Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Floorball Forums

What is that?
It is a place where almost any question related to Floorball may be posted.

And to introduce you to this - may we now suggest a question about Canada Cup where they discuss to form a Canadian team with only Air-hookers - or Zorro artists?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Home brewed Zorro

Latvia - Soccer and Floorball

During the World Cup in Soccer they do a very interesting thing in Riga, Latvia.
There is several Pubs and Bars with big screen TV's set up to show the World Soccer Cup.
And to top this off they have also set up a Floorball rink outdoors in Riga to let people try the sport as they are out findings some good sport entertainment.


We say it sounds fun!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Summer BLIZZARD from Ottawa

They might call it an icebreaker.
We think it is more than that.
This is good stuff and it is here

Pictures and other stuff bounce up here as it happens.

Est quan vous prefere ces information en francaise - donce ce pas votre forte  chanson ici - nespa.

Stockholm, Wisconsin

It is not a very large place.
But since we spent Saturday and celebrated midsummer at this heavenly nice place.
We do think they know much more both about Kubb as well as Floorball now. Two more modern Scandinavian activities.
The day more development is to be reported - we will do it here.

WFC in Finland December 2010

We have earlier told you that this years World Floorball Championship in Finland to be played in December is this years largest sporting event in Finland.

And it was just released that the Finnish President just have agreed to become the "official protector" of these games.

Do you think Obama will do the same for the first US National Championships being played at Huntington Beach in CA?
Well maybe not - but this only shows that we still have a bit more to go... here in the USA - right!
So please spread da word!

Going to Amsterdam?

Then you can play here

We also learned something new according to this website they estimate almost 4000 registered Floorball clubs in the world. We are not sure if we believe them - we think this number is higher. Maybe someone can come up with a more accurate number? So that is this weeks task.

Friday, June 25, 2010

And period three from the train station in Zurich

Sparse Bloggin'

The summer is hot and the news are not as intense right now. The IFF office will also close for a couple of days.
And to morrow we head of to Stockholm Wisconsin to showcase Floorball as well as KUBB - a Scandinavian Yard Game. So bloggin' will be sparse. But hold out - so much more Floorball will be coming this way!

Here is a game part 2 from Zurich and so far only 12 people have seen this.
Welcome to Sweden - Finland part 2

Thursday, June 24, 2010

FloorballPlanet supports USAfB

Our friends at FloorballPlanet has set up a new agreement with USAfB, so if you purchase something from FloorballPlanet by going through the website of USAfB a little kick-back goes to USAfB.
In other words it is an affiliate program.

Good Stuff - of course we prefer that you do the same thing from our blog - cause we think it looks like it is easier to find FloorballPlanets button here at Floorball Hockey U and you do support our blog - something we like.
By the way FloorballPlanet has the best selections of sticks we know of for this market.

Play Update Tomah June July

Since the Floors are being waxed at Tomah High School right now we have posted this information locally

Floorball and hart

Since we are convinced that the Sedin brothers played Floorball at school - like all kids do in Sweden and Finland. It is nice to see that as you start out with Floorball in school - you can even win the hart trophy.
It means most likely that Floorball is good for Hockey players since the hart trophy is an award to the best player in NHL. Congrats Mr Sedin!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This article is stolen

Straight of from Canada and BC + we can only hope they love us for this theft

Floorball featured in the Globe and Mail

The Report on Business section of the Globe and Mail just recently featured our partner Juha Mikkola, owner of FloorballPro in their national business edition.
The exciting part of this story is that one gets the sense that Floorball is going to get very, very big in Canada.  In fact, Floorball has the greatest potential of all forms off off-ice hockey for the following reasons:
  • it’s ideal for school sports(imagine an actual team sport, with engineered sticks that evolve the recreational game of floor hockey, into more of a competitive team game like school basketball and volleyball)
  • it’s the most affordable and safest brand of indoor hockey
  • it’s a hyper-fast growing Global sport with Olympic aspirations, World Championships, Pro Leagues, and a huge network of competitive and fun tournaments in North America, Europe and beyond..
  • It develops some amazing skills amongst Canada’s up and coming hockey elite and is a major component of Hockey Canada Skills Academies.
  • The sport of Floorball is branded up like no other form of hockey…it combines technologically advanced equipment, a freestyle element that is often found in sports like snowboarding, surfing, motocross and skateboarding…
If you have not tried Floorball yet, you should come out and give it a try, it’s great for everyone: all ages, skill levels and can be played almost anywhere.
------------------------------------------------------Text and all credits to G baudin BC Floorball----
If you want to read the full thing inclusive a large set of nice pictures then go to the source here
We say hardly and we bet on the fact that so many will bring this sport to us soon on a much larger scale here too.
And in Countries like Sweden, Finland, The Czech Republic and Switzerland + Floorball is kind of larger than Ice Hockey - if that gives you any clue on the road front forward?

