Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

It was easy to find something fun related to Floorball for Halloween.
Since the Floorball community is thriving I found a
Happy New Year from Tobbe and Tobbe!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trixxers Freestyler

Is this Dance, Circus or just pure love for a sport that grows faster then you can shoot with your slap shot?
A pleasure to watch is what I think.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sarandon a story with SPiN

It is very hard to link the actress Susan Sarandon to Floorball. Maybe impossible. But I think this story still is worth to be told since there might be a remote link.

Ms. Sarandon has recently become very keen on and interested in Table tennis. She is behind the new fashionable Table tennis club in New York called SPiN. Other prominent people that play there is according to my source is Mel Gibson, George Clooney, Edward Norton and Sean Penn.
Early this December Ms Sarandon went to Stockholm to be awarded for her acting skills. But since she knew a man that has been called "the Mozart of Table Tennis" a.k.a. Jan-Ove Waldner - that he lives in Stockholm, she also set up a meeting with him.
Mr. Waldner is a man that has been active in the world top of Table tennis for eons and been beating generations of Chinese Table tennis contenders. If some foreign sports profile would be well known in China - it would be Mr. Waldner. Table Tennis is THE National Chinese sport.
So now it sounds like Mr. Waldner will go to the Club and restaurant SPiN in New York to entertain with some Table Tennis in early 2010 - something well worth a visit.

How one of the worlds most famous and most talented and most decorated Table Tennis player relaxes with something else he likes? He plays in shirt Number 6
Check it out:

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hockey Canada Skills Academy

This is fresh news from Canada about how they actively use Floorball as a method to improve Ice Hockey skills.
Let me quote the Author Graeme Corbett
"I also had the opportunity to try a new sport with the academy during one of their dryland sessions – floorball. Apparently it’s a big thing in Europe, and I can see it catching on here. It’s like floor hockey, but with a bigger emphasis on skill, positioning and a light touch.
After watching Bantam Rep player Adam Fenske toe drag his way through traffic, I could see why the academy is promoting the game.
The sticks are a hybrid of a golf club and a hockey stick. You use a Wiffle ball instead of one of those welt-inducing orange plastic ones. You can’t use your arms or head to corral the ball, you can’t lift an opponent’s stick from behind (you have to stickcheck head on) and goalies use a pair of thick gloves instead of a blocker, catcher and sticks.
No matter a player’s skill level, Hoffman holds the bar pretty high, but he also makes sure the players have fun too."

The full article on how Canada is building their hockey legacy is to be found here

Road Map for FBL09

FBL09 stands for the Floorball League 09 - a windows based computer game due to be released within a year.
Here is what just was released from the company behind the game:

"We have set a target date for the first demo to the end of the January (31.1.2010). It means that all of you can get a first real touch how the game feels and where we stand with the player animations and controls at the moment. The demo will contain a free training mode and a simple penalty-shootout mode. Most of the advanced and cool features (like tricks) will however remain disabled, because they are still under heavy development.
Once all the animations are in place and we'll get the gameplay and graphics more polished, a gameplay demo will be released. It means that you can actually play a partial exhibition game and get familiar with the gameplay. The exact release date for the gameplay demo will be informed later, but at the moment it is scheduled to summer 2010.
Final version of the game will be released in December 2010."

Update from SSL

This blog is on a slow motion here over the holidays.
However here is the latest from the Swedish Super League

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry X-mas Fans of Floorball

Table Hockey?

Table Hockey is the standard entertainment as it comes to table games in Scandinavia. No Fussball tables and no large versions of this game under a plexi glas bulb. It is instead played by a standard set by the manufacturer Stiga (also well known for Table Tennis Equipment).
So what and why would I show this on a site promoting Floorball?

In a couple of countries like Sweden, Finland and the Czech republic there is more licensed Floorball players as compared to Ice Hockey players. So I want to suggest that the next version of this game will be a Floorball version?

If you want to play a computer game of Floorball instead; one old one, from 1996 is available here

The release plan for a brand new Floorball computer game called FBL 09 is to be released tomorrow. We will fill you in more on that later on.

Now lets enjoy seven minutes of Table Hockey

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Xmas to all of you!

Over X-mas we go out of state so blogin' will be sparse..if we are not caught by the - and in da snow!

But In pipeline we have more videos from how one of the best Ice Hockey clubs in Stockholm is using Floorball.
We have a link between a Racing operation including a Royal Prince and its relationship to Floorball. We will have a thing about how some true Jet setters in south Europe play Floorball and maybe a longshot link from Susan Sarandon, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn via the Mozart of Table tennis guessed it................ Floorball.
I will explain more soon.

Otherwise please go and pester as many Americans as you can this holiday season about Floorball - one day they will say thank you with a clear and bright voice!

Gaborik - funny stuff

So there is tonnes of Ice Hockey players in the US. And suddenly one of them is the best scorer in the toughest league. So I publish this and since this site is about Floorball I also write what Mr Gaborik earlier said are right Floorball.

The funny thing is that this drives not very much traffic in the US - it drives traffic yet again in Europe and in Slovakia in particular. Hmm understandable since Mr Gaborik is from what today is Slovakia.
However - yet again I hereby ask anyone in Europe that visits this blog - please help me - please send an email to any of your American friends about this site. The thing here is not to introduce Floorball to Europe.
Our mission is to Introduce Floorball to the Americas - so please help us out here!

Worlds Best Floorball available online - is here!


You can not watch better Floorball anywhere in world right now - but here!
This is from TV 4 national TV in Sweden enjoy
This is 2 and half hours of pure entertainment, skip the Swedish and listen to music instead is my advice.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Gaborik - Right now top Scorer in NHL with 25 scores -

This is what he said not too long ago:
“We play on a [floorball] team with the Marcel and Marian Hossa. It’s very difficult cardio and conditioning [and] it’s great for skills. It’s not easy to handle the balls ... It’s a fun game [and] I think it really helped strengthen Marian [Gaborik's] leg muscles.”
PAVOL DEMITRA & MARIAN GABORIK, at the time playing for The Minnesota Wild.

Go figure that one out or - why not get a Floorball stick now around Xmas huh?
Credits to in Canada for this quote. If you need sticks in the US try
and order by using "Code Michael" at Floorball planet to provide this blog with some green kick back.

Soccer again

We have earlier told the news about the European soccer super star Henrik Larsson that last year decided to start to play Floorball in the Swedish Super League.

He is however not the first one. A couple of years ago the Belgium professional Soccer player Pär Zetterberg that won the Belgium Soccer title six times and the Championships on Greece three times.
Pär was also voted twice as the best Soccer player in Belgium
In 2008 he also claimed the Belgium title for the Belgian Floorball leagues with the Waterloo Lions - a Belgian Floorball team.

Why do you think Soccer players gravitate to Floorball?
It can not be the prestige, the money so... what do you think it might be?

