Monday, November 30, 2009

USA will be playing live on the Internet!

The first game for our Team USA in the women World Floorball Cup will be televised live on the Internet!

The Czech National team will meet Team USA at 20.00 local central European time this Saturday December 5th in Sweden.
Eastern time in the USA this will take place at 2 P.M. Saturday
Central time it takes place at 1 P.M. and so on..

Just make certain to watch this at
And please share this link with as many as you can!

We will announce more about following games and other related information as soon as it becomes available.
We believe we have the best coverage of the womens World Floorball Championship - in USA.

To be continued.

Team USA - The last game before the World Floorball Championship

Today Team USA played the last game in preparation for the World Floorball Championships. It was a practice game against one of the leading women teams in Sweden - Onyx. Team USA consists of players both active in Europe as well as in USA. Even if players on the Swedish team thought and even suggested they would win with twice as many goals - today's game game ended in a draw 3-3. Scoring for the US by Winkler, Godoy and Jumppanen.

How good is Team Onyx? You be the judge, here they are playing in orange in a very recent game. And it would not surprise me if we have footage from the game against Team USA showing up too - soon on a You Tube - close to home.

The USA Women in the World Floorball Championships

The first game to be played by the US Women team in the World Floorball Championship, that starts this weekend, is a game against the Czech Republic.
As we already now ask the team captain Ms.Winkler about her thoughts round this game.
She answers:
"It's to early to give a prognose. We know that the Czech team is very good
and not a team we need to win against. But fore sure we'll do our best."

Sweepsmacker forehand

This is a basic way to shoot - still it is good to see it in slow-mo...

Sweepsmacker Forehand from Salmingsports on Vimeo.

Trio of Alaskans take on world’s best floorball players

Here is an interesting article about the US Women team participating in the World Floorball Championship.
Since the material is under copyright - I will link you out. Please just click on the headline.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goals/Nets/ Update

A few weeks ago I wrote a fantasy text about goals and how I envisioned they would be developed.
I was inspired since I built four small goals myself out of conduit and installed "drop nets" equipped with bells that would function as sonic indicators as soon as a ball would hit the net - thus indicating a score.
My conclusion envisioned a goal with an electronic counting system, sonic and visual indicators as well as a speed indicator.
So as I this weekend at Dicks sporting goods run into a Soccer/Hockey practice goal equipped with a red light, a sound comment and a counting system I was confronted with the infamous AHA - experience.
OK this was not a goal for Floorball, it was too big and I do not think it was any standard dimension at all.
Further I think this was mainly aimed for Soccer practice. The netting was kind of large and the holes would let through smaller objects. It all looked kind of cheap and I think the frame was made out of plastic - the score indicating system on top looked a bit cheap too. Then the prize was a joke - I think they asked like 70 bucks for one net?
That is theft since the electronics involved is pure basic and very cheap stuff.
Anyway, I do think this is a good kind of development and I am sure as this might spread to small Floorball nets for the Swiss version of Floorball - or to small nets for Ice Hockey - being played cross ice.
It is good stuff since it will function as a good motivating factor for many younger players.
So more cheap electronics in the goals please!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This blog will try to be thankful for real Floorball sticks over Thanksgiving.

We will not spend a minute or even a second to think about sticks with a chunk of foam as a blade during this thanksgiving..... Even if we do admit it is hard to stop thinking or having nightmares about that disaster of a stick.
My aim is to be back here next Tuesday.

The WORLDS Best Stick - is it a Floorball stick?

The Floorball Stick
The first floorball sticks were invented in the late 60-ties and were a basic product. They were designed for kids to be played within schools.

A short plastic pipe had been plugged at one end and a solid little blade of low grade plastic (polyethylene) was mounted with a little staple to the other end. These first versions of sticks were so soft that it was hard to play with them; very soon however, the clever manufacturers added an additional, smaller pipe that was placed inside of the first pipe to make the stick more stiff and more playable, but also heavier. It did however improve the game.

Most children playing these sticks at school figured out the trick and took the sticks apart and in some cases they used these sticks without the inner, extra pipe; but since these sticks were not efficient, they often were handed over to the weakest players in school.

Within a couple of years, the singlemost, as well as the most important invention for the floorball stick came along. Suddenly, the blades received an open face.

An open face is a stick blade that is not solid like a regular hockey blade or a table tennis paddle. This new blade was open like a tennis or a racquetball racket, letting through air.