Vernon County reports on Floorball

Read this and order some sticks and start to play - cant be easier -


Monday, June 21, 2010


The three super good TV clips from Australia - almost got it all right.

So when can US reporters do the same?

These clips from Australia is not something we can embed here - but follow the link, watch and smile!

A different Hungarian movie

Dzsem - FloorBall from Szigyi on Vimeo.

Farsta is a suburb to Stockholm Sweden

The most amazing beside of these 18 year old playing good is that some of these images is from Floorball being played in hockey parlors + like just above the ice.

So now here is this weeks question:
Do you think Floorball helps you with Ice Hockey or Curling?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Contemporaneity Cultural Exchange

Or thoughts from this side of the Atlantic.

The Scandinavian culture still stands strong here in USA at many places as the descendants of many immigrants try to keep it alive - good stuff.
The back draw might be that they mainly keep alive traditions and activities that is not as common as to where they came from to start with.... Things have kind of changed back in the old land.
So what happens as we take two modern expression of Scandinavian culture and try to "market it" like some kind of contemporary or modern Cultural expressions or transfer - from Scandinavia to the USA.

This weekend we went to a stronghold for Scandinavian culture in Wisconsin and we tried to sell in two expressions of leisure and modern Scandinavian culture.

One was KUBB and if you never heard about it here is a good website. It is a Scandinavian Yard Game to describe it in one sentence. The other thing is Floorball - we say that the potential for Floorball is without limits here... And kubb probably rather OK.
But the interesting fact from this experience is that KUBB seems to be a 10 times, if not more, easier product to sell and promote.

Something that is confusing and we do not understand the cause behind - but since we like a good challenge we will stick with Floorball.


Sound of Music?

Well someone on vacation say that there is a sound of musical festival going on in Burlington (out side of Toronto) and it is celebrated with...
Playing floorball at the Sound of Music Festival in Burlingto... on Twitpic

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Did You Know?

That you can shoot with a Floorball stick and win a signed NHL shirt in Canada?

Well, now You know.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fireballs and weekend update

It has just been announced. The official name on the Dallas Floorball Club is...
Dallas Fireballs. They came up with the name through a vote and 50% of all votes casted wanted Fireballs.

Our own name Tomah Fury came up through the idea that the word FURY sounded good as Jeff designed a logo. What FURY stands for? Well Floorball Universal Recreational and Youth does not taste to bad we think.

This Sundays play is temporarily moved to Miller Elementary since they do maintenance work at the Tomah High School at the same times but we will most likely form one new group called recreational and play one more hour from the following Sunday.

Most of this weekend will be spent by us here at Floorball Hockey U at Norskedalen WI as we will try to shed some light upon Floorball at this wonderful Norwegian heritage during their Midsummer celebrations. We only can wish for no rain and wind.

So no further updates on this blog over the weekend - it is summer!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tupla TWO

We could write a lot of words about this one.
But they would not add very much. That is why we stop here

Euro Floorball Cup

Good coverage on Euro Floorball Cup here.

What it is? Well a humongous tournament for Floorball Club teams across Europe might be one description

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Floorball as a business?

Well they at least write about it - otherwise we say yes - it is big business at other places and will so be here too.

A schools update

We say that to build a sustainable foundation for Floorball in the USA it must be present in the school system - just like it is in Europe and at many other places as in Singapore et al.
No exceptions allowed.
Even if you are able to start the very best Floorball team somewhere here in America - you always face the risk of a fading operation if you do not have a steady supply of new players from the school system.
And why should you not ? - Since Floorball is primarily a safe and inclusive school sport - right!
It was more or less born in the Swedish school system a few years after the inventions of the whiffle ball and the cosom plastic toy stick.

