.
As they play Floorball.

If you want to go direct to their channel? Well information wants to be free - right? Here it is

Sunday, July 25, 2010

This is how it starts

From Floorball Starcamp in Vancouver:

Incredible how much been on Vancouver lately...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The last reporting on Sami Salo

And if you want to read about Floorball!
Just go to the end of this article it can not be much more obvious than this why Floorball might be something for Hockey players


The Cat is out of the bag!

Hey, let us today follow up or comment on Salo from yesterday with a long full fledged quote from our friends in British Colombia - in Canada.

"Yes, Sami Salo plays Floorball, so does Teemu Selanne, Alex Edler, The Sedins, etc. etc. Cat’s out of the bag, European NHL players bring slick skills to North America, and it has a lot to do with Floorball.
Hockey Canada Skills Academies coast-to-coast play Floorball.  The best youngest hockey players in Canada play Floorball and the best European NHL players play Floorball.  This is not your Father’s brand of Floor Hockey, at all.  Come try for yourself…
The Hockey Shop in Surrey is, undoubtedly, one of the best “pure” Hockey stores in the World.  Their selection, and service is world class.  They have been researching Floorball for a couple of years now, and the verdict is in- Floorball Rocks! Every Hockey player, young and old, female or male, should be packing a Floorball stick.  You will soon see the difference in your stickhandling, on-ice, guaranteed."
End quote!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Salo Hurt

We just read a report from Vancouver Sun that  their Finnish Hockey man Sami Salo in The Canucks' has been injured.
We do say that Floorball is safe - but it is a hard sport and as in any hard activity you can hurt yourself.
He did.

Sadly the journalist does probably not know the difference between Floorball and Floor Hockey so we just wrote him a not that maybe he should write an article upon Floorball and Floor Hockey? Anyway here is the statement from the Vancouver Canucks and as you may note Salo has been playing Floorball for 15 years - do you not wonder why?

Here is a quote from the article in todays Vancouver Sun
Canucks vice-president of communications TC Carling, however, said on Twitter: "I spoke with Sami this morning. He was playing floorball with other hockey players from Finland. Has been doing so for the past 15 years."

Here is a new set of links for upcoming Euro Floorball Cup

First from Hungary, a web translated version

Then from Norway

And from Germany in a Google translated version

To us this looks kind of in need of some more organization in particular as it comes to translation as that part is not very synchronized at this point. But these pages carry a lot of information about the upcoming Euro Floorball Cup.

More on one of the first North American Floorball Camps

From Vancouver and Modern Hockey

Hmm, maybe for next summer we should try to do the same here in the Midwest?
A Floorball Camp - What do you say?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A tweet from Vancouver

Reads like this:
prepping for the next Modern Hockey Floorball Starcamp, next week at Hollyburn Country Club in West Vancouver.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


As we just checked some statistics on this site we today discovered that now it is only one state to go in the USA.
Alabama. So felllow citizens of the USA all other states have been here, now.
And the mystery state of Vermont is now with us too.
We are fast closing in on 20.000 hits and Wisconsin is fast approaching 1000 out of all visits ( a visit is less than a page view since a visitor clicks many pages).
Over the summer otherwise traffic has slowed down a bit - but we are certain this will not be the case for the fall or the winter.
Spread the word please! It is still  3 months until we have been here a year...

More news upon Chicago Innebandy

Direct from Facebook
For the sporty ones, Innebandy Chicago have now started their practices. Check out
for more information.

Another retro WFC game from 2008


We do not know too much about this one.
But it is Innebandy Chicago and apperantly Polish TV has been there and made a 15 minutes show about this.
We can not embed this - but it sure looks good and it is here:
Welcome to Innebandy (Floorball) Chicago

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another full length match from 2008

You are one of the first few to see this too - just been uploaded by the IFF!
Thank You guys

Canadian News

From Belleville again

Monday, July 19, 2010

Be the first to see this!

This is two years old but it has just been put up available at You Tube. And even if it is a bit old I think many fellow Americans will get a hint of what is going on in Europe as they see this.
This clip is almost 2 hours long and you can learn a lot from it - but the best thing is that hardly anyone have seen this before it has just been released by the IFF.
So our great gratitude of today goes to the IFF.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

School game in Singapore

A good one

Floorball and its relation to other more ancient or antique Sports

Baseball - we must start with baseball since the game is based upon a practice ball for Baseball - The whiffleball invented in 1952 in Conn.