On a stick, that is rather long compared to a tennis racket, this makes a difference. The speed of the blade will increase since it will let through so much more air. This invention is one of the most crucial designs that today allows a few players to shoot a floorball ball at speeds up over 100mph. In fact, the current world record for ball speed has been measured at 117mph in controlled settings. The comparable ice hockey slap shot reaches 105 mph.

Longer Sticks?
The first sticks where short, about 30 inches and designed for kids. Soon, new products found their way to the market that were slightly longer and had a much stiffer shaft. These sticks were aimed and designed for high school pupils and the birth of a more advanced sport was the imminent result of this development. The interesting matter here though is that since the speed of the sport increased, it actually limited the length of the sticks, since longer sticks slow down a player. For adult players some kind of a standard length around 38 inches was a limit.

Although ice hockey players and tall floorballers starting to play floorball ask for a longer stick, they eventually realise that it is inconvenient albeit they have a larger reach.

Stick Compounds
The next major development is the introduction of new compounds. In 1994, fiberglass was being used in the shaft to make it stiffer and lightweight. Later in that same year and early into 1995 we saw the introduction of kevlar and carbon fibre as material being used for floorball sticks as well. A new way of attaching the shaft into the blade with a pre-drilled hole in the shaft using screws became at this time more or less the standard.

This was a good thing since in early school years since abused sticks that were stapled to the pipe shaft occasionally came loose and flew in any direction at any given time, potentially causing injuries. So with development the sticks, the sport got safer.

With 1996 came the introduction of oval shafts. An oval shaft is good since it provides the stick with different flex in different directions. Furthermore, the oval shape of the stick acts like an tactile indicator for the player; by just holding the stick he or she can feel what direction the blade points at. Others also argue that an oval shaft might lower air drag; although this has not been proven and remains hypothetical.

Technological Advances
The stiffness or flex of a stick is very important. A stiff stick can shoot much harder than a softer stick, but on the contrary the stick looses its sensitivity, control and feel for the player.

The ball gets therefore harder to control when you play with a too stiff stick.

A stiff shaft has the other technical and dangerous disadvantage that it cannot handle violence very well; it would easily crack and break. So the rules of the sport define that a floorball stick must not be built not too stiff; it must have a certain degree of flex and there are several testing methods used for different lengths of sticks today. Almost all sticks sold at the moment must be approved by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, by appointment of the International Floorball Federation (IFF).

The end of 1999 presented a new kind of material; boron, a ceramic compound, was moulded together with nets of titan as the main component in the floorball
stick design. Come 2003, a new manufacturing technology was being used called "blow injection moulding" and some producers were able to shape their shaft in many different ways. We saw shafts shaped with bubbles or similar shapes; something that allowed the manufacturer to move the flex of a stick along a shaft to where it might be needed the best.

The use of materials such as fiberglass and carbon fiber, as well as other material shaped under high pressure have taken the advanced floorball sticks into space age.

The graphically designed sticks also came along with a new attitude and a street feel that made the sport more groovy than ever before.

With the most modern technology many manufacturers chased the lightest stick possible. A light weight stick has the proven advantage that it is easy to move the stick faster as well as to shoot very hard.

The Grip and the Blade
Another area that has seen some development is the grip for the stick. Many different solutions have been on the market and some solutions showed sticks developed with a grip that in a realistic manner fits into the palm of a hand. That means a hand grip that is much wider than the rest of the stick or even designed like the handle of a pistol. The market has also seen sticks with tactile solutions that seem to make the player aware of which direction he or she is holding his stick without even looking at the blade; something that also can be achieved by a grip that is oval in its shape.

The blades sold today are of course hooked into either a left or right hook. Besides this, they are designed in three main directions. Some players prefer to play a blade that is very flat, which tends to keep the ball on the ground and plays very exact and precise balls while passing or shooting. Others use a blade that is curved from the floor up over the face of the blade. Something that makes it easier to play balls higher into the air and another theory behind this design is that you can shoot somewhat earlier in a swing as the blade can hit the ball earlier with more angle over the ball as you want to keep the ball on the floor. The more curved or scooped blade from the bottom up offers also a better way to control the ball as you dribble the ball since it kind of curves over the ball in a small sense.

