Sunday, February 28, 2010

Minnesota versus Wisconsin for the first time ever

This Saturday will become historic it will be the first time ever Minnesota Plays Wisconsin in Floorball.
It will be a friendly game - but most likely very historic too.
So while we wait for this epic moment,
here is a way to prepare for it

The Design

As You might have seen this site has had a full make over and we are using a new fancy design here.
The first numbers measuring this "improvement" is not very encouraging.

The number of visitors is still decent.
But we have problems with the number of page views (hitz) - it has fallen like crazy and the time spent on this site is going down too.
We will let this new improvement to be around for a few more days - but if not usage picks up we will most likely revert to some kind of the earlier design. It looks like it was easier to read before?

No People complained so we have now changed back again
and even enhanced our initial design - good huh?

Star Points from Tomah Young Group Open Floorball

1, Jacob 31 
2, Roland 27
3, Nathan 25
4, Eric 20
5, Ivy 17
6, Andy, Ben and Shalyn 14 
7, James 13   
8, Auggie  11
9, Caleub 9
10, Derek and  Ricky 7
11, C-O, Cathy and Hannah 4
12, Cole, DJ, Drake and Lauren 3
13, Brian and John -
The points masters game is where each player earn Star Points in short games. A victory is awarded with 3 points and a draw with 1 point. So participation is honoring the score of star points even if the victory in these short games is the most important factor to be awarded star points. To date Feb 28th 2010, 22 Youngsters have participated in Floorball Star Point Games since we started to count Star Points.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


The old style disco ball was normally a kind of mirror ball.
This movie can be seen in this new light maybe?

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Superstars of Floorball in Sweden teach kids during winter break

Can not the superstars come over here too and help us out?
No this is beautiful this is how you give back to your community. The best teach the future - in the largest in door sport in Sweden - so sorry about the language..
But we are so happy that the TV4 links seems to work again! This is good stuff!

Olympic Pole Dance and Floorball

Is this news - or just a dirty trick to generate more traffic?

It has lately been some commotion about Pole Dancing and some people has asked me what is going on. So lets sort this out here.
A few days ago a writer by the name of Eric, probably an American stationed in Japan, that works for AP wrote a story about the aspirations of the "sport" pole dancing to gain future Olympic status.

It was just one mistake made in this article focused on Pole Dancing - the writer refers to some other sports with aspirations to go to the Olympics - after he shovels away odd sports like softball - then he suddenly groups Floorball together with other sports that most likely are more sports than both Pole Dancing and other sports with failed aspirations - but he call them "a group of obscure sports".

So in this way - most likely Floorball was mentioned for the first time on the ESPN network.
As an obscure sport...
This is the kind of bad journalism that would be classified as ignorant by most other educated analyst.

So of course I wrote ESPN to have this corrected and asked the writer to play Floorball before he writes about it again - and guess a human answered me. Ha!
I do not expect any further correction of this matter.
But, now do a search for pole dance and Olympics on like news at Google and you will see how much interest this article stirred up - as well as follow up stories... This is just one of them!

So lets sum this matter up with the following comments from Floorball Hockey U
1) We would not mind to see Pole Dance in the Olympics
2) We think the writer "Eric" at AP must write a new article on Floorball and Olympics
3) We are happy that ESPN can spell to Floorball and think they make good progress with that in their own little world
4) If you see someone else to refer to Floorball as an obscure sport - write them and demand an explanation!
5) We have heard early on in life that Floorball is something of the most fun thing you can do - still wearing your pants - so maybe it is related in some way to Pole dance too - or what do you think?

Disclaimer: We decided to not illustrate this text with a Pole Dancer - any requests in this direction might be filed as comments below.

Play in North America's Largest Floorball Tournament MAY 21-23 in TORONTO, CANADA

Hey Floorball Fans,

The Canada Cup Floorball Championship takes place May 21-23, 2010 in Toronto, Canada. Get your team together and join us for an action packed weekend of floorball.
 Watch the brand-new Canada Cup trailer on YouTube!

Registration is open for all seven youth & adult divisions; so pick the one that's best for you...

To register, surf to the
REGISTER YOUR TEAM PAGE and register online or download a Microsoft Excel based registration form. Register and pay now to take advantage of special early bird pricing that is available only until March 15th.

New teams are encouraged to join as no previous floorball experience is required!

To learn more, surf to our updated website at

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!


Johanna Kytola & Juha Mikkola
Co-Chairs, Canada Cup Committee

This is the largest news in the History of Floorball Hockey U!

We can today proudly reveal that we have a firm confirmation that the first High School in Wisconsin, USA will soon receive their first batch of Floorball sticks to be used at a High School.

Many of you that read this blog might believe that we are talking about Tomah, Wisconsin. But you are wrong - someone else is first.

This has just been confirmed and since the sticks are being shipped right now - we want to - and we will - follow up on this news with pictures and a longer story that covers - how this is being received in detail and how it develops further. Just hang on to this site.

The work behind this breakthrough and effort mainly lay in the hands of a driven Swiss student - passionate about Floorball - that sat his mind on changing sports in America and a highly dynamic Athletics Director that also is a clever early adopter that understands the value of Floorball in a U.S. school setting as a brand new sport/activity. 
We call this team work - or by using another term - a dynamic duo.

We think you can rest assured Floorball is here to stay - since if they start to play in a High School setting - many students will become highly addicted to the sport and you can not stop the force that lives in Floorball. Go Wisconsin GO!