Basketball -as the main idea of the game is not to push, tackle or run into other players - that is why we do see a close relationship to Basketball

Soccer - Floorball has borrowed three things from the worlds largest sport: A) The free-hit as the ball is played fast again from one spot after an obstruction. B) A hit-in as the ball flies over the board and out of bounce. C) The goalie can start the game very fast by just tossing the ball out - and the field players can not pass to the goalie.
Then it is a fact that two of the best National Swedish Soccer players took on Floorball as their career as soccer stars was done.

Tennis - Several ATP players list Floorball as their passion and for a couple of years the best Swedish tennis players challenged the best Floorball players for a serious annual game.

Table Tennis - Well one of the best ever - Jan-Ove Walder and his buddy Appelgren played in their own Floorball team.

Skiing - One Swedish superstar in cross-country as well as the Finnish Ski jumping national team say that they relax with Floorball

Ice Hockey - You go to bed now are you serious... - Floorball is the prefered choice by most serious Hockey players. Yes - we are very serious here...What about you?

Pond Hockey in the South

Floorball is good for dry land training not this!
Or maybe you can do this as a Floorball goalie too but then he must sit down.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Greg - The man of the Year?

We have just learned that our friend Greg. That is behind much of Floorball in Vancouver and British Columbia.
Just been voted as the volunteer of the year in North Vancouver.
Way to go Greg! We take of our hat!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Only one more thing

Here is a Craigslist update from Minneapolis
Innebandy Minneapolis

We are a group of men and women who get together to play floorball-the new age floor hockey.
Outside for the summer and that is every Saturday at 10 AM at McRae Park in South Minneapolis at 47th and Chicago.
And in St. Paul at the Phalen Rec. Center is Wednesdays at 7 PM.
I have extra sticks for people to use.
Come on out and join us.
---Just so you know what is going on in Twin City

Floorball Hockey U is down again

Rest assured that we will be back right after this...
This weekend vital parts of our team will go to Eau Claire to compete in....KUBB.
So let see if the Tomah FURY can win the first ever US National Championship in KUBB.
What KUBB is well look it up online please - and try for instance

But we will be back and we might have a report from Tapherd in Texas and some other Floorball related news.
It is not long left to the first ever US National Championship in California
And the fall looks very bright.

Right now we take a two week summer break here in Tomah - .
We are right now aiming to start up Floorball again at THS in Tomah July 31st.

But the fall looks promising to become intense - lets see!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cambridge is one of the most Classic Universities

This is how it looks as they recruit Floorball players to Cambridge England

Yes, it is in English too!

New are rolling in here

This is big we think!

Direct from California

First Ever US National Floorball Championship

3rd Annual US Open Floorball Championship

August 14-15, 2010
The-Rinks Huntington Beach, California
Register your team at
The US National Championship offers 4 divisions

(Woman are welcome to play in this div.)
U-19 Men (14-19 year old)
U-19 Woman (14-19 year old)

The US OPEN offers 4 divisions
Adult Co-Ed Intermediate
Adult Co-Ed Beginner
U-15 Co-Ed (11-14 year old)
U-11 Co-Ed (8-10 year old)
For more information, details etc. pick a link.
General information and to sign up:
The USA Floorball Association

10-0 in Singapore and a local update

Here is the latest from the school scene in Singapore

From our own scene here in Tomah, WI we are right now running into some expected obstacles - that we think and hope we can deal with in a proper manner.
An update will follow as soon as our issues has been resolved or developed in some direction.

The much anticipated tourney here in town for August 7th has been postponed as of today.

Friday, July 9, 2010

HV71 is this years Swedish hockey champs

And for the youth they have a summer hockey school this summer.

This is what they ask their younger players to take with them to the summer school:
- Hockey equipment
- Work out cloths
- Work out shoes
- Swim trunks
- Floorball stick
- A positive attitude

Sherlock Holmes can now solve the mystery!

AD thoughts

Did you know that Sudden, that is not Gretzky but the other guy or Sundin - he often Claimed that Floorball helped him with his hockey?
Suddens real name is Mats Sundin and here he is together with the Great one.

