Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Here is another wild gadget for your cell phone that counts and tracks your practice.
There is several versions for dribbling and other kinds of practice activities related to Floorball.
This one we decided to show you keeps track of how the ball bounces on the top of your blade.
Wild? Yes.
Is there an Ice Hockey version too? Yes - click the headline.

The Perfect School set

Here is the perfect school set from Floorball Planet.
Stick are made by Salming and it provides you with all you need the day You are ready to dive into Floorball.
But do remember Code MICHAEL as you place your order!

The Swiss Final starts today

In a series of 7 games the Swiss Floorball Champions will be determined.
The first game is on today.
Here you can follow updates on this game

Game 4 in this series will be available online as a webcast. Hopefully we might be able to link you up to that game in a couple of days.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Believe only what you see!

This is Järfälla - one of the best Floorball teams in the world - probably since they do play in the highest league in Sweden, the Swedish Super League.
Now put them all in wheelchairs and let them play against one of the best Wheelchair Floorball teams from Nacka in Sweden and who wins?
Nacka did 6-3...but hey in what other sport would you see this? Enjoy!

Highlights from SSL - one of the last reg games this season

Todays best News from USA Hockey

Since we today got it confirmed via Facebook that USA Hockey - within their ADM program now use Floorball as a tool for off-ice practice in Colorado Springs within their Youth Hockey program...

We pick that as todays largest news story.

It is maybe not as gigantic leap for Hockey at this time - but it is a first step in the right direction to find ownership for the question on who will bring Floorball to the US School System.
And anything that takes a step in the direction of Floorball in School - is what we determine to be a gigantic leap for us.
The Eagle has not yet landed - but we are sure it will.

So you - now reading this - why do you think they do this in Colorado Springs?
And why not in your local Hockey club?...Or when.... maybe is a more appropriate question?
Think about it.

Floorball for ALL

This is one of the most incredible sites we have ever seen.
It is a program - non profit - that is aimed at less fortunate areas in the world on how to get started in Floorball to avoid drugs and other problems among the youth.

Not too many other sports have this power built in - we think...

We hope to write way more about Floorball for all soon.


This is a serious promotion film from Germany. They are famous to do things very thoroughly in Germany - this movie too it is like 10 minutes long and kind of heavy and a bit too German to me.
But they know why Floorball is good in Germany too.

Something for Juha, Jukka and Salming!

This page is in Polish.,doc,pol,oferta,23,0,2863,1,promocja,ant.html

It is the history of the hockey player Anders Börje Salming.

So if you did not know too much about Salming - go there + use an online translator and viola... your life will be enriched.
You will see how he played in the Maple Leafs and how he was severely injured too and how he picked up Floorball after his hockey career was over.

I have to link you out since I am not certain about the copyright to use these pictures - so it is not just laziness to translate this material from Polish.

And thanks Juraj for diggin' this out for us

Facebook to the Olympics

Another link you might want to sign up for:
At facebook Floorball to the Olympics.

Summerbandy or Floorball outdoors

Here is an interesting Norwegian link to a tourney outside - cool Huh?

Well Floorball is called Innebandy in Swedish and in Norwegian too so as it is played outside it is called sommerbandy - sommer is the same as summer.

Facebook and ADM USA Hockey

Now please log onto your facebook page and then become a member of the fan page for the American Development Model at USA Hockey.

Then you go to this link

And you can see for Yourself what they say about Floorball in school.

Enjoy - we might post this here later on - just have to get an OK if we can repost what they say first.

Only hours left to vote on our poll

So scroll down this page and cast your vote

Best warm up ever seen

This is Poland doing warm up at w WFC 2009

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lots of old clips but a super compilation enjoy!

Hockey and Zorro

Here comes a picture of Salming himself....Do not know who he is - look him up at like wikipedia or something.
Together with the first Canadian female Floorball player (Sonia H) able to do zorro. Click the headline pls!

The Church in Urkraine

They seem to understand the value of Floorball - hm now what about US churches?

More from Slovakia

Weell, you know a bunch of very very good Ice hockey players like gaborik, the hossa brothers...
comes from Slovakia and here is Floorball too

Slideshow from Slovakia

 A dear friend of ours has sent us this - it is a cool slideshow from the highest league in Slovakia.

Floorball on MTV

Check it out

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Storvreta in Swedish

It is very Swedish - but some cool moves to in between the talk.
This is just before the play-off in other words now!
And hey an American company is the main sponsor for this team... Storvreta.
As we publish this only 19 people have seen this...some high lights too hang on...
IT is fast and eh..
Hey, grab that big Mac and think a moment about golden arches - enjoy.


If now Floorball is such a large sport as we try to inform all of you about here - should they not have betting on Floorball too... as they have on like Soccer in Europe?

