Friday, April 30, 2010

Bedroom ball - what can that be?

Maybe this?

First Time?

We think this is the first time ever! For Hockey players...
We think this is the first time ever that someone is promoting Floorball as a method for dry land training towards the USA - as a part of a hockey clinic...
Well maybe with the only exception of Modern Hockey in Vancouver since they have some programs related to the USA too.

We can assure you that you will see much more of this - no doubt of that.
Some big dogs have some work to do is our take on this...

Any comments welcome

The UK again

In this article any teacher can read on how Floorball is used in England as a school sport activity. It is growing you guys.

FBL-09 Cool news today about this PC Floorball game!

Let us quote the gaming website

"The Nordic Game Program has awarded a total of DKK 3 million ($533,000) to eight game projects, in the latest round of the local game funding the program has conducted for nearly five years.

Six of the games were selected as worthy of significant support by the organization, and were granted between DKK 250,000 ($44,492) and DKK 600,000 ($106,780). Another two unnamed projects were given smaller sums of DKK 100,000 ($17,796) each, to "improve their application" for the next round of funding.

The awarded games, in descending order of grant value",

end quote
and the second of this order of one of these awards goes to the game we will love here at Floorball Hockey U:

Prodigium Game Studios of Finland received DKK 550,000 ($97,882) for Floorball League, a "3D Floorball sports game."

So the future - when you do not play Floorball and sit in front of the screen - it looks bright ;-)

2xZ or Zorro in Zurich

New push from Toronto

Here is another push from Toronto about the posting we called earlier "only for puck heads"

Floorball takes over Yonge Dundas Square in downtown Toronto!
Hello everyone,
FloorballPro Inc. was featured on Toronto's Breakfast Television on Friday April 23rd. The floorball crew set up a game in the heart of Toronto in Yonge Dundas Square, the equivalent of Times Square in New York. The event was witnessed live by over 1.2 million television viewers.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Training and one hand play

Thanks fesakondrej

Let's Move in Finland and a world Record?

This is a very interesting story that we hope the White House and the people behind the Let's move Campaign will read or at least know about.
It is more or less the same lets move theme from Finland - and of course they try to set a new world record..and it involves Floorball too. YEAH!
I wonder when the Let's move campaign will do the same in the US..- they would easily very fast be able to get a new World Record - even maybe without Floorball. But that is not what we want.

Canada M U-19 is getting prepared for WFC 2011

The U-19 World Floorball Championships will take place in Germany next spring. Canada is already aiming at this tournament. Read more here.

For Puck Heads only!

Here we link you out to OMHA or
Ontario Minor Hockey Association
and what they have to say about floorball as off-ice practice.

Get it?


Here is the latest from Juha Mikkola in Toronto!
Read it, follow the links, and love it is our recommendation.
The Toronto Floorball League goes GREEN! Elite and Intermediate Champs both rocked the green this season. Read about Elite champs Solid:

Also, in case you missed it, we were on Breakfast Television, seen by 1.2 million viewers:
Did you to see FloorballPro on @BTtoronto promoting @thehockeyexpo? If you missed it check it out here: Come visit us at The Hockey Expo this weekend!

This type of news can be found directly at: or on our Facebook page.



Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Urgent News from the UK

First we have Speedhoc Chapel that just recently became the Northern League Champions ...
Read all about that here:

They are from Worcestershire - kind of reminds you of something - doesn't it?
Anyway - they are good at playing that ball with 26 holes in it too.

The next breaking significant news story from the UK is about a world record attempt to play for hours to break a world record and also raise money for Cancer. All proceeds from this event will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust, a charity devoted to improving the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer.

We continue persistently to say Floorball is a good thing.

Blog performance

We are now very close to 15000 hits - and this on a blog that started just a couple of months ago about something that not too many Americans know too much about....Hmm.
Traffic has also shifted from Europe to America to a much larger degree recently

California is doing fully awesome right now and jumped from 6th place to 4th in number of visits in just two weeks time and CA will most likely soon overtake MN for the third place as we look who visits this blog.
The main bulk of our CA visitors comes from Fresno. Thank You guys!

Yesterday we could also take Kansas of the shrinking list of states that not yet have been at Floorball Hockey U.
Now it is only, Montana, Arkansas, Alabama and Vermont left out in the cold.

We just saw by coincidence that during the last 29 days - let us repeat that - the last 29 days - we have had visits from 43 different US States. Ha- We can promise you that there is a lots of smaller local media online things that does not get even close to 43 states during like 29 days to see their material! HUH!
And that is what we call a wild little fantastic update!

