Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Main Movie from IFF, and jump to 7.30

This is a classic. Maybe a bit too long and maybe too much of the same stuff. But also something of the best I ever seen in sport.
If you do not plan to see the full movie - like ten minutes - JUMP to like 7.30 and you will find one of the greatest moments I have ever seen in any sport - all categories - yes this is a man in a wheelchair and in his own wonderful way he tells the world - why we all must play Floorball.
Simple as that!

Since "Helsinki" has been so INTENSLY interested in this blog lately, or exactly today Sunday, you might like this movie too. huh?

FBL 09 It is Up and it is true UPDATED

/The demo file on the Floorball game FBL-09 is up you download it by clicking the headline - or you will find the download from here.
This is a demo that is 100 MB large and I do not take any responsibilities if this would damage your computer.
It is a pre demo of a training session for a PC Floorball-game. Normally called an alfa test and they come before buggy but full version beta game releases.
The full game is expected next December.

Thank You FBLers in Finland. Lets see how this worx...

Well, I can install it on a machine running XP. But I can not start the game. I am told the the application is not configured the way it is supposed to be. So be careful out there but let me know if you got it to work. I could only hear the refs whistle...

FBL 09 again

Nothing yet on the promised initial game demo. But it is only like five hours left in Finland, and the game is supposed to be released from Finland today. So I guess it is only hours left.
We can detect a not normal high degree of traffic from Finland on our blog on the FBL 09 subject.
So lets hope it is in pipeline and we will link you to downloads if so possible.
Hang on.

at 1 AM local Finnish time the publisher promised a delivery shortly on the demo trainingsession of this Floorball game for a PC - at an alfa stage..
But after this they reported problems with Jersey numbers on players in the game....
They have promise to fix this and also told people in Finland to go to bed and the game demo will be available tomorrow morning as they wake up - That might still mean tonight US time!

Video from USA-Canada

We have tried to figure out of there will be any video coverage from the games in Hamilton.

Here is the answer from Paul Charbonneau and Floorball Canada.

"We will have video of the games, but we are still working on how we will have it accessible on the web. We will be linked into the IFF site to provide live updates, as the game happens. We may have a few minutes delay, but the information will be available shortly after it happens."

So hopefully we will be able to see something at some point in some way - lets hope for the best!
I hope they at least rig videolans VLC so they easily and cheap can stream something rather fast - on a lower bandwidth. If nothing else.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Floorball Camp in Europe

Many hockey kids in North America go on Hockey camps and some of these takes a trip to Europe to play hockey in several European countries. Good.
And European kids go over here. Good too.

However since there more Floorball players as compared to Hockey players in countries like Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and the Czech Republic they not have any Floorball camps too over there?

You bet ya. Here is just one of them. 

Addiction part 2

Can you become addicted to Floorball? Down below in this blog, keep on scrolling, you can find an interesting interview with the man that started the Floorball movement in Austin Texas. Jeff Morris. He was also highly involved in the work that today provides some 45000 students in Texas with Floorball on the curriculum.
If you listen carefully to what he say in the interview you hear him state some thing like "the more you play - the more addicted you get".

Here is a video from the southern side of our globe - why in the world do you think they produced this video?

Forgive me to put this up as a re-run but last time it was posted was when we had not very many visitors.
Yesterday we hit a new record again - we had more page views then ever before - including during the female World Floorball Championship. Yesterday was also the fist time Pakistan logged in and during last week two new US states NV and OR came to visit. The only countries in Europe that have not seen this blog is Belarus and some small states emerged from former Yugoslavia.

If I am addicted to Floorball too? So what do you know?


Tomorrow is the release date for FBL 09 initial demo. The frist full or advanced computer game for Floorball.
The first was MER Innebandy. Not too much to talk about.
FBL-09 is supposed to be a traning session demo with and an alfa release.
Hang on, we hope to know more by tomorrow.
The full FBL-09 game is expected way later this year.

From Gothenburg with love

The Clever Sport

Developed Inclusiveness

Often as we describe inclusiveness in Floorball we mean that players (young children) with very different skills can play very well together.
This is often explained with the notion that the ball is so hard to control that it bounces away all over the court.
As Basketball is played and a few players is of weaker quality - some of the better players sometimes tries to almost exclude these weaker players and the ball hardly finds it way to the weaker players by a pass.

The feature of inclusiveness in Floorball has another aspect to it too. I might be on deep water here but let me try to explain.
As you play soccer with very young children they often form a cluster or a swarm around the ball. Every child runs for the ball like in a bee swarm. I have seen the same indications as young kids play ice hockey too.
My take on this is that both the ball in soccer as well as the puck in Ice hockey is kind of comparatively hard for the kids to move around. So the ball and the puck moves rather slowly over the field or ice.
This is the basic foundation for the cluster behavior I think.

As kids play Floorball I believe I see more of a "pinball" pattern. Meaning that the ball travel faster and cover more space on the court in the same amount of time. So it is not just the idea that it is hard to control the ball that creates the higher level of inclusiveness. It is also easier to move the ball over the court as compared to soccer.

This further provide us with children that earlier understand that you do not always have to chase that ball like every one else is doing. They start to play a game where their position on the court is relatively important. The lack of off-side contributes to this. Children are kind of guided into a game where passing the ball comes as a natural step - as the team tend to be slightly more spread out compared to other games, as mentioned.

In other words - Floorball is most likely very good for very young soccer players too since it faster provides the kids with a new feature, for them, doing a team sport. This feature can we call placement on the court - something that leads in a natural way to start to pass and play as a team. From individual clusters to a team.

Maybe this is one the true advantage of Floorball and a hidden feature since I have never heard about this before? What I describe here is merely my own hypothesis.
And I can only hope that some researcher within Physical Education will attack this issue in a more scientific way.

The very best professional adult Floorball teams build much of their game on the possession of the ball. The team tries almost to never loose the ball and as long as it is under control in your own team - the other team can not score. This makes the game - without the ball - utterly important and you have to find ways for the ball holder to pass. So to be a good possible receiver you have to constantly find new positions by getting around fast and in clever ways.