If you want this kind of development to take place closer to you - listen to JFK! 
Do not ask what Floorball can do for You - Ask instead what You can do for Floorball! 

And You can - this has just been proven - by two men, a young foreign student and a Director up North Wisconsin - in Osceola!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Unique Summer Experience in Europe! Big NEWS!

Many young Hockey players from North America go on a Hockey Camp that takes them to Europe - a good thing. And European hockey players can go to American hockey camps - also a good thing.

Since Floorball is so dominant in Europe we do not have too much of that kind of traffic across the Atlantic yet as in regards to Floorball Camps. Most Floorball Players as well as Camps do live and play mainly in Europe.
So what can we do about this?

Well - one of the finest Swedish Floorball Camps - STARCAMP - is right now offering the very first US based American to get 50% off for this seasons summer camp.
This offer represent incredible savings for up to approx 200 Dollars.

This is an offer that is unheard of before.

So if you are a US based Floorball player and you want to take advantage of this outstanding offer - get in contact with us instantly - please.
If you are American but reside in Canada and think this would be something for you too - let us know and we will see what we can do since the first priority of this offer is to find the very first US based Floorball player willing to go to an European Floorball Camp - and we picked the best camp there is -Starcamp.

Deadline for this offer is Midnight May 14th, 2010.

Minnesota versus Wisconsin

Planning for first friendly Floorball game ever:
Saturday March 6th 2010
at 12:30 to 3 PM
Stewart Park Gym
2700 12th Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Here is the full description of the trip from Tomah, note this is almost a three hour drive - but what do you not do for Floorball in the Midwest? Please follow the directions and be early cause there is several one way streets in the destination area.,+WI&daddr=2700+12th+Ave+S+Minneapolis,+MN+5540&geocode=FVAPnwIdqwSb-inJdpjC8tf9hzEbCinuB8MIIQ%3B&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=43.978576,-90.504021&sspn=0.154162,0.264702&ie=UTF8&z=8

This is a MN home game and I hope we can take them on at home in Tomah too - in particular if we loose and if we can expand our group with even more players! It sounds like a few people in Chicago wants to play us too - we just have to become a bit better until then, he he.

We will have a meeting before the game with all players to go over the rules for about 3 minutes.
The game will be for 2x45 minutes or first to 10 goals - or if too many players show up from the MN group and we are not enough - we may form three teams and play several games first to two goals and collect points accordingly, not as fun but this might happen - be prepared that we might adjust this game according to circumstances. In this case two points for each team victory.

I you are not at the Stewart Park Gym for the meeting about the rules before the game you will not be able to play - simple as that!
There will be a fee of three dollars each for every player to participate in this event - to cover for the court.
I want the Tomah/WI team to be something in between 4-8 players. But I do think realistically we might be probably about 5-6 players. Since we do not have any girls and the other team most likely is co-ed, we want to add a Swedish girl from Menomie that have decent Floorball experience - in the case she is available.

In case of players from Tomah/WI not being on time or not participating - we may borrow players from WI (sounds strange?), we can do this since a few players playing in the Twin city area actually live in WI, across the border. So we should get some kind of a Wisconsin team formed I hope.

We have decided to wear white t-shirts in the WI team. I recommend James to select another color for MN's players.
James in Minnesota say that the neighborhood in Minneapolis for this game is not the best one - so please do not leave valuables in the car and lock your car. After the game we will try to do some kind of a social, going to a place to have a snack or a drink or something - of course optional.
Roger the Swiss guy that played with us a couple of weeks ago in Tomah, prefers to play with MN even if he lives in Osceola, WI for now.
Questions? Shoot and I and or James will try to answer them accordingly.

For the cause of Floorball in the Midwest.

Michael and James

Why so much on FBL 09?

Here is the latest demo release movie from You tube on FBL-09 - the computer ehh.. video game to be released in full at the end of the year.
If someone thinks we cover too much FBL here? - Well it generates some good traffic and that is good for us as well as for Floorball in America we think.

This is our second exception

This is the second time we post something that is 100% directly NOT related to Floorball!

But since we are 100% convinced that Floorball in American Schools - on a broad base - is a crucial tool in the arsenal in the hard fight on obesity - we must post this.
Now it is Your turn - send this blog address as of above to all schools, PE teachers or health institutes you know of in the USA and show them both the problem we face as described by Jamie Oliver here in this TED speech.
Then tell them that the other side of the health problem is good forms of exercise and let them understand that Floorball provides almost anyone with exceptional, fun and a good cardio vascular work out and as loong as we do not have this in the school - there is good room for improvement and we can easily add a new tool to school to be able to build a better future.
Enjoy Jamie in his TED speech.

Is it time to get a grip on things?

The most popular text, or material, on this blog is without any comparison the text as we try to describe the history and development of Floorball sticks.
We are fully aware that there are some parts that could be added to or developed even further in that text.

We will here try to discuss a more philosophical issue as we try to relate the ergonomic features of a Floorball stick related to a Hockey stick - eh - what we try to write about is the grip to be a bit more obvious.

Most Ice Hockey sticks are kind of rectangular in its profile as you view the grip. This is good since it reveals to the player in what direction the blade points at - without looking at it, otherwise it is not really too much more to it.
OK, some Hockey players add some tape or we have also seen some rubber or plastic end buttons that is mounted to the stick, even if the last rubber end cap we have seen... was some looong time ago. These end caps kind of fill the function that the stick will not slip out of a glove too easy and another function might be that in the case someone is speared on a stick end, the larger rubber cap - that at least goalies used to have - would spread out the violence of the impact. Since we do not know more on this issue we are stuck discussing this matter. If you do know more please fill us in.