Here is a vid

Don Kuharski

This is from a practice session with NHL officiating representatives and Kuharski scores.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Floorball and the toaster

All ways are good as long as they are not boring.
I liked the first screensaver coming up with flying toasters all over my first Mac screen.
Hm here is another use of a toaster if you want to zorro around...

The Hockey Personality Test

  1. Floorball is the way to introduce hockey in school YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  2. 3 of 5 top scorers in NHL is related to Floorball YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  3. Top Hockey Teams in Europe practice by Floorball YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  4. The world speed record of a Floorball is 117 MPH YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  5. Floorball is considered to be a safe sport YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  6. Floorball will become Olympic by 2020 YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  7. Floorball is one of the worlds fastest growing sports YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  8. Zorro is something you do - showing off Floorball YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  9. The worlds fastest hat trick took 12 seconds - YES ⇭ NO ⇭
  10. USA plays Canada, about who goes toWFC 2010 YES ⇭ NO ⇭

Instructions: Print out and mark you answers

The verdict

10 yes - you should start to blog here about Floorball
8 yes or 9 - clever clever
5 yes up to 7 - I am concerned and think you play knee hockey or Floor Hockey or something else
maybe with foam on the sticks?
2 yes up to 4 - Hey this is for people from USA not for people living in Central America
0 yes or 1 - You may immediately try another sport maybe ballet or
tug of war?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Living Room Hockey

Hey would your Mother let you bring in a large wooden, hooked, glass fiber enhanced Ice Hockey stick - full of sticky tape...
Yes, I know you have to promise her not to put your skates on..
And a few heavy hairy black rubber pucks into you living room? And maybe a net..and a few things are dripping from water.
Would not just your mother love as you then would shoot away for a few minutes or maybe dribble for a while on that nice hard wood floor. Slapety slapp kind of style...
Then see the puck hit some china and maybe even leave a few dents in a wall or two..
Mamma loves you sunshine?

This stick is being sold as a backyard hockey stick. But be darn - it works in the living room too. The china must be in its closet - but it is hard to destroy a wall or furniture with a light weight Floorball stick and a whiffle ball even if it can zoom away faster than any hockey puck.
It is time for living room hockey!

The Two Top ICE Hockey teams in Sweden use Floorball become better in Ice Hockey.
Right now HV71 is the top team in the Swedish league followed by LHC on second place. Both teams have material posted online that show how they use Floorball as they practice for their main sport Ice Hockey.
And it seems like the players loves it.

An interesting notion is that both these teams seems to practice Floorball by dividing their players by age groups - so the youngest play the oldest. And in one of the teams there is also a punishment system in place - the loosing team have to do much more rounds on a practice track later on - related to the result from the game of Floorball. During the off-ice season one team say that a fifth of their basic training is founded on Floorball.
Here is a few minutes from LHC as their own TV channel talks to one of the players in LHC.

Important stuff moves - right

It feel very good that my conclusion from last night - that out of the present 5 top point scorers in the NHL - three of them have some kind of a relationship to Floorball -
In less then a few hours this was posted in Canada too - not bad huh?

Zorro instruction by Salming

Djurgården IF Hockey in Sweden

Here is an interview with Michael Holmquist, he played two seasons for the Black Hawks.
This is right after a practice session with his Swedish Hockey Club DIF.
So it is much Swedish spoken - but hey just look at the Floorball and see how they let the Goalies play almost like in Ice Hockey.. with a stick and gloves.
Normally this is not how it looks as you play Floorball.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

NHL scoring leaders

I just glanced at the NHL top points players
And it is kind of surrealistic to see players that have been playing Floorball in school or in other ways on spot 2, 3 and of todays date:
1. Joe Thornton, 44
2. Henrik Sedin, 43 (Floorball)
3. Marian Gaborik, 42 (FloorBall)
4. Sidney Crosby, 41
5. Nicklas Backstrom, (FloorBall)

That Marian Gaborik is also leading the goal shooting statistics this week has probably nothing at all to do with his FloorBall background - right Dude? - Even if Marian himself often claim that Floorball is good for his hockey...

TWO SIDES OF ONE COIN and my Sad Heart

Our two oldest kids attend an ordinary public school here in Wisconsin. On the school yard I see large visible signs saying or shouting out..
And if using large heavy wooden Ice Hockey sticks, full size pucks and or golfballs to play with I would agree to that sign too.
But in this part of the world where hardly no one have ever tried Floorball - this sign also gives me a very very sad heart.
How will these American kids ever be able to compete as professional Hockey players if their profession is out lawed already at recess in school?

This is how it looks like in Sweden - it is a rink for out door Floorball play - and it is built just next to a basketball court.
Now if you have some guts - You tell me what is right and wrong and then you join me to do something about this mess!

More Swedish

The worlds best female Floorball players on national sports TV in Sweden.
3o minutes of the best there is.
Click the head line.

Did you see Olivers Incredible You Tube sensation?

Here is the next one.. No it is not by Oliver...
This is Hannes and yes according to Olivers Dad Oliver play Floorball too.

More on You

As we just passed 3000 hitz on this site - here is the most attractive material our visitors read after landing on the first main page:

1) worlds-best-stick-is-it-floorball-stick.html
2) code-michael-magic-word.html
3) floorball-is-fast.html
4) scoring-for-team-usa.html
5) 2010-mens-world-floorball-championships.html

So it looks like - even if things like the "stick article" is very long and deep and it has not been published very long - our readers like deep knowledge. It is also surprising to see that the little note about the male WFC in 2010 is so high on the list.
Hm that means that we have to cover good the games in Canada in February between US and Canada - about who will represent North America in WFC later on next year.

Floorball on TV in Canada

First Floorball is a main playful game played at school in Europe, at churches, other organizations and at home in many many playful forms using different skills and variations.
Second Floorball is a huge International sport played almost globally by some 2 Million recreational players - it is a sport going Olympic in its regulation form by 2020.
Third Floorball is considered to be one of the best and affordable ways to practice for other hockey sports like Ice Hockey.
I myself say I mainly do if for the fun of it - it is also a very good exercise.
The fifth way is what is now taking place in the handicap and special Olympics. Wheel chair Floorball is already established and there is an idea is that Floorball may be a demonstration sport at the special Olympics by 2013.
Here is the latest - a game from Canada where cognitive handicapped players play the game and have pure fun as they get some exercise together with an anchor at the TV station.

Yes Sportscentre is NationaL Canadian Television - some claim it is the Sport HUB in canadian TV.
If you know someone that you think never heard about Floorball - why not embarrass them a bit please!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is the most recent and most perfect material there is about Floorball.
And it is from IFF!
If you download and read the PDF that is linked to the Headline of above - then you do not need this
blog anymore.
Go ahead read the PDF and start your own club - it is not very complicated at all.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OMHA versus WAHA

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association has a magazine and in the last issue it looked like this about Floorball:
Please zoom in and read the text to learn more.
I wrote a personal email a few months ago to a person that was supposed to be a contact individual for Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association - he never replied back.
So dear reader do you think I should write him again?
I just did!