So let us agree that Floorball is only for clever players - at any level.
Or what do you think? Any opinion is welcome!

Just as recreation

I think Floorball has many faces.
It is a sport at school.
It is a support sport for Ice Hockey.
It is a large - humongous sport on its own.
It is something you do to build a good team within a company.
But it is also just a recreational activity..You more or less pretend to play the game or do it according to your own ability and then go and have a drink after the game with your buddies - just being a social activity like scrap booking or something - with exercise...
So welcome  the slow social movement.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The future sport in America!

I have earlier tried to develop something kind of related to this subject in a text called " Why Teachers Love Floorball".
Lets try another more harsh and new angle here.

First of all Floorball is the dominant school sport in Sweden and Finland. It has a very large presence in the Swiss school system too. And many other countries are following suite - right now.
It is one of the world fastest growing sports.
Since our northern friends in Canada have like 150 schools up and running - in Texas there is some 45000 US students that have Floorball on the curriculum today - the sport seems to make its way onto the school scene in North America too. But is this fast enough?

Floorballs relationship to Hockey and the features of Floorball (keep the stick low, no physical pushing, or lifting of other players sticks etc..) it makes Floorball a rather safe activity, compared to many other mainstream US sport activities, as well as the inclusiveness and portions of self-motivation is all only arguments developed from the main statement that may describe Floorball.
It is FUN.

You have to remember this is a very new kind of a game/sport at school - the sport has only been around for some 30 years. Take a moment and compare that to all other more or less antique sports that is performed today.
Floorball must be considered to belong to the future. Not only because its own features - but also since it is growing fast as a global sport - not something that would be considered to be a domestic activity. And with that comes also the future opportunities for foreign travel.
There is already some of the very best Floorball playing US citizens participating in European Floorball leagues. The comparable chances for athletes to do so in more traditional and domestic US focused large sports, like Softball, Football and Baseball will probably not offer comparable future opportunities to international exchange as Floorball might do - only soccer and maybe ice hockey is probable contenders in this respect as team sports - I think - but of course I can be wrong on this.

On the north American scene I suggest a few obstacles for a fast and quick introduction.
First I think many people as they hear about Floorball for the first time - they can not see the difference between Floorball and Floor Hockey.
And they instantly believe this is yet another more or less dangerous activity. Then there are some people thinking that since we have had Floor Hockey played and it resulted in damaged gym Floors - Floorball will probably do the same too? Then the issue of a phony whiffle ball might give others the idea that this is not a real game or sport. And finally many might think that Floorball is just a school activity and not a real sport.
All of these thoughts can only be summed up and condemned in one phrase "Conservatism and Ignorance".

Evaluations from Canada states that Floorball does not damage a Gym floor. And there is rumors floating around that a Finnish research paper from the University of Helsinki claims that Basketball might damage a gym floor even more than Floorball - with its heavy ball bouncing!
The "sissyness" of a whiffle ball is rejected as soon as you are hit with a hard shot on your body. The whiffle ball has been measured by flying at 117 MPH. No, it is normally not dangerous, but that ball flies fast and it might give you a whip and a glowing red mark on the skin.
The day Floorball is played for the first time in the Olympics - it will explode here too and it sounds like we only have ten years to go.

All todays Swedish and Finnish Hockey players in NHL are raised on Floorball in school - doing rather good I would say. I am not exactly certain to what extent a Hockey player gets better by playing Floorball - but I am 100% sure that the sport provides an excellent opportunity to detect both hockey talent and interest early on in school.
As I today see Henrik Sedin, a Swede, in top of the NHL points score and as I do know that the three top teams in the Swedish professional Hockey league openly declare that they use Floorball - I am just amazed!
None of them have really played floor hockey. So why do you want to do a weak emulation?

Floor Hockey does not really exists over in Europe like here - only because Floorball is the global norm - and still there is today about 50 hockey players in NHL from a little country like Sweden. Hmm did never ever someone wonder why?
Ok USA have about 150 players in NHL. But for heavens sake the league is mainly based in the US and the USA is in comparison to Sweden a continent. As a comparison: Alabama, Oklahoma and South Carolina have each roughly the same number of population as Sweden. Together they provide me with the ratio of 3 - 1 as compared to Swedens 9 Million inhabitants - just like in NHL the American to Swede ratio is like 3-1. So where is the rest of the US players that should be playing on a NHL team? 47 states to go right?
OK, I will be fair MN, WI and CO also sports some 27 Million inhabitants. But still we still have 47 states to go and some are larger than big in the respect of the population.
I do seriously think that Floorball makes a difference for hockey.

So why not try to become an early adopter? Beat the curve and introduce Floorball today to your group or school? There is no better motivational factor then when it is fun - right?
Someone said years ago that "Floorball is the most fun thing you can do still wearing your pants".
Why should only kids in Europe and other places have the chance to enjoy this gift of pleasure?

Why can only kids where Floorball is a massive movement post their incredible Zorro movies on You Tube?

Two main team sports indoor at US schools are - Basketball and Volleyball. Both incredible fun and safe activities. Wonderful and good.
But both also promotes taller players - in a way that I do not recognize in Floorball. So there must be room for Floorball too in the US school system. Since the sport does not discriminate too much if you are tall or not.

Yet again welcome to a future that is fast, fun and gives your children an incredible amount of good healthy and rather safe work-out. It is time to start this on a broader scale in the US school system and I ask for your help.

What can be better? Or how do you want to develop the future of sports in America?

Here is a link to some 10-11 year old boys playing

IFF on the games between Team USA vs Team CANADA

IFF (the Internationa Floorball Federation) just presented deeper insight with pictures in an article posted at their web-news page. Click the headline and read all about the game between Team USA and Team Canada.

These two games is poised to become the best games ever played on North American soil.
The games are played in Hamilton Canada, just outside of Toronto, next week. The winner will play in the A division in this years World Floorball Championship - December 2010.

This event, the WFC, will be Finlands largest sporting event during the full year of 2010 - Yes it is true - that is the size of this sport over there. Floorball is larger then, maybe not life, but Ice Hockey in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland as well as in the Czech Republic.