The third kind of a blade is a "zorro" blade. This blade has a scoop or bowl for the ball at the top of the blade, still kept within the legal rule of max a 30 mm (a bit more than one inch) hook of the blade. A Zorro blade offers superior control and some few players easily pick the ball up as if it were glued to the blade, up into the air. Although many will refer to this as a lacrosse style goal when scored in a game (a la Crosby), the true name is zorroing and anyone can amuse themselves by punching in "floorball" and "zorro" as search terms on YouTube and will be guaranteed to fall of their chair as they watch what can be done. Some good floorball players can achieve zorro tricks with regular sticks and blades with not very much hook on at all.

Other inventions on the blade are a pattern on the bottom of the blade to minimize friction on the floor and graphical markers (or a colorful blade itself) that act like an indicator for the player to see the direction of the blade; even as their focus of sight is in another direction. This might be a bit bogus though since the human vision actually looses its ability to see colors in the part of our sight that is out of focus.

The heel of a blade (behind where the shaft extends down into the blade) is another area with much development lately. All blades are now mainly made out of polyethylene or poly-amide.

Design Solutions
Besides the driven technological development in the material of the stick, other new design solutions have matured to the market.

There have been sticks that thanks to the design of a shaft became more narrow and offered lower air resistance out at the ball, creating a more distributed flex closer to the blade. This was an early solution on how to tinker with the flex of a stick.

Lately, sticks have been developed with bamboo design, to optimize weight, speed, and flex. Other solutions have covered different changes to the shaft with the intention to move the flex of the stick closer to the blade.

A new solution last year was the curved floorball blade. Here, a little curve gave the blade a little incline of in between 1.5 to 3 degrees towards the shaft. In this solution, it was said that the curve made the stick more stiff closer to the blade and it also provided the player with the opportunity to shoot a fraction of a millisecond earlier.

Last year, the fall of 2008, saw the introduction of bow sticks and there are also sticks with an indent for an optimized "kick-zone" in the flex as you shoot. The main difference with the bow solution is that the whole shaft is designed as a curved bow, so the stiffness and the flex in the shooting direction has been optimized; the bow further provides the player with the same angle of attack of a few degrees described as we discussed the blade-curve solution. Some critics however think that these sticks take the ball too high into the air too often. A few of the latest ice hockey sticks have what are called air holes in the shaft to address flex and minimize air drag; and yes, there are floorball sticks available with that same design. The fall of 2009 allowed the market to see the introduction of what is called the S-bow shaft for a floorball stick. But as development continues, the prices also do rise. And will you as a beginner or intermediate player be fine with a more basic stick? Yes, you will.

The Ball
The whiffle ball was invented in 1953 by an American. It started to be used in Sweden for Floorball in the late 60-ties. The main development of the ball for floorball purposes came in October 2003 as the first whiffle kind of a ball with dimples came on to the market. It almost looks like a larger golf ball, it has 1516 small dimples to reduce air drag and roll resistance on the floor. The Floorball ball weighs 23 grams and has 26 holes, with a diameter of 72 mm; slightly smaller than three inches.

What's Next?
It is hard to say; but it would not surprise the author if the next thing may be LED's or sonic indicators in a Floorball stick. Perhaps technology that would allow an adjustment in air speed?

Maybe the most amazing comparison is as we compare this development to other sports? What happened to equipment development in other sports? Do you think evolution will present a soccer ball with dimples, or an ice hockey puck designed and optimized with dimples too?

John F. Kennedy may not have known anything about floorball but still he said: "Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

Text: Michael Borg

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2010 Men's World Floorball Championships Qualifying Rounds

Here is an little update on how the men will qualify to the upcoming World Floorball Championships 2010 in Finland.
The 2010 Men's World Floorball Championships Qualifying Rounds will be the first such qualifiers for world championships in men's floorball. Four separate qualifying tournaments will be played, with European qualifications being confirmed between the dates of February 3rd to February 6th, 2010 in the cities of Babimost and Zbąszyń in Poland, as well as in the city of San Lorenzo de El Escorial in Spain.

The 2010 Men's Asia Pacific Floorball Championships will serve as the qualifying tournament for countries in the Asian/Oceanian region. The tournament will be overseen by the Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC), and will be played in Simei, Singapore. It will be played between February 3rd to February 7th, 2010.

North American qualification matches between Canada and the United States will be played in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from February 5th to February 7th, 2010..

This will be the first world championships under the IFF's new FIFA-like continental qualification system. A total of 32 countries have registered for this event, which is the most nations to ever register for an IFF-sanctioned world championship event. The previous record was 29 for the 2008 Men's World Floorball Championships.
Source Wikipedia - hit the head line and you can read the full article

The name issue

In North America people often use the words Floorball Hockey to describe this new sport.
And I have done this too - I thought it was a good idea to include the word Hockey since it communicates exactly what it all is about - to all Americans.
I also used the writing FloorBall to emphasize the letter B so it would be as descriptive as possible.