Lets talk about a common tool like the hammer for a few seconds. They used to have a regular wooden shaft and that was all to it. But with impressions from the sports industry and with grip development from things like tennis rackets and similar recreational tools...
Today as you buy a hammer it will most likely have a modern ergonomic handle that gives your hand a superb fit, feel and grip. Something that just makes you hammer away much faster and with a better feel and probably more accuracy. The same goes for screw drivers - it is almost hard today to find old fashion screw drivers with loosey grips on them.

In the modern Floorball stick the grip is one of the most essential things. And you can often select a stick based upon how the grip feels in your hand. But also upon looks. To most advanced producers of todays modern Floorball sticks the grip is a crucial part to build a successful Floorball stick. One of the manufacturers even offers the customers a lab function at their website - that "builds" the customers very own stick - and the first - and the founding selection for this stick - is... the grip of the stick!
Many players serious about Floorball further replace their own grip on their favorite stick quite regularly to get the best possible grip and this way be able to play with maximum stick handling.
Even the cheapest Floorball school sets nowadays have a basic sand grip to improve the connection between the hand and the stick.

So why is there no grips on a Hockey stick? Maybe it is because the players use gloves? We do not know. But it sounds like it would make sense to have a new hockey glove with a more sensitive inside of the glove and then pair this together with a hockey stick that has a modern sport style and maybe also a more graphical attractive grip?
We do not know if we that are ahead of the curve or if we just got the whole thing wrong?

Maybe it should be the other way around - Floorball should learn from Hockey instead ? With a more conservative wooden square grip and start to use gloves... Naaa. I do not think so.

One of the latest innovations in the Floorball world is otherwise the double curved stick. We will not dive deeper into that this time, but one of the ideas behind this stick is that the stick should be slightly curved closer to you body, so it will fit even better from an ergonomical standpoint into your hand.

I would not surprise me if we see a double curved hammer or another tool like an axe too soon (are not old style axes kind of double curved to start with?) - but an Ice Hockey stick?

Since apparently Sweden just was kicked out by the Slovaks from the Olympics in Ice Hockey last night and most of the journalists in Sweden claim that one of the main reasons for this failure was that the Swedish goalie lost his stick (That is a very strange thing to blame a game loss on - but Floorball Hockey U did not say that this was the case or reason). We now wonder if they should not read this?

We do not believe that we will see curved hockey sticks to improve the grip situation in Ice Hockey. But should they not learn something from the Floorball world - like how to try to optimize the "interface" between the glove and the stick by maybe using an enhanced grip in some way?
Or is this area already developed to perfection?
What happened really to what is next? You tell us!

A new movie from Swedish div 3

Enjoy Rönnby yet again in a fresh game

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Problems with TV4

Our best material here is from TV4 Sweden. Without comparison.
Suddenly some of these links are not starting. As we write this we do not know why.
But we suspect the following reasons.
A) Temporary technical reasons - something we hope it is
B) Problems with the rights to the material to be shown abroad. This scenario can be due to rights from the producing company (provides material to TV4) it could be related to SIBF, the Swedish Floorball Federation, or it can be due to rights related to the advertisers involved.

We are trying to figure this matter out. If we find out why we will inform you about this. If we are not able to continue to show clips from TV4 - we ask the community for clever ways how to solve this without breaking any legal borders. Other borders is not too important to us.
One of our own suggestion is to shot for another high profile league offering embedding code for blog use.
It will not be at the same level of Floorball - but better than nothing we hope.

The Best there is

In the warm up sequence for Decembers World Floorball Championships 2010 in Finland.
A webiste is released at - well not too much activity as of yet.
But they have released a competition for the very best Floorball video on facebook and this one is without comparison in top right now and might be the magic winner.
What do you think?

We say wow and will probably post this as a permanent post in some way!
This is done in the Czech Republic by Petr

10000 and More!

To Day marks a mile stone for Floorball Hockey U!
Today we just passed 10.000 hits (it is 10010 as we post this)!

It was a slow start and many people did not really find us to start with but just a couple of weeks ago we proudly announced that we passed 5000 hits. So now the engine is revving up.

Hits or page views does not indicate that we have had 10000 visitors but it indicates that we have had different pages viewed or clicked at 10000 times. Yes we can count our true visitors in numbers of thousands as well. Not too bad...
Interesting as we started this out we though we needed a little blog for our own small scale ambition to get Floorball going locally, in some way.
But September 9th 2009 we decided to blog full speed ahead to more kick larger parts of USA in the right direction. And yes the USA is our single largest visitor. So we do serve the homeland.

We are not just probably the only blog about Floorball in USA, we are the most active and the largest blog around - just like most things tend to become in the USA.
Even if we still miss a few states as US visitors from like Mississippi, Alabama, Wyoming, Montana and Delaware our US map shines in full color with visitors from all over.

In Europe there is also only a hand full of countries missing in our rooster like Macedonia, Albania and Belarus. So if you happen to know someone in these places, even if they do not maybe know what Floorball is, feel free to share our address with your friends of maybe a weaker faith...

Then we have visitors from all over the world too, like from China, Mosambique, Argentina and Pakistan to mention a few of the most exotic visiting countries - it is almost like we fill some kind of a global need for Floorball presented in English. Wow kind a'. 

Ok enough ranting about ourselves. Or to be more precise about YOU Dear Reader. It is only thanks to YOU this is possible.