Oliver again..

The large Hockey magazine USA Hockey had recently a two page article about Oliver Wahlström.
Not just a dollar short and a day late...As they describe all sports or things Oliver do to be as good as he is - only one problem - they can not sniff out that Oliver play Floorball too.

What is this - it is like everything is kind of surrealistic.

Anyway here is another young talented guy - not with a Hockey stick but with a stick in a sport that is larger than Hockey in Sweden. Sorry for the bad quality but I think the message is clear..

Good HD game from TV 4 in Sweden from Monday Swedish Super League

OK, I have a problem - it is a lots of Swedish spoken.
And I can not promise how long this will work. But here is 2.5 hours of very good Floorball in high resolution
Here is some of the most advanced Floorball there is from the professional Swedish Super League.
This is prime time Swedish TV so you have to go forward about 15 minutes into the program until the game starts - enjoy!

Try it here for a limitied time only

HD clips from w WFC 2009 - two best games

Click the headline and see clips from the World Championship 2009. Both from the final and the game for 3rd place.
Or see parts of it here

OH O I have a problem

Since the w WFC 2009 a large chunk of the traffic to this site moved over to Europe.
It is not bad - but it is here in the USA we need to introduce Floorball - You Europeans, and many Asians and some Oceania's already knows what it is all about.
So please help me out here - if you read this blog and reside outside of USA or Canada - Could you please email only one friend in the USA about this blog? Please!
I do not really care who you email if it is even is your old aunt Mary age 76 - Just please send this blog address to every American you know please.
Maybe this will improve the global reach of Floorball?
I need your help please - and you can make and contribute to that difference!.


From Soccer to Floorball

Here is more on the European Soccer superstar that nowadays play Floorball.
Click the headline please.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Open Letter to School Hockey Coaches and Athletic Directors

Hockey Improvement
This is a how you would be able to improve Hockey in your own school system without changing any of your regular coaching principles, objectives, strives or habits.
But You might initiate a new school sport that is on its way to become a summer Olympic sport by 2020.

First some history
An American invents the whiffle ball in 1953 to improve base ball practice. During the later part of the 60-ties a new school game is developed in Sweden using - the whiffle ball and basic plastic hockey sticks. This new game is called Floorball Hockey or Floorball.
This spreads like a wild fire over the globe and Floorball is now 30 years later on the way to become an Olympic sport in 2020 on its own.

The game of Floorball is the introductory vehicle of choice to Hockey in many West European schools and it is also considered to be one of the best and affordable off-ice practice for any level Ice Hockey Club.
I am myself strongly convinced that the evolution of Floorball in the Swedish school system revived the Swedish Ice Hockey community during the 80-ties since it boosted interest for all Hockey related activities and it brings more "play" to the PE environment. It is all about motivational factors.
Floorball works its way to detect talent and interest for Hockey in the Swedish school system. Swedish and Finnish Ice Hockey players in the NHL is today - all raised on... Floorball.
Players, like the former 11 year Captain for the Maple Leafs - Mats Sundin, has many times said that Floorball helped him with his Ice Hockey.

Mr. Ken Martel, Director for the ADM (American Development Model) at USA Hockey compare Floorball and its relation to Ice Hockey - to what Futsal is to Soccer.
Floorball is today spreading fast in Canada with above 150 active schools and 30 Ice Hockey Clubs. Grants are given to teachers to cover expenses to purchase new Floorball equipment in Canada.
In Texas some 45000 students already have Floorball on their curriculum.
Floorball is a safe non contact, constructive game that must not be compared to Floor Hockey or other kinds of Hockey emulations - Floorball use advanced sticks without foam blades - so the players can learn how to shoot and dribble.

The only thing you need to do
To build the American foundation for future Ice Hockey (as well as a foundation for Floorball) I strongly believe we must get Floorball started in US elementary and middle schools.
Floorball is most receptive among the youth between the ages of 9-13. I want you - as an Ice Hockey coach - to initiate Floorball in your own school system.
The best way to do this is to get the activity on the curriculum in school - maybe to start at the elementary and middle school level?
You do not need to do nothing more, nothing less - since the revolution will evolve by itself.

Material needed
Every school must have a school set of sticks and a few balls, available online for approx 200 dollars, most PTO organisations should be able to cover this - since it is for a good cause that will improve physical activity and hockey related play at the school during PE. Most schools have some nets for other kind of Hockey related activities that in most cases still might be used to start Floorball. But  a pair of new small goals is to prefer - also a very modest investment at around 50 dollars.
With more than 40.000 eye injuries from sport annually in the US, whereof 8500 related to Basketball. I recommend that all the children use protective goggles as they play Basketball and other active sports - including Floorball. If the school have protective goggles - use them. Otherwise take this opportunity of introducing a new sport into school - also to enhance safety in school - at the same time by investing in protective eye wear too.

How Floorball Hockey U can help?
Here is a link to an information booklet and start-up Kit for Floorball.
You can find more information here all over this blog about Floorball.
Or search the Internet or You Tube for more information.
You can ask me any question - and I will do my best to reply on every subject that is related to Floorball.

About Me
I am a Swedish citizen married with three children - all US citizens.
My drive behind this is that I think all American children must have the right - to a leveled and the same playing field as many Europeans and more and more Canadians do - as it comes to Floorball or Hockey play in school. We can not keep on with Floor Hockey or sticks with foam blades in school - we need the same basic foundation for Hockey as they have in Europe. 

The ball..I mean the puck is yours.


Michael Borg

The way I view things - If you participate in this You might most likely do way more for Hockey in USA -compared to what you ever would as a regular Hockey coach.

Zorro for the new brave world

Or maybe just some play :-)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Good Morning America!

43000 students have Floorball on the Curriculum

Mr. Morris is one of several involved talented people that did what you normally would not be able to do. His group of people took a sport that is virtually unknown and presented it to the school board in Austin Texas - after a little wiggle or two the team behind this effort got it straight onto the curriculum for 30.000 students.
To start with, - today some 45000 students - have Floorball on their school agenda - in Texas.
So it is a Good Morning in Texas!

Jeff Morris is one of the colorful characters behind this endeavor. He started to play himself in Raleigh NC about 1996, long before the first Floorball Club was organized in NC. He felt he was attracted to the sport due to its fast pace - it was somewhat like Hockey - but not as aggressive or rough.
He found Floorball to be a social sport that suited him very good indeed at the same time as it gave him a superior cardio vascular work out.