Dude - Ya bet YA!

Can't be more Finnish than this

So if you do not know Finnish ignore the talk see the images - and hey there is a Floorball "ZAMBONI" going around too.

Friday, March 26, 2010

From The Czech league tomorrow Saturday

This game starts at 19.30 local Czech time

Bundesliga Floorball in Germany

Tomorrow Saturday at local time 15.45 you can follow this link to see one of the final games in the German Bundesliga for Floorball.
Sa 27.03.2010 - 15:45 Uhr
Red Devils wernigerode vs. UHC Sparkasse Weissenfels

Click on the red box on their Floorball portal after the time and it should work

At 10.30 this morning from Finland

We link you out to a live game here that starts at 10.20 local Central US time this morning.
We are not yet sure if this will work - if not this post will be removed.
But at 10:20 AM today a game in the Finnish Salibany Playoff will start it is a game between SSV and Classic.

From Finland with love

He is just 14 but better than good we say


The Veterans Administration

Would definitely need this!
It is beautiful...

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here is a supercool vid on Floorball in wheelchairs....
Sorry no embed code so we must link you out it is very very good!


As you might know the grandfather of most Floorball activity in CANADA is behind Floorballpro.
This is what they say about their facebook page:

FloorballPro Inc. Thanks for spreading the word about FloorballPro on facebook! This week we got 11 new fans (104 total Fans), 4 Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes this week (5 last week) and had 50 Visits to your page this week (52 Visits last week).

We still have problems to access this fan page / so tell us if you are able to visit and become a fan - I do not yet know how to do that.

Let's Move USA

This is exactly what we just did send to the Let's Move organisation for USA:


Please benchmark what they do in schools in Europe about Floorball.
It is safe, inclusive, fun, self-motivational and makes kids run like crazy after an American invented ball using sticks based upon an American invention too.

Please go to Sweden or Finland and study this phenomena.
Call them today and talk Floorball - it is the future in US schools too.
It is one of the fastest growing sports right now. It is the perfect school sport! is just only a place to start!

It is safe, inclusive, affordable, fun and does not discriminate upon tallness like basketball or volleyball.


Amazing Android Phone

Here is a very new clip from Singapore showing girls having some fun. But the amazing is that this clip has been uploaded from an Android camera telephone. Does it not look good? Just a phone call away almost.

Two and a half hours of the best there is

Enjoy it is good!

Set of movies about shooting

Here is a manufacturer site that does not provide the embed code - it means we have to link you out.
Please come back though!
You will find some nice high speed camera pictures from shooting "da" ball right here!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Burning news from the Sun

We have said earlier that the most important news is from Osceola, WI.

Here comes a full local paper work up from the local SUN newspaper!

This is what Roger say beside of the article:

"the kids and teachers love it!
i m giving floorball lessons to 6. 7. 8. graders from monday to thursday"


More from the Czech Republic

ahh music is not as good as floorball zorro
turn it down or mute and like the trix instead


Plus personne parle Francais en Canada nest pas?
Ecote mes amies ecote

Monday, March 22, 2010

Floorball in Vancouver

Our dear friend Greg, from Vancouver have the following to report now after the Olympics

I guess we are in demand, this week alone we have received request and calls from Vancouver Thunderbirds, North Van Minor Hockey, West Van Minor Hockey, Richmond Minor Hockey and the publication Hockey Now, and schools Rockridge, Britannia, Sentinel. Hockey Parents are calling stating that 'the word is out' about Floorball

People on this side of the Atlantic seem to realize the magic of Floorball - we predict it will be here big!

Update Blogging

Sorry for the lack of blog posts over the weekend.
Some unrelated matters came in the way for us providing this site with news and updates from the Floorball world.

Blogging during this week might be sparse too - since we are engaged in another activity that will ask for very much effort, work and we do have a fixed deadline to meet this Thursday evening.

On the local news side:
In todays Modays local News Paper "The Tomah Journal" the main sports article was about Floorball!

Friday, March 19, 2010

San Francisco, CA

Preliminary reports are in that they will start to play Floorball at Treasure Island in CA
Through Twitter we learn the following:

Tuesdays in your Floorball schedule!! We will play at YMCA Treasure Island every Tuesday 7:30PM - 9:30PM. Starting March 23rd.
This is a recreational group.

So if you live in the SF area go for it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Young Boys

Got some personal reasons for this post

Nine goals in one game - by the same player

The quality is bad - but still it is worth to show here..

The Logotype Race

This Logotype is by some Canadians considered to be one of the most beautiful of all Floorball Logo's.
We tend to agree.
Show us if you have something even more cool!