Now we bet on you that our next celebration for 25000 hitz will occur before the end of April 2010!
A hard goal - maybe. Impossible - not. With your help - yes.
So please keep on sending us ideas comments, images, videos, thoughts or what you have to make this destination in the world of Floorball in the USA - your home destination of choice. In the mean time we will keep on posting what we thinks relate to Floorball of all kind.

25000 hitz next - for You and for the sake of Floorball in USA!

More live Floorball from Sweden this time full length on boys

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Na, it is time to go and do some practise here is lesson 1.1

USA Hockey Facebook

We ran into a US based Facebook page today that discussed the last ladies game between USA-Sweden in Ice Hockey at the Olympics.
As some of you might know the US ladies just ran across Sweden last night and won easy with nice 9-1.
So the ramblings went high in the most proud ways from many American fans on this page.
That is perfectly fine. And it is probably just the way it should be.

But we could not stop to wonder about what this discussion would have sounded like if they would have talked about the game, last December, in the female World Floorball Championship instead. We will not mention that final result between Sweden and USA here...

As we will not repeat that sports are developing and there is a few new BIG things coming around the corner. Like Floorball seems to large parts of the world to become the next thing "larga"- a thingy ready and able to compete with all other more ancient kinds of team sports.

If you count licensed players in Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic (all large and famous Ice Hockey nations) well - we understand that there is more licensed Floorball players in these countries as compared to Hockey players.
Good Morning Sunshine!
So maybe - even if we just whisper - maybe we have some shaping up to do here in the US too?

New Floorball league

In Serbia. Follow the headline link and check it out.

OK, it looks easy but try it for yourself

By the way this is made by one of the true superstars of Floorball

Monday, February 22, 2010

Garage Hockey or Dance?

This is not stick handling it is Wiz handling and you better start early right?

More news on q WFC from Canada

We have to link you out, please enjoy article in the stoneycreek.
Click headline or here.

Cross Ice

The American Development Model (ADM) within USA Hockey is a program to take "play" back to Ice Hockey.
One of the parts of this program is cross ice practice and games for the youngest - something we feel are extremely good. Cross Ice does not only increase the number of puck contacts for each player it also increases the numbers of goals as it is played with small goals - it further makes game play intensive and tight on a smaller surface of the ice. All together things that make practice fun and therefore very motivational. It further keeps all players going on the ice at a high degree and not too much time is spent waiting in lines with pucks out of reach.
As cross ice is played with small goals without goalie most players have obvious chances to score a goal - a very good thing. This model also enhances the use of the ice so more players can practice on the ice at the same time.
Someone however tried to state that this was a program based upon an American hockey genius and his studies made in the USA some 34 years ago or something.

Since Floorball Hockey U did not believe that we asked - how they do it in Sweden and we happened to ask parent at a local Swedish hockey club that is being coached by a former Stanley Cup winner. It is a smaller hockey club but recently they have been very successful.
And yes they do play cross ice - but not only for the youngest and not only with small goals - they even use large goals and goalies as they play cross ice with their more senior players. So then we really must wonder how this Cross Ice thing originated.

To us, that is fully crazy about Floorball, it is obvious that Cross Ice Hockey is nothing but Floorball transcended to the ice.
Both the action and the small goals looks like Floorball. And most likely some club in Scandinavia started to play Floorball as off-ice practice and then they realized that the game of Floorball with small goals increase ball contact, it increase the chances to score and it is a fast and tight game for every player involved. So the step is not very far to play "Floorball" on ice with a puck, hockey sticks and dressed in hockey gear.
Or maybe you prefer to believe that cross ice originated from studies made some 34 years ago and was found in a drawer just recently and then suddenly swung into action?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Fun Coach and a Fun Ref

Well, it is a sport right. And sometimes things happen. Some people get upset or mad. Hmm I take it this can happen anyone - like all.. most.

Skills - Speed Shooting

In Sweden where most probably the worlds best Floorball league is played, the Swedish Super League -SSL. They are now closing in on the final rounds in SSL and that will be played in a Final during mid April.

So during this last stretch of the regular Floorball season another skillfull kind of competition has been started as some extra entertainment for both audience as well as for the media - or anyone interested in Floorball. The competition covers four different kind of Floorball skills and one of them is speed shooting. The other three is a penalty show, accurate shooting and a technique competition.
We will cover all of these four kind of competitions but lets focus on Speed shooting for today.

The skills part of speed shooting is divided into two groups, either for anyone that want to and may qualify to participate in speed shooting with a Floorball - but there is also a skills Pro category where the professional players participate in this event and they are voted to be participating by an online audience.

In speed shooting you can use any kind of a shot you prefer but the stick has to follow valid rules as to its curve and stiffness and hook. You must further be good at shooting that ball.
The current world record for Speed shooting of a Floorball is right now about 117 MPH (exactly 188.73 Km/h).
However many now say that this record will not last over these games and they do think that we will have a new speed shooting record before April 16th 2010 in Floorball.

So if you know that Floorball is fast - well it sounds like it will become even faster.

Have you ever heard a Floorball that flies very fast through the air? - if not get a stick and go practice - as you after some practice can make that ball of yours say wooosh in the air and do so for a couple of minutes - yepp - then you are on the right way.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some games end in a penalty duell

And - it is important to show you the the ladies are not bad as it come to doing incredible creative goals as it is time for some serious scoring.
Please see this twice

A cry for Rockband

This is without any doubt one of the finest new Zorro movies I have seen in a couple of weeks. Good in many many ways.
The utter most interesting matter though is the mix with a computer game music skills part - it sounds like music.
So what this is - well maybe the first step in a cry for the first Wii hooked up Floorball stick as a wireless controller - a stick that lets you Zorro in rhythm to both the music as well as you pump a light show out from your computer doing this.
Free fantasies? Well maybe be. But Dick Tracy's first cell phone was also seen as wild fantasies.