The day Jeff moved to Austin he realized that this was not something he would be able to continue to play if he not would become a spokesperson for the sport himself - since no one played Floorball in Austin at the time. So he started to "pester" all his friends and co-workers - until they showed up.

As I ask Jeff on how they started to approach the school and started to see this as a more serious issue he say: "I got my foot in the door by volunteering in some after school programs. We brought the gear and taught the kids the rules and then jumped right in. Mostly at the elementary and middle schools. One of those instructors was a PE person teaching the class and they told the Athletic Director of AISD (Austin Independent School District). We sat up a meeting and it was decided that floorball was worth a chance. We wrote a curriculum (with help from friends in Canada) and taught them the basics. That was 5 years ago and now its in all the middle schools and high schools".
Jeff further say that he really enjoys to spread the word about Floorball to teachers and PE professionals.

As Jeff talks about competition with Floor Hockey in Texas he has this surprise of an answer to report: He say -"Some schools did play Floor Hockey, many stopped because kids got hurt. So that actually worked against us - since they believed this would be as a violent or even worse sport".

As we continue to talk to Jeff and try to understand how it is possible to get something that is virtually unknown and get that nothing go from zero to become an important issue for the school we try to understand the core of their accomplishment.
He say: -"patience is key" and continues -"it is good if you find someone that has the passion for the sport and that can spare some time". As he further describe key elements to get the sport going he mentions that it is important to find a plat form like an after school program, a Boys and Girls Club or an YMCA - and tell them that you would like to volunteer to work with kids. Jeff continues "You have to bring your own gear- as they can't buy something that they've never heard about. But if you get your foot in the door then that may lead to more opportunity at the school district level."

What is the most valuable asset to have as you have to convince someone about something they never heard a thing about?
"My passion goes a long way but you have to have the knowledge about why Floorball is a good fit for school districts. They have buzzwords and jargon, you have to tailor your pitch to them. I am still learning about this but mainly you need to focus on the alternative nature of the sport. Safety, inclusiveness, level of exercise, enjoyment, everything plays a factor. But you also have to convince them on how Floorball is different and better than the old Floor hockey they have been playing for years. The gear and the rules make for a totally different and safer playing experience."
He continues:
"The sport really fits in well for what the PE admins are looking for- it is inclusive, fast paced, safe and fun!"
"Once the PE Administrator decided to go with Floorball we had a training session for the coaches during an in-service day, we put sticks in their hands and taught them the basics, concentrating on what makes Floorball different compared to Floor hockey. Lots of explaining the rules. Especially incorrect hits and other stick fouls. We did drills and then played a scrimmage. It was a competitive group so it became lively. I even had small prizes that were donated to the winner."

Most readers of this would probably most likely agree that it was Jeff Morris and his team that won the toughest game.

It is so good to see this light coming from Texas!


In Pipeline

Even if the Women's World Floorball Championship 2009 is over - our readers still hangs on here.
In pipeline, or on its way is a little text about Texas - where 45000 students have floorball on their curriculum - way to go.
And following suite is an open letter to Hockey, field Hockey or Athlete coaches at a few selected US High Schools.
Hold out!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Maybe we need a logo or a shirt in Tomah?

This is in the worx right now so maybe.

Australia and the next time around

So Australia won the B division in w WFC 2009. That means that they have a spot in the A division together with the 7 top ranked teams from the A division. The remaining 8 spots in 2011 will be won by qualifications of different continents.
Tomorrow Final and as I saw Sweden give Finland a lesson today in the semi - I say wow can they play.
Ho ho ho Merry x-mas everybody...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you dig you find

This link leads to a deeper presentation to one of the girls playing for Team USA during w EFC 2009.
Click the headline and learn more about agriculture

Speedhero again

This is so new that it is only Finns on the World record list for Floorball.
Who will be the first American to try this?


This is the craziest thing I have seen in a long time it is also defining our future if it becomes a working hit.
And it might even kick Floorball a bit further into the future too.
Nokia has released a thing for your phone so it can become a speed measuring devide as you shoot that Floorball. (It works with pucks and balls too)
Test this, spread the word and let me know how it works - I think my phone is on the list for compatible devices.

Semi Finals in w WFC 2009

Will be played:
12.11. 15:15 Switzerland W - Czech Republic W - Live on the web, central US time 08.15 AM
12.11. 18:15 Sweden W - Finland W - Live on the web, central US time 11.15 AM

Mats Sundin - Toronto Maple Leafs

He is the longest serving Captain from Europe in NHL with his eleven years as the Captain of the Maple Leafs.
He won almost everything and was the first European to be drafted as number one in the 1989 NHL draft.
Miles of articles have been written about him. But few here in North America knows that Sundin credits Floorball for his own Hockey development - he has said "Floorball helped me with my hockey".
He is also one of the first hockey players that was raised in a school system that taught Floorball in school - I suppose. And he played Floorball throughout his child hood.
Today I say that all hockey players from Sweden and Finland have Floorball on their agenda.
Instead of writing more in this issue here, more of this to come later on, I will link you to an rather old article from 1996, that is 13 years old.
But the topic is Mats Sundin as he discuss Floorball - so it might be interesting for a few of you?

The game is over

The last and third period between Team USA and Denmark became a true thriller.
A Danish player penalized for five minutes - Team USA scores and the whole team dance a magic dance, as they have done a few times before in this tournament. Then there is a race against the clock as Denmark still is in the lead 2-3.
In the last intense couple of seconds another Danish player is penalized - they played almost a bit physical to do what they could to keep their score - and Team USA takes out the goalie so six players against four and the Danish goalie finalized the game. But the Danish was still up one goal as the fat lady sung.

Other impressions from the game is that still I think many players in both teams try to do too much on their own with the ball - it is almost like they do not know that the ball is faster than any running. Then many passes ends up on the receivers back hand - of course this was a very important game so no wonder this like this happens.

Anyway Great game girls and thanks for a good show! More too follow soon.

I saw it

Now it worked what a game!
wow But Team USA lost 2-3 :-(
I will tell you more later.

Second Period

The same disaster continue - picture stalls and if this is due to a server that is not capable to handle the traffic then that is sad - because so many wants to see this but can not. I do know that IFF sponsors this transmission and it is not cheap to do so. Hmm could not a few national Floorball clubs tossed up some extra streams by using VLC as a streamer would that have worked as a cheap solution to increase bandwith? I do not know -it is just a thought.

Otherwise the game goes on - it looks kind of even - in the bits and parts I have been able to see - most stills though. But Denmark scored once again... but this game is by far over yet!
According to the shooting statistics Team USA have shot much more then Denmark early on in this game.
So it would not surprise me at all - if we turn this around and win the game.

Team US-Denmark first period

This is not good. Either there is network problems or maybe the server that sends this taht can not deal with the traffic. It lags and stalls all the time so I have not been able to see very much.
But it is a tight game - after the first period Denmark is only up with one goal.
So this can end in any direction I feel.

