Friday, May 28, 2010

Wikipedia on Canada Cup 2010 has been updated

Click the headline gufus..

And a bunch of winners again from CC10

Wollongong May 2010

Yes from Australia, with boards..

Floorball Hockey U Closing

We will be closing our operations here.
From today, Friday until.... next Tuesday.
This is something truly unprecedented since we have earlier only been away for one day.

But rest assured we will be back - we have so much more to report upon.
We will also toss in some messages with an attitude - so stay tuned.

Before we go - we will try to post more winners from Canada Cup 2010.

See YOU!

Retro 1997

Here is a cool post from IFF about Retro Floorball from 1997

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Local update Tomah WI

No Floorball this Memorial weekend.
We will be back next Sunday. Same place and time as always.

June 1st we will try to showcase some Floorball at Winnebago park Tomah.

The rumor is out MN wants to play us again - Hm wonder how to do this, we might only let the best and most consistent players participate otherwise we will most certainly loose big time and we can not bring on like 20 players can we?? Or should we have a recreational division too but they do not have recreational players? Hmm.

And yes we have now designed a logo - Thank You Jeff!

Well Floorball Universal Recreational & Youth reads nothing but..

T-Shirts will be available at all sizes but only in WHITE.
Later on we must decide if we play in black white or maybe yellow pants as a Club dress. And as we want to go to big tournaments abroad - It most definitely comes a day as we need real Jerseys too
These t-shirts they cost 17.50, including tax and a little design fee and you can have any short name you want on your back and any number but the following:
01, 2, 11, 50, 58 - since they are already taken.
This number list might be updated as we go - a hint Use Your own lucky number.
We will collect orders and money as we play, as said earlier.. not this Sunday but next.

Future development? - well maybe in a more formal way form a Club, maybe...and then try to get the neighborer communities going too?
You tell us OK!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Confirmation Zuccarello-Aasen to NY Rangers

Today the Swedish media confirms that Mats Zuccarello-Aasen will play for New York Rangers in NHL this season.
And why in the world do we mention this here?
Because he has as late as in 2008 told local Norwegian newspapers that he has Floorball to thank for his excellent stick handling among a few other things.
We are certain that this will be a great season for this wizard from Norway! Good Luck - and we can only hope that he will not forget his Floorball stick over in Europe.

oho one thing is wrong - it is not the media that confirms this - they only report the confirmation - ok

Hot Floorball Flamengo?

A good article on the Spanish champs is to be found at the IFF

Lets honor the day with more Champs from Canada Cup

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bantams at Canada Cup

Here is a great story at the official site

Two Gold from Vancouver and Floorball...

This headline describes one of the worlds best cross country skiers, Marcus Hellner from Sweden.
He won two gold medals during the Olympic games in Vancouver - and when he wants to relax he - plays Floorball.

As recent as last month he describes a seven hour training session on skis out in the Swedish wilderness.
When he comes home he admits that he is tired - but as the local firemen toss a ball at him - he joins them to play Floorball. All according to his own blog - is he crazy - no he just knows what Floorball is all about - we would say..

Here is his blog all in Swedish - Googles automatic translation is sadly enough wrong and in English it reads Hockey - Hmm maybe we must tell Goggle this.

So we did - this is what our statement now reads at Google Translations

As I look at Swedish pages and the word "Innebandy" appears I have found that it is translated to either Floor Hockey or just Hockey.
Both these translations is wrong - the correct translation for the Swedish and Norwegian word Innebandy should be Floorball.
As I try to work with the introduction of Floorball to the USA - this kind of creates a bad situation.
Could you please sort this out ?

And now more winners from Canada Cup 2010

A serious word from Mr Tan

Or is it poetry?
You be the judge - but either serious words or poetry it gives you a taste of what be very very important to some. Including us.
Read more here

Two winning teams from Canada Cup

Ciao Italia

And here is some news for all Pizza lovers - Italian 2010 Floorball Champions presented by the IFF and the national Italian Floorball Federation.
Some sources do claim that the first pizza was first invented in Greece and only developed into perfection in Italy - well, that is not something we feel is too important here. We think Floorball is the most important part of Italy.