Maybe it is better to do Zorro just with a stick and a ball - enjoy this is darn good developed art by a skillful artist!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids at the Worlds largest Sport Exhibition

This is what we love to see. This is what USA need. This is how it all starts. How many US journalists or sports companies or teachers have seen this?
It is just only the future of sports - in school - as a support activity for Hockey - for recreational purposes - as its own large International sport - to fight obesity and to build a better future. Go for it kids show them!

Magnus Svensson at ISPO

Here is another Floorball superstar at the ISPO village in Germany. Magnus Svensson, is by many considered to be THE very best Floorball player there is - in this clip he is doing a very very good job as a presenter for Exel -one of the producing brands that nurture and makes Floorball going.
I also looks like Magnus Svensson is one of the world best presenters for Floorball equipment too not bad huh - even if competition is not too strong in that area as of yet, we take it.

More Madness from California

As we earlier reported on one of the largest US Floorball tournaments: Floorball Madness in CA - we are now happy to be able to present you a slideshow of pictures from these games.

Follow this link and you can see this slideshow and full color action of these games courtesy of Meredith.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

El matador está jugando Galore Floorball, de Espania

Maybe Mexico next?

The Swedish Future and a few problems

...or pro Floorball without borders?

The Swedish Floorball Federation (SIBF) recently released a thorough future study on Floorball in a sort of policy document.

Let me quote one line from this valuable document from page 11.

"what is emerging, however, is a clear sh*t of mass communication from traditional to web-based channels."

Well, we do understand that this this is a typo.  But we can still not write it out as a true quote since we try to hold some kind of a minimal level of decency. You can yourself imagine what they print.

My small problem is that typos like this should not occur in a document of this dignity - and in particular not in this kind of a context or in this way in English - . 
Then the context of this line becomes changed too - what do they really mean?

May they say that they think this blog to be kind of that bad?

Most likely SIBF have payed more than much money and put in many resources for this study. Does not Kairos (co-producer) or SIBF have a spell checker? This is not something I must or like to find as the sole end reader in the USA!
Ok, we make mistakes too, now and then, and we do miss to spell check too - but our information is kind of "extremely cheaper and a bit faster". 
Our next comment on this their statement is that the statement itself, to me, tries to "break through an open door".
Did we not already know this? That the Internet is growing? Ok, I will leave this issue for now, even if it feels to be, like a bit embarrassing for...?

Otherwise I think the study is comprehensive and well done. So congrats to involved parties. 

But what strikes the most is that this work is not done in the right context. 
Something worse than a typo.
Of course there is a future for Floorball in Sweden and that may also be investigated. That is not the problem.

The obvious thing is the even larger possible future for Floorball that lies outside of Sweden. Or to reiterate this - to us being here outside of Sweden - Sweden represents the future!
So the scoop of this study would have been several more times valuable as a global or continental document and not as a duck pond paper - in particular since it is published in English. Now maybe only a few of the other large Floorball nations can benefit from this kind of a narrow study?

Why or how can this be? I think it is probably an organisational matter. With strong national federations - as is normal in more static sports - things gets kind of Nationalized instead of Internationalized. But since Floorball is in a strong growing dynamic phase  - maybe the idea of strong National federations may not be the best solution? Maybe the sport needs a system with larger Continental federations? Most likely Floorball in many countries in the world would benefit from that. What do you think?
A global document from IFF would be magnitudes more called for than this Swedish policy report on the local future. If this is a sport without borders - so why build them - or maybe the border must be there and if so, why?

Maybe I am wrong, maybe there is a document - that I do not know about and cover a larger picture? If so help us out here and it will be highly appreciated. 
Maybe future development must be focused on the hot beds - I can not just see these arguments hold up as related to the rest of the world?

Floorball Hockey U thinks that the sport of Floorball is not something we must only maintain within National borders. Floorball is something that must be grown and expanded on large continents and into new frontiers and territory. 
That is our true future of Floorball. Not in a pond or a hot bed, even if local waters might be important too.

If SIBF does not understand this - then I am here to tell them. Will you help me tell them too?

Here is a link to a maybe narrow document?
N.B. Illustration as of above has nothing to do with the actual Swedish Floorball Federation, it only illustrates the text

Floorball in Snow

Hey, we have earlier mentioned that there is several different versions of Floorball like mud Floorball, beach Floorball , swamp Floorball and so on.
The IFF just broke a story about Floorball on snow in Latvia. Due to our respect for copyright we will link you out to this interesting, even if odd news.
Click the headline or here please.


Mr. Harrington is one of the most important individuals behind the birth of Floorball in Canada.
Maybe his message is suited or somewhat taylored to fit us in the US too?

This is produced just outside of Toronto, in Hamilton, and like just a few months ago....go go

We will shortly present some fully awesome news about a Swedish Floorball Camp. Hang on out there.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How do You love Your sport?

Yeahh, this is kind of heads on.

More than two hours from SSL

Courtesy of TV4 Sweden, enjoy

A tunnel of love

The no look pass - only for faint hearted

Highlights from SSL Warberg-Storvreta

Can not be much better than this...maybe they will release the long transmission too soon.
Credits to the super TV channel TV 4, Sweden

A new world speed record? This Spring?