Go Team USA GO!

Russia and Canada

Both won today and Russia secured 5th place in the tournament and Canada 19th.
Click the headline - read more at IFF.

More visitors numbers and Hawaii

The number of visitors to this blog is crushing most any other blog. We are like several (4 to 5) thousand percent ahead of similar Hockey blogs or any thing like it - in anyway Google can measure this.
Today we had our first visitor from Hawaii and we almost have like 30 states in the US logging in to this site.
MN and WI stands out as well as MA, VA, TX, AK and CA. My main question is about MI?
They have only a few visitors - so pls if you know anyone in MI - send them our address... I think they know Hockey up there - and doing that without Floorball must be kind of old fashion insane.

In Europe only three countries is not with us, Ireland, Italy and Greece.
Yesterday our first visitor from Africa showed up and yes we have visitors from all five main continents.
Last 5 days visits represent a third of all visits since we started to be active in early october 2009. Wow!

Now take your e-mail gun and shoot this blog address as a slapshot to everyone you know and soon we might have some good Floorball coming to USA too. Michigan is really what bugs me out so please do something against them please.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Norway and the Semi finals

The Semi final games looks like this in the women's WFC 2009

A-division semi-finals:
Switzerland - Czech Republic 15:15 CET
Sweden - Finland 18:15 CET

You can watch them all online at

Todays game Team USA-Norway ended almost before it begun. In the first period 11 goals was scored - only one problem - Norway made 10 of these 11 goals. Final score 3-16 to Norway. So now it is time by noon local time in the Midwest for Team USA to beat Denmark - we have to win or face it!
Go Team USA GO!

If you purely go by the statistics in this tournament it might look like Denmark might win tomorrow and kick Team USA down to the B division. But then you never heard about the US fighting spirit. 
Statistics also indicate that Germany might be the team that moves up to the A -division in 2011. If this happens then the next tournament becomes a more or less an European affair (depends where you place Russia, in Asia or Europe). I think that would be sad for the sake of a strong Global Floorball movement.
But there is games coming up that will decide all this. Hold on to that!

Ouch. Ouch! OUCH!!!

Here comes a very sound and good analysis from the game Team USA against Sweden.
But this is not from a journalist or myself sitting here with my own views and ideas - this is from the General Manager of Team USA. She has something important to say - so please read this and think for a few moments about her message.
Sunday, December 6th. USA-Sweden (1-28)

I won't even try to bore you with game statistics, the final score says it all. I think that I can safely say that Team Sweden is the best team of the tournament, and a small comfort is that every other team playing against them will probably loose as well. Now, the next thing I will say, then run for cover; the high final scores in most of the games in this tournament is signaling that floorball is not developing in some countries - growing yes, not developing. The USA needs both growth and development for it to be successful in a world championship. Talking to the general manager of Team Australia, we both agreed that our countries, along with Canada and perhaps also Russia, share the same problem: floorball is a small sport in a country with big populations and great distances. Compare this to Sweden, which is a country that has a small population, shorter distances and a well established floorball culture.

The Swedish team playing is a joy to watch, even if they are under the process of bruising our pride. Their game has a flow unlike any other team, but remember - all the girls in the Swedish national team play in the highest division. This means that they have practice three times a week and at least one game every weekend during the season. In addition, their national team meet and practice several times a year. Few countries can compete with that.

What Team USA lacks in experience, it makes up in team spirit. Even though we were loosing heavily against Sweden, the pure joy the girls displayed when we scored our one and only goal of the game was quite beautiful. Karolina Watwil was chosen best player for Team USA.

Sabina Backstrom, Team 

New Pictures from Women's WFC via Alaska

Our friends in Alaska and the now famous Arctic Floorball Monkey Club just added som new pics to their album at picasa.
Try this link and enjoy

The most important Game...

For the USA ladies competing in W WFC 2009 will take place
12.10.09, 19:00 local central European time Team USA - Denmark
This is in the women's world floorball championships

So tune in to to see this game live at Noon December 12th.
Go Team USA GO. In the case we loose this game Team USA have to play in the B -Division next time around in 2011. The game clock is ticking!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Longyearbyen - Floorball of course!

It has been just reported that some 70 Russians and Norwegians recently have been playing Floorball in Longyearbyen on Svalbard.
Longyearbyen is the worlds most northernmost permanent settlement at 78 degrees North. Just take a few minutes and find this place on a map and you might realize how Floorball is growing in all directions.

The worlds most Northern newspaper makes a good story on this and if you click the headline you will see a nice picture. It is under copyright otherwise I would have loved to show it here.
So far only small goal/nets but the Norwegians won over the Russian team from Barentsburg by 12-3.

Constructive Game Play

Photo by Djclear904 on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license 

What do I mean as I say that Floorball is a constructive game or team sport?
Face it - Boxing is kind of a destructive game since the main idea about that sport is to punch the opponent by using the pure force, speed and power of your fists to destroy the other Boxers ability to do the same. Some fans of Boxing may not agree to this and say that there is many constructive parts of Boxing too. Something I do, to some extent, agree upon. Or to use the words of Mohammad Ali a.k.a. Cassius Clay "Dance like a butterfly and sting like a bee". The "Dancing part" is what I would say is the constructive deal of Boxing. But then it is not really boxing - it is dance, right?

However as I compare sports - I do believe that Boxing and also Wrestling must be considered to be rather destructive sports - since much is about to destroy what the opponent tries to do by using physical force, technique, speed and tactics. Maybe fencing could be considered a destructive sport too, I do not know?
I just try to understand how to divide sports under the idea of an activity being destructive versus constructive.
Rugby and American Football must also be taken to be sports with a large portion of destructive game play - this since in several cases you are able to take down the ball carrier, or move the ball forward - or stop the motion of the ball, by using pure physical force head on the opponents and try to destroy their moves and/or intentions. Yes there is large parts of constructive game plays in these sports too.

The old familiar sport Basketball or other activities like Swimming, Volleyball or very modern sports like Snow boarding on a half pipe must on the other hand be considered to be very constructive activities - since there is no room for direct physical maybe "negative" interference with other parties, "players" or plays according to the rules of those games.

Since Floorball is a modern relative to Ice Hockey let us do some comparisons on the subject of constructiveness and destructiveness. In Ice Hockey you are able to do many physical moves to push, tackle or move your opponent players out of the way - by using physical force and strength. But since I love Ice Hockey - I also want to point out that there is several moves in Ice Hockey, like tripping, cross checking, slashing and other ways of using pure force or tricks that is not allowed. I do say that the physical game in Ice Hockey often promotes a larger and stronger player - something that is good for big and strong players.