Thanks for your time spent here - it is only thanks to You - we do this!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Next Generation Sport

This is Rock N Roll from Malaysia

This is too good to not be shared

It is not Floorball - we know.
And it is most likely better then most Floorball Zorro moves we have seen. So here we now leave some room for Brad Perry and moves you most likely have not even dreamed about.

The only question that lingers after seeing this if any Floorballer somewhere in the world can do this even better?

Training - how to do it as it comes in high

Many thanks goes to the You Tube signature Fesakondrej

Mikkola on Canada Cup

This is exactly how the organizer Juha Mikkola today is quoted by the IFF on Canada Cup.

We are absolutely thrilled with the interest from teams this year. We have seen another year of strong growth, in particular in the youth and high school divisions, a sure sign the game is growing in popularity amongst minor hockey teams and schools, says tournament co-chair Juha Mikkola.

- Unnamed sources tell me we might have as many as five or six Swedish Super League stars here in Canada this year, including players like last year´s stars Daniel DalbjerAlexander Nede and new names like Swedish national team goalkeeper Daniel Ramsin and Andreas Ackervi, captain of Swedish finalists Täby. If these rumors prove to be true, seeing these players play is like watching NHL players up close and personal - it is incredible to see the creativity and skill they have and gives Canadian athletes something to aim towards.

Interesting stuff huh?
Since this a matter of a direct quote from Juha we do not think we will infringe any copyright and dare to publish this statements as is.

Four Super games from the train station in Zurich

Here is four games from last weekend - full motion games - with the worlds four best nations.
It is kind of Free - You just have to adjust the movie screen to full size and relaxxing on.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stills say so much

Some people just gets tired of too much video and thinks that stills have so much more to say.
So lets for a few moments dive into the worlds of still photography from the world of Floorball.
Our dear friend Juraj have done some nice digging and came up with this from the world of photography and Floorball.
Remember still pics are often under copyright so please ask the owner before you do anything with these picture and we ourselves - we only point to these treasures:
you can find quite huge database of very nice snapshots
probably the most comprehensive gallery, and not only from German Bundesliga
huge collection of floorball photos from Polish contests
quite huge gallery too, taken by big fan of one of Slovak extraleague teams
snapshots mostly from Czech extraleague but not only (EFT and WFC quickies too)

Here is by the way Juraj own Floorball photo collection

Hockey and English - goes together... anyone?

Well here is an interesting angle to it...
And as you read this text closely you will see that they play Floorball for off-ice practice too - .
Cool stuff in other words.

At University and playing Floorball?

Well check this out it is the main thing this year

These games is a crucial step on the way to the Olympics

Big Breaking USA news

....according to unconfirmed news - essentially a posting on facebook...

the first ever…. official US National Championship is coming up August 14th – 15th, Huntington Beach, CA

So players - rev up your teams and see if someone is ready to play for the gold that comes from outside of California - we all now wait for the official announcement at the usafb website - stay tuned.


It has been today said that this is still unofficial news and not confirmed - from the same source

Another top notch game from this weekend

Sweden won all games with a large margin - so what can be done so other nations may catch up?

San Fransisco

Team San Francisco beats San Diego to win the 10th annual California Cup! So far we do not have further informations upon the tournament - if that floats in we will be glad to report it here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

10th Annual California Cup

In from the California Cup

And here is how the games was played more information to follow shortly
Time            Home                 Away
08:00            Fresno                 Clovis 
08:30            Bay Area             San Francisco 
09:00            San Diego           SoCal
09:30            Clovis                   Bay Area
10:00            San Francisco   San Diego
10:30            SoCal                    Fresno 
11:00            San Diego            Clovis 
11:30            Fresno                  San Francisco 
12:00           Bay Area              SoCal

Friday, April 23, 2010


What do you Know?
What do you do?

Floorball Top the Hockey EXPO in CANADA on the breakfast TV

After the AD you might have to push the pause button to make this go

The Swiss just tossed up the embed code for the On-line TV

But it seems to be only running on the same domain, that is in Switzerland so we have to link you out.
So for your pleasure you will most likely be able to still follow all the action from the Zurich Train Station in the big tournament this Saturday from here. Right NOW!
There is several games coming up and Switzerland is like 7 hours ahead of us so you might be able to watch this already early now they should be playing right now - first game started 4.30 P.M. local time and there is more games to come.

To see more in detail on how they build this thing up including 70 tonnes of equipment for the grand stand you can go here - it is all in German but use an on-line translating service and you will get a clue on what has being going on in Zurich, Switzerland at the main train Station.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Live Floorball this Saturday!

Here is a New address that claim they will serve streaming live video from the female top meeting in Karlstad Sweden this Saturday.
If you prefer to see the top males playing Floorball at a train station this Saturday - read next post.