Let us just quote a main passage from the article:

"USA will play with a new team as the next generation is stepping up. The team is confident that the mix of experience and enthusiasm will be a winning formula against Canada in the Qualifications. USA´s goal is clear, to make it to the World Championships in Finland in December.
The three players from Raleigh, home of the first floorball rink in America, are the next generation of floorballers in the states. The defender Jacob Wyde # 4 and the forwards Justin Pettersson # 84 and Umang Patel # 3."

Credits to IFF for the quotation as well as their article


Everyone playing Basketball knows how important a ball is that bounces off the basket hoop or board and comes down as a re-bound.
This is the case since the defense is kind of out of balance as they just tried to stop the first shot.

It is the same in Ice Hockey. Even though re-bounds is not as common in Ice Hockey as they are in Basketball. This since the goalie might stop the puck or the puck will not bounce like a ball and stay somewhere in the paddings of the goalie.
But however they do exist in hockey as well. A hard slap shot might bounce out from the leg pads, a stick, a helmet, the goal posts or a defenders skate...
And as this happens you have two things that contributes to the chances of scoring:
A) The puck might end up in the slot very close to the goal and it is coming straight from the goal - maybe straight towards you.
B) The defense might be in trouble, maybe a laying goalie or a defender too since they tried to clear their goal as the first shot came.

It is not too easy to practice this in Ice Hockey since the puck does not bounce of the goalie too well and it is not too easy to hit the post every time.

And for those of you trying to practice this with Floor Hockey equipment and a ball that does not bounce at all - You better be kidding me?

Watch this and you can see how it is to practice a rebound situation alone with a Floorball stick and a ball.
But You have to place the re-bound up in a corner ok!

Greetings from Las Vegas!

Here is fast Floorball news from this weeks "Lets Play Hockey" expo in Las Vegas. Jukka Kotti reports the following. 
"Wow what a great show!!! Two days non stop floorball promotions with ice hockey folks. Everyone was very excited about floorball and it's benefits as off ice training. Zorro moves really made viewers to say "oo aaa wooow" and best of all, when first they saw moves and then we showed the stick that enables such moves they were once again saying "coool"!!!."

Photo: from left to right: Darryl, Alex and Jukka

Thank You Jukka!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It is time for some European Culture


We do want to see much more of this.

1987 for the first time ever on TV

This is now 23 years ago. Funky pants huh?
But it is the first time ever Floorball was shown on Swedish national TV. At that time they had 12000 licensed players, today Sweden have like 10 times that number plus all recreational players and players in school. So in reality there is not a single soul below the age of 35-40 that never ever tried Floorball.

A numbers update on Hockey with Floorball relation

Henrik Sedin is still in top as the NHL point scorer - raised on Floorball in school.

I have been able to have confirmed - with video - that three professional Ice Hockey Clubs in Sweden practice hockey by using Floorball. One of these Clubs states that they do 20% of all off season practice as Floorball.

These Three Clubs are now today placed in the Swedish Ice Hockey league as follows:

Not too bad, huh?

I think myself that most clubs use Floorball but not feel the need to show everyone this. But there was actually one club stating that they have not done it in a long time...yes they are in the bottom of the standing, sic





Young Group 7-13  of age between 5-6 PM
Experienced Group 13 and up 6-7 PM


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Malaysia can do it too


If you search you will find, right!

A reminder with updated graphics

When do you child start?

So at what age do you start to play Floorball?
Well we have seen 5 year olds in Finland playing a game at it looked kind of serious. Here is the youngest I have seen myself I think. It is cute.

If you want to start your kids early try to get a short stick. It should reach above the belly button.
Just a thought on safety.
Last night I saw a bunch of children from like 6 years of age to maybe 12 playing hockey next to the rink. No protective gears, they used long wooden ice hockey sticks and something that looked like a golf ball. I say seriously dangerous. No rules, slap shots, stick blades high up in the air. It looked more dangerous than any other kind of hockey I have seen.
So I will stick with Floorball and try to play my ball below the knee, OK.

This is going on right now

Click the headline please.
So why would I post a link to Table Hockey on a blog that is supposed to market Floorball to the USA?
First of all I like Table Hockey. Second this tournament takes place at an exhibition where Floorball also is represented. The Lets Play Hockey exhibition in Las Vegas.
Third, I think myself that it is time for Stiga to develop a Floorball version of this game. Simply because there is more Floorball players compared to hockey players in countries like Sweden, Finland, The Czech Republic as well as in Switzerland. So why not a Table Floorball game?
Then related to the game aspect of Floorball - we are very close to the first release of the demo of the Computer Floorball game FBL 09.

The only thing I miss is the first Floorball stick hooked up to a Wii sports console so you can play in front of your video screen. But on the other hand..
We have shown you, Bedroom Hockey, Basement Hockey, Hallway Hockey, Living-room Hockey here as enthusiasts play Floorball inside of their house. So why would you need that - when Floorball gives you the opportunity to play in the home?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The latest from Canada

It is kind of a crappy article, with goalies in full Hockey outfits posing for Floorball on the picture?
But it is for Floorball and they have heard about Salming.. so I let it pass for this time. I only wish they had better reporters. And I will not do this again.

OK Floorball Canada is making its way - click the headline + read. If you do understand what is going on and you do live in USA and gets a head ache at the same time..
I do not blame you!


WHY Do Pond Hockey?

When you can do basement hockey. But do not use a wooden stick or a puck mumma will kxll U!
This one is from Finland hakkapelle!

Eat some Dutch from Adidas

Speed Again

We have earlier in a few texts described the speed of Floorball in the real measured actual speed of the ball. As well as other things that can be measured by a very precise clock or timing device.
But let us now discuss the speed from the more psychological side instead of the more measurable physical.

Maybe I can translate this into the speed of my emotions related to Floorball versus Hockey.

Sounds complicated? Maybe it is. Let me try to explain.

As an individual that has been raised with Floorball as my main sport of choice - I have throughout life played a lot of Floorball. This means I am kind of used to how it is played. It also means that I do expect that the fastest flying floorball should make some kind of a whooshing sound as it flies by very fast through the air. I am also used to the speed that ball can zip away with from the blade of the stick.