Floorball is like Basketball, you are not allowed to tackle or walk/run into another player - the rules for Floorball resemble Basketball very much in this "contact" respect of a non-contact sport. It is just that you do not need to be tall to become a good Floorball player. Ok, sorry for that poke, I do know there is many short, very good Basketball players too - but a majority of successful Basketball players tend to be rather tall. I think this is also the case for many Tennis and Volleyball players too - without having any scientific proof or source behind this line of thought.

In Ice Hockey you can move the opponents stick by using your own stick, beside of illegal slashing, - and even if it is not allowed to use a hand to grab the other players stick - it is not too uncommon to see this in many important Ice Hockey games - something the referees sometimes fails to detect.
In Floorball you are not allowed to slash or even hit the opponent sticks. Yes, I will be honest - the referee do miss some of this destructive plays in Floorball too. You are however mainly supposed to play the ball only - in Floorball. Simple and constructive as that.
In Floorball you can further not place your stick inbetween the legs of an opponent player since there is an obvious risk of tripping - the same player. This is therefore an important preventive rule in Floorball - to avoid - what I here call destructive game play.

Back several years ago it was common that Ice Hockey players would block the puck against the boards and lock it between the skates (3 seconds) until the referee blew the whistle, in reality it usually took more than three seconds for them to blow that whistle. This was another kind of destructive part of the game, as I view this - something that more modern versions of Ice Hockey removed, and thus improved the game, I think.
Still the defenders do have the ability to meet forwards high at their own blue line and maybe "force" an off-side onto the other team - also something that is a part of the game - but something I view as a "little kind" of a destructive part of the game. And if they are not able to "force" an Off-side - the defending action might result in that the other attacking team has to back home and start over with a new attack - since they have someone "lost" in an off-side position. The off-side rule is there to promote a fair and beautiful game - and maybe it does? There is other versions of these abilities to try to stop the game like maybe a "forced" red line off-side (very hard to accomplish) and it used to be possible to rather abruptly also kill game play with pucks sent deep to icing. Something modern Ice Hockey adjusted to the better.

Off-side in Soccer reminds about Off-side in Ice Hockey. Two or more defenders in Soccer do have the ability to go up high on the field and by doing so fool the forwards of the other team to go into - what is often called an "off-side trap". In Floorball there is no off-side or icing calls (there is not even any ice - so how could it be icing - buddy?:-).
The difference to Ice Hockey, as I see it - now compared to Soccer, is that in Soccer you have a free hit or goal kick - something that starts the game back again very fast. As Off-side is called in Ice Hockey the game has to stop and the face-off procedure is being used to start up the game again. Something that stops the game for a slightly longer time, as compared to Soccer. This is of course good for TV advertisers and for an Ice Hockey team that would like to put new fresh legs on the Ice - but to me it is also a kind of a destructive part or delaying deal of the game since it stops the action as well as the game clock. Ok, you do have time to eat that hot dog.

Floorball has borrowed some ideas from Soccer and it is common that a "free-hit" is called (almost like a free kick in soccer) when you have interference to a game - something that starts the game back again - as fast as possible. Regulation Floorball is further borrowing the idea from Soccer about a Hit-in (Throw-in they call it in Soccer) as the ball fly out over the boards. Also something that is done little faster compared to the face-off in Ice Hockey. Finally the Floorball goalie can start the game fast as in Soccer by throwing the ball out to re-start play again very fast.
These things is not only matters that contribute to what I call constructive game play - it also contributes to the fast paced action and the speed of Floorball.
The speed of Floorball is by the way one of the most read postings on this blog. It has also been updated in another little post.

As the subject constructive versus destructive sports is up on the agenda we also could relate destructive game plays to violence in sports since this could be another way to describe some destructiveness in a harsh and with a way more raw angle. I am not diving into this subject at this time. I will instead link you to a posting about Floorball and Safety.

To sum things up: Floorball must be considered to be a very constructive kind of a team sport since there is not much room for destructive physical game play against the other team as you play by the rules. I think myself only Volleyball and Basketball among the large team sports can match this feature of Floorball.

Is then a more constructive game, or sport, more beautiful to view - than maybe a more antique sport with a higher degree of destructive game play?
This is something you have to answer yourself - to me it is however more beautiful with constructive game plays and I do think that sports promoting more constructive and continuous action is what I personally like. This of course is only a matter of my own taste.

As it comes to Your own local school system.
Lets ask the question - what do we want to teach our children? Of course we want to teach them things that are fun - what is fun is something different for us all. The important thing about fun stuff is that it works like an incredible motivational factor. Students work harder engaged in fun activities and fun stuff is most likely the best motivational factor there is? You can read more on this post that is all about the inclusiveness of Floorball. Do I have to add that Floorball is more than fun?

Just as a final basic thought I say that it ought to be much better and relevant if we try to teach our kids constructive behaviour in front of destructive behavior in school, right?
What is the opinion of our school leaders on this matter? Do we teach destructive behavior in other subjects at school beside of PE? Can we push our friends around during recess? Remember I do not say that destructive plays are bad - I only would like to point out that - do we know what we are doing and to what degree are we really aware about this matter? Or is this matter just a dead subject or a question I am not supposed to ask? Or maybe all destructive sports already excluded from the school environment?

Maybe I am fully off track as I dive into this subject using this kind of a very different angle of view, as I look at and compare different kind of sports and their relationship and or differences - by using the concept of destruction versus construction?
I am however 100% certain that I am for Floorball in the US school system - NOW - not next week!

Here is a clip on what you can NOT do in Floorball - N.B. this is ILLEGAL and just shows how STUPID it looks to tackle in Floorball - and I can assure you that one player got a penalty. Guess who?

Code MICHAEL - The Magic Word

Floorball Hockey U - Partnership with Floorball Planet

One of the main things as I try to get Floorball going in the Midwest is to secure a supply of good and affordable sticks and other equipment.
We have now a new agreement where you, that feel you need a stick or something else related to Floorball, when you want to try Floorball - go to Floorball Planet to order what you need. If you live outside Texas but in the US the sales is exempt from sales tax. Floorball Planet have one of the best quality selections of affordable and more advanced sticks in the US.
They also carry the best selling brand in North America - Salming. More on Salming here if you never heard this name before.

The only thing you have to think about is that you mention "CODE MICHAEL" as you place your order with them. This so I get inspired to continue to spread light about Floorball here. As you purchase from Floorball Planet a little part of your investment will be kicked back to this "think tank" about Floorball in the Midwest. Not bad, Huh?
Here is Floorball Planet. And by the way thank them a bunch for their contribution as you place an order with them using "CODE MICHAEL". I thank You a bunch just for reading this!


A Czech intro to WFC

It is short but carry good vibrations

Intro for the news from WCH 2009 from Vít Zemčík on Vimeo.

Lets look back two years

This is not the best quality on the images - the web evolves fast.
This is however a few clips from last time the Women was up for WFC in 2007 - enjoy and crank it up.