More on training

and there is yet more to come...

Monday, May 24, 2010

A winning team in Canada Cup 1

We will present a bunch of winners here with pictures from Canada Cup under this headline - courtesy of Grassroots Floorball Inc.
First out is this picture:

Atom and Pee Wee in Canada Cup

Here is the vital news
And for next year this division of Canada Cup in Floorball will be split into two divisions.

A new note from Winnipeg

Here is a little news report

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What we here at this blog aim for?

Maybe this

or why not this?

First video from Canada Cup?

We think it is but can not confirm this

Womph in the mailbox - enjoy Canada Cup

At York University

Elite Division – Semi-Finals
Ottawa Blizzard 5 NYC Floorball 4
Salming Vikings 3 SKP Nymburk 1

Championship Final
Salming Vikings 9 Ottawa Blizzard 2

Intermediate Final
Young Guns (Montreal) 4 Innebandy Chicago 2

Bantam Final
Salem Panthers (Sweden) 4 Mississauga Red Devils 1
the Salming Vikings won the Canada Cup led by Captain Andreas Ackevi - here he is seen in action!

CANADA CUP! The latest..

Here is the latest via twitter

We have also been promised some hi res pictures from the tournament..
We hope to post these later on tonight..

Also IFF is back online and here is their first report about CC10

Friday, May 21, 2010

It looks like Brazil is on the go

Here is some sweet information from South America and Brazil posted by IFF.

With Brazil's intense soccer culture and a few real links to soccer in the game of Floorball...
Ever heard about a free kick, a kick in or that the goalie can start the game fast? Well a serious game of Floorball sports the same basic Soccer concepts.

So maybe Brazil might become the third nation in Americas to aim for some kind of an International title?
Ok it is still early but we think it is in Brazil to stay.
Thank You IFF and Floorball4all - the main organization behind this drive.

By the what other sport would be able to spread itself through an organization like floorball4all?
And why - If you play already - you most likely know.

First pic from Canada Cup is in

The Moira Trojans from Belleville playing Salem Cobras from S... on Twitpic

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teachers - what more do you need...

to start Floorball in your school?

This is one of the best letters of recommendation we have ever read.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a middle school physical education instructor in Osceola, WI. This winter I was introduced to the sport of Floorball by Roger Schuebach, a citizen of Switzerland who came to America to spread the sport. At first I didn't see much difference between floorball and floor hockey, which has traditionally been taught in physical education. After observing the growth in my students from a few lessons of floorball, I am convinced it is a better choice to teach than floor hockey.

Skills were easier for my students to apply in game situations. I consistently observed students dribbling with control, passing to teammates and spaces and playing with a purpose. In floor hockey I observed little of this, students primarily hitting the ball as hard as possible in the direction the ball came from.

The floorball equipment is safer, stronger and easier to control. Safety is a huge concern when teaching sports with sticks. Students demonstrated the ability to shoot hard, but keep the stick low. The equipment withstood the test of middle school abuse. There was zero damage. Floor hockey equipment fails at a high rate, around one broken stick each class period.

Students had more fun and more fitness. When asked what sport did you like better, floorball or floor hockey, one seventh grade boy responded, "Floorball. It was easier to control, more safe, and more fun than floor hockey. Kids didn't just slap shot the ball around."

In closing I thank Roger for introducing the sport to me and Osceola. I highly recommend floorball in favor of floor hockey and hope to see its popularity grow.


Tyson Korb
Osceola Middle School
Physical Educator
The only main argument that goes against Floorball and is not covered in this letter here might be Floor Damage - since many Americans tend to think that Floorball is the same as Floor Hockey. If that is your concern you should try to taste this link.

FIRST Ever US Championship Official Invitation

I’m here by inviting you and your club to attend the US National Floorball
Championship 2010.

Visit: or
for full details on the championship (divisions and rules)

Please find attached poster. Feel free to distribute and use for
local publishing.