What people do for Floorball.

This Saturday is a big thing comin' up. It is Floorball at the main train station in Zurich Switzerland to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Floorball in Switzerland.
Chattanooga Choo Choo style Floorball in other words..
So the best teams in the world Sweden, Finland and the Czech Republic go there to play a few epic games against the Swiss National team...

Then we had this ash from volcanoes in Iceland rolling in and closing down all air traffic in large parts of Europe.

Conclusion, the two top teams, Sweden and Finland must now go a sort of 30 hour bus trip to their destination for the games.
But that is not all according to an un-confirmed source due to a crashed air flight system all hotels are over booked and the situation is all but epic.
So the national team players from the Czech Republic traveled only for 10 hours by bus but ended up sleep and resting another 7-9 hours in hotel lobbies in Switzerland - but they will all play the games.

Now you might know what people do for Floorball - a sport for all in Zurich this Saturday.

Hey here is by the way a link that they say will feed Floorball from a train station in Zurich this Saturday
Until you get this to see this you can look at many other games at this the same address.

Brand New Floorball Freestyle

From Swiss or Sweden? We do not know...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Last State Standing

We are getting very close to cover all States in the USA with this blog.
The last six states we think will be finding us will find us like this:
1, South Dakota
2, Vermont
3, Kansas
4, Arkansas
5, Montana
6, Alabama

You can guess what State will be the next one to discover Floorball Hockey U, first out of these six - our own guess is South Dakota.

The Ottawa Blizzards Just revealed their new Logo

Check it out on their website
And the question has also been raised on what Floorball Team has the best logo in Canada.
We do know our favorite.

Singapore and Love

It seems like that it is in Singapore you find the most fantastic fans of this sport.
Just enjoy this one

Salming and what do you know?

Canada Zorro

We still search for the first US made zorro movie - and we will send you something nice if you pay the postage

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Floorball Fantasy League?

Of course it is up and already running!
So far not yet ready in an English version - but it will be...soon.
Stay tuned, check in and we will let you know more as we get closer to the release date.

Let us also figure out on how we can cover this here...

From Canada

Here is a little clip from Canada that stirred a little discussion if the refs decision was right or wrong.
We say that it is an important matter - but to us here it is way more important to us to see the level you play at  irrespective of some minor obstructions - keep it coming.

Finals in Full splendor from Sweden

Since it still seems like TV4play is not letting us embed their stuff we will provide you with this link to a Swedish site covering everything about Floorball.
Here you can pick either the Ladies Full final or the Males Full final - our hint is to enlarge the picture to full screen and just enjoy the games - maybe you can learn some new tricks, huh?

More on practice 2.1

Austria and ladies in Slovakia

We have the winners in Austria for this season presented here
Further is the Slovakian ladies 2010 Championship determined too

Two excellent reports provided through the IFF, in English

Monday, April 19, 2010

Zorro, the swiss and hockey

Floorball is a big thing in Switzerland and they sure know how to Zorro too.
And Ice Hockey is kind of a related sport we say here - time after time. So what came first the egg or the chicken?

Summary from the male final in Sweden

Sorry but we must link you out otherwise we can not get this to run

And some celebrations for Storvreta the new Champs

San Francisco, CA and a rink

According to tweets on Twitter San Fransisco is raising money for a new Floorball rink.
If someone of you reading this is kind of too rich and want to contribute money to something that is a very good form of exercise - that happens to be the future of sports in America - or if you just want to get ride of some money. Please let us know.
According to Twitter they need another 1600 dollars to get their rink and any contribution is most likely helpful for them.

Toronto Elite Floorball League starts their finals today

Follow this in detail here

Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Movies from the Swedish Super Finals this weekend

Ladies first here is the last minutes from the ladies Swedish final
They will not let us embed this anylonger
But the link worx and it is great Floorball covering the last minutes of the final

And here the shoot-out that decided the winner. Hey watch this and learn cause this is GOOD
courtesy TV4 Sweden....and more to come
We can only say sorry that they will not let us embed this into the site anymore - kind of sandbox ideas in someones mind we think. But we are happy as long as they let you see these links.

The new material from IFF released

Among the new material IFF have uploaded to You Tube just recently, many videos seems to be scrambled or there is a problem with the feed in some way.
Here is however 30 minutes coverage of the Final between Sweden and Switzerland for the Ladies final in WFC in December 2009.
In other words some of the best International Floorball for Ladies so far to date - enjoy.