We have reasons to believe the there might be a new world speed record coming up this spring and we will soon develop why. As a reminder though the current world record for a Floorball flying from a stick blade as someone shoot is measured under controlled conditions at approx 117 MPH...
We will develop this subject deeper very soon.

The Religious side of things

We do not dare to analyze this. Is this the religious side of Floorball or is it religion and Floorball? Or maybe just "knightness" related to Floorball and if so was Zorro a Mexican knight too?
You tell us!

Via and thanks to xfloortv

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Göransson and Carnegie Mellon

Not too long ago we read a text by the Swedish male head Floorball coach, Mr Göransson, on inspiration, he "waxed lyrical" over an incredible speech by Randy Pausch - named the "last lecture" at Carnegie Mellon - a speech that covered Randy's own boy-hood dreams - a speech made as Mr Pausch just learned that he was terminally ill in cancer.

So Floorball Hockey U saw the speech in full awe and decided to post the speech, here on the blog, as a video link just for inspiration for everyone - dealing with a team sport - Floorball or not...
End of story? No, Not really...
This came in our mail last week from....yes You guessed it right - Carnegie Mellon, or rather from a student at CMU.
And you must read this part because this is written by a true hero! Trying to introduce Floorball to the USA.
" Yes, Randy Pausch was an inspirational person and academic that inspired a lot of us to come to CMU. I am a Computer Science major as well. I was hoping to take a class under him but sadly he passed away before I enrolled two years ago. His last lecture was a very inspirational one. It also made me feel like I should do something like this and have a major impact in CMU by setting up a floorball club. Hopefully it will be a popular sport!"
"Here's our club's Facebook Page:!/pages/PittsburghFloorballcom/260138269408
Here's our school's floorball pickup group:"
And the letter continued
"My friend, who is from Norway (he played in a team that won the Norwegian third division), him and I invested in about $250 worth sticks to get started. I guess it is a necessary investment when bringing a new sport to a place. No one is willing to spend money in something new. Hopefully, with this, we can generate some excitement among the Carnegie Mellon community and hopefully get more people to stick to the game eventually, ensuring a constant flow of players. Hopefully we can achieve something before one of us leaves in summer 2011 and before I graduate."
So here we have the incredible re-incarnation of boy-hood dreams from a speech that spread over the world to the main Swedish Floorball community and its head coach as it, at the same time, was transformed at CMU from an inspirational speech that helped Mr. Yeo make up his mind to introduce Floorball at the Carnegie Mellon University.
We have now asked the Swedish coach on how he think he can help this little group to become successful at CMU in Pennsylvania - this since since Carnegie Mellon appearently did a few things right for Mr. Göransson and the Swedish Floorball community?
We are now eagerly looking forward to "da" answer. And we do hope we can serve you some more good news here at Floorball Hockey U about this.
We will keep you updated on this story of godspeed.

If you read this from PA - why not get in contact with Mr. Yeo and go and play some Floorball with him?

Wow Salming

Look at this a product presenter that knows both what he is talking about as well as he knows how to speak English! Salming - good work and hopefully the others will learn from this presentation.

Here the same guy, Mr Solin on the x3m subject

Finnish Talent

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fourth Floorball Madness 2010 in California

Disclaimer - the video used to illustrate this text is old. But it is from CA and it does show the current President of the USAfB , Mr. Paris

As many Canadian and Americans focused upon the important games in Canada about the only place in the 2010 World Floorball Championships as few days ago - one of the more important annual tournaments took place in California.

Floorball Madness 2010.

Mr E. Larsson have just sent us the following summary from this tournament and congratulations to San Francisco that right now seems to be the best team in California. California is not just a large state they are big on Floorball too and they have been up third highest here on this blog in number of "clicks".

This year 2010, 7 teams participated.

So.Cal UFC
San Francisco
San Diego
Los Angeles
Huntington Beach in-line,

- this last team was a very pleasant surprise, a team consisting of hockey players where only a few had tried Floorball before at one of our local tournaments.

They got better and better through round robin and in the quarter final lost in a shoot out after having the lead until the last 30 seconds of the game when LA evened the score after having pulled the goalie for the extra attacker. LA is the 2009 US Open champion (played last August) later lost to San Francisco in the semifinal.

On the other end San Diego a consistent top contender in all tournaments with multiple tournament victories defeated Fresno in the quarter final. SoCal defeated Team X (a team with a mix of players from all over) in it's quarter final to advance to the semifinals where San Diego again showed up and played a great game defeating So.Cal UFC. 

SoCal UFC who can't blame me, myself, for poor goal tending as the reason for loosing, in fact our new young goaltender who was completely new to floorball as late as October 09 put up unbelievable numbers 86% saves 3rd best, facing most shoots and made more saves of all goalies - way to go Sean!

In the final San Francisco and San Diego played a tight competitive game down to the last minute. These 2 teams both played a solid tournament but this time SF came out on top with the Victory.

All teams and player are great and awesome promoters for the game of Floorball.

I hope they all come back in August for the 3rd US OPEN. Details and date will be available soon at

Mr. E. Larsson

Serbia-G.B. 5-4 from Q WFC


Product news from ISPO

Click the headline it leads to the German Unihockey portal. As you scroll down this page you will find a few videos on product news - from the ISPO humungus exhibition in Munich.
We promise to publish any product news here too - as soon as it gets to the right level as a presentation.