Thank you,

Calle Karlsson
Vice President, USFbA

Team Salming (Floorball) visits the NHL office

Team Salming at the NHL offices on Twitpic

This picture comes
direct from the official Canada Cup 2010 tweets

Breaking News from Toronto

Floorball galaxy - our partner reports the following:

"Just landed in Toronto an hour ago and we already have big news coming out right now.
Nede, Dalbjer, and Ramsin just missed their flight from Sweden.
This could spell disaster for SF X3M Floorball, more to come!"

Interesting information, How could this be - all three on same flight - probably.
Can SF X3M solve this with other players? Can the players show up later - and if so when will they be able to play?
Right now more questions then answers.

For you not informed these three players are three very good, some of the very best, from the Swedish league - they have teamed in to play with SF from our western state CA for this tournament - with the aim to win.

According to the Swedish mag Innebandymagazinet - they missed their flight due to problems with the visa and new rulez just put in place 3 months ago. One player claim that this was something new and something they have not been informed about - seems like they did find the information in small caps somewhere afterwords they could not get through at the airport - we do suspect new visa routines for flights to Canada.
Yet another high profile player seems to be missing out due to unknown reasons - all according to Innebandymagazinet and an article in Swedish.

The latest reported in this issue is supplied by Mr Brown. He says that the team have been able to recruit players thanks to work done by the team manager Calle Karlsson and the Canada Cup organizers.
Rooster is to be presented soon for SF X3M. It is a good thing that all involved are able to show great flexibility. Read the latest here

A team in Canada Cup

The teams starts to position themselves with team presentations at the Canada Cup. Kind of toting their guns.
This is a presentation of the Young Guns team.

Growth in Sweden

The growth of Floorball in Sweden continues.
The Swedish federation just reported that the position as Sweden's largest in+door sport has been maintained and that the numbers still are rising. In total Sweden sport some 125000 licensed players.

This number is only for players with a licence to play and does not include Floorball at school or as a recreational sport - so just think about the power of it for a few moments.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Canada is on the band wagon

We think it is for the first time in winnipegsun...
What Floorball of course

Co-Ed teams forming in DFW area

Co-ED Saturday Floorball Leagues Forming

is a 5on5 with goalies, Hockey like sport, played in a small rink type atmosphere, with a wiffle ball and a carbon fiber stick
all you need is shorts and sneakers (gloves would be suggested)
at first we will provide the Sticks, and wiffle balls, Ref's and scorekeepers.
It is a challenging game play with various skill level players. Beginners can play with the Highly skilled because of limits of space and timing
It is suggested to have 8 players rostered and a goalie.
You will be playing 10 weeks and playoffs
Game times are two 20 minute periods
Co-ED Saturday League is suited for those active players who maybe have played softball or soccer, beginners can sign up as well...
It is indoor facility with climate control
we will be taking individual sign ups as well as Teams...

Comment this and we can hook you up


Here is the latest upon Canada Cup

Don't Miss The Canada Cup!

The Canada Cup Floorball Championship starts Friday!

North America's largest floorball event with 57 teams and over 700 players is almost here. Experience the excitement of floorball first hand and come check out the tournament this weekend!

Here is what you don't want to miss:
Watch and meet professional floorball superstars from the Swedish Super League, arguably the best floorball league in the world. Check out our Player's to Watch..
Browse the largest selection of floorball equipment in North America and pick up an official Canada Cup T-Shirt at the FloorballPro & Source for Sports booth.
On Thursday, improve your knowledge of floorball rules by attending the Floorball Officiating Clinic hosted by professional referees from Finland.
On Saturday, try the latest video games at the PlayStation booth or challenge yourself in the Versus Scoreboard Skill Zone.
Kick back and relax with the who's who of floorball at our infamous social events
Watch the two best floorball teams in North America battle for the Canada Cup at the Elite Final on Sunday, May 23rd at 4:15 PM
Can't catch the Final? Some other great games to watch are:
Friday May 21 at 5:45PM:
Floorball Club of Toronto vs. SF X3M Floorball (Field House 1)
Saturday May 22 at 11AM:
Salming Vikings vs. SKP Nymburk (Field House 1)
Be amazed by the gravity defying Zorro tricks in between the 1st and the 2nd period of the Finals

Admission to the Canada Cup is FREE. All games are played at Tait McKenzie Athletic Centre (York University).