Do not misunderstand me here or now - I do love Ice Hockey.
But my Floorball background gives me a very different perspective on what I see and feel at the hockey rink today compared to people without Floorball experience - I think.

To me the hardest hockey slap shot in real life looks like something that is done in slow motion. The echo from the stick as it hit the ice just in front of the puck rings with the sound of a pounding slow bell at the rink. To that sound... I see the black thing cruising, floating away almost wobbling in the air to its destination. Otherwise it is silent - no woooshing sound from the puck just a ringing echo.
Until kabam the puck hits the board with heavy force and a more violent echo erupts.

I do have full respect for the puck and its force and I do not want to stand in the way of it.
I do not why... but... I kind of laugh - as I see that heavy piece of rubber float away so slowly in the air. It is like a funny movie in some way rooling in slow motion.... arrgh all that force and a puck that sails so slowly..
It looks kind of old school and very antique to me.

But still yes I do love Hockey. Even if I do think Floorball is both much more modern, faster, safer and better.

Or look at those sticks above in the picture from 1928 - what did really happen in the development of wooden Ice Hockey sticks during the last 82 years?
Do you not wonder. I did too so I wrote this.

Team USA's Head Coach

Mr Stefan Hedlund just sent us his personal greetings and he will do the best he possible can and promise that Team USA will give Team Canada "an incredible game" in the upcoming matches regarding the tickets - to go to the World Floorball Championships, December this year - played in Finland.

Stay tuned folks and Go Team USA GO GO GO!

Monday, January 25, 2010

SSL again, just a summary from a game last week

OK, maybe you want to listen to something else cause this is in Swedish. But if you curious upon how Norwegian sounds? the guy interviewed is speaking Norwegian.

Floorball Planet goes to Las Vegas - tomorrow!

January 26-27, 2010
FloorballPlanet will be exhibiting Floorball at the "Let's Play Hockey International Expo 2010" in Las Vegas, Nevada on January 26th and 27th. Stop by and visit their booth at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. Let's Play Hockey.

Lets play hockey is as many of you know a magazine and a website for all Ice Hockey fans and players.

Beside of Ice Hockey this is also the event for the Worlds 5th Championship in Table Hockey by Stiga.

We have earlier shown you table Hockey here on our blog as we suggested that Stiga must make a Floorball game - since in many European countries we have more Floorball players as compared to Ice Hockey players.

Other computer gaming news will be up in the end of this month since we will see the first demo release of FBL09 - the second computer game for Floorball. The first was Mer Innebandy - a game you can download for free on the internet. Mer Innebandy is a very basic game. FBL 09 seems to have the potential to become a large gaming hit on the computer.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Here is how Floorball broke ground into the Canadian school system

We must link you out but this is well worth to look at - or send this to an Athletics Director or other School official close to you.

More From Tomah, WI and Floorball.

Here is an Quick update on our Younger players - the Future of Tomah!
And the standing in the Points Masters Game.
The points masters game is where each player earn points in short 5 minutes games. A victory is awarded with 3 points and a draw with 1 point. Participation is an important factor to build a good points score as well as to play good in the team.
Tonights big upset came when the all girls team, reinforced with Jacob. Crushed all the boys in our extra long game. Good Work You Girls!

Jacob 19 + 7 Total 26 points
Andy 7 + 7 = 14 
Roland 10 + 4 = 14
James 13 
Auggie  7 + 4 = 11

Eric 10 
Ivy 10
Shaylyn 10
Ben 0 + 4 = 4
Cole, DJ,  Drake and Lauren 3

Caleub 1
Brian, Cathy and John 0

Swiss in Tomah, WI

No it is not about cheese. This is for the first time a player from Switzerland that came to us to play some Floorball with us. Roger normally plays together with the teams up in Minneapolis during his short half year session here in the USA. Today he made an exception and came all the way to Tomah.
So what did he think?
Roger say that the venue or court we play on is 100% excellent. He was very amazed so we once and for all want to bring forward our thanks to the Tomah Parcs and Rec Department that lets us play at THS - as well as the school system. Thank You guys!

Since we are planning to play against Minnesota in early March we also asked Roger what he would think about the outcome from that kind of a game. He did not hesitate very much as he say that MN is way better than we are here in Tomah - in particular in the passing game. He later on added if they are able to bring forward their best players then Wisconsin will not stand a chance. However he also states as a more polite gesture that if they not get all the best together then maybe we might have an even game coming up. And you know what Roger is the only one in the world that has seen Floorball played in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Roger is the player in the green shirt as of above. No he did not score in the picture even if it might look like it. The other team scored as he tried to defend our goal..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just another guy in the European army

I think he is Finnish and this is filmed in the Czech republic + someone thinks his name is Savonen.
But it sure looks freezing cool.

Team USA at a National Radio game

Yes, this is our womens natinal team playing at the largest Swedish radio station last month. Just before the WFC games.

Hot Girls

Just the basic reality based on tiny facts

In Sweden and Finland every single student of today just do not know what Floorball is - they have all played it on a regular basis.
I would even dare to guess and say that in between 5-20% of all these young talented people would be considered to be full fledged experts on Floorball - since the sport is such a large movement.

90% of all international exchange students from Sweden - go study for a year or so - in the USA.

Now it is your turn to do your very own thinking and find the Aha concept I am looking for.

We will be back dealing much more with this subject and drive this matter in several serious, funny as well as funky directions. Hang on!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Blog performance Update

Traffic is rising again and this week we recorded new top heights for the number of pages read, per visitor - that is very very interesting since we have been having rather a high number of visitors too. And this site is not at all designed to score points in this way with a high numbers of pages read. I myself, prefer to use the search function as I look for material here - take that as a hint.
All our other traffic records is related to the womens World Floorball Championships in Dec 2009. But we are closing in on these numbers again very fast.
With the male qualification round for the World Championships USA vs CANADA coming up soon I think we will set several new records here. Yes it sounds like we might be able to present some very good news and unique information from these events - for you here. These games are marketed as the best ever on American (Canadian) soil. Hamilton where these games will be held is just outside of Toronto.