Then if you want to see the new twist on this with Salming and Floorball, here it is.

StarCamp in Canada

Starcamp banner
Modern Hockey in Vancouver starts a Summer camp - in Floorball next week.
I wonder how long until this is the reality here in the Mid west too?
This as follows is a quote or direct copy of what is up at the BC Floorball Federation.
Next Week in West Vancouver is the start of Floorball Summer Camps.  BC Floorball partner Modern Hockey has assembled an ALL-STAR team of instructors that includes 4 Team Canada Players from the North Shore:  As of last week, the Camps were sold out.  We have since opened up more spots to accommodate the interest.
Stephanie Allam- Team Canada Womens
Robbie Wilkinson- Team Canada u19
Lyndon Stanwood- Team Canada u19
Blair Zimmerman- Team Canada Men’s
In addition to expert instruction, the Modern Hockey Starcamp 2010 will feature Salming Floorball’s Salming Academy skills training system.

From 2008 The czech republic - italy

But it just came online and only nine people have seen this as we post it from You Tube.
Thanks IFF!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cool Blog and pictures from Malaysia

Looks cool - sound of good

But would they beat Tomah FURY and will we ever know?
As it comes to take pictures they

News from Prague

Large things are boiling in Prague, The Czech Republic.
Here is a very nice report from IFF

What we do in particular look forward to is the mentioned 25 minute special from the national Czech TV that will hit air waves after or on the final day - if we now read this right.

Hopefully some part of this will find its way to the Internet and if so we will do our best to share it here.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Every Hockeyplayer in North America should see this one

A new commercial with SALMING himself.
Maybe we have seen some parts of this before.
Many many hockeyplayers in North America has however never ever seen this new twist on how Floorball makes magic in the Globe Hockey arena.

Broken Swenglish? noo but some sturdy accents that just adds to it.
So when will you go to, and punch in the magic code word "MICHAEL" that gives us a little kickback as you get your own stick?

Ehh here is one more...from Toronto
D O  N O T  M I S S  I T!

All main Swedish Political Parties play Floorball

This is up now and posted today it is Floorball outdoors too - you have to live with the Swedish commentator from the Swedish largest Newspaper on
Since the Political system encourages several parties- many teams participated and the winner was the party called "Folkpartiet" or the Peoples party.

training - shot in another way

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This weekend Floorball in school may be ignited to explode in Texas?

Since our dear partner in Texas,,  will visit the main Summer Conference for Phys Ed Teachers and hundreds of Teachers will be exposed to Floorball for the first time.

Here is what Floorballplanet writes:

FloorballPlanet will have a booth at the TAHPERD 26th Annual Summer Conference held at the Embassy Suites Dallas-Frisco Hotel & Conference Center in Frisco, Texas.  We will also be presenting “Floorball - The Fastest Growing Indoor Sport in the World” at the conference on Monday afternoon, July 12. Conference details can be found at TAHPERD Summer Conference. The Texas Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (TAHPERD) is a not-for-profit professional association of individuals in the allied fields of health education, physical education, recreation, and dance. For additional information, click

We hope to do a follow up on this after the conference - or during it - and let you see some of the action.
Go Texas Go and we hope many other US State organizations for Phys Ed teachers soon will follow suite.
We know they will...

Cool Catholic page from S-pore

This looks very neat to us.

Rules for Joe Doe spells JD

Let us discuss rules for a change.
There is a normal change procedure of the rules through the International Floorball Federation where National Federations may suggest rule changes in cycles each 4th year.
Recently there has been some articles in Scandinavia discussing rules and how to improve the game of Floorball - if so possible.

We want to add that discussion with two things we believe to be good for the sport as it is played large size - regulation.
The first rule we would like to promote, even if it is already used in some competitions is that a game of Floorball can never ever end in a tie. So if a game of Floorball comes to a tie - we think it is good if there is a mandatory penalty shootout. Another way to do this is to play a sudden death game with a golden goal - but to reduce the number of players each 3rd minute during the over time. So if you play full size regulation the first three minutes would be four on four and then three on three all the way down to two on two. Maybe?