To learn more, surf to

We hope to see you on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at York University!


Johanna Kytola & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs, Canada Cup Committee

Wrap up of the University Championships played last week

Love and or addiction from Singapore

We think this girl do know what she talks about - good video in other words.

This post is stolen!

This Post is stolen straight of the bat and direct from

We recommend that you either read this on their site or - it works here too - as long as the owners of the full copyright Mr Beaudin and BC Floorball not tell us to delete this post.
We just think this post is too important for Floorball in North America to be left alone on one site only.
We like what we read here and we just must share this... Thanks Greg!

BCFF developing roots in Penticton and Kelowna

This past weekend, Greg Beaudin-President of BC Floorball traveled to the beautiful Okanagan region to check in on past Floorball projects and develop some new ones.
First Up, it was a boardroom meeting with Blake Wesley, Kevin Goodwin, and Blair Noel of the prestigious Okanagan Hockey Schools.   I was able to learn about the new 90 million dollar facility and their top notch programs that started in 1963.  The School breeds NHLers and their enthusiasm for skills development was clearly a core component of their teaching philosophy.  Floorball fits right in, with this line of thinking, and we are hatching an implementation plan for Floorball that will bring this fun cross-training system to some of the best young hockey players in the World.
Next meeting took place in Kelowna at the Capital News Center.  Local Hockey Academies director Dan Ruggiero and Teacher/Instructor Kurt Corman sat down with us to talk about the past two years of their Floorball rollout, their challenges and their triumphs.  We were also able to discuss the internal workings of school sports in Kelowna and how to effectively balance the demand to play, from the students, with the lack of available gym times, from the schools.
The Hockey Academy students had adopted the game of Floorball as expected, meaning that they all loved it and the enjoyed playing with the performance sticks and benefited from its cross training elements.  The issue at hand, which is the same with all of Hockey Academies across the Province, is lack of available gym time.Which leads us to our next meeting….
Located in beautiful downtown Kelowna. The Kelowna Sunplex is a privately run multipurpose indoor sports facility catering to a variety of team sports but mainly focused on Ball Hockey…Last year we were able to sit down with owner/operator Bryan Ducharme to discuss Floorball, as a sport,in their pre-construction phase and we are happy to report that they have taken the Floorball field of play considerations to heart, and the finished product is ideal for Floorball.  The first games to ever take place in the Sunplex, were part of the PlayOn Kelowna event on the weekend.  The Flooring tiles were the best I’ve ever seen for Floorball.  I really think this facility will thrive in Kelowna, and stakeholders such as Hockey Canada Skills Academies and Schools, as well as Minor Hockey Teams can rely on the Sunplex to provide the much needed “gym time” that everyone craves.
Pursuit of Excellence
We were also able to have a quick meeting with Todd Johnson and Dave Cameron, Instructors at the Pursuit of Excellence(POE) hockey programs.  POE is a world class developer of Hockey player, and we look forward to working with them to bring Floorball to their programs too.
Finally, the largest Street Hockey Festival in Canada was in full effect this past weekend and I was able to play with some old friends, the Geri Hat Tricks.  I was able to use a Floorball stick, like last years event in Vancouver.  It was a great time, we won all of our games and won our division…The festival like atmosphere in Kelowna was spectactular.  Our friends Carlo Diano and Jon Margolis do an amazing job setting these events up and managing everything that goes along with them. Well done Boys!
One of the highlights of the event, was watching the hundreds of young hockey players pick up a Floorball stick at our Sunplex shooting station; stickhandle, shoot, ask questions and clearly enjoy the dynamics of the stick and ball.  Registration for Floorball was hopping!
Geri Hat Tricks
Greg Beaudin- BC Floorball

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Over the Grapevine

Here is a rumor that mentions Floorball in the Olympics by 2012.
We do not believe in that...But we do believe in 2020.

The answer

This photo shows how it looks like.