After good advice from the highest governing body at IFF I have decided to do the following.
The name of my operation and blog will still be Floorball Hockey U.
But as I describe or write about the sport I will only use the word Floorball.

The main reason for doing this is that it is the sport Floorball that will become Olympic in 2020 - not something else with a different name that could be taken by mistake for something else.

So from now on - Floorball it is and Floorball it will be.

Some Blog Numbers Feedback

Minnesota is just about to overtake the leading role on this blog in numbers of visits from Wisconsin. 22 states out of the 48 continental states have so far found their way to this blog. There is only two main European countries missing as visitors (France and Italy) and we have China, India, Russia, Turkey, New Zeeland and many many more with us from Asia reading this blog.
As compared to other blogs I earlier have indicated that our numbers are staggering. As I this time compare to Hockey blogs at the same size, here is some numbers: We have 250% more visitors compared to a Hockey blog of similar size. You spend almost 700% more time on this blog compared to what you would do on a similar sized Hockey blog. And you do 4 times the page visits compare to a same sized Hockey blog - and I have not designed this site to generate a lot of page klicks - maybe I should do that?
He he thanks and keep up the good work - spread the word - and get Floorball into school since that is where it belongs best...and in the Olympics of course.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Finnish Pride

From the Male World Cups in 2002 and 2008.

Floorball Madness in California

Floorball Madness 2010

Saturday January 30
Corona, California 

You and your team are invited to compete in the 2010 floorball madness tournament!
Get your team ready 
Sign up deadline January 10, 2010
go to to sign up

Floorball in TOMAH WI, by the Parks and Rec.

We will start to play Sunday December 6th 2009 in the small gym at Tomah High School.
We will continue Sundays - until further notice.

These are the groups we will play
4.30-5.00 PM Age 4-7
5.05-6.00 PM Age 8-12
6.00-7.15 PM Teen up to adult
All groups co-ed.

It is recommended that you bring your own water bottle.
Sticks, other equipment, rules and instructions will be provided - only players wearing gym shoes will be allowed.

In case of bad weather pls call for cancellations to 608-374-7449

Please spread this word as good as you can.


The worlds best female Floorball players

I will link you out this time. Interesting reading though.

Is this Futsal for Ice Hockey?

Or just a school sport so good that it is on its way to make it on its own to the Olympic games in 2020?
If you do not know what you are missing then it is probably not a problem.
But since I do know what is missing in the US school system - I guess this is only my own huge problem?

Other news from last week is that the National Olympic organisations in both Finland and Holland recognized the two national Floorball federations in the same countries - indicators that the sport is on the road to the Olympics.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ladies Edition

That is the Swedish on-line magazine that recently stepped up as a supporter for the US Ladies team playing at the World Floorball Championships. You can check this magazine out yourself here
Since it is all written in Swedish you might need an on-line translation service.

Stick handling

Is this just for show? Or is it related to extremely good stick handling? This is just another Finnish friend in the ranks...

A young good goalie

Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Army

Sometimes I publish some young talent from Europe doing "Zorro" here on the blog.

I do that to show the love for the sport and also to show you that this is something more and more kids do.
You might say - hey that is much easier to do with a Floorball stick as compared to a Hockey stick.
I do agree - but I also say with a Floorball stick it is way easier to practice stick handling off-ice.
Like in front of a garage. Or indoors or on the grass.

So with an Army of young talent coming from Europe doing "Zorro" with a Floorball stick. As some of these kids starts to play Ice Hockey - do you think they will be good at stick handling?
And how may this affect Hockey here as the school continues to play games with sticks equipped with a chunk of foam as a blade - go figure that.

This is called back from Egypt...


What do we really mean as we say "Floorball is Inclusive?"  It describes that everyone playing the game, together with others, normally will enjoy a decent share of the action. No active player will be left out. If a player is not active, however - this will definetly exclude the player from the game. But the players that try and try hard will normally have a decent share of the action - irrespective of skills.

The reason for this is that it is rather hard to control the ball and the ball comes and goes fast even as the players not are experts on the game.  In this respect the game have some similarities with both Soccer as well as Volleyball. 
A game as Basketball, where the player for short moments can hold on to the ball, provides that sport with the characteristic of being sligthly less inclusive - since as the player is holding the ball it will improve the real chances for a completed pass. And at the same time the risk to exclude weak players from passes - gets higher. This case is similar in flag football as well as football and maybe even more pronounced in these two activities. 