NB. We only link to this images original location and if the proper owner of this art is not pleased with us showing this work here - please let us know and we will remove it immediately

More from SSL

Enjoy - but a warning some viewers claim that the last part has been removed.
still it is a heck of very much good Floorball courtesy of TV4 in Sweden

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grace only for Ladies

Here is information about a NEW Swedish mag - only for girls - about Floorball.
Can this maybe give some fellow Americans some ideas about the dimension or size of this sport in Sweden?

As a sport that grows second to only Soccer in size in like 30 years - well it is no doubt that the girls should have their own thick periodical about this game.

And viola this is is the full version of this periodical 64 pages in full color - If you can not read Swedish look at the pages and think how we can take this forward here in the US too?

But remember this time only for girls!

Janne Tähkä

He is a legend for many Floorballers.

So we asked him the following:

Do you think we should use exchange students from Sweden and Finland to get floorball going big in the USA?

Mr Tähkä replies like this:
I’m sure it would help to get floorball going in Universities, although I’m sure they already have something going on. It’s surely the right way to go forward to have the sport known among kids in schools.

Well the interview was done by the organisation in Finland arranging the male WFC 2010 next December. Something that is the largest sporting event in Finland this year.

So we are not 100% pleased and still thinks this:

Hey, they missed our follow up question - on how Mr. Täkhä can help to push IFF in the direction to use exchange student to kick start Floorball in the USA. I also want Mr. Täkhä to further develop this part of his answer: "although I’m sure they already have something going on"
Could he more specific tell us what that is - that we already have? Our opinion is that we do not have what he thinks we have and that is why it is so utterly important to get this going on a larger and much more systematic scale. 

Floorball Hockey U

Lets Play Hockey Expo in Minnesota

FloorballPlanet participated in the Minnesota Let's Play Hockey Expo (12-13 March 2010).
Once again, floorball was seen as exciting new sport (in USA) that is great for schools and ice hockey organizations.
A great number of new potential players wanted to know where to play floorball? Check out Minnesota Floorball facebook pages for more information. Our group packages of floorball equipment were seen as great and low cost way to start the game.
MN expo was a great experience, we made lots of new floorball friends and will definitely go again next year!
- FloorballPlanet -

Let's do a little re-cap on Ice Hockey and Floorball

- Today we posted a video showing the Russian National Ice Hockey team preparing to go to the Olympics in Vancouver by playing Floorball. We posted a clip showing Sergei Fedorov (Washington Capitals) and some other players on his team playing Floorball.
Well, the Russian national male team is just ranked by the IIHF to be the worlds second best national team in Ice Hockey.

- We have earlier shown how three Swedish Ice Hockey teams in the highest Swedish Ice Hockey league use Floorball for off-ice practice - by posting video on this site. HV71, Djurgårdens IF and Linköpings HC.
This is how it looks for these three Ice Hockey teams right now March 16th 2010:
2Djurgårdens IF55+3192
3Linköpings HC55+2492
They are placed first, second and third - what do you know - kind of.

- Almost a Year ago we showed another team from the Swedish top league, Frölunda and how they played a game against the one of the best Floorball teams in Sweden, Pixbo - and how Ulf Dahlen played for Frölunda - yes the sport they played was Floorball.

- We have also mentioned that all Canadian Hockey skills academies is using Floorball.

- We have posted instructional videos from on how to use Floorball for Off-ice hockey practice

- We have quoted players like Gaborik, Sundin, Salming and more on what they think about Floorball and its relationship to Ice Hockey.

Do you need something more to be convinced?
Tell us - cause we would not be surprised if we would be able to dig out exactly what you think you need to start Floorball in the USA.
It is like a piece of pie - American pie...

From a school in the Czech Republic

It is tight, it is with goalies..

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Old stuff - But from Quebec and on TV

This is eons ago from 2007 about when Floorball is waking up in Canada

Sergei Fedorov plays Floorball

OK, it is in German. And the picture disappears too
But it looks like Sergei Fedorov from Washington Capitals is playing Floorball with the national russian Ice Hockey team right?
Why do you think he is doing that?
We know why - because we do play Floorball ourselves!

Monday, March 15, 2010

The latest on Canada Cup

The 2010 Canada Cup Floorball Championship is filling up fast. Today (Monday, March 15th) is the last day to register and take advantage of early bird registration rates.

Here is a look at some of the teams that have already signed up:

Elite : SKP Nymburk (Czech Republic), Georgian National Team (Republic of Georgia), Ottawa Blizzard (Canada), Dunnville Floor Dogs (Dunnville)...
Intermediate : El Fuego (Montreal), CalCo (USA), Canadian Women's National Team, Vikings (Toronto), Toronto Bulldogs, Philadelphia Floorball, Cambridge Floorball Club, Striation 6 Striators (Toronto)...
Rec : Mississauga Red Devils...
Ladies : no registrations yet...
High School : Sir Winston Churchill (Hamilton), St. Paul Secondary School (Mississauga), Albion (Toronto), Moira (Belleville)
Bantam : Mississauga Red Devils, Toronto Sharks, North York Bolts...
Atom & Peewee : Ottawa Junior Blizzard, Mississauga Red Devils, Denlow Steins (Toronto), Belle River

Update from Northwest Wisconsin

Here is the latest statement from a high school up in Northwest Wisconsin:

"was at the school today
teachers really like it
gonna give floorball lessons next week!"