If you, for now, do not understand this post rest assured that you will soon.

CC10 is the new name

Players to watch at CC10!Collect all the autographs and get a... on Twitpic

Monday, May 17, 2010

Great Floorball pictures

From Germany, several galleries with many very very good pictures to enjoy:
We have linked you till this one before but it is well worth with a new link.

Also apparently our new favorite hockey player, Mats Zuccarelli-Aasen did it again. So we will be back an a little note on him since he likes Floorball as well as scoring galore in Ice Hockey. Also there is large news floating in from British Columbia too. So hang on to a blog close to you.

Sunplex - Canada

Sunplex in Kewlona Canada is starting with Floorball too.
And this time together with many other hockey related sports.

Here is a very good description on their page n what they say it is:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Street Hockey with Floorball stick?

They do this in Canada - it is evolution and revolution in one.
Check this image out
As Floorball sticks makes its inroads to Street Hockey in Canada - hint look for red shoe strings and a red stick blade.

Wrap up of the Universiad

Here is a short news flash upon the final results in the Universiad in Sweden from IFF. The home teams won both the girls as well as the male final but it was a close call - just the way it is supposed to be.

We might toss up some more footage or video from this but some material seems to be made under some rougher lightning conditions and some material might need to be changed in its source code to run here. So we have to look into this extra carefully before we decide to run this material.

Canada Cup - Floorball - 2010 in the worx

Here is some crucial links
Facebook and Canada Cup all you need
Twitter is kind of here
The big surprise however is this
It sure looks like someone will be trying to stream live games from Canada Cup very interesting..

It starts soon so we will be back with more in this issue as it comes alive.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


No this is true and straight Spanish from Spain. OLE!
Mira Mira!

Big guns - big words

We have shown this before but since it just came up through the IFF news channel on You Tube we decided to run a re-run. It is good stuff!

zorro in a game

Finals this Sunday in the Universiade

In the Male group Sweden and Finland will play for the Gold tomorrow in the Universiade Floorball 2010 Championship
Sweden made its way to the final round with 15-1 over Norway and that is not the kind of figures we like to read about ourselves. The other semi ended 6-3 to the Finns over Switzerland.

Our own question from these results is - how can Sweden now do something to make Norwegian Universities better at Floorball?
We will get back with some reporting from the female games too later on.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Live Floorball from the Umeå University World Championships

It is easy
Follow this link
They are so clever so there is a constant count down to the next game and as soon there is a feed.
As we publish this - it is like 13 some hours left to the next game.
Just hit the large screen button down to the right on the player - and watch some of the best Floorball at school in the World.
However you better start watch early since they are several hours ahead of us and this is only on over this weekend.

Also here is a good feed from the opening cermony

Kewlona Street Hockey with Impact

CBC Hockey Night in Canada's Play On! Street Hockey tournaments feature hundreds of teams and thousands of participants and include separate divisions for both genders, all skill levels, and all ages.

This weekend this event comes to Kewlona (east of Vancouver) and if you follow this link you will find that they will give away a shirt autographed by Henrik Sedin (we say he was raised on Floorball in school - how we know this - well all Swedish kids are). 
At the very same page there is a tab stating Hockey partners.
As you follow that button it will be obvious to you on how both the Ball Hockey organizations in British Columbia as well as the BC Floorball Federation work together in this.
Way to go you Canadiens - thanks for sharing!

Mats Zuccarello-Aasen

There has already been a few toss up's in this the World Ice-hockey Championships. Team USA will for instance try to stay in the A-division. And Denmark won over both Finland and the USA.

Another surprise came as Norway won over the Czech Republic with a crucial goal from wonder boy Mats Zuccarello-Aasen. So hockey is not really as it used to be and we think that is very good.

Who is this Zuccarello-Aasen? - well most likely one of the most talented Ice Hockey players ever from Norway. Or he can also be described as a scoring generator.
Last season he won the scoring league in the Swedish top professional league - a league often considered to be one of the best hockey leagues in the world.
And our sources say that Zuccarello-Aasen soon will start to play for the New York Rangers.
So hold on, we promise that you will hear a lot more about him soon here in NA and the NHL.