You must take Floorball to an advanced level to be able to increase the risk of excluding a few players from the game.
This is why Floorball is such an incredible sport at school.  Students at different ages, at different skill levels and at different sizes are able to play a rather fair share of any Floorball game at their own level and still be an important part of their team.
The rule making Floorball a non contact game is only further pushing for this the inclusive measure of the game.

As Floorball is played on a small court like a small basketball court using small goals - the game gets even more inclusive since all players are closer to the ball, to each other and to the goals. This means that the number of scoring chances increase - and they increase not just for the best players but also for the weaker players.
The recent development we see with Ice Hockey is that it is practiced cross ice, with small goals on a smaller surface (in Europe seniors do this and they even include large goals and goalies). This is to me nothing but Floorball transcended to Ice - or Ice Hockey seriously inspired by Floorball -  all to make it more inclusive and to increase the action.
I am personally convinced that this one of the best developments in a long time.

The next even better thing would be to get Floorball going big time in the US School system.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

News, Ladies World Floorball Championship

Team USA´s  goal is to achieve the 7th place and qualify directly. USA has a lot of new players and need to find a way to replace the Muurisisters that are both missing due to injuries. The most experienced player is the solid defender Tiffany Winkler from UHC Höfen in Switzerland. The 16-year old Kathrin 
Berndt, who plays for Södertälje IBK, is an interesting  talent in the Offense.

Source IFF

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A signifikant post!

FloorBall Hockey Outdoors?

You might have heard about people saying that they started to play Floorball Hockey outdoors or you might have seen videos on line that shows players playing Floorball on snow, in the street, on grass, on gravel or concrete.
Can you do that?
Yes, a lot of people think that is a good way to play.

I am kind of old school and I have some objections.
First I think that a hard out door surface like asphalt or concrete will destroy blades and balls in the long run - they wear out. I also think the wind normally have too much of an impact on the ball for an outdoor game to be fair and fun.
And then if the surface is too rough it is not too fun to fall on it and with a too stern surface - without flex - then it is not too good for your joints to play on a surface that is stiff.

Some studies suggest that it is better for the joints to go roller skiing compared to running - since roller skis acts like a soft cushion between the feet and the asphalt. I know this was one of the reasons one of the best Swedish Ice Hockey Clubs decided to have roller ski sessions instead of running exercises - several years ago. The other benefit was that roller skis provides a better and more thorough work out.
But yes a pair of good roller skis are rather expensive.

Slippery surfaces can be dangerous as you might end up falling rather hard playing FloorBall Hockey.
But there is no rulez for what you can not do.
What ever rocks the boat and it is all about having as much fun at play time as possible.

One product I do miss on the market is the out door Floorball Hockey set.
It should be a driveway solution - with a goal, maybe a large piece of carpet a few sticks and balls.
Suddenly we would have a product that would work as a good competitor to all the Basketball hops outside so many garages....


Minneapolis - St Paul

Our friend Roger that is Swiss and actually lives in WI right now sent us some recent photos from one of this weeks practice sessions in Minnesota.
As soon as we are ready to arrange a game between WI and MN - the first one ever I strongly believe that Roger must play for WI since he lives in WI - he only ehh practice with MN.
I hope.

Love for Practice from Finland

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Letter Template

This letter has the potential to forever change the direction of  US Hockey as well as to ignite US FloorBall Hockey.

Every responsible and sensitive local Hockey Club only have to ask their board and/or President to sign this letter and then mail it to the local board of Education.

Feel free to copy edit or do whatever you want - change the wording - come up with other ideas -
 - as long as you get FloorBall Hockey started in your own local school district.

We all know that this will not happen over night - but it is time to start somewhere.

The Letter is Yours, no copyright - it is time to get play back into Hockey. 



Dear Sirs/Madam

Reg. Hockey Education.

We at the_____________(Hockey Clubs name) are truly grateful for the amount of time_________( Your school systems Name) is spending in activities related to our own Sport. We also would like to show our appreciation for all these years you have been providing us with a youth that knows some basic drills, something that is helping us teaching children not only a sport for life but also to prepare them for a healthy life style. 