More to follow soon...but apparently the sticks have arrived!

ON-LINE TV from last rounds in the Czech League

Hey hare is two links to four different games in the last round of the Czech League.
Quarter finals!
See and learn - this is how big time Floorball is supposed to be played.

Here is lacko from Slovakia

Maybe a kind of hefty hook on his stick and I wonder if I not would ask the "ref" to measure his stick.
This is how the rule worx in a broad term - without reading the law book. You can have a hook on your stick that is maximum 30 millimeters (just slightly more then one inch) as you play in a game - measured from the floor as the stick lay on the floor.. If you ask the ref to measure a stick - You will get a penalty if the stick is found to be legal. If it is illegal the player with the stick will get the 2 minute penalty and he must continue to play with another stick or change his stick to become legal.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A new step to 10.000 hours

Denmark we love YOU!

If you go to this place you will find that everything we write is linked up as news at Floorball News in Denmark.
Not bad huh?

Canada Cup - Floorball update

The Canada Cup - the largest Floorball tournament in North America has one more day of cheaper sign up fees..
Already has the following teams signed up for the tournament that hopes to attract 100 teams this year in May. Here is the Team names:

SKP Nymburk
El Fuego
Sir Winston Churchill
Georgian floorball national team
Ottawa Junior Blizzard
Ottawa Blizzard
Mississauga Red Devils x3
Denlow Steins
Cambridge Floorball Club
Dunnville Floor Dogs
Moira Trojans
Belle River
St. Paul Secondary School
Women's Team Canada
Toronto Sharks

It takes 10.000 Hours

What do you do when there is no coaching education in USA available for Floorball? Well, we took this week a class as a Coach arranged by the Wisconsin Soccer organisation.
Maybe it was not the perfect class and maybe most things could have been done better but still it gave us some good insights in coaching a sport. And, hey Soccer is not a bad one - it happens to be the worlds largest sport - with nothing even close to it.

The most memorable thing though was as the instructor told us, as some kind of a ad hoc statement:
"- It takes 10.000 hours to be good at anything - whatever you want to do".

Let's say you work 40 hours a week or roughly 160 hours a month. In rough numbers it gives you almost some 2000 hours a year, if you do not take a vacation. So if you play Floorball full time for 5 to 6 years you will become very good at it - and probably as good as you can get.

I do think I now understand why some of the players I play with wants to play even more. And doing so for like ten years - as Floorball might hit the Olympics - well we might have a few players readily available to play in the Olympic Floorball tournament...
What to do first? You take that whiffle ball and go out there practice some more! Or time is running out!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

How to Kick start Floorball in the USA

This is the deal: Floorball is large in Europe - and in some countries it is a massive modern movement.
So how can we get USA involved in this movement. Let us take a closer look on the reality here...

"A Tentative Suggestion or The Missionary plan"

First - Why is it important to get Floorball going at a larger scale in the USA?

This basic question raise several components worth a discussion.

A) The most obvious is that the sport might become Olympic by 2020 and since Chicago missed its bid for the summer games in 2016 and Minneapolis may be a strong contender for the 2020 games - it may make the question rather urgent...
Other components to this question is that it is hard to consider USA as a country among any other smaller country in the global perspective. This is more about a continent - maybe one must target or treat a few states within the USA in the same way as other countries are being supported in the larger International perspective?

Further - there is a strong Ice Hockey culture in the USA as well as a living Field Hockey ot Floor Hockey culture. This also means that several forms of more odd emulations of hockey takes place here - as well as in Canada as You use your European eyes, see also comments under F.

B) The US national Floorball teams and Olympic organization needs a basic foundation to build strong national teams here in America

C) For the sake of good International Floorball - numbers like 28-1 at w WFC games, last December between Sweden-USA, is not sustainably healthy for the sport - in particular - in the good sportsmanship global dimension of the sport

D) The US school system, churches other organizations etcetera needs a though sport that is motivational fun and increases physical workout in the school system and also fights over weight and obesity - as an extra and additional health tool

E) The potential market is almost larger than life

F) The US Ice Hockey operation will most likely need the same basic sport in school as the vehicle of introduction to Hockey - as in Europe without foam blades or other raw versions of off-ice hockey rules and balls/pucks as it looks like in USA as of today. This might also be a fall pit. First, many schools in the US or similar organizations do believe that some current emulations of Hockey might be dangerous and have the potential to destroy or damage Gym-floors. Something that sadly carries over to Floorball too. Second, the other component is that this strong tradition of Hockey emulated Floor Hockey (or other versions) might be so founded in conservative thinking that even if it seems like a slam dunk to introduce the sport of Floorball - maybe this market demand much more to be won? A situation that might bring fierce competition from these activities to the plate.