So is Zuccarello-Aasen related to Floorball?
Yes you bet ya, in two clear ways, early on in his career he played both Floorball and Soccer beside of his Hockey as highly serious sport alternatives.
And during the last season in the Swedish hockey team MoDo his physical strength coach, was a former national Swedish Floorball player - turned into a hockey coach.

This is exactly what the Norwegian newspaper Grorunddalen posted in 2008. Less then two years ago!
Selv mener Zuccarello at hans gode teknikk skyldes mye innebandy og at han alltid har vært avslappet i forhold til idretten.

In English it reads - Himself Zuccarello say that his good technique is due to a lots of Floorball and that he always have had a relaxed relationship to his sports
We hope our message is clear. Floorball does not hurt a Hockey player - instead it seems obvious to us that it is good for any level Hockey player. So go - buy a stick now! And remember Code Michael.

Cool stills from Europe

Thanks to our friends at Floorballcafe here is a good selection of stills. It sure looks good!

What are we waiting for - folks?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Craigslist and Phoenix

Here is a link to advertising about upcoming Floorball activity in Phoenix AZ.
They say they aim to introduce kids to hockey by starting them in a free "love for Hockey" program.

Well done and way to go you folks in AZ. Lets hope more people will become as clever as you are.

A Czech zorro trailer 2010

Tomorrow another new large Championship starts

This is the Championship that might pave the way to the Olympics.

It is the
4th World University Floorball Championships for Men & Women
and it takes place in Sweden, Umeå. Tomorrow!

Here is the link to the official page

And there will be some TV coverage from this too so hopefully we might be able to toss up some games here.
It starts with 10 games tomorrow and right now we are not sure if we will be able to toss up live TV here but it sure looks like we will be able to feed a couple of these games afterwards. The link to the Swedish TV channel is right now only pointing to information about these upcoming games in Swedish?
But lets see what we can do since they are supposed to be shown on SVTplay and normally we are able to embed material from them.

Well here is a preview from the Japanese team - they start to play Sweden tomorrow:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

2 interesting pages

This one is a highly serious blog post on precision

This one is on a different kind of turf...and 168 participating teams

Documents from Malaysia

We have shown this before but it is well worth to run again

Todays Zorro comes from Finland

a Danish Party

We guess most folks have heard that Denmark just recently won in the world hockey championships over Finland one day and then... over the USA next day too.
Hmm, that is kind of big, remarkable and very good work of the Danish hockey team.

Well it happens that some Danish Floorball players also are very good.
Here is our little salute to "dannebroen" with some nice stickhandling.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Phoenix AZ

The USAfB site has just reported that from June 11th Floorball will be played at Phoenix, AZ: Floorball is going to be hosted at the Castle Sports Club, Phoenix, AZ. Friday night Co-Ed leagues starts June 11th.
The fee is $89 per player and people of all abilities are encouraged to participate.

They plan to play 5 on 5 and recommend 8 players and a goalie for each team.

Tomah, WI Update/News

For next Sunday we plan to start to play with two goalies and large nets in the older age group here in Tomah WI..
We do think we have all that is needed for this except maybe a pair of goalie gloves for Goalie number two.
So if someone have some kind of slightly padded gloves (for the top of the fingers) please bring them to Mike S that will play goalie too next Sunday.

This also means that we should try to call bad plays more often and thus get more penalties per game - so we will get some practice in the art of scoring at a penalty.

We are also talking about maybe to form a more official club and we do have a team logo developed.
With this we will set up a few couple of future goals too for our operations.

We will also participate in the Tomah 4th of July parade and anyone interested can join us as we walk up Gasoline Alley in Tomah - swinging our sticks.

Order form for a team T-shirt will be out through email this week including names and numbers - but will not be ordered until paid for. Since we will use a digital printing method - we will be able to take additional orders at a later time too at the same price. Any suggestions on a team color is welcome. Right now we kind of lean toward Yellow. But this has also to do with the availability of T-shirts.

And thanks you all and good work last Sunday to all players!