However, Ice Hockey of today is a multinational sport and we do meet hard foreign competition earlier than we ever have before. It is obvious that the in-school practice methods in Western Europe is based upon another school sport compared to what we offer our youth here in the USA.

We are convinced that the modern sport Floorball Hockey, that soon is to become an Olympic sport on its own, is a better, a more modern way and the state of the art to teach hockey skills at school - compared to the sport that is played and teached at most US schools today.

Ken Martel the USA Hockey Director for the ADM program (An initiative that aims to develop and modernize Ice Hockey in the USA) states that FloorBall may be considered be to Ice Hockey - what Futsal is to Soccer.

We would prefer to see our children in school playing with sticks that lasts longer (less risk of injuries and more value for the investment) and sticks with a "playable" blade so the players may learn how to shoot and dribble. Floorball Hockey is a non contact rather safe sport and almost the global standard as a sport in school - an activity that we believe fully meet the criteria to be the best possible preparation for Hockey.
Floorball will take play back into Hockey and it will give all the children a chance to try good Hockey at school. This will impact on the ability to detect talent as well as interest - both crucial factors for future Ice Hockey players at all levels.

We, the local Hockey Club, may even offer to help you to get started and to offer you a FloorBall Hockey clinic.

We fully agree with the recommendation from the International FloorBall Federation that all Floorball Hockey players always should wear protective eye-wear.  
This is the only protective thing needed, since Floorball Hockey is a constructive non contact sport - destructive play is not allowed.

With Basketball alone responsible for about 8500 eye injuries in USA annually and Baseball at approx 6100 eye injuries (Source VSP) we do not want to increase these numbers.
The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) and the American Optometric Association (AOA) all recommend protective eye-wear for children participating in sports that pose risks for eye injury.
We fully agree on this. And if the children at school wear protective eye wear as playing FloorBall Hockey then the same goggles can protect from injury as they play basketball and baseball too. So the introduction of Floorball in school will de facto have the potential to get a safer PE environment.

We do look forward to a future, developed, fruitful and maybe even a deeper relationship between us and the school.


Your Local Hockey Club
End letter template

The Goalie lesson

Here is the US national rooster for the World Championship - played in Dec Sweden

3Wattwil KarolinaForward
4Jumppanen AnneDefender
5Camp EricaForward
6Bluhm JennaDefender
7Rush SamanthaForward
8Godoy CeciliaForward
9Hansen NataschaForward
10Linhart MichelleForward
12Gomez BrandeeGoalkeeper
13Lahalih MichelleForward
14Winkler TiffanyDefender
21Henry DeniseDefender
22Carr ErinForward
23Berndt KatrinForward
27Odegard KristiDefender
28Steiner DiannaGoalkeeper
33Thoene LisaForward


Lets say we are able to replace all those funky sticks with a large chunk of foam as a blade in the US school system. You know the sticks that is so hard to dribble or shoot with.
Lets say FloorBall Hockey ends up in the Olympics by 2020 and lets say the games are being held in Twin Cities?
The problem is where all these foam sticks should end up? Maybe they can be sent to some developing country as aid? Or do you have a better idea?

10 minutes from China

I prefer movies in HQ

This is from Svenljunga Sweden. My main point is however that Floorball belongs to the School system.

Why not a leg trickster?

The unofficial champions game for males above 35 in Europe has been decided. I have to link you out to this one since the pictures seems to be under copyright. It is a nice story though.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Update from IFF about global numbers of players

The number of registered Floorball players is continuously increasing in the world. In 11 countries the growth has been more than 10% compared to last year´s statistics.
The number of Floorball players has increased since last year. There is a great increase, more than 10 % growth in 13 countries. Floorball has developed especially in Australia and Oceania during the past year, as the number of players has increased in Korea with 18 %, in Australia with 8% and in Singapore with 5 %.

In Europe especially Belgium (132%), France (25%) and Estonia (18%) have gained more players and in Germany the development work is bearing fruit as there is a 11% growth. In Netherlands the amount of players has increased with 15% compared to last year.

Source and picture.. the International FloorBall Federation

As I do the numbers however I am sad to see that US has backed from about 920 licenced players in 2008 to just 800 in 2009 in only 18 active clubs.

But  - That is one of the reasons why I have this blog here.

A short update note

Last Thursday we peaked for a new record of visitors here on this blog and - average time visitors spend on this site is now above 4 minutes. That is an incredible number - only indicating to me how important this is.