G) In the case of Floorball being introduced to the US school systems there is further an opportunity to mandate the use of protective eye wear - something that could contribute to minimize the annual number of some 40000 eye injuries from other sports (8500 related to basketball only) in the United States every year. This if the case is that protective eye wear would be available and mandated to all pupils in the school system.
It might be tricky to sell Floorball as the safer school alternative. Floorball can as many other sports be linked to eye injuries and knee injuries in females after puberty. A certain number of people is hurt as they step on a stick and fall.
However as a comparison to the four large US sports American Football, Baseball, Basket and Ice Hockey. Only Basketball looks like a match to the safe features of Floorball and both being non contact safer sports.
This is an important issue since some local legislation in USA is related to if a sport is considered to be contact or non-contact.

The main idea in any introduction plan must therefore be to include eye wear to make them mandatory in the US as you play Floorball in school settings - cause this would not add one new activity with additional risk for eye injuries - instead it would have the potential to lower injuries from Basketball in the US too - if protective eye wear becomes readily available in school settings - 8500 eye injuries per year is today the estimated and rather high number related to Basketball only in the USA.

Who owns the question of a broad introduction of Floorball to the US School system?
It is the utterly most important part of this suggestion text and the part that needs to be developed first. At this point we do not have the answer to this.


The Missionary Plan
This is a viable solution that asks for development, management, control and it needs a few instruments of information/communication. Most things to be used is already in existence and/or place - it all must only to be linked together and managed.
Yes, time must be devoted to this project.

The entities we mention in this suggestion is IFF - the International Floorball Federation
USAfB - the Corresponding US Federation, others mentioned should be known by the reader.

Religion has been spread by missionaries - Floorball can do exactly the same thing in USA. The missionaries are already in place - or on their way - all the time - as exchange students. It is just to capitalize on the reality by formalizing and secure a few routines as well as to quality assure these routines.

Step One)
IFF asks four of the dominant Floorball nations and their National Federations to investigate the following in respective nation:
Identify 25 young players in each country that play Floorball at a decent high level. These young people must meet the following two criteria:

A) They are either on their way as exchange students to USA or have plans to do so in the very near future.

B) They must know the sport well and they must be able to hold a presentation in English about Floorball. This means that they are able to "apply" for positions as "Floorball Missionary Individuals" to the USA.The recruiting process should further be aimed for students with plans to study at a College or University with either an Ice Hockey or Field Hockey Team playing for a school in USA (a cultural link). High schools must also be considered.
The "certification" of these students can be done by the local national club that the same student is a member of. He or she must perform a Floorball presentation in English in front of their own club to pass this test and become authorized. The student must also be equipped with presentation material - to be preferred on-line presentations that can not disappear or get damaged in transport or travel, like Google documents videos from You Tube or similar places. A set of printed material would also contribute to the success of this mission - and "the learn start play" printed matter from IFF is essential. Most of this material are interestingly enough already in place.

Another option is to ask American exchange students in the USA to apply for a Floorball Missionary certification as they study in Europe. Or actively search for American students in different Hockey groups or similar target groups in the US and actively recruit these American students to like schools in maybe Sweden with Floorball as a part of education? This solution should probably be owned by European Floorball Schools or Universities.

Ideas for Step One)
There are several Floorball schools in Sweden. Students in these programs appear like the perfect hunting ground for a few of these first Missionaries?

Since we talk more about a continent, than a single country, as we discuss USA a suggestion would be to focus this activity - to start with - towards four dominant "US Ice Hockey States" with close proximity to each other as well as to Ontario in Canada, since Floorball is growing steadily up there.
Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan plus the state of New York looks perfect for this mission.

One way of doing this would be to let each European country be responsible for one state: and even let them compete in some fashion?

Step Two)
An official letter is sent out from IFF as well as from USA Floorball Federation (both are official senders) to each school (To the school Principal as well as to the Athletics director) to inform them that they have an incomparable opportunity of change and the possibility of introducing a brand new International "school sport" - maybe to be Olympic sport - at their campus and at other Elementary and Middle schools in their local school area. All this since a special trained student will study at their School for a semester or a year. This letter should also link to a website introducing Floorball or the learn start play PDF material from IFF.

This letter should be sent out two months or so before the student leaves for USA.