Compared to other blogs the same size - Google lets us know that we just blow them away with like 7000 percent higher traffic - not bad at all.

Beside of passing the "5000 hits" mark this week we have had visitors from 49 countries since we started to rev up our pace, just a few months ago.
In USA, Wisconsin is now very much ahead of MN, and CA comes in third. AK is still up there and a couple of states in the Northeast is also doing very good - it is interesting how fast Illinois has been climbing lately - right now on the pace to maybe surpass a number of other states.

So now tell a friend and show USA that your state is hungry for news about Floorball in the USA - either as a school sport, recreational sport, for handicapped folks or as an elite sport.

We have so much more to tell you about Floorball - the fastest kind of Hockey on Earth.

The Jet-Set in Monaco

Or can we relate Tennis to Floorball?
In many aspects Europe differs from the good old USA. One side might be the tax levels in some northern European countries. So what do you do when you are a very successful athlete making a decent income up north and you want to avoid some of the tax pressure as well as get closer to some of the main sporting events you want to participate in..or at least the airport hubs.
You move south. Something that also brings a nicer climate with more opportunities for outdoor practice.
And why not go for a tax haven like Monaco, the miniature country inbetween Italy and France?

So parts of the Swedish Tennis players, retired or active, on the ATP tour, some downhill ski stars and a couple well known Track and Field specialists and some golfer live in Monaco.

What they do as they want to get together and want to have some fun? Yes, every Thursday they play Floorball.

Earlier in the beginning - like 20-30 years ago the Swedish National Tennis team used to challenge the best Swedish Floorball players for 4-5 years straight and these games - according to the grapewine - was very close games. Until the last one since the development of Floorball moved ahead.

It is in fact so that many Tennis players is very very good Floorball players too since they fast adopt to the principle to move a ball with a tool - irrespective of it is a stick or a racket. Many Tennis players from Sweden on the ATP tour lists their personal interest in Floorball as a public matter - sadly enough translated wrong by ATP into Floor Hockey. But that is something Floorball Hockey U can live with.

Wilander, Nyström, Björkman, Johansson is only a few names from the Tennis ATP tour that has been or still plays recreational Floorball.

So if you have played some decent Tennis you must not hesitate to try Floorball.
And if I am not wrong Austria had some Tennis players that early on became national champions in Floorball...

Why do you think they pick Floorball in front of Basketball, Soccer or other sports - as the Jet-set in Monaco wants to have fun?

That is today's question!

Big Smokin' News from a Big State,

For the first time ever we are now able to purchase real full size Floorball goals (nets) here in the USA.
These real full size goals are made in USA based on a metallic frame and are red as ruled to be in the rulebook of Floorball, with exact measurements.

It is Floorball Planet in Dallas, TX that shortly will be offering this necessity at their website.

This is so new that it has not yet been posted on their website and we still do not have any pictures or the price per goal. However Jukka Kotti owner of Floorball Planet promise that this is in the pipeline and will be posted shortly.

Some US clubs have earlier been forced to either import Nets or Goals from abroad beside of a white plastic made goal to Floorball measurements by another manufacturer. Now, finally we have the right stuff on the market!
This development have a huge potential to enhance Floorball as it is played in the USA.

Thank You Floorball Planet!

Ever tried a toptwister before?

Mixed signals from India

At the same time we report that there is big plans for a large Floorball arena or complex in India. We also learn that the National Indian male team withdraws from the qualification round for this years World Floorball Championship.
So it seems like the road ahead is bumpy at some places - maybe even bumpier than here in the USA.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Floorball stadium in India

Many news about Floorball is written in native languages.
Here is an exception. In India they speak or at least print news papers in English.
So here is news about the Global Floorball movement from.
You guessed it right India.

Proposal to build floorball stadium

Harmoknee for Girls doing almost any sport

We have already reported on how a Swedish International top notch Soccer player became the Belgian Champion in Floorball. We have also covered on how the Mega European Soccer star Henrik Larsson started to play Floorball in the highest Swedish league, SSL, last year.

Most of you - familiar with regulation Floorball - do recognize that rules like a shot-in as the ball goes over the boards and a free-hit - has been borrowed to Floorball, as concepts from Soccer.
Only because they are good rules in Soccer and fits very well into Floorball too. They make game play fast and thus fun.

There is another thing that relates to Soccer. Maybe not such a fun thing but it is obvious that girls or ladies playing either Soccer or Floorball are more prone to get knee injuries compared to males in more mature age groups. This is not specific related to these two sports but it is found in active sports where girls may run, jump and turn fast.
The good thing about this however is that there is a solution to this problem.

We will not present the solution here. But we will link you out to a very comprehensive site about a study to prevent these kind of injuries.
So if you play Soccer, Basketball or Floorball with adolescent girls or older please take a few minutes of your time and visit this excellent site on the subject "Harmoknee".
If you are a girl playing any sport - some good reading waits for you too.
This is the Academic version that is done according to serious research and posted accordingly.

Then Floorball Hockey U also found very interesting material at You Tube that all shows how to get prepared.
If this is based upon academic research - we do not know. We do know that this is not related to the study on soccer as we refer to above. However if you go to You Tube and punch in Floorball injury prevention program. You can pick and choose from several videos like this one - it is kind of hands on.

The dream vacation

Hey Fellow Americans,
If you plan that European vacation this summer - I think Prague would be as important to go to as Paris.
Hm now you can play Floorball in Prague too - in almost any age group from youngsters to veterans.
Check out the Floorball activities in Prague here.

It is a good thing if you sign up as a team though

German article

It is fun to follow the global media and how they describe the wave of Floorball. This headline links to a German article in one of the most respected News Magazines in Germany and it is about the new sport at one of the most respected German Universities. They call Floorball a new trend sport and art in the same word.
The coach for this session is actually the head coach for the official Swiss womens team and he describes in detail on why floorball is so good to play co-ed . If you are not fluent in German try an online translator and try to read it your self.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roger is coming

It is always fun with visitors. For our little practice session one of - most likely - the best players in Wisconsin has promised to come and visit us in Tomah on Sunday at THS in the adult/teen session.
Roger is a young Swiss man with 7 years of experience from Floorball and it is few, if any, that can match this in WI. So we welcome him and we will all have as fun as we can.