There is two important texts in the worx. One will describe how one man was able to take FloorBall Hockey to the Curriculum in Texas - for 45000 students.
The next will describe the incredible technological development of the Sticks from the late 60-ies until today it is an amazing development - and not really shy of anything in comparison I think.
I also have an letter coming that might be rather controversial, he he.

Stay tuned

The Open Letter - and your input!

As You find yourself with a mission like this - to try to bring FloorBall Hockey to the Midwest - you realize a few things.
One of the first things is that you have to poke, more or less anyone - that might be interested in -or that may have some forward pull on the issue. And in today's modern world that means mainly email. I do not want to spam anyone - and I will avoid mass emails - but I do want to poke a lot of people about FloorBall using the email. And I will.

Now I have a few cases where official people at for instance school boards, at a University and within the Ice Hockey operation or at the media..I have written them a few times - and they just ignore what I try to say.
This is strange since they do have their email posted on-line. Something that to me is an invitation to recieve emails that way. Still some people just ignore my message. And they think they can get away with that - I can and will take a NO for an answer but I can not accept being ignored..
Since I feel that is below the norm for normal interaction between humans - so I now will try a new strategy.

I strongly do believe that information wants to be free.

I will send officials what I call an Open Letter instead. That means every time I try to poke an official, by using an email address that is posted online - my letter will be posted here to - as well as their answer. I will of course let them know that I have published my question on-line and that their answer will be posted online too.
This means all readers of this site can follow the action and how official people deals with this matter. We might even get a few funny answers here too.

I also give you - the reader - the opportunity to suggest to me - who you want me to poke in an email about Floorball Hockey in the Midwest. You just send me an email that includes the address and I will post everything on this blog.
Remember you have to remove the nospam first in that address and it will work.


A Massive Modern Movement

Sunday, November 15, 2009

T0nites facts about Ice Hockey and the question about Floorball

- There is about 50 Swedish players in NHL
- The first round of the draft for NHL this summer almost had a quarter of the players from.....Sweden
- The last editions of the Red Wings has been almost a 50% Swedish team and they have been doing?

- If you think Victor Hedman is the only Swede that played Floorball Hockey in school - you are CRaZy.

In Sweden Floorball Hockey is the second largest sport - it is not considered to be bad for Ice Hockey.
Do da numbaz above... and get your own stick - quick.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The silent shooting school


The Worlds largest floorball tournament

"Welcome to the 17th Gothia Innebandy Cup!  the world’s largest youth floorball tournament. More than 5000 teams and over 75 000 players from 12 different nations have through the years participated in Gothia Innebandy Cup. Nearly 500 teams participate every year, great numbers of course, but we are mostly proud of is that year after year we can deliver a floorball tournament characterized by experineces, joyfullnes and fellowship."

This is a quote from the organisation behind the worlds largest tournament.

Are you ready for their PDF broschure?


Floorball and safety part 2

Since this is one of the most popular subjects on this blog I posted another text "frank about eye injuries"
Enjoy and please spread the light thanks.

Lets be frank about eye injuries

In USA about 8500 eye injuries occur every year as people play Basketball. Another 6100 is related to Baseball.
So every day like 40 players (14600 approx per year) gets an eye injury due to these two activities - alone.

This is why many medical organizations do recommend protective goggles for all players involved in active sports, since 90% of these injuries can be avoided - wearing protective and certified glasses or goggles.
With Floorball Hockey as a new sport we have an incredible chance to lower all these numbers as of above.

The only thing to do is to demand that every one, if it is a School, A Church or a Hockey Club...
If we demand that they always should make glasses available to their players as they play FloorBall Hockey.
Then the same glasses would be available as the organisation engages in Basketball and or some other activity related to eye damage.

So instead of Floorball being an additional sport/activity to increase the numbers of eye injuries in the USA. It could be used as a vehicle to lower the high numbers in the other sports.

Would this be an expensive route to go? No, not if we realize the cost for someone to become blind.
Many medical insurance companies would certainly agree to this - even if it is a fact that a higher use of protective goggles would de facto shrink their own business.

OK, lets recap - about 8500 eye injuries occur in the USA every year from basketball related activities.
Did you know that?

Do you want to do something about that? - Maybe by using Floorball?

The Video Game

Yes, everything that is big has a video game right?
Here it is in the worx and to be released soon

Do you think there is a video game for Floor Hockey or In line Hockey coming soon?
I think that was more than funny - sorry you fans of foam bladed sticks

Friday, November 13, 2009

zorro again

Zorro is a nice thing to watch. It is not as easy to do this in a game even if the rules define this to be a no contact game.