This letter should further point out that the only cost for the introduction of this new sport would be a set of school Floorball sticks (and protective eye wear - if they does not already exist) it is recommended that the school have this in place before this student expert arrives. As well as a pair of small goals. It is further recommended that a PTO or other funding system at the school is used to cover for the costs of this introductionary PE material. In this letter also an order form for these products should be available.

It might be optional that IFF or the USA federation promises to buy back that set at 50% of the initial cost if the school would find the sticks worthless after six months as some kind of a guarantee of the success of this program. It will also ensure that a set of sticks is not lost and can be used again for another missionary activity. These recycled sticks needs only to be stored at some Floorball club in the US to be used by the next student again in the same state - now at a discounted price.

Step Three)
Just as the student has arrived to a school a new letter of recommendation is sent to the same Principal and the Athletics director - now from maybe USA Hockey? Stating that Floorball may be a good sport in School for Ice Hockey too.
This suggestion is at least worth a try. Since this action will put much more pressure on the local school.

To secure the letter to be sent at right timing this should be "mailed" by the student. A signed letter template must be available online.

Step Four)
After the student arrives he or she is supposed to link up with any already pre-existing Floorball activity in that part of the USA - if there is such a thing. If this is the case, then this already existing Floorball activity, may together with the "missionary student" arrange a scrimmage game against invited PE teachers as well as they can aid the student with the presentations of the game etcetera at the school. This linking to active Floorball clubs might work better if another set of US states is selected. However the missionary action would in this case be more spread out and not as concentrated as in the suggested states as of above. Maybe a concentrated missionary plan is to prefer?

Step Five) The student is linked up with a local US vendor as an affiliate to sell equipment - and make maybe 10% on all sales - as the carrot for the student to work hard on his/her mission. The local vendor should also provide the student with his own little web solution for local sales.
This to be announced as there is a living Floorball local activity at the school. But it should be prepared for as soon as the student arrives to the USA.

Since this step is about driving and motivational factors for the individual Missionary student one can also consider an academic score, points or part of an degree from either the "European" school or maybe as something set up in conjunction with the US school (however much more complicated). The best way would probably be to set up an academic degree to be taken online by the student at one of the Swedish or other European schools that specialize in Floorball, it could grant a successful missionary student an academic degree of Honor. Or something similar? The fact of this matter is that the student goes from being a student to become a teacher.

In all material that communicates to these selected students they must also be made aware that they are personal instrumental parts in the global change and future of Floorball in their mission. In particular in the state or town their are working. Not many can say on their C.V. "- I brought a new sport to Indiana in the USA".

Step five is actually three reinforcement deals to "push" the student to do a good job.

Step Six)
The USA Floorball Federation should after a few months ask the school, by an official letter, if they are willing to get Floorball onto the curriculum for the school and how they or the student may aid the school in this process - this should take place 2-3 months after the student first introduces the sport - if this action has not yet been taken by the school. This can also be aimed at and discuss other local Elementary and Middle or High schools in the same local area.

Step six is where this plan locks Floorball into a school curriculum and provides "the local Population" with the sport.

Step Seven)
The USA Floorball Federation or a local club must do some kind of a questionnaire follow up as the missionary student gets ready to leave - something that should be followed up with a new questionnaire a year later to provide all involved parties feedback and return on this action.

Summary and Questions
Is this possible? - We think so.
Is it "expensive"? - not if you see the invested time and put it into a perspective of possible return. Most of the material needed is already available. This is more about the matter of investing time into a project like this.
Would it be too much to start with 25 x 4 students as a first test?

IFF mentions earlier Missionary activity in their own material so this is nothing new. The new thing is to formalize this actions with a fixed set of procedures. It also calls for a goal or aim to get the sport onto the school curriculum in school districts in the US. Something that spells that we do know on how to get the sport handed over to "the local population" i.e. to get the sport onto the curriculum in several school districts. This solution would also call for strong incentives to the students to do a good job.

The procedures should be described and quality assured like what many producing industries is doing as they quality assure different functions of their own operations in like standardized quality control systems like the ISO 9000.

The Dough
I want to leave this at the visionary stage for now. This must be considered as a dough that has to be worked out and baked by insider professionals.

The main question is about who is the ultimate owner of an activity like this?

There is also hands on problems to deal with. The first step must be to list problems and possible solutions to these possible problems.
As an example, one problem can be to find good local, accessible venues to play at, especially if there is a prominent basketball team in charge of it. How can this problem be solved? However if the student can not solve this more local kinds of problems through the school system, the YMCA, maybe at the military, scouts, churches or other commercial courts as they come and wave a letter of recommendation from a few athorities - then this plan might be a dead issue?
Additional things needed might be Facebook groups and other supportive means of communication for the student. But most of these things can be done cheaply or free of charge it is just that the student must know what to do and when.