Favorite in return

We have shown this before - but for us in Tomah WI - take it as a lesson on how to score as you perform a penalty.


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grace Number 2

Here is the new Magazine, now the second Ed...
Swedish...but you can read it online.
It is only for Girls, it is only on Floorball and it is only the Future.

Maybe one day it might look like this in America too - hey who wants to be our publisher?
Yes it is not an antique sport we talk about - it is what is next.
Right here

We definitely need an US edition too!

How to start to move with Floorball in Austin Texas

Here is a great article from Texas just published today.
They have figured out on how to use Floorball as a tool to get some decent exercise.
Read the full article here
And now come and play with us tonight - the games start at 5 PM for our Younger group.
Teens play at 6 PM - as always at the THS, here in Tomah WI.

Finnish Zorro again

Thursday, May 6, 2010

18 fresh games from U19 w WFC to watch online

We have a problem to embed these games into this blog, but we will serve you a link that has right now 18 games up to watch - it is here.

You might need to install silverlight - but otherwise it is just to watch and learn - cause here is some good Floorball going on.
And more is to come.
Tomorrow starts with the semi finals in the ongoing U19 w WFC.

FIRST Ever US Championship has now been officially announced

Finally it is official -
Well, here it is as a PDF...

The US National Championship offers 4 divisions as follows
Elite Men
U-19 Men (14-19 year old)
U-19 Woman (14-19 year old)
It is also announced that more information upon the first National US Championship in 2010 will be advertised at - we are not yet able to find that information as we follow the posted link.
Maybe it will be up as registration opens May 15th?
More news posted at the USAfB website.
They have listed new contact personnel in 3 different regions, like this:
Regional Director | Northeast
Mr. John Dicriscio

Regional Director | Southeast
Ms. Erica Camp

Regional Director | California
Mr. Erik Larsson

Mr. Calle Karlsson is also selected as the new vP at USAfB.
Some of the personnel is now also equipped with the USAfB as the domain in their email. We hope that they will get much mail to these account so they will read them often.
Other big news is that the USAfB also worked up an agreement with the AUU, the largest sport insurance group in the USA - an organization that just have recognized Floorball.
Read all about that here at the USAfB own pages.
In earlier news the official USAfB has announced that the SF Floorball team will be going to Canada Cup, in just a few weeks now with several defense men from the Swedish National team, including a goalie and also ar new upcoming hot player.
You can read all about that here:
We can only hope they walk the streets as we are dreaming away here....

Minnesota Wild Floorball bash in Rice park last summer

Yes we did attend.
Sometimes it is amazing how long it takes for material to flow to us or You Tube.
Anyway this is downtown Floorball in St Paul Minnesota - last Summer!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

31-0 - get your hearing aid fixed!

The Swedish federation just reported on a massive goal record as the Swedish girls in the U19 won with 31-0 as they played Latvia today in the U19 WFC.

We call this a true disaster and a defeat for the sport itself. This is not fun to read about - it is shameful!
It is not sport - it is punishment of all involved.
The Swedish Floorball Federation must now start to take it own responsibility to grow the sport out side of Sweden.
Yes - for its own good sake.
To grew a future for Floorball outside of the nation, otherwise results like this will just hinder any decent true development of the sport.

Why not aim for some larger countries like the USA - that have a good hockey culture?
Why not aim for a large country with massive numbers of inhabitants - not too just match Sweden but to be able to defeat Sweden too?

We have long time ago presented a plan on how to kick start Floorball in the USA - for deaf ears?

Training 2.5

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

San Diego Floorball (Intermediate) looking for a few players

They need a few extra players...They are looking for forwards and defensemen. They say that they have a strong team and their core group of players are from the teams that have won several tourneys in California over the past 2-3 years. 
Comment here and we may connect U


This is the official song for Floorball World Floorball Campionships 2009.
If you had not heard it before...

U19 w WFC + today

what game do you want to watch?