Well only four people have seen this clip before you at You Tube so enjoy!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Storvreta Swedish Champions

Here is an image sweep from the largest Swedish newspaper.
And hey is that not funny their address to these pictures has been categorized as hockey, and actually right at the place for the national hockey team. Can not answer why.

Here is another major Swedish Newspaper

There is also articles describing how the female team Rönnby won the final despite being behind IKSU 1-5 in that game.

The IFF is moving big moves, like movie moves

It looks like the International Floorball Federation has decided to fill You Tube with a lots of heavy and serious material.
Exciting stuff.
Here is for example a over 2 hour long coverage of the WFC 2008 N.B YOU MUST wait like 50 sek into this movie until the fun starts and this looks like it is only the beginning with material. Have fun!
Cause this is massive stuff in HD!

You can not get better stuff on your TV! This is the best moving images we ever see at You Tube! It does not sound like this have been advertised either - only 28 views tonight...So why not be one of the first to see this.

Friday, April 16, 2010

More practice now at level 2

Here comes Colorado

Big news from Colorado Springs a Floorball Pick-Up League has been formed.
Let us qoute the Colorado website
"Come and play the fast and exciting sport of Floorball! Floorball is a fast paced team sport originating in Europe that is simply described as a safe version of floor hockey. It is played indoors on foot using lightweight plastic composite sticks and a whiffle type ball. The rules are easy to learn and there is no physical contact"

We are doing the same thing here in Tomah, WI - starting this Sunday.
A Grassroot Pick-up League with four teams - all teams open for Pick-Up players.

More Information upon this to follow soon.

Smokin' Hot news on Canada Cup in Canada

To get this out a.s.a.p. we just toss up a link for now - enjoy their site and we promise to cover Canada Cup extensively here at Floorball Hockey U.

By the way some of the very best players ever might play in this years Canada Cup and this is also bound to be the largest and also the best NA tournament ever. Wow and a little super wow too..

More from Floorball Galaxy and the Can-Am team for Canada Cup

Floorball Galaxy is a well known site that covers Floorball around the world and they claim themselves to be the leading source for Floorball news. Since we think it is a good thing to play together with as many players as possible to bring Floorball to the masses, we will join their efforts to bring Floorball closer to USA and North America.
So in the future you will see news from Floorball Galaxy either reposted or linked to from our site too.
We also plan to toss up a twitter gadget from Floorball Galaxy reports via twitter, stay tuned.
Here follows the first repost from Floorball Galaxy about their Can-Am team for Canada Cup, please enjoy:
Floorball is pleased to announce that after its short hiatus, its editor-in-chief, Andrzej Zadora, will be providing site viewers with exclusive coverage of the 2010 Canada Cup during the Victoria Day weekend in Toronto, Ontario.

Andrzej will travel with members of his floorball club, Edmonton Nighthawks FC, to play in the tournament. Since there is not enough players to field a team, the club has joined forces with U.S. players from the Arctic Floorball Monkeys and the Boston Bandyts, who were also interested in playing but could not field a team. All together, with other free agent players, the team will consist of members from Alaska, Alberta, Colorado, D.C., Massachusetts and Vermont.

The team will be called Can-Am United FC, and will play in the intermediate division, with their debut being on May 22nd, 2010 at York University. They will be playing alongside teams such as Montreal's El FuegoCalCo, the Philadelphia StormersCambridge FC, theCarlos BulldogsViking Escapades, and the Striation 6 Striators, as well at the Canadian Women's National Team. The competition will be tough, but Andrzej had this to say:
We have assembled some of the best teams in all of North America to create what we hope will be a competitive, all-star floorball club that can capture the intermediate Canada Cup crown and defeat its competitors. I am confident that we will be a force to be reckoned with and that the team will come together and end up being a presence never seen before at the Canada Cup.
With players from the Boston Bandyts participating in many North American tournaments and placing high, combining with other teams from across the continent will surely propel Can-Am United FC to victory. With many years of floorball experience shared between the team, the club is one of the favorites to capture the intermediate crown.

Visit Floorball in May for exclusive coverage from the Canada Cup!

Big News from China and Finland

At this time of the year it is almost hard to keep track of all news pouring in from the Floorball World.

But we have new Champions in Finland, among the ladies
and from China - as always the IFF cover this material - very good, pls enjoy

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Austin and Dallas teams gather together every year (since 2007) to play for the Texas championship. So far Dallas has won all championship games but the 2010 tournament will be highly interesting since a number of players in Austin has grown due to efforts by Jeff Morris.
Austin has their own league with 6 teams today and play games every Sunday. How good are their players is yet to be seen...

The Dallas team have been practicing twice a week and if they get all of their key players to the tournament another Texas Championship is expected. Last year Joakim Soderbaum
 and Veli Vasala did an excellent job in the offence for Dallas but also defence lines were almost unbreakable.