The development of this plan could maybe be done as a student project at one University in one of the stronger Floorball countries. However this approach might delay initial action.

Let us do some more speculative numbers though. Lets say the national federations in SWE, FIN, CZE, and SUI is able to ship out 25 from each country..missionary students every semester. That would mean that about 200 school districts a year might be affected by Floorball in the US and with 10 yrs to go to 2020 .then maybe 2000 school districts - to start with in four states like MN, WI, MI and NY may have caught the Floorball bug.

For a lonely wolf to start to approach school board after school board here in the USA to try to introduce the sport is in my judgement a dead issue. He or She would only end up in the classic salesman's dilemma stuck in hours of travel. We need a sales force here and there is one out here - it is just that we have to use them!

To win USA a plan is needed - a plan that is tailored to suite this giant market. You tell me what you think and how to go from here.

Why do this?
Well the US School system needs this
The US Hockey operation needs this
And the sport of Floorball needs this
For the sake of health and fun for the Future of Floorball.

Let us know what You think!
The content of this material is only reflexions of our own ideas with crucial contribution from a few sources. This material has not yet been discussed in any formal setting - to our knowledge.
We have so far never claimed our own copyright on any part of material posted at this site before.

In this case we however must claim full copyright to the text above - due to certain circumstances.

Floorball Hockey U

Wisconsin Problem

We have a problem right now with our Wisconsin visitors.
No, You are many and You do spend more time on this site than anyone else so that is very very good.
Since it is mainly Wisconsin and the Midwest we aim for with this blog.
Minnesota and Pennsylvania are runner up's and like 200 visits behind You right now.

The problem is that we kind of do not get enough of new visitors from Wisconsin.
So could you please post our blog address to Facebook or at other places or social networks so we can reach out more to Your friends? In other word help us to spread da word?
That would be super - show them what is going on here - they have the right to know too, OR?
We do not care if your friends is out of state or not!
THANKS a Bunch!

More movies

There is three more movies on the Internet floating around covering USA-CANADA from the WFC Qualification in Floorball last month.
We hope to have these three new movies up later on tonight.
Thank You Swanee13!

the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament

If you plan to visit the the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament March 12-13, 2010.
Yes Rufus, it is this weekend!

Do not forget to visit the "Let's Play Hockey Expo" in St Paul, Minnesota.

Floorball will be featured there by Floorball Planet - and maybe even one more vendor.

Why not vistit Floorball Planets booth, right next to the booth of the Minnesota Wild,  buy a stick and talk Floorball as you go there...?
I might change your life... more than you think and in a better direction than you can believe in.

Switzerland season semifinals

Yesterday the semifinal rounds started in Switzerland in the main Men´s Mobiliar League.
And yes this is one of the worlds very best Floorball leagues.
Wiler-Ersigen - Tigers Langnau, first game ended 7-1
Rychenberg Winterthur - Chur Unihockey, first game ended 6-5, in over time.

Four victories - is what it takes to make it to the Final.

This action can be followed in German at this site

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And part TWO

Extended coverage on USA-Canada part 1

Information is limited so we do not know from what game or part of the game. But this is coverage of the World Floorball Championships Qualifier between USA and Canada

News from CA

Bay Area Floorball in Mountain View, CA now also have a venue in San Francisco. Starting March 23rd they will play Floorball at the YMCA, Treasure Island on Tuesday's 7:30PM - 9:30PM. Stay tuned for SF Floorball news and updates at sf_floorball on twitter - or why not here at Floorball Hockey U?

Interview with Team Canadas head coach from last month

Click the headline and enjoy some insights into Canadian Floorball.

As you read this it is pronounced important to get this sport into the Canadian school system to get it established in the best possible manner. Well, we have earlier covered this in the text why teachers love Floorball.

Here is another interesting Canadian link to Sonja Hotkes blog, she is the first female residing in North America being able to Zorro. If you now happen to know someone else that can do this please let us know.

Swiss Semi Finals start today

The Swiss semifinals start today and You can read more about it here on the IFF news page.
There is also a link that will take you to game coverage as these games are being played.

Credits to IFF

At Last

At Last! An official size and weight floorball goal available here in the United States. Powder coated metal frame with back net and flap. Requires simple assembly. Price 265 USD.

Order at Floorball Planet but remember code "MICHAEL".

Can You play Floorball with small goals - Yes
Is it more fun with large, regulation size goals, Yes!

New Highlights from last SSL

Compilation of goals with some +70000 hits at You Tube

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Diary notes from Asia

This is what a young girl from Asia writes about Floorball. Her name is Mei Chelle.
It is a beautiful text that talks about passion more than addiction. It is an emotional text - about love - so any reader would only dare to care about her grammar! 
We got her kind permission to re post what she thinks about Floorball.
Here is her blog
Please Enjoy.