Team USA-Latvia

The first result are in 3-13 to Latvia. And the second period was very tight with a score of 2-2.
Scoring for Team USA Ms. Winkler 2 goals and Godoy 1.
More reports in detail might be on its way.

More on Womens WFC 2009

This is an article on how Japan beats Canada with 9-3 and Poland upsets Denmark 5-3.
Imagine if this was hockey: 9-3 to Japan over Canada...well it is kind of a Hockey sport isn't it?
Just click the head line and read the full story at IFF's news desk.

Monday, December 7, 2009

"Globally Hot-Selling Backyard Hockey Set Now Available"

Here is a very interesting way to start or introduce people to equipment and the sport of Floorball in USA. This is a pitch from Floorball Planet and the interesting thing about this is, that - a basic beginner stick are offered as a "toy for backyard hockey". Lets continue to read what Floorball Planet say in their offer.

"Now you have a chance to have this exiting backyard hockey set. It is simple and fun for kids of all ages.
Kids can play both indoors and outdoors. Set includes a stick and a ball both made with durable high quality materials, state-of-the-art Swedish design. Reasonably priced: at $24.99
Do not miss this lucrative opportunity !!
Product information: Stick available in Hot Red and Metallic Blue  Stick: Length 29.50”. (also 33.50”) Made in China. Ball: Diameter: 3”. Made in Taiwan.

Please send your orders or enquiries to:"
Why I like this - it is so simple. You do not even have to bother about a new sport or any other larger question or issue at all. It is just to buy a stick and start to play. So I advice you to do that - but please tell them that "Michael" sent you, OK?
I plan to write more about Floorball Planet shortly.

Insights from Team USA in WFC 2009

This latest report is from the General Manager for Team USA Ms. Sabina Backstrom born US citizen but raised in Sweden and she has the experience from being one of the goalies at one of the worlds most famous Clubs in the World - Balrog Oilers Sweden. She share some of the main insights from the game against the Czech Republic.

Saturday, December 5th, Czech Republic - USA (12-3)

"The Czech Republic has quite a strong team - and it's not entirely impossible that they leave the tounament one medal richer. That said, I think we gave them a pretty good run for their money! There was some nervousness from Team USA before the game, but that being our very first game of the tournament I would say that it was only natural. Some nervousness is not necessarily something negative, and I think we proved that in the first period with the score 3-2, Team USA only one goal behind. 
In the beginning of the second period we evened the score to 3-3, but we started to loose ground after that. Two penalties for us in that period didn't help, and The Czech republic took their chances. The last period was technically dominated by the Czech Republic, but Team USA kept the spirit up through out the game and fought until the very last minute.

In the end, The Czech Republic probably won because they had a slightly sharper game, and most importantly, because they had more shots on goal. They won that statistic with 44-26. Otherwise, I think the end score 12-3 is a bit unfair, it doesn't really reflect the whole game.

Notably, Michelle Linhart, who plays for Västerås IB (this is her home town and the location for the WFC tournament - in Sweden) was chosen best player for the USA. Dianna Steiner, our goal keeper from Alaska with Arctic Monkeys Floorball as home team, made an impressive debut."

Alaska is on the go too

Our friends in Alaska, that have two players from the Arctic Floorball Monkey club playing for Team USA, they are sharing a slide show with us from the ongoing Women's World Floorball Championships. Try this
The best is to run this little album as a slideshow so please push that button too.
All pictures credit to Nick Aujalay if not something else stated.
If you just to want to learn more about the Arctic Floorball Monkeys please click the headline.

It is getting closer to next game, Team USA against Latvia. Go Team USA GO!

Floorball gaining popularity In Texas

Is it Teaxas that will lead this sport revolution and show the rest of US the way to head forward?
You tell me.
Here is an excellent news article from Austin TX about Floorball!

It is here to stay and it will only grow from here on - is my take on this.

Tomah in the future

This is a little sample of the young players from Tomah, WI preparing for the future of Floorball. In ten years time these players will be like in their 20 -ties and ready for the big league. And yes we played older sessions too. But they might be too old in 2020 - or maybe not....
As you might see the sticks are made with a thin blade and you are actually able to dribble and shoot with a stick designed like this.

News about Singapore

At the World Championships two years ago Team USA was able to stay in the top group A by defeating Team Singapore with 3-2. So this year Singapore plays in the B division. If you click the headline you will get the latest on Team Singapore.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Team USA-Sweden

Click the link and you will have the full article. 28-1 is not much to write home about. Just to forget.
Next game we will win. Latvia here we come - Team USA GO GO GO!

Tomah is up playing again

Just a little note from tonights first practice in Tomah, Wisconsin.
We are back up playing again. In the two younger groups we had several new players and some played very good. Roland is one of many names that pops up in my mind as I write this. Pictures coming soon.
In the mature group with teens, adults and old men like myself - I must mention the Moser brothers - they play like they have done this for years. Soft hands, seeking positions and distinct passing - what more can you wish for?
Now we invite more players for next session next Sunday.


Team USA-Sweden

I think our American girls play extremely good.
Thank you girls! But un-fortunately I think the difference between the teams are too large. Here we have two teams playing two different kinds of sports almost and that is not what it is supposed to be. What happened to the word sportsmanship?
So my main scope of critique goes against the organizers of the event. The top notch group is too large with too much of a skill level difference. If we want to make this into a large global sport we have to have much more leveled competition and maybe only 4 or 6 teams in the top group?

My next comment is that it is an urgent need to spread not just floorball but "advanced floorball" to the world. Why not set up a program with young students - that are super good players from Europe that gives support to go to US and Canadian High Schools, Universities or how this gets arranged for a year with a serious mission to spread and grow the sport. Then we can talk about and envision pioneers!

If we can not spread the top of the sport geographically faster - we have a problem.
My own mission to bring Floorball to the Midwest gets even more urgent. I am not sure if I will
discuss further details about this game today - I will instead focus on the next US game against Latvia that we in USA must win in.

After the first period the score is 8-0 to Sweden and USA had only two shots on goal. So my question is if this is fair game or even sport as it looks like - to me it is like an older sibling playing with a younger one in
a not very nice way - without any sportmenshipat all.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tomah Tomorrow Winter Floorball starts!

Just a reminder our winter open floorball session starts tomorrow in Tomah, WI at 4.30 PM for the youngest at THS.
Then we work our way up through the ages and will be done around 7.30 PM.
A rumor say that a TV station might stop by.

Otherwise here is an update on our blog activity regarding visitors
Minnesota runs away as the new winner with most visitors, most time spent on the blog and most pages read - they also have the largest group of returning readers. Hmm maybe I must move to Minnesota?
Within a few days I think we will pass 2000 hits on this blog - if I would have used the old kind of a hit counter on the blog - if it is not bad?
No it is the opposite - it is like a 3-4000 percent higher number then any blog at this stage in a benchmark. Compared to any Hockey blog we are like 300-400 percent ahead to the same benchmark numbers.
So hang on you do the right time to spend a few minutes of you life here and you are not alone doing this.
Anyway in Europe it is only Italy that has not been to this blog yet and even India logged on the other day.
Yes, Floorball is a truly global sport.