Texas Shootout will be played in August this year. Exact date and location for this is yet TBD

Other interested teams and or players in Texas is to start to practice and rev up their engines for this Statewide event.

Texas did also last year propose to USAfB
 to arrange the first ever US National Championship something that the USAfB did never pursue.

Since the International federation for Floorball
 IFF according to our understanding now will be demanding "a proper national championship" by 2012 for national teams to be eligible to play in the World Floorball Championship we do hope that the strives to mature such a National tourney will be a reality sooner then later.

It is soon time to jump the guns in Texas, dear friends of Floorball

Outside the Swedish final

Well here is an interesting view from outside of the Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm Sweden.
We bet you will log in here again..
Like check this out on Saturday morning? Maybe?
The ladies play 12.30 local time so it is kind of early and the men play 15.30..

In American it is like 12.30 PM local European time and 3.30 PM local Stockholm time.
On the east coast that is 6 hours ahead of us and you have to check this out from like 6.30 AM to see what we want you to see..kinda
We can only promise you it will be cool around this building early morning this Sat US time.

The ladies is to be found her - we hope

If you can not get this to work try this then

The 5th semifinal from Sweden is here

digg it.. Seems like we have temporary problems - as we go to the site we can see this and get the embed link. On our site it stalls...lets try one more. We have talked to TV4 about feeding abroad before but no clear answer from their side - lets hope it will work soon again

Same here is seems like a bogus set up at TV 4 tonite - but their clean link worx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a day!

We log the second highest numbers of visitors for one day ever - today.
and every visitor spend like almost 4 minutes each here today - it mounts up to a crazy amount of time spent at Floorball Hockey U today - fun stuff!

But that is not the most amazing thing - it is that 12 (update - no - now it is 13) states - more than a quarter of all states in the USA have been at Floorball Hockey U today - and the day is not even over yet - during one day only.

Visiting numbers at Floorball Hockey U will continue to trickle in for a few more hours.
Thank You all for your keen interest and keeping this blog and the interest for the sport of Floorball growing in the USA.

Tomorrow we most likely will serve you an interesting update from Texas.

Finally Indiana arrived - what a thing! The Ballstate is finally with us! Gunter, time to celebrate! They finally did hear about the whiffle ball!
CA has been revving up good lately and is now fourth on our list with many new visitors, a fast jump from 6th position. Good stuff.
But even if both WI and PA are lights years ahead of the rest of you in pure numbers of visits and time spent on this site - both WI and PA show me a problem - we do not get enough new visitors from these states - PLEASE folks in WI and PA share this link to this site with your friends, on facebook, at work, on email or at school since the numbers for NEW visitors is....
NOT GOOD ENOUGH right now in WI and PA. It seems like it the same ol' people coming back day after day. We need fresh meat to make the difference here. We want tp spread Floorball futher and not keep it for ourselves - Floorball is for all!

Fresh stuff from Switzerland

This vid had zero hits as we found it - it will go up! Bet YA!

Brasil, Jesus and Floorball

We say this is a match.
Or as they say in Europe - Floorball is for all.

And we do hope that this Brazilian group starts a team soon, gets their own national federation going and starts to fight with Canada and USA about the only spot in the World Floorball Championships for teams from North America!

A site for coaches

Here is a cool site only for Floorball coaches in Singapore.

Who will put up a similar site for North America - Yo?

They are backed up by their govenment - not bad huh
Seems like they got it right done over there.
Rest assured we are certain it will be done here too - sooner or later - and we vote for sooner, for now.

The France league has a winner for the season

Here is an excellent article about the wrap up in the French league.
As always some of the very best best news covered in English by the IFF.

We also saw somewhere that IFF will ramp up their own web solution - something we look forward to as much as Christmas.
At the same time we wonder how they can make this any better.
Please bookmarks the IFF site today.

And stay tuned more is on its way

The Czech winner has been reported

In game 5 Tatran won the Czech final over Vitkovice. We do not have any images from this game as of yet - but what about a full length from earlier of this year as Tatran is playing some good ball_

Další videa naleznete na

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Clown or not?

This is Danne Bron-Sunbom and a remarkable penalty that many has said much about.
The same man took his team to the Swedish final by scoring four goals in one game this week against the team that everyone thought they would see playing the final.
So what will he do in the final this Weekend?

More from fesakondrej - practice 1.9

Blog performance

Just an update on our Blog performance:
Wisconsin is in top and not even close to be challenged anymore.
PA is new at second place just ahead of MN
Illinois, Texas and California rounds of our top six most visiting states.