Floorball. This name has been in my life since the first day I hold the stick. 27th of Jun ’09 when Hari Kok. When Coach Penny, Coach Chris and Sir Kenny came to Cgl and introduce this game to us. Everything happened clearly in my mind. Sarah is the one who hold my hand.

" Mei Chelle, come let’s join together "

After the day, I show my interest in it. Started attending all the trainings and today. Here am I. Not a successful player but I’m in a game. In a game where every players hope they'll shine. A court that full of laughter, tears, disappointment, and sweat. People keep asking, what wrong with you? Why floorball ? A simple answer to stratifies them because I’m interested in it la abo ? But in a long answer because floorball changed me. I never believe in myself before. I never have been committed into a game before. Just like what I always say. Do you think Ng Mei Chelle got so serious ar ? The crowd always says NOO!!! Floorball is only the matter of game to me. But floorball has been working as a motivational activity. Floorball teaches me how to react. When you’re socializing, what should you do? When you write something, be serious. When you do something, be serious. Because what you do today might be what will you are doing tomorrow. Yes. I never get support from my parents. But here I stand, Mummy & Daddy, One day you’ll get a Floorball VIP ticket to watch your daughter play. Floorball changed me and it’s still changing me. For everyone and me especially, Division II should be a good stepping stone for my team and me to succeed. Maybe we might not get the gold medal, maybe we might get the last place, but at least we tried. At least we pay 112 % and lastly because we’re Trailblazers and Spearhead as well. Jiayuss.  


We need Help!

Can all of you that have a Yahoo account go and straight this issue out.

Thanks in advance

Canada-Japan w WFC 2009 from last December

Here is 30 minutes from the last female World Floorball Championship. Maybe a bit choppy feed and it might be hosted in Japan. But I am sure some Canadian friends wants to see this one.

Floorball Canada vs Japan WFC 2009 from luka kojima on Vimeo.

Cup play from Switzerland

Beside of being good on cheese, toblerone and watches as well as climbing in the Alps...they do know how to play Floorball in Switzerland

Spread da Word Please and join a sports revolution.
Thanks to

Monday, March 8, 2010

Final Rounds

In many of the largest European leagues right now, like in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland and more it is getting closer to the final rounds and the hard games to win the different Championships for both female and male Floorball players in the top leagues.
We hope to be able to cover some parts of this as the gun smoke settles... so hang on out there.
News are about to be made.

Local Marketing

This is exactly what we just did send to the local paper.\

Tomah Floorballers go to Minneapolis

This Saturday the more experienced group of Tomah Floorballers went to Minneapolis to play the first ever friendly game between MN and WI. It was not only the first game between MN and WI in Floorball - but also one of the first games ever between two US states in Floorball. The game ended in a draw 10-10, so there may be a need for future games to determine who is the best.

Since early December two groups have been playing Floorball Sundays at the Tomah High School. Floorball is played with youngsters between seven to thirteen years of age between 5-6 P.M. and for teenagers and adults between 6-7 P.M.

Floorball is a new sport based upon two American inventions, but the modern version of the sport have been developed in Scandinavia and the sport is only some 30 years old.
In many European countries Floorball is a dominant "school sport" from the elementary level, it is also its own large sport as well as a "support sport" for Ice Hockey.

Floorball today is one of the planets fastest growing sports and is on route to become Olympic by 2020. Floorball is a sort of hockey played with light plastic sticks and a light ball. Floorball is fast, with the current speed record for a ball at 117 MPH, but it is also fun, inclusive, comparable safe as it is a non contact sport - with no checking allowed.

Floorball is growing very fast in Canada with some 250 schools active and approx 50 Hockey clubs that use it for off-ice practice. In four main European "Ice Hockey Nations" like Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and The Czech Republic - Floorball has more licensed players as compared to Ice Hockey players. Almost all European Hockey players in NHL (excluding the former Soviet nations) are raised today in a Floorball environment at their own local school system. In USA 45000 students in Texas have it on their curriculum and it has recently been reported that the very first high school up in north WI just have ordered Floorball equipment.

Floorball at the Tomah High School Gym on Sundays is possible thanks to the School District as well as thanks to Tomah City Parks and Rec. The group currently playing can host more players, so for interested players - the "Open Floorball sessions" at the High School is an excellent opportunity to try a new and modern kind of a sport.
The Swedish Hockey legend Börje Salming has said - "everyone between the age of 4 and 90 can play Floorball".
You are invited to join the group at the High School on Sundays. Remember to bring indoor tennis shoes with non marking soles. Equipment and good exercise is provided - free of charge - take your chance to do something new this Sunday - March 14th at Open Floorball!

If they take it fine - if not we just have to try harder.

You asked for more Zorro magic

Here is another one
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!