A Sum up from the US Coach reg Q WFC

Courtesy of Mr Hedlund is here his own sum up from the Qualification round, two games against Canada, for going to WFC 2010 in Finland.

Canada won the Qualification!

We got Beaten by the Canadians after two thrilling and well played games - but we will come back and win the next time we meet!
This was a real well arranged event - and I have to thank all the people in the Canadian Organisation for their effort and time spent for making the qualification run smoothly!

Next time I hope we can host just as good or an even better event when we want to take back the place in the World Championships!

We lost, but we proved the world that the American Floorball is developing and getting stronger for every month. We have a lot of Floorball enthusiasts around the country that will contribute for the growth of Floorball! As an European I know what a great sport Floorball is and I know the American kids would love the sport if they just got a chance to practice it at school or in other settings! This was how it started in Europe 30 years ago - and all the trouble clubs and enthusiasts had back then - I know many recognize this in how the sport develops in North America 2010. Its a wave of enthusiasm of a great sport that has everything, great speed, tactics, technique and a lot of goals, shots, saves and great passes and dribbles!

In my opinion we did two great matches against Canada - and we where much closer a win than the numbers show (6-11, 4-6) - but this time Canada won and of course we thank them for the games and wish them luck in the World Championships in Finland in December!

We in the USA, have two years until next qualification, and my wish is that we during this period can arrange both friendly games and training camps on US soil!

We need real hard work from a lot of pioneers to make this become a more popular sport - but we know that the day will come - and I must thank for my week together with the USA National team - and I wish all players good luck both developing their own Floorball but more important the Floorball clubs and Floorball tournaments around country!

Its been a pleasure being a part of the US national team, and the future will decide if we will meet again!

Stefan Hedlund

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Update reg blog and material

This blog has just been upgraded and is now compared to what Google call "a medium size" blog.
Traffic as well as momentum grows more or less as we speak. So thank you all precious readers it is for You and the future of Floorball in the USA we do this!
This blog is already measuring up good to medium size blogs in some respects of measure (we are already better in time spent on blog as well as number of pages read) but we can improve the number of new visitors. It seems like many of you return and we are not as good in new traffic as we can be.
So please share this site with your address book each time you run into us!

In pipeline we have something about Carnegie Mellon coming up we also will write about a High School in Wisconsin that will start to play Floorball soon.... No, not Tomah this time! Then we might have two other US related stories on its way too...

We have some surprising things upon Sweden that might be posted too and an interesting kind of game related to Floorball, that they run over in Sweden and by Tuesday this week we might be able to post another full length game from SSL, and maybe we will find something from Germany too...
Hang on please.

The last estimate from Canada say that about 50 Hockey Clubs now engage in Floorball. That is up like very good from last years estimate of 30...
Ha - you tell me when you hear know.

Secret from the Czech Republic

Yes not too many people on the Internet has seen this one yet. Good stuff.

Points Score Young League Tomah

Here is an update on our Younger players - the Future of Tomah!
The standing in the Points Masters Game.

1, Jacob 31 points
2, Roland 22
3, Andy 14 
4, James 13 
5, Eric 12 
6, Auggie  11, Nathan 11
8, Ivy 10,  Shaylyn 10
10, Ben 9, Caleub 9
12, Cole, DJ,  Drake and Lauren 3
13, Brian, Cathy and John 0

The points masters game is where each player earn points in short 5 minutes games. A victory is awarded with 3 points and a draw with 1 point. 

Singapore Mix Freestyle Street Style

The Best penalty ever?

Many people consider this to be the best penalty ever. I think it is something that you have to agree upon or disagree upon. The quality of this video is not the best - most likely taped by an amateur and no one expected to see what actually happened. Enjoy!Yes, da ball is passed to himself + but still according to the rulez. He does not play the ball above knee level and the ball never travels backwards (not legal to pull ball backwards in Floorball at penalty).

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Irresistible back spin

Here is an incredible version of a penalty. Just look at that ball, its spin, and you will understand why the player taking the penalty pulls his hair.

Belgium - Denmark from q WFC 3-17

The growth in North America for Floorball!

We just tossed up an old TV thing from Canada taped in 2007 here on the blog.

At that time, one interesting thing said, was that some 50 schools in Canada was doing Floorball.
Last spring as I went to Toronto over a weekend I learned that in the spring of 2009 roughly 150 Canadian schools had engaged in Floorball.
The latest figure is estimated to be around 200-250 Canadian schools that engage in Floorball - the spring of 2010.

To all of you that now live in the USA - could you go and talk to a teacher about Floorball and maybe share a link to this site with them?


Disabled - Deaf

We have earlier shown how disabled in like wheel chairs play floorball.
This game shows a game for deaf players.
Yes that is why the refs have flags and yes it sounds kind of different too.

Friday, February 12, 2010

FBL-09 Extended test of an alfa demo

Here is a new video from the alfa version on FBL-09.
Hey wait a few seconds and let it play out for a while and you will see much more play in detail.

Austria - Belgium

Games keep on rolling in from the qualification for the Worlds Floorball Championship
This is not the last summary from these games we promise.

Canada Cup again and more on the chock

Here is an historic clip from 2007 as they only had 50 schools up running in Canada and the tournament just started.
Now only three years later they have, well you can guess - and I will try to find out the accurate number OK.
The accurate number according to the best sources there is today from Canada:
They HAVE IN-BETWEEN 200-250 Schools up with Floorball and some 40-50 Hockey Clubs.