Newly added visiting states are Rhode Island, Delaware, Utah and Mississippi.

It is only a few states to go now in the US and in Europe all countries beside of Albania more or less have visited this blog.
Thank You all for making this possible.

The latest on Canada Cup 2

Here is a list of teams that signed up so far + it is only two days until final deadline for signing up.

Elite :: SKP Nymburk (Czech Republic), Georgian National Team (Republic of Georgia), Ottawa Blizzard (Canada), Dunnville Floor Dogs (Dunnville), Team Canada U-19 Selects, XStream IBK, Floorball Club of Toronto...
Intermediate :: El Fuego (Montreal), CalCo (USA), Canadian Women's National Team, Vikings (Toronto), Toronto Bulldogs, Philadelphia Floorball, Cambridge Floorball Club, Striation 6 Striators (Toronto), Innebandy Chicago (USA), CAN-AM United FC (USA/Canada), Sherwood Saints (Hamilton), iMove FC (Toronto), Young Guns IBK (Montreal)...
Rec :: Texas United (USA), YFL Knights (Aurora), Mississauga Red Devils, No Ma'am (Toronto)...
Ladies :: Ottawa Blizzard, Minneapolis 612 (USA), DFC (Toronto), GWB (Toronto)...
High School :: Sir Winston Churchill (Hamilton), St. Paul Secondary School (Mississauga), Albion (Toronto), Moira (Belleville), Father Michael McGivney (Richmond Hill)
Bantam :: Mississauga Red Devils, Toronto Sharks, North York Bolts, Belle River, Salems Panthers (Sweden), Salems Cobras (Sweden), Camilla Cougars...
Atom & Peewee :: Ottawa Junior Blizzard x2, Mississauga Red Devils, Denlow Steins (Toronto), Belle River...

So do not sit there grab the phone and sign up now!

Party time in Sweden - CRAZY FRIDAY

It seems like train stations is the big thing in the Floorball world right now. This Friday the Centralstationen in Stockholm Sweden will be turned into a full festivity place for Floorball with games and activities all day long as some kind of a warm up session for the Swedish male and female finals being played this Saturday on a sold out arena - well it is the Ericsson Globe arena and the largest indoor arena available in Sweden.
And yes even if Floorball is based upon grassroots players and that the sport is for all - its pros have enough attraction power to fill Swedens largest indoor arena many days ahead of the games for the Swedish finals.

Monday, April 12, 2010

CALCUP 2010 in California!

It is time for the 10th Annual Floorball invitational in Fresno.

It all happens April 24th, 2010 at the Hoover High School Gymnasium

Anyone wants to go? Only 12 days to go!

Here is a few lines from the President Mr. Wilburn of the Fresno Floorball federation about the upcoming Calcup 2010. Mr. Wilburn is by the way the man that shoots in this recent picture from Fresno as he is aiming for a goal.

"Our California Cup is now in its tenth year! We were started by current US Floorball Association President Jan Erik Paris as the very first North American floorball tournament. Over the years we've attracted teams from all across the country, but mostly from California. We've also been lucky enough to have quite a few international participants. Calcup 2010 will be a one day event with scheduling to be determined later based on the number of team entries.
Fresno, California is home to the very first floorball league in the United States. We have no delusions about our lack of grandeur, but we're happy that we have four official teams with official rosters playing weekly inside regulation boards and overseen by two referees. We're in our second 10 week season in participation with Fresno Parks and Recreation and we are starting to see signs of increased interest in the community."
So the Tomah WI Parks & Rec is in a group together with the Fresno Park and Rec - doing good stuff for Floorball.

We also have asked the folks out in CA about pictures or videos from this event and we hope to be able to share this with you as the game begins.

Winners from Estonia!

Slideshow from Finland

Here is a flicker slideshow from Finland as the Champs got crowned

SSV Helsinki won and here is a good article on the subject from IFF

Sedin won the points league in NHL - is he a Floorballer?

Henrik Sedin won this years points league in NHL - and yes we claim that both him as well as his brother - like all Swedish and Finnish children.... as well as many players from the Czech Republic and Slovakia in NHL....We say...
If anyone in this exclusive group are not raised with Floorball as kids in school...then we say and claim that they all have tried it beside of their hockey in other ways.

According to us - much too many Americans have never tried Floorball.  Any PE teacher out there reading this?

Enjoy a magic hat trick moment from the NHL - from someone - we say played Floorball in school - D Sedin.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Swiss league was won today

As we wait for moving pitures we can share this with you as we wait

It all starts with hockey

Can-Am United Floorball Club - our first post.