So let us now do an update on some school numbers that has been floating in lately. The latest figures from Canada might be rounded of but they do estimate some 400 schools active with Floorball. And the pace of growth is just staggering.
Earlier number from Austin Texas has mentioned some 43000 students with Floorball on their curriculum - this has just recently been translated into some 20 schools too.
The latest from Texas is that this fall they estimate another 20 schools will become active - but now in the Dallas Forth Worth area ( this area also have some 10 Boys and Girls Clubs up running if our informations are correct).
Not bad huh.

We will soon have more news upon the issue of growing Floorball in school - in Texas.
Hold on and it will be served here...within a couple of weeks...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Learn how to shoot

As the second vid is more related to shots in games - our own personal notion is that it is kind of more rare to see shots in games as you play the ball yourself - and then tries to shot what I call a slap shot or what is also refereed to as a wrist shot in this video. There is normally not too much time to load up the gun like that as you have been driving the ball.
So I think we prefer to see these kinds of shots as someone is passing the ball to you or as it by some other way finds its way to you or as it is laying still at a free hit or...
Feel free to comment

Tomah Invitational

We have just started to roughly sketch on a Tomah Invitational Floorball Tourney. Here in Wisconsin!

Still tentative but in the worx for like Saturday August 7th.

We hope this tournament will sport several teams from out of town as well as maybe one recreational division beside of the main competitive division.
Let see if we can make this happen!

How it spreads in Canada right now!

No - it is not a decease - nor the flu.
It is Floorball


Monday, June 14, 2010

Star Camp

Earlier this year we did offer a special for anyone interested in participating in Star Camp from North America.

This Camp starts tomorrow with more then 500 players and you can read the full story here

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The NEW map is alive and well

So the biggest game in USA now is to fill this map up with teams, schools and other Floorball related material.
This map will serve as one point of interest for all Floorball players in the USA and we will have a permanent button here at Floorball Hockey U that will link directly to this map.

Please help us to fill this map up!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

The new Floorball map is up now...

A map that mightchange the face of Floorball in the USA foreever...
We will be back an cover this deeper very soon....maybe even this weekend.
Hang on or hold out.

Roger Neilson Hockey on Twitter

Here it is

Why here?
Well Folks from Floorballpro has gone there over the weekend to talk Floorball with them.
With who?
This page may help us answer that question

It is as you see not just coaches - it is kind of.... good coaches

Stifle is an administrator that deleted San Diego from Wikipedia

This seems to have happed
Someone wrote an article about San Diego Floorball at Wikipedia.
An administrator at Wikipedia, that most likely does not have a clue about Floorball, deleted their article.
These are the tracks revealing this

So now we invite San Diego to post their information with us instead.
Help us to build this into the hub Floorball Hockey U already are
with like 17.000 hits and almost 7000 visits to date and we are far from our first year - share your information with us!

New World Record?

Here is a facebook page on a Swiss attempt to set a 30 hour constant game world record this weekend

30 Hours that is baaaad!

Almost 4000 Floorball players from 243 teams

It is getting time for the 18th edition of the Czech Open.
Read more about it here as almost always from the IFF.

And yes this is the same weekend as the very first US Championship at Huntington Beach will take place.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The US Floorball Map will be re-written this weekend

We can not tell you more right now - but it sure sounds like something possibly very large is in the works.

As soon as something is up live we will bang our drum - right here. So come back if you want to be first to know!

Our never ending talk on the Olympic Dream

It is like a jig saw puzzle.
Piece after piece falls in its right place..
Here we want to qoute IFF and the Belgian National Floorball Federation from news sent out earlier this week:

"After the season, on Friday 04/06/2010, another important step for the development of floorball was taken since the Belgian Floorball Federation was accepted, in presence of IOC president Mr. Jacques Rogge, as member of the Belgian Olympic and Interfederal Committee at the general meeting of the national olympic committee."

You can figure out the rest - ok?

Growing Kiwis anyone?


It is all about the speed and growth

Edmonton Nighthawks

Good news from our brothers in arms - that is Floorball Galaxy and its operators.
Edmonton Nighthawks have just started to become active in the blogosphere too, adding a good new addition to the few other Floorball blogs in Canada. We still think we are the only, best and largest US based blog related to Floorball.
The Nighthawks have just recently announced a new Logo for their own team and presentations of their sponsors.
The latest addition to this is that Floorballpro.com and Salming now steps up as sponsors for the Edmonton Nighthawks.
Something we translate into a very proactive and good development. With this we also see a future where Floorball leagues in and around Edmonton and in Alberta, Canada will continue to grow both in size as well as in numbers of both teams and players.