Updated Updated

Here is the first game results and comments from the IFF
Thank You for nice reporting from
U19 w WFC!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Our "walk the streets" drive - to all Canada Cup players

You are a force - you are a potential - huge force.
57 teams in Canada Cup and maybe on average 10 players per team makes about 600 Floorballers in Toronto at the same time this month.

So now Floorball Hockey U ask you to do something important for the sport - sell it- by doing one little very simple but highly crucial thing.

Walk the streets with your Floorball stick - it cannot be covered up in a bag - but show your pride in the open.
Walk the streets of Toronto with a stick if you go to a restaurant or just go for shopping.
Walk the streets with a stick when you go to the venue, the hotel or even to the restroom.
Walk the streets of Toronto with a stick - even as you go from and to the airport and on public transportation and in a taxi - talk to taxi drivers...

Show the people in Toronto your pride and walk the streets with your Floorball stick - and the impact from this years Canada Cup can be even greater for many Canadians - as you meet them - talk Floorball to them.

For the sake of an even faster growth of Floorball in North America - show your stick!

Internet TV of Sports

We understood that something was going on since we had seen much new Floorball video floating out onto the You Tube recently.
It has just been announced a new TV-Internet platform: SPORT AT YOU TUBE! The sport Hub channel including the IFF channel of Floorball.

And thanks to the very proactive work at IFF Floorball is included as one of the first 24 sports featured at the Sportshub.
Select ball and you will find Floorball.

Texas promotion by Floorballplanet

"FlooballPlanet will participate again to Active Life Movement event in Austin this year. This is the third year in a row when we set up our rink at Tony Burger Center and let kids to play floorball. As usually, rink will be fully packed with smiling faces! Event will gather thousands of children together to try sports and learn more about a healthy life style.

The ACTIVE Life Movement Festival (ALMF) is a free, fun filled, community wide celebration of healthy and active lifestyles. The festival features a wide range of exciting activities, from high-tech, active gaming to old-school fun. Kids and adults will be running, jumping, biking, passing, catching and celebrating the ACTIVE lifestyle. ALMF includes 3 distinct Zones; Move (physical activity), Fuel (healthy eating), and Honor (personal & environmental health). Each Zone is loaded with activities that reflect their respective titles that kids and adults will enjoy. The zones will feature tons of games, sport challenges, prizes, ACTIVE gaming, contests, cooking demos and many other distinct fun activities.
So come on out - Saturday, May 8th, from 11 to 3 to the AISD Toney Burger Center located at 3200 Jones Road Austin, TX.

Don’t Miss out on the Fun!"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Montana is with us

So only three states in the US have not been here.
Alabama, Arkansas and Vermont.
Do they not play hockey in Vermont?

A wiki on Canada Cup

...everything you must know on the Canada Cup at Wikipedia is here.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A new blog? OR two?

It just hit us as a hammer - maybe this is wrong - maybe it is wrong to have one blog to promote Floorball here in North America?
Maybe instead it should be one blog for Floorballers...
Maybe another one for teachers and schools...
And finally a last one for Hockey players that wants to improve hockey skills?

Hm we would need some help then..and until then you have to live with what we can serve

Here is by the way todays best quote - something that would fit nice under the Hockey player category as of above:
This is a quote from Hockey shots

"When my kids are off the ice, all they want to do is play floorball - I can't get them to play anything else"
Blessed Trinity High School, OMHA Development Instructor
High Performance 1 & Hockey Canada Skills Academy 

And here is a summary of the a game from the train station too

Penalties from the Zurich train station last weekend

Time to see double

Many here in the US have heard about the Sedin twins - well the Floorball scene has a set of twins too.
And they also know how to play - enjoy.

Next week more live TV

Next week the 2010 World Floorball Championship for younger ladies (U19) starts in the Czech Republic.
With this live TV games online..
If you follow this link you will find player presentations.
All games will be streamed live from here as they start. Maybe we can embed it in here but we do not know yet.

The first game starts at 11.15 AM local central European time as Norway plays Latvia on Tuesday. Central US time takes us to like 4.15 AM in the morning - but more games are coming up all the time so check this out with your morning coffee

And here is the dedicated web site that covers all the action.. More to come...
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!