Well our first post is not really a post it is a link to a very interesting Team for us to follow in the upcoming Canada Cup 2010.
Here is a good Wiki upon this.... already legendary team

We will serve you more about this - it is our promise

Freebandy again

Well is it related to Floorball?
And is Floorball related to Hockey?
And did the egg come before the chick? Or did the chicken produce the egg.....
here is freebandy..

Lets continue with some tedious practice

Is it not boring so say...

Norskedalen Wisconsin

We will go to Norskedalen in Wisconsin to show case to them how to shoot that ball into a goal on Midsummer in June.
It is just about some cultural exchange - inventions made in the USA - development in Scandinavia - and to regain the sport to the USA.
As a merciful act of cultural exchange. What can be better for the sake of Floorball, for US citizens, for the cultural connections and for the local hockey team?

We do not know.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Soft Hands

Dude, it is Soft Hands

A New Sport does not have many legends

But here is two of them.
It is a lot of Finnish but they to speak some English later on and these ol' men do know on how to play that Ball.

Big News from Belleville Canada

 The Intelligencer a local Canadian News paper just reported that they will start a new league - Floorball League that is - up in Belleville Canada.
They are looking for 40 players to fill this league.
Floorball has been played only a year in Belleville at the Moira school.
Our friends the Canadiens are fully convinced about the hockey benefits and are now expanding their efforts and their Floorball operations. GOOD FOR THEM!

Good stuff I hope we can see the same development here in the US midwest to veeeery soooooooon.
Here is the latest from Canada upon Floorball

Friday, April 9, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is probably the Worlds best Female Club

They are now revving up their engine for the chase for Gold in the Swedish finals. IKSU is their name.

Ping Pong

We have earlier discussed the relationship between Floorball and several other sports. As we once again will look into the relationship between Tabletennis and Floorball, since we have a new video to show you - we now think about the similarities of speed and the very light weight ball used in Floorball as well as in Tabletennis.
In this clip you can spot two gentlemen that together won like ten World Championships in Tabletennis and several other golden medals including Olympic gold.

Jan-Ove Waldner is considered to be one of the best Tabletennis players ever - if not the best - and it is said that he is the most well known foreign athlete in China - all sports counted.

In this clip he loose a game of Floorball together with Mikael Appelgren - a man that have four of the ten Gold medals from Tabletennis World Championships as mentioned earlier - now both play here in the Floorball team Datacom.

So Floorball is truly for everyone.


Today Chinas first Floorball portal opened up - here
The fact is - it is so new so you will most likely be one of their first visitors as you follow the link.

Girls, 17 Championship Sweden

From Today

Who can beat this Guy?

You try it - film it and we will post it - if you let us know about it.

Norwegian Ladies

It is soon time for the womens U19 world championships - to be played in the Czech Republic.
As the preparations for this tourney goes on they recently published a very good team presentation on Norway including a little historical description. To be read here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Training

From Fesakondrej

A Stick Buying Guide,

So what is important as You want to buy your first Floorball stick?

First and foremost you must have a stick that you like - meaning it must look good enough so you feel good about it. And most of todays entry level sticks - they do look good.
For many players this also mean that you take the step up from the most basic sticks that normally is used in school sets and similar packages. As you decide to play with your own personal stick you do not want to play with a sand grip or other basic solutions like just a basic plastic maybe too wobbly pipe.

The rule of thumb is otherwise that a Floorball stick should reach up to, or just over, your belly button as you put the blade on the floor. Children's sticks can be slightly longer as compared to their belly button position. 
Yes, this is way shorter than any Ice Hockey stick and somewhat awkward for many Hockey players. Therefore many Hockey players prefer to use a slightly longer stick, just above 40 Inches. The main bulk of Floorball sticks sold are otherwise about 38 Inches long.
In theory a shorter stick makes you faster but the longer stick will provide you with a better reach.

You must buy a stick that is either lefty or righty since the blade is designed for either side. This is crucial. If you are a lefty player and buy a righty stick you will not be able to play very well since the stick blade is shaped for optimum performance on either side. So you must know what side you play on. Righty means that your right hand is closest to the blade as you hold the stick with two hands.
As you may have seen some players take their stick to the toaster or the heat gun to shape their blade with a little bowl to increase ball control - Do you as a beginner want to do that? Well our advice is that treatment like that might destroy the blade too - so it it wise to try out things like this as you are the proud owner of two sticks. And why not try to make serious alterations on your first stick when you buy your second stick? While the second new one is still intact. But to slightly improve the blade you can definitely try to hook the blade, maybe just by bending with your own hands, but as you do this try to play with it and do not do this too much - there is a legal limit on how much a stick can be hooked, to be used in games to0. And too much of a hook can also make the stick even harder to play with.
The other option is to later on put on a new blade, like a zorro designed blade to do some nice tricks with the stick.
Stick blades are also designed with curvature for the face and the cavity. The face describes the bend of the blade in its long way and cavity describes the curvature from the floor to the top of the blade and a larger cavity makes it easier to shoot higher but you might loose some of your passing abilities by using a blade with high cavity.