In our opinion there is no other way to go - no other option - the main issue is instead how fast we can grow this and when we can say that Floorball will surpass its first more ancient sport here in North America.

It will.
Good Work you guys and good Luck from us!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What the bleep is Floorball?

Well Greg in Vancouver knows...

Toronto Maple Leafs - on floor hockey and Floorball

You might have to scroll down a little bit
or do this one

But the bell is ringing.... or may it be falling leafs?


Todays BIG story!

Is here

Cool article from Canada

Here it is
and here is more on the same note

so... what do you know?

Well here is a thing from another competition - shooting away with a Floorball Stick - from Canada too...

Live Chat about Floorball in Canada now

Check it out

Sing for Singapore

Singapore Singapore Singapore. Overall we hear about Singapore and how it is related to Floorball. Why?
First and foremost Singapore is a small Asian country (it is not that small it is like two Houston in Texas in size) where they do speak and publish material in English.
Lets think about this again a small country means they reached a higher level of “Floorball penetration” rather fast compared to many other countries it also means that Floorball in Singapore in a short amount of time grew and got comparable larger as compared to other more traditional sports or school activities in other emerging countries.
We here just pre-assume here that you the reader knows that Floorball is one of the worlds fastest growing sports - as we speak (as they say on the radio).
Another country, with active Floorball, that speaks English in “Asia” is Australia. Even without the numbers - we dare to say that the comparable number of players or students per inhabitants must be much higher in Singapore as compared to Australia. Why we think this - blogger activity.
Some folks have asked us how we find all our material we publish. It is not a secret. Our material at Floorball Hockey U consists of mainly three sources of information A) Material sent to us by others in some way - like a tweet on twitter or like an email B) We have set up a couple of bots that automatically tracks down news from the Floorball world and finally we do visit some hot beds, websites, for other Floorball news.
It is under point B that Singapore jumps out. Every morning, evening and afternoon we are notified about new blog postings from...Singapore and we would say that more then half of these posts are all related to the love for Floorball as a new good thing at school or in society as a forceful sport.
We are not sure why it seems like adolescent girls seems to be the most strongly involved and almost loving Floorball.
We do know that we love it ourselves and that it kind of twists you mind - just look at this way we work on this blog...
But for the build of future Floorball we hold these blogs from Singapore that is written in loving English as crucial for a fast implementation in English spoken areas around the globe - so we have re-posted or linked to a few of these blogs and we will continue to do this.
Yesterday we found a Floorball powerhouse - that right now are pumping up tonnes of material to You Tube - no names - and no finger pointing.
But guess what - some of these videos from this “powerhouse” had disabled their embedding code by request of the “powerhouse”.
To us that sounds fully retarded - do we want to spread and build this sport or not? If so it seems like young ladies at dorms in Singapore is doing this better than the “powerhouse”.
Just for the sake of us having many “puck-heads” (they call themselves that in Canada) here in the USA so let us end this text on a notion that relates Singapore - Hockey - and Floorball.
In terms of skills required, Floorball is close to Hockey - this has been said by Hockey officials in Singapore. OK Singapore is not that very good at Ice-Hockey on a global scale - but as you look at it with your Asian glasses on - they are among the very top Asian nations in Hockey - something very very very impressive as you at the same time realize that this is a very small country.
Some of Singapore's stars at the hockey Junior World Cup last year, Enrico Marican and Johnson Sivalingam, they are just two among many that swiftly flit back and forth between Floorball and Ice-hockey.
Got it dude?
Another interesting thing would be to describe on how Singapore relates to Floorball at the governing levels of the country - but that is something we will write about more on later, perhaps...the white house should do the same...
For Global Floorball with love in your heart - Go to Singapore!

Evening news from Edmonton

It is from the evening post, we think

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bigger than Texas?

Maybe not. But our friends at Floorballplanet has opened a new and redesigned online store. Some of the new features of this store promise faster online transactions and an improve user interface.
And there is whispers about other new features around their corner too - something we will be diving into as soon as it happens.
On our own side we will now enter some kind of Summer mode with slightly less furious or frequent postings here.
We plan to post a few lines that is more based upon attitude - yes we will not just report stuff but say what we think too - we have a potato in the air - sort of.