I am as chocked as Juha is on the video clip some years ago!

Canada Cup - Floorball - 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Olympics

or....Vancouver its oval, focus and floor - related to Floorball

As many visitors now come to Vancouver for the Olympic games - one of the first things they spot as the aircraft approaches might be the "Olympic Oval". This is the Most beautiful indoor sports facility in North America, its full name is The Richmond Olympic Oval. I has been designed by the inspiration from a herons wing and as a tribute to the Salish First Nation, the native people from this area. 

The Oval is located along the Fraser River - a river that might soon be filled with something very familiar to us in Wisconsin. It will be filled with cranberries to form the shape of the Olympic rings.

In 2009 this impressive building, that we will see so much from in media in the coming weeks, was the host for the Canadian National Floorball Championships.
But it does not stop here. The oval and its management have been a fantastic partner facility to the British Columbia Floorball Federation.

“We are extremely excited to be playing Floorball at the Oval. This is undoubtedly the finest facility in Canada to showcase our Sport," says Greg Beaudin, President, BC Floorball. As he tells us they have been arranging Floorball drop-in programs and a kids summer camp at this world class Olympic venue.
He continues "To date we have been conducting Floorball demos for thousands of people here at the Oval. And many of our players have for their first time held a Floorball stick in their hand in this splendid environment under the beautiful wooden beams that supports the spacious ceiling".

The Oval spokesperson Aran Kay adds
“I tried Floorball for the first time recently and I couldn’t believe the pace of the game or the speed of the shots, I especially loved the hockey atmosphere created by the mini-boards that surround the field of play. It’s a lot of fun and a fantastic workout.”

The Oval has further embraced floorball as their only form of hockey allowed. This is a feather in the cap for Floorball, as the Oval are sensitive about their hardwood floor and they will only allow Floorball sticks because they do not damage the floor, other hockey sticks are simply forbidden. Just the way it is supposed to be in other ways.

This issue seems to come up time after time here in North America. Floor Hockey is played at some places and it seems like it have a tendency to be too though on almost any kind of a gym Floor. Then as the Floorballers show up the responsible party thinks that Floorball sticks must damage the floor too? The Floorballers inherent in this way a problem from the other group with big wooden sticks.
You must wonder - is it not an issue in Europe too? The answer is that Floor Hockey does not hardly exist over there - therefore no problem. According to other sources it might to further be the case that even basketball is more damaging to a gym Floor as compared to Floorball...

It is wonderful that the intelligent people responsible at the Oval knows what is good and bad for their valuable state of the art Olympic Floor.

Lets now just embrace the Olympic movement and enjoy hours of good entertainment from the Oval.

The Universiade

The Swedish webpage, the Swedish federation is behind it, just presented an article about how to move Floorball towards the Olympics.
The news text describes the current development and that the sport is on its way to make it big to the larger International scene. The number of countries with a Floorball federation is now above 50 and more and more of these national federations is also recognized by their national Olympic committees - if we understand what we read right.
They further inform us about the importance of a stable participation in a larger event like the Universiade or a student World Championship to be able to move even further down the road. And a consistent participation at like the Universiade for at least five years or so is what they think is a good way to go head.
This year the Universiade games of Floorball will be arranged in Sweden and even if our source clearly declare that it is still no guarantee or they do not say anything about an actual year for an Olympic debut.
As we also read on the Wikipedia it is stated that 2020 is the years for Floorball in the Summer Olympics. Pure speculation - maybe. But Wikipedia is normally a rather reliable source. Only time will tell if they are right or wrong.
Do you want to bet on this?

Eight ways to Zorro a defender by Trixxers

So why do you not see this all the time in games? Is it illegal? No as long as you play the ball below the knee it is legal. But it is not as easy as it looks like.
First you have to have a blade that suites you. Either you buy a Zorro blade or form a little pocket on the blade you already have with a toaster or a hot air gun - open fire is not the best choice.
This pocket or bowl must be within the limits of 20 millimeters as it might be measured by a ref and you will get a penalty if you do not follow the rules.
Then as you have your Zorro blade, you must practice a couple of weeks or months to be able to do this.
Finally you have to find room and the time to do this in a game - not at easy as it sounds if you play competitive.
Finally the smaller bowl you have the more consistent it is to play with in regular play - but to Zorro gets way harder.
Whatever you do - it sure looks neat, right?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to help players to find Floorball

There is several ways to solve this issue.
One that we have studied that seems to be appropriate is a meet-up group on the internet where you with a specific interest as Floorball can sign up to try to find others with a similar interest or an activity online.
The only problem with this is that meet-up groups today charge you a little fee and that there is not yet enough interest on in the USA to find Floorball least not as of yet.
Another way to solve this problem to find friends that wants to play Floorball is to go to Google maps and just map your location as a little advertising on a map and then paste it into to a blog or something.
Here is our own example doing this.

View Floorball in Tomah in a larger map

A flood of new equipment

Courtesy of IFF.
Here is many new products presented at the ongoing ISPO exhibition. Enjoy
Hey more news from ISPO if someone missed it!
This is the first time ever that they will showcase Zorro at the ISO village Floorball event.
They run a large Zorro show as well as several 3 on 3 matches - good stuff
Ha this will make so much media attention good work you guys!

But why did this take until 2010 to do Zorro at ISPO?
That is very very strange.

Wall papers to your computer?

Do you need a new wall paper (back ground image) to that old computer?
Here is a selection. Please send us more!

Or why not make your own and then send it to us?
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!