For a beginner our judgement is that the flex of the stick is not too important. A lower flex number provides you with a harder stick that in theory shot harder and a softer stick (and blade) provides more ball control. This is however also something that is related to you own "soft hands". The general advice is that as a beginner you should aim for a softer stick (with a higher flex number) but the most important thing is that you get a stick that is not too stiff to begin with. However the general advice is that for beginners this is not a large matter. Normally flex is measured in between 24 to 30. But remember that a shorter stick get more stiff - in the case you decide to shorten your own stick as some kind of alteration to your stick.

Weight, is that important. In theory it is since with a lighter stick you might play much faster. But normally this is so small differences so you will not notice the different weight between a very light stick and a more sturdy one. However as we understand the stick market of today - it seems like very lightweight sticks has been performing very well and it seems to be an important stick feature for many players. So do not ignore the weight completely.

The grip - is very important. But with most sticks you can buy extra material and develop your stick with a new grip as you have played with the stick for some time. You do want to avoid an old grip that dries up on you and does not make the stick - stick in your hands.

So how much should I pay? We think that the first stick should be a good decent stick - do not buy something that is extremely advanced as your first stick - it is better to upgrade later on as you learn the game. A true good and decent entry level stick is for instance Salmings Varsity stick - and if you are lucky you might even find it as a model that is not just this years model but a year old or something. It brings the price down slightly and you will still be the owner of a very good decent Floorball stick. This is more a matter of what your plans are - do you plan to play for several seasons - pay a bit more and get something more advanced. But otherwise try to start out with something that is geared towards the entry level.
Many stick manufacturers makes very advanced sticks for the more mature European markets and thus these sticks tend to be not only advanced but also rather expensive. Our advice is that you as a beginner tries to begin playing with a stick that is more basic and upgrade from there as you grow as a player. It is also a fun feeling to upgrade to an advanced stick as you feel that you have an idea on how the game is played and you do feel that your hands are soft and you now how to shoot that ball so it makes the swoosh sound as it breaks through the air. In dollars you should expect to pay anything in-between 40 to 100 for your first decent beginner stick.

The last important thing is that you place your order with Floorball Planet and tell them Code MICHAEL.
Since that will provide us with a little kick-back for the information published at Floorball Hockey U.

It is like when the Beatles played a roof top in London

Euro Floorball Tour is a tournament that will be played at the Central Train Station in Zurich Switzerland to celebrate the Swiss Federations 25th anniversary between April 23-25th, in other words in a couple of days.

Sweden, Finland, The Czech Republic as well as Switzerland will be participating.

Here is a link to a page describing this in German and you can see how they started to build for this event too

The Floorball Book

In the case You do not like blogs and prefer books here it is.
It is a book full on everything you need to know on Floorball. It is licences under the creative commons licence so it seems to be rather shareable and rather free of charge.
You can either read it online, or download a PDF of it - or even download it to your electronic reader as a Kindle or something.
And the best of all - it is all in English.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One of the most beautiful Floorball presentations

Comes from the Czech Republic and involves wheelchairs

Exciting news from PA

Exciting news! There will be a 3 on 3 floorball tournament at the Oakdale
Community Center Gym right here in Pittsburgh on May 8th starting at 9am.
Contact us for further information if you are in the area.

Counterstrike and Floorball?

Click on the headline and it will take you to an interview with one of the best Counterstrike players.
Guess what he wants to do as a hobby when he does not play Counterstrike?
Maybe something for the folks in Dallas to follow up on...

10 Minutes from WFC Q - Poland

Back in Germany

A Zorro tribute to Germany

Saturday, April 3, 2010

From the Czech Republic

Here is one and a half hour of Top Floorball from the Czech League March 23rd 2010.
Our recently closed poll showed that most of you prefer full length games right?

Další videa naleznete na

Finals in Europe

As we wait for the finals in many European leagues.
Here is a little look in the rear mirror - last years final game in the Swedish Super League SSL for the 09 Championship.

FBL a new little demo movie of penalties

Here is a new little demonstration movie upon the up-coming Floorball game for PC that will be released next winter. The game is still called FBL-09.

Short Update from SLL

Warberg wins in sudden death, and the semi in the Swedish Super League is 1-1 in games out of five.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!