In pipeline is a very interesting part on Singapore and why Singapore is so very important to us here in America - if we are wrong - let us know.

Here is an old one we have not posted before

The story how a super soccer star starts with Floorball.
It is not the latest news but rather interesting and from a slightly different angle.

Dallas TX - Demo today!

Floorball DEMO today - Hilton Hotel Anatole, 7 PM
In Dallas Texas

Hungary again

Here is some cool news from Hungary- as always through the IFF.
They have new champions and it was televised for the first time ever in Hungary.
We hope we will get there soon in North America too. Even if this hope might be larger then the real foundation for this to happen...maybe soon...who knows.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kids from Malaysia - We Love it!

Dino Rockets with Floorball sticks win their div. Champions at PlayOn!

This is from Canada a team of Young guns win their street hockey league - by using Floorball sticks.
What do you know - what do you say...
Dino Rockets with Floorball sticks win their div. Champions a... on Twitpic

Blogger Down

Sorry for some interruption of the feed.
But Blogger has been down for almost 24 hrs.
So we have stocked up on things floating in here.
We are not sure if we are able to catch up, but we will try to publish some of the most interesting stuff.

While you wait for that.
Let us enjoy some freestyle from the Czech Republic.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hands on Hockey Goalie drill

Here you find a hands on Hockey goalie drill.
The amazing stuff in the discussion thread that dives into this specific drill - relates the same drill in an ordinary gym as - by a Floorball goalie to the exact same drill.
If Floorball is good for Hockey? Why not find that out on your own?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pictures from CC10

All professional pictures from Canada Cup you can dream of is here

Here is new basic Floorball information from our friends



Let the games begin, setup at PlayOn, come win a Canucks Jers... on Twitpic

This is play on in Canada right now

Thomas Enqvist

Who is he?

And what he say about Floorball..

Q. Apart from tennis what are your hobbies? 
THOMAS ENQVIST: I really like innebandy. It's a kind of hockey without skate nor ice. It's played on a handball ground with a plastic stick and a round ball.

Friday, June 4, 2010

U19 WFC next spring

We miss the USA already

Latest from CMU in PA

Hey guys,

There will be floorball again this Saturday. This time we will play in the
Skibo Gym's indoor Arena from 1pm to 3.30pm (that's when they close) so as
to avoid being kicked out of Weigand Gym. I have booked the Arena for us
to play every Saturday so hopefully we are able to have weekly floorball
pickup games! There are even real goals there so it will be fun! Do join

- Daryl

A great post from Ottawa Blizzards

We say excellent reporting from Canada here

Youth Floorball pics from the UK

It was just uploaded a couple of weeks ago and shows pics from last years league

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A couple of penalties

Cant get much better than this - can it, huh

Second season for the Durham league

Just north east of Toronto in Canada you find Axaj and Durham.
Here is a news report about their second season league coming up.

And in Dallas Texas we have a demo at Hotel Hilton run by Floorballplanet
It is well advertised at zvents, craigslist and guidelive - Good Luck You Guys!



We have more new coming in from Texas rather soon...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hungarian Cup - first time on TV

So the Hungarian Cup is played this coming weekend.
And for the first time ever these games will be televised.

If you think Floorball is growing - you got that one right.

Good article and more from, as always the IFF and this time from the Hungarian Floorball federation

They have balls in Singapore

Here is a very good technical description of the Floorball ball.
That is one thing.

The other thing is that they use a headline that kind of makes this page rather funny too
Check it out!

Thank You Floorball Cafe! Good research!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Missing link or Roots

You know people have always been in search for the missing link between ape and man. No, we do not say that one is the ape and the other is the man.
But here is a little gallery of something very Swedish - it is called Hockey Bockey. (or Hockey Pockey)
What is it?
It is an activity where wooden Bandy sticks and a Bandyball is used on a regular Ice Hockey rink and yes as you see the shape of these bandy sticks.. you will most definitely start to think about the Floorball stick, right..
So welcome to the missing link

This might also explain the Swedish word for Floorball Innebandy - that means indoor bandy.
Or the Finnish word Salibandy that means something like Roombandy...

Young Guns

And a new one on same team from Canada Cup 2010

New Polish Champions

Well according to the article the same club now have won this 11 years straight in a row.
Find out more here

Q WFC good report

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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!