When? This Sunday at 6 PM at THS! You are invited!

Reminder FBL 09 - ten days to go demo

It seems like beside of IFFs own homepage there is not too much news sites about Floorball floating around on the Internet in English, beside of this blog and a few very good blogs in Asia.
Most European sites are not made in English - right!

Hmm - that most likely means that we are one of the few news sources about the upcoming demo of the new computer game about Floorball - in English. What an honor! Anyway if we are not mistaken it is just about 10 days until the first demo version of FBL 09 - The computer game.  May this explains the recent interest for our older material covering this game?

Over 40.000 hitz at YouTube

Many of the Zorro clip we toss up here is made mainly for a small audience like friends and family and posted online. So many of them - even if good they have like just a handful of viewers or more until we show them.
Today is by the way the day when we for the first time exceed 5000 hits on our blog.

Here is one clip though that hit it big time over 40.000 hits and counting at YouTube not bad and you know why.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finnish Zorro Contest

So when did you last time see a Finnish Air hooking or Zorro contest?
I thought so.

The Best There is Sirius-AIK in SSL

Floorball Hockey U offer here another full length match from the worlds best league - from Swedish TV4 - free of charge. Please Enjoy!
NB it takes 25 second for this clip to start - be patient!

Here is Team USA - the players for the games against Canada

Click the headline and visit the IFF presentation of each player in Team USA.

Fra Posten - From Norway to USA!

Thank You Kjetil! Good stuff.
I still think we in some way should try to use the National bounds between Norway and local US cities that consider themselves to be Norwegian by heritage and push for Floorball. The same goes for Swedish and Finnish communities in USA. I am still wondering exactly how. It can not be impossible and in the Norwegian case there is a few very well defined communities in USA that feel like extremely Norwegian. Westby as I wrote about earlier is only one of them.
So this matter is still up for grabs I guess?

Some more Hockey Math from Sweden

We have earlier shown three Swedish Ice Hockey teams here, in the highest Swedish hockey league, on this blog. Video clips from three teams that use Floorball as a way to improve their Ice Hockey in some way. As I tried to research this I found out that the famous old club MoDo not had used Floorball for a long time. I also learned that LHC was doing as much as 20% of their off season practice - as Floorball. So how are these teams doing in the highest Swedish Hockey league right now?

1) HV71 - Floorball Yes
2) LHC - Floorball see above
3) FBK - Floorball - I guess so but can not prove this in any direction.
4) DIF - Floorball Yes.

9) Modo - Peter Forsbergs old club? Well they have not played Floorball for a long time someone said in a recent interview..

So is this just pure co-incidents or just puck luck or is there something wrong with my facts?
Then Mr. Sedin in NHLs top as the point scorer - raised on Floorball in his school as he played Hockey at his club.
I do not know how you draw your own conclusions?

But I am kind of pleased with what I learn and teach - every day.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Trondheim, Norway

Thank You Trondheim, Norway!

I am very impressed with the amount of traffic you are able to generate here at Floorball Hockey U. And I would say as I compare different countries and the amount of traffic from different cities - you have been a remarkable good and valuable visitor lately if not outstanding - wow! Thank You!

However I have a little job for you. Since you are kind of familiar with Floorball over there in Norway but many of your distant relatives are today living in places like Westby, WI - and they play more kind of antique sports like basketball in Westby. ..

So my question is how can You help the descendants of Norway, or the sons and daughters of Norway - that live in Westby in Wisconsin. How can you help them to start to play Floorball?

They act more Norwegian in Westby Wisconsin then You do in Norway - I think. They have almost everything you have including lusekofter, sköjter och lutefisk.

The two things they do not have is Oil and Floorball. The oil thing is dirty and not so fun.

So if you start to build relationships with them over social networks or something + maybe you can convince them that is it high time to start to play Floorball if they want to be considered as more modern Norwegians?

What do you say? Look at this link and grasp this incredible chance of a change

Tell me what you think and I might send you a link to their high school too.

Do you want to read a blog - or make a change in the world of sports?

Two Minutes Zorro from Finland

RUSSKI - Russia

This is from St. Petersburg in Russia and the teams playing is Kaskad versus BFA. Kaskad won.
What do you think about the music? Not bad huh?
And as you see they play full size Floorball with fixed Floor marks for Floorball and regulation boards in Russia.

A kidz mag in Canada reporting on Floorball

Click the link - headline.
No, I do not like the helmets either

Tomah, WI Points score in the Young League

This is the standing in our Young League in Tomah. Every win rewards the players in a team with 3 points and a draw with one point to all players. The more you play the more chances to be rewarded with points.
Here is the standing as of January 18th with in total 9 games played.

Jacob 19 points
James 13
Eric and Roland 10 
Auggie and Andy 7
Cole, DJ,  Drake and Lauren 3
Brian, Cathy and John 0

A New Race is on!

I want to know...
A) Anyone in the USA that CAN DO ZORRO with a Floorball stick!
I will post your name here as the first one in an exclusive group!
B) Anyone in the USA, living here and being a US citizen, posting a Zorro video onto You Tube - or somewhere else online - showing you Zorro. You have to let FloorBall Hockey U know about this too....I will give you a Kubb Yard Game as the reward - beside the honor of being first!
And hey here is a lesson..

Toronto - The League!

If we here in Tomah want to be able to play at this level we probably need to play at least 3 times per week.
This is brand new stuff from the Toronto Floorball League.

This will be the best games EVER on North American soil

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr Sedin extends his lead in NHL

Henrik Sedin has just extended his lead in the NHL points top.
Would I post this if he was raised on Floorball beside of his hockey - yes, I just did.

By the way a bit further down in this blog you can find news from the Hockey Canada Skills Academies - yeah they all use Floorball today up there - go figure that, dear friend.