When "If" is not there.. From USA-Czech's first game in WFC 2009

I was so happy to see the US girls first game in the WFC today. And I think all Americans must be very proud about the girls performance.
Here we have an USA Team that consists of two main groups of players, one group that plays in the heat of European leagues and another that springs out from the United States - where Floorball is virtually unknown (it is time to change that). These girls mix, they have a few hours of practice together and they go out and play - very very even with the Czech Girls - at least in the first period. That is truly awesome!
Good work girls.
Then in the two following periods it gets harder to keep up - but the way I see this is that it is probably more of mental focus and team building that we lack (no wonder about that). I believe this since the Czech goals came in bursts, like if they scored one - the next goal was scored very close again - as Team USA like was paralyzed over the first goal. Yes, we saw one ball bounce in too - as it was not 100% stopable and yes possession of the ball was fully dominated by the Czech girls in some later parts of the game.
And yes both teams should have been a bit better on letting the ball do the job instead for individual players running the ball (and yes the Czech team was better to let the ball do that job). But how easy is it to sit here and say so - without playing myself.

No - good work Girls! Congrats that you showed us how good you can play!
This is the best US Floorball game I have ever seen - and continue in this Fashion!


I wrote....

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to the special Olympics organisation here in WI about Floorball.
As it might be a demo sport in the special Olympics by 2013.


I have to link you out but it is an interesting article.
Just click the headline, pls.

Scoring for Team USA

Samantha Rush scores two goals for Team USA in the opening game at the World Floorball Championships.
Cecilia Godoy score one and Denise Henry is listed for one assist to one of Samantha's goals.

USA-The Czech 3rd period

To start with we do keep up the game very good.
Then sometime in the middle of the period a ridiculous bouncy ball falls in behind our defense and into goal.
After that Team USA start to focus mainly on very defensive play.
Even as a player in the Czech team got penalized 2 minutes for obstruction - Team USA could not get to much constructive done...The Czech Team wins with 12-3. If I am not mistaken here in the instant moment, two years ago the numbers ended 11-3 with the same opposition.
Tomorrow waits Sweden for Team USA - go USA GO -  Sweden is one of the best teams in the World if not the best.
So please cheer on our girls - they need it!

USA- The Czech 2nd period

Incredible period start 3-3 almost instantly to -USA if you now can be in the lead with an equalizer?
Later on in this period The Czech girls starts to control more and more. What I think I see is that Tea USA mainly is loosing the possession of the ball as we try to attack the Czech. So possession and game dominance or the initiative ends up with the Czech team. But wow do we fight well. 8-3 is the score as we head into the last period. We might need a smaller wonder now to win this game - but nothing is impossible - remember nothing is impossible. Go Team USA Go!

Go Girls!

Team USA-Czech Republic 1st period

Very good play by both teams and Team USA are keeping up good with the Czechs in the first period.
A pity that Team USA let two fast goals slip in after half of the period - But the reply to 2-2 was awesome to see.
It would have been wonderful to have that result going in to the second period. But 3-2 is not too bad either and still - anything can happen in this rather even game at this point.

Friday, December 4, 2009

correction reg time

Game time for streamed game between Team USA - The Czech Rep
in women's world floorball championship
Tomorrow is local time 8 PM In Sweden
Six hours backwards takes us to 2 PM in Eastern US
Seven hours takes us to 1 PM in Central US nothing less nothing more.
Sorry for the confusion -
The game will be streamed at


Wow Team Canada

Here is Team Canadas Blog from WFC 2009 - click the head line!
Cool stuff and indeed good work - I am very impressed!

As you might already know Team Canada is playing in the D division and Team USA in the A division during this years Woman's World Floorball Championships.
You might also already know that Floorball is growing at an explosive pace in Canada with more above 150 schools and above 30 active Ice Hockey Clubs.
In other words maybe it is time to start to grow the sport in USA too at as an high speed as possible.

For the sake of the future

This is from Singapore

I have to link you out.
Here is good article on how Floorball is used to fight over weight in children and build self asteem.
Yes Floorball is used together with Basketball and other sports just like it is supposed to.
And yes the article is in English - just click the head line.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Welcome to the Future!

Lets do a few raw Swedish numbers about Floorball
Since the sport was invented like roughly 30 years ago - I say it has exploded.
New official Swedish numbers was released just a few days ago.
These numbers are from 2008. 
Floorball has an active local presence in 263 communities (like counties) in Sweden of 290 possible.

Only the sport Soccer is active in all 290 communities. 
Number of practice occasions in Sweden
1. Soccer 1 841 638
2. Floorball 448 059
3. Icehockey 361 789
4. Basketball 310 270
5. Handball 301 185

Number of practice occasions times the number of players in Sweden
(a way to get higher numbers I guess)
1. Soccer 19 444 404
2. Floorball 5 237 187
3. Icehockey 4 301 080
4. Handball 3 141 812
5. Basketball 2 862 021

I think these numbers might indicate how fun it can be. How can, by the way - one single new born
sport become so tremendously popular so fast? What does it have that the old antique team sports 
can not keep up with? Read this blog and you might find your very own personal answer to this question.
I think myself there is many answers to this single question.

You might say - hey that is for Sweden, a small icy European odd Volvo country, and that does not apply 
for the USA.  I agree to that. 
But how do you think it might look like - 30 years from now, in 2040?
If we have an Olympic game in 2020 that features Floorball and these games takes place in Minnesota? 
The part of Minnesota is still a bit speculative - I know.. But I do think Floorball will be in the Olympics by 2020.

If we fully agree to the director for the ADM initiative within the US Hockey, Mr. Ken Martel 
when he describe Floorballs relation to Ice Hockey as "what Futsal is to Soccer". 
(I do fully agree).
Would we then be able to double the numbers for the second and third place as of above in the numbers reported? And say - that "general hockey activity - or sports involving a stick"  thus including both Floorball and Ice Hockey in Sweden - is about half the size of Soccer. And like 4-5 times larger then Basketball?
And could this way of counting maybe explain the high number of successful Swedish NHL players?
Feel free to fill in with your own answer.

I think I read a long time ago where most trends start and if not my memory is fading I think many
trends comes out from Western USA. But if I am not mistaken quite many origin in Scandinavia too.
If someone being an expert on the issue on the geographic origin of trends and reads this - I might
need some help to verify this from my own memory.

The way I see this is that you like in most any sport have to be on the ball first - or you might loose the game.
And ...
- Welcome to the future is what I want to say to all of you that is first on this ball.
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!