The second rule we would like to promote is something we never heard of.
But to distinguish Floorball from other sports we think it would be a good thing if the sport opened up for letters on the back on the Jerseys instead of the traditional Arabic numbers. Why? Because it would be easier to identify players if they where able to use their initials in the names on the back instead of numbers that do not carry too much information. And the initials of the players would help either if there is a name on the Jersey or not - at least from a distance or on a TV transmission.
Lets say Joe Doe is playing Floorball and today the might have number 44 on his back - not very informative at all since this is only a number.
But if he instead would have JD on his back then, audience, tv-reporters as well as referees would have a much easier way to identify the player - related to the name on the player. If you have another player with the name of Joe Davis? Well be creative and mark this player with JO on the back or JS?

Why do we think this to be a good idea? Beside of the reasons mentioned above there is two other reasons why doing this. A) This would be something that would distinguish Floorball from other sports B) It would be a much more modern way to mark players in a sport - and it would most likely promote Floorball even better.
C) It would make the players to have a more personal appearance on the court too! Hey would you name your child 44? Do not think so - but JD is kind of OK - right?
The the other main reason as we already mentioned is that letter markings carry more information that then the old style Arabic numbers.
And since we discuss this...why does not today rules allow the out-field players to use number one? We do not know?
We can only hope that some national federation pick this idea up and promotes it towards the IFF. But remember where you read this first.

Anyway for the smaller scale three on three kind of Floorball with small goals and no goalie. May we suggest a basic simple set of rules?

Basic three on three rules - small goals no goalie - if we may suggest?:

The Following offence leads to a penalty and a mandatory 2 minute substitute of offending player
- Rough, dangerous or hard play
- A player acts goalie and blocks the ball with one foot in the goal area - this area is same size as the goal in front of goal and may be marked

The Following leads to a free-hit and a personal immediate Substitution of offending player:
- Lifting the blade above the hip.
- Playing the ball above the knee
- Checking, grabbing stick or hard play by running into other player
- Tossing the stick
- Playing laying down or with more than one knee on the Floor
- Too much hook on a stick
- Stick or leg in-between legs on other player
If any of these offences happens at a possible scoring situation - instead of free hit there will be a penalty - from the center of the field one must with a single clean hit try to score in an unprotected goal.

The Following leads to a free-hit or face off. And at a scoring situation a penalty shot.
- Foot pass
- Double Foot play (you can only play ball once with foot)
- Hands
- Jumping
- Head play
- Ball bounces off wall or barrier at a high level - hit-in awarded to other team.
- Blocked ball

All free-hit or hit-ins - players from other team must be 3 meters or yards away from the ball. A free hit must be a clean hit.

Kicking a ball into goal - is not a goal. But a flying ball bouncing of a foot is a goal.

If games end in tie - a shout-out for 5 penalties takes place.

As you might have comments please feel free to send us them. And yes in these version we have taken out the  personal 2 minute or 5 minute penalty, since as you play three on three that is a hard penalty to leave only two players playing the field. In a friendly smaller setting of a game we think a mandatory substitute is the way to go. But of course feel free to comment if you think - something else.

Here is by the way the latest set of rules for Floorball from IFF. In other words the right thing for full size regulation Floorball!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Tomah WI, Parade 4th of July

Last year was the first time Tomah FURY (the floorball activity) participated in the parade.
We did not draw big crowds..But we did participate.

This year was different with an increase of 300% (yes as we do the numbers and even if we still not yet are many - we are 3 times as many that walk in the parade in 2010 as in 2009) and we became a notable part of the parade in 2010. And it is fully awesome to hear people talk to us after the parade. We have a great response and expects many new players to join us.

We still think that it may take ten years to make Floorball big in Tomah WI. Even if others say no - it will go much faster.
What we mean by big - maybe something like in Sweden or Finland - we want Floorball to become one of the dominant sports in Wisconsin - and that is not something we are shy of - since we do know this to be fully possible.
The sport is right, clever, fast and modern - things Americans like! Just like 4th of July!

Go Tomah Go - here we come!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Nordic Museum..

It is like the large contemporary museum in Stockholm where they earlier tried to build nationalism and other things good to educate or direct people in a good manner. Maybe they still do that we do not know.
But as they just opened up an exhibition about plastics...
Some of the icons used to show what have been used from a more contemporary historical view as it comes to plastics - well a Floorball stick from 1987 is incorporated in this exhibition.
Check this out - and this is how it looked like before they started to make blades with an open face.

Summer training at home maybe?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!