Here is some very fresh stuff from Sweden. P96 means this is boys born the same year - 14 years of age.
Not bad huh?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sumo Floorball from a TV Show

It is just for fun and a crazy stunt. But hey - it is Floorball right.

The True History of Floorball

Or Cosom and the influence from Bandy and our piece of the Apple Pie.

Several different versions of the birth story of Floorball are floating around. I myself do remember being told, early on, that the sport emerged from a manufacturer that produced plastic pipes and invented a stick just to be able to sell more pipe. They took plastic pipes, cut them up and just added a little piece of plastic that was the blade and "viola" a stick was born.
I have believed in this since... this is something I was told very early on - with certainty before 1975.

Carl-Åke "Calle" Ahlqvist is otherwise considered by many as the Swedish father of Floorball. In an interview made a few years ago he describes himself how it all started.
His brother sent him 12 sticks from Holland. This was Cosom hockey toy sticks and he let some kids at a teen center in Gothenburg, Sweden play with them and it all turned into a large success - all the kids went crazy over these sticks.
This took place in 1968. I myself claim that I played the sport the first time in 1971 - not bad huh? Most likely I am one of the oldest players of Floorball in the USA.
Anyway, Cosom were originally manufactured by an American Company, probably by the name of Manufacture Shaper CO, and similar sticks are still available on the market and today they look like this - still called Cosom.

Today people in Canada play something called Cosom Hockey. More on that later.

From here on Ahlqvist decides that there is a true need for plastic sticks and since it is most likely hard or at least expensive to order more sticks from USA via Holland he comes up with his own solution. Maybe it is here my own hearsay about the manufactuer of plastic pipes fits in?
The marketing company Unihoc was formed and most likely someone else produced their first sticks and it would not surprise me if this was Hammargren Plast, a Swedish company that at this time made a lot of consumer related plastic items. But please bear with me on this one and the manufacturer as I am only guessing rather wild.
Mr Ahlqvist did the feat you can only dream about - he started to travel to school after school with these sticks and got school after school to start with Floorball. Remember with no references to anything else, not to hockey, NHL players - nothing - just with a game that is fun to play.

At some point these first sticks was designed and developed with an open blade to let air through the blade.
More on stick development is described in the text Floorball sticks - the worlds most advanced sticks?

I think we find the true watershed or the divider as Unihoc go from Cosom to make their own first sticks with an "open" blade. Many claim that thanks to the organization and formalizing of the sport by rules and more organizational matters drove the sport ahead. This might to some extent be true.

I think myself however that the presence of the sport Bandy gave the Floorball sticks a clear direction of development. Bandy is a large Hockey related sport in Europe that is played with sticks that somewhat points in the direction of a more modern plastic Floorball stick. So the European acceptance for Bandy sticks as well as technological advances drove Floorball further into the future until the point we see today.

This development did not occur in North America. And I do believe that this did not happen since Ice Hockey is dominating like bread and butter, in particular in Canada.
The Company, or other operations, making Cosom sticks in North America instead (without influence from Bandy) became more driven towards Floor Hockey with sticks very similar to regular Ice Hockey sticks. To me this is obvious.
Also the idea lingered to play with a real puck or a ball that did not bounce or odd things like a puck rolling on the floor on ball bearings.
This idea gets only clearer as you today find online retailers in North America offering something that looks like original Cosom sticks and the rest of what they sell is either hockey sticks with a plastic solid blade on them or similar toy Ice Hockey versions of sticks in the most happy colors you can dream of.

This is my own theory and the only thing that does not make sense in this matter is why the North Americans never invented Plastic Hockey blades open to let air through thus making them better and able to shoot faster with?
Instead hockey was simulated in North America with sticks hard and stiff as real Hockey sticks. Some people claim that this is half way dangerous since there ought to be protective paddings to play with these tools. Something I do agree upon. 
This is most likely what drove sticks equipped with larger chunks of foam as a blade. Safe in school - maybe. But can you shoot or dribble with a monster like that - most certainly not. I do not honestly know since I never tried it. And why should I? I play Floorball and can both shoot and dribble with my stick.

To wrap this up. Floorball - it all started in the USA. The first whiffle ball was invented in 1953 for baseball practice. You can read more upon the Floorball ball development here. The first sticks on the market was from an American Company making Cosom plastic and very basic toy sticks. It seems like they sold the best in Canada and they do still play Cosom Hockey up there.
As I try to understand the word Cosom - and what it means today by searching the Internet it seems like it can be both Floor Hockey or Floorball. My take on this is that there is not really anything like Cosom Hockey anymore. Or is it? You can find a few retailers selling Cosom sticks, but I would consider that to be only the very basic toy stick you can find. What most others call Cosom today is either Floor Hockey or Floorball.
Ok, almost all development from the very first US inventions of the basic stick and the ball took place in Scandinavia. And this is now what is sweeping the world.

My point is - it all started in the good old USA.
But - is it not time now in 2010 that we regain our own sport and bring it in to schools on a larger scale and at full swing? 

Floorball is just like Apple Pie - more American than anything!

The name of Floorball translated straight from both Swedish and Finnish means something like Indoor Bandy or Room Bandy...

What Bandy is? Like this!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hot Smoking News from CANADA

Here is an article on how a Hockey Canada Skills Academies is Using Floorball to improve Ice Hockey.
Click the headline and read it is copyrighted material so We must link you out.
The news paper writing this is the Daily Observer in upper Ottawa.


It is not every day that we have footage to present from the USA.
But here is fresh pictures from Pittsburgh. Maybe we must try to toss up some images from us too. Huh?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hannes won!

I have decided that Hannes zorro goal from December was the best movie post here at Floorball Hockey U.
Look for this fellow as he shows up behind goal - handling his stick ala Oliver Wahlström and smack.
Enjoy again!

A new winner will be presented in February regarding the best video post her during this month.
If you want to show USA what you can - participate here with us

Girls is a very important part of an Army

This is frogner...
Sound is disabled and apparently the school was burned down - but it looks fun.
It is no glue - and yes in Floorball you must play the ball below the knee - this is just the other fun part of it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Belgium is going bazzonkas

Well it means that Floorball is growing very fast there and today only one of the main Belgium newspaper, Het Nieuwsblatt had today three articles about...
Yes Floorball ;-)
And explosive growth...

Players Wanted in Tomah WI

Saturday March 6th, 2010 

will present the first ever game of
Minnesota vs Wisconsin

This pioneering and epic game will take place in Minneapolis.
Tomah of Wisconsin is invited to play Minneapolis in Minnesota

To be able to challenge Minnesota as good as possible we need yet a few more eager players in our Tomah Teen/Adult group. 
If you have previous experience from Hockey, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball or another fast ball sport and live close to Tomah WI, please do not hesitate to come
and practice with us as we play in the small gym at THS every Sunday.

Our Teen/Adult group practice starts 6 PM sharp - both Girls and Boys invited.

Practice sessions - free of charge, bring indoor tennis shoes. Floorball is played according to rules similar to basketball - no charging or slashing allowed.The ball to be played below the knee level only.
It is easy to play, hard to master.

HELP WANTED! The USA video competition.

By now most visitors to this site, we are closing in on like 5000 hitz soon,,,, most of you have figured out that there is an Army of young European kidz posting Zorro videos online at You Tube and at other places. You have also seen other kinds of videos related to interesting Floorball posted on You Tube and other places by many people. Some things are bad, some even worse and now and then you find something that is out of this world - just incredible good.

Many of these new master pieces pop-up and as we publish them here they have sometimes only had maybe a handful of viewers at the video site they are hosted at.

Here is therefore our new deal. We will start a competition here at Floorball Hockey U with the Floorball video clip of the month.
To start with we will judge this on our own but the plan is that all readers will be able to vote on the videos here on the blog.


To apply with a video either comment here on the blog write us an email or do what you want.
Floorball Hockey U will present a winner each month to start with and the first month that we will present a winner will be for the month of December 2009.

Prices - the honor to start with - and if someone donates something that will be presented as the reward asap too.

Coming up soon...The Floorball movie winner of December 2009 at Floorball Hockey U!

More on Floor Hockey

First let me admit - I do not know much - if anything about Floor Hockey.
Some people say it is the activity that brought us Floorball, - they say that Floorball was developed from this activity - but I honestly do not know.
I do think myself that Floorball had its own strain of development - maybe I am wrong.

Anyway, I saw yesterday some kids playing with two small nets, just like in Floorball, very spontaneous and just next to the big Hockey rink.
These spontaneous players used wooden hockey sticks, no protective gear and a regular rubber puck direct on concrete.
Wow, I did feel that it looked semi dangerous even if I do remember that I tried something similar as a child myself.
Not much later on I saw an adult attending one child crying after being hit on his hands with a stick - no wonder I thought.

So today I tried to figure out more about Floor Hockey.
I landed at a local school or colleague that offers Floor Hockey as an intramural sport and I tried to understand the rules...
This is one of the first Floor Hockey rules I stumble into, let me quote rule number 8:
"Any player that is bleeding must leave the game immediately. The bleeding must be stopped and the wound securely covered with a bandage before the player can continue. If there is blood on any clothing or jersey it must be changed before the player resumes play."

I do not understand what I read - can someone that knows Floor Hockey tell me what all this is about - is it this dangerous? Or is this only a funky rule that does not describe the reality?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Over two hours from the worlds best league

This derby took place two days ago in Stockholm in the worlds best Swedish Super League.
Ignore the Swedish and lower the sound enjoy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

More pure affection for Zorro

Goalie -Galore

Most often as you see a goalie on movie clips you see the forward score. Here is a truly incredible collection of good plays from a Goalie. Sit back and enjoy.

I did myself try to play goalie a few times. What this guy is doing just not looks very hard and though - it is! I think I have an understanding on how much work this guy puts into his work - wow!

Two Days Ago

Here you see Oppenby play Södertälje in Sweden. This clip is kind of instructional since there is several slow motion depicted goals from different camera angles that shows how to score in Floorball.
Södertälje won with 9-5 by the way.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

All you need to know about Floordrops

Or why not try it for yourself?

From Gothia Cup a Floorball tournament involving 447 teams

This was released yesterday. It is from the final in the Boys 18 yrs group.
What is happiness to you?

Here we quote the producer "with only seconds left of the game and the team in red (IBK Lidköping) becomes 1 more player on the field after a penelty to the other team. A player called "Skara" scores with amazingly 3 seconds left! ENJOY"

Friday, January 8, 2010

More on Swedish Hockey

Djurgårdens IF is another one of the very best and most prestigous Ice Hockey Clubs in Sweden using Floorball...
Djurgården has produced players like Mats Sundin (13 yr Captain for the Maple Leafs) among others.

Carl is one of todays young Hockey players in Djurgårdens IF.
Here is a few seconds from the pre season practice session as Djurgården is playing Floorball.
My question? - When did you ask your coach last time - why you do not use Floorball too, to improve hockey?
Hey, send me the answer.

Yes, I do think I know that 45000 students in Texas have Floorball on their curriculum - but it is not really related to improve Hockey as an off-ice practice method. It is more to enhance PE in school - just another way to use Floorball (or maybe the main reason to play Floorball - beside of it being fun).

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Team USA - Feb. Qualifications for WFC 2010 in Finland

The official Team USA WFC qualification squad was today revealed by USAfB.

Let me qoute the news "USA: The USFbA is proud to announce the squad that will attempt to make it past Canada in February. February 5th and 6th Team USA will take on Canada in Hamilton for a birth at the World Floorball Championships in December."

The players selected for this historic event!

3  Umag Patel
4  Jakob Wyde
8  Henrik Kok
9  Jakub Zajac
10  Fabian Länzlinger
11  Eric Molin
12  Vince Faso
14  Michael Binder
15  David Nilsson
16  David Brown
17  Philip Winkler
19  Steve Wilburn
22  Jason Gray
23  Kyle Hawkins
25  Adam Troy
30  Ryan Winkler
31  Terence Frank
68  Karl Förare
83  Stefan Zimmermann
84  Justin Pettersson

More to follow!
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!