How do you start to play Floorball Hockey?

There is books on the subject and shorter descriptions on-line.
But it all sums up in something else - it is very basic and very American.

Let me surprisingly talk about Golf first. There is two major schools that describes the perfect Golf swing. The first school is very technical
it describes in detail very clear the stance, the back swing, the arm position and so on for ever and ever in small technical details.
The other school say - it only has to feel good.

Thing is the same thing about starting playing FloorBall. It must feel good. How you do this is not the point - the thing is that you do it at all - it is all that matters.
What you need is a few people, some sticks and a ball. That is all. Some players even play it outdoors - even if that is something I would not recommend. But this is a subject on its own.

A couple of small nets is another fun thing to have as you start and a basic understanding about the rules. You can find basic rules that works fine here. And if some crazy guy stands inside the goal as a goalie too much you might have to mark a little net area where no one can stand or a penalty will be called. Basic common sense in other words.

But the main thing you need is some true American free entrepreneurship - someone has to do it - someone has to ignite and carry that bag and that is you.
No one else will do this for you and this is why this is such an American feat to start a FloorBall operation either in School, among friends or at a Hockey Club.
You can only do this yourself, the government will not do it for you neither your mother. And it is not expensive at all and if you would value the cost and compare what you get out of your investment - it is a pure winner. So much fun away from bad stuff for such a little investment.

So as you decide that this is the right thing to do - you can also be a bit more detailed or meticulous and go to and download their excellent PDF description on how to start a Youth FloorBall operation.

They have other excellent stuff too...

It is not about how to do this - it is instead all about doing it - in any way that will float this American boat of ours!



Why I do this?

One of many answers to that is...
The largest difference I see between NA Hockey education and West European Hockey education boils down to only one matter.
Floorball Hockey in School.



Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is what I call a sport!

Division 3

Division 3 means that this is way down in the league system.
Still I think they are good and having fun at the same time as they get a superior work out.

Hockey and some good Answers about the American Development Model

I have had a fruitful email dialog with Ken Martel, the Head guy behind the American Development Model within USA Hockey.
Here is a few very good quotes by him, and I will only just add my own insights or thoughts to what he states.

Mr Martel:
"FloorBall is a great option for kids to compliment Ice Hockey"

(He is right - I just want to add that it is good for adults too and it works in the other way around as well - Ice Hockey is a great option as a compliment for any FloorBall player - How I dare to say so? 
In Sweden, Finland, Swizterland and the Czech Republic there is more licensed FloorBall players than Ice Hockey players - but Yes we do agree on the main subject)

Mr Martel:
"You can also compare it to Futsal in soccer."
(This is a classic statement I would say - from a very clever man - I could not have said it better myself) 

He also talks about comparisons between the current development, or explosion of FloorBall in Canada and that it is hard to follow the same route here as they do in Canada with governmental grants pushing for FloorBall in School.
Finally he states that since in line hockey is on the decline in the US - there is a need for another good off-ice practice tool in the US.

I am pleased about this - my next goal is to get the Magazine USA Hockey to write an article about FloorBall Hockey.

Stay tuned - I am not done yet!

John F Kennedy

President Kennedy did not know anything about Floorball - still he said:

"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."

Until recently, I was convinced Tomah was first in Floorball in Wisconsin. I have learned that is not true - Madison is first.
I thought maybe we can call us largest in Wisconsin, if I am able to get way more people playing - compared to Madison - or something....

New problem is that unconfirmed rumors from a reliable source claim that another community in the state of Wisconsin might be considering the implementation of FloorBall into school activities. This is nothing I can confirm or further develop at this point.
But if this goes in the direction I suspect - my little activity here in Tomah will be dwarfed by what might happen at this other place/school system in WI.

So any suggestion what we may call our little upcoming Sunday activity is welcome...
Rebel Hockey in Tomah, maybe?

Or why not use the quote by President Kennedy?


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Logo for World Championships

The logo WFC 2010 logo is a Floorball ball with holes that create a human figure. The human figure describes the theme for the World Championships - Communality, which is an essential part of Floorball on every level. The human figure inside the ball shines in many colours. This tells about Floorball´s amazing attractiveness as it is a sport that is played by everyone.

Floorball is also a fascinating competitive sport, where all spectators can be experts through their own game experience. The WFC logo describes the fascinating attractiveness. It is a Magic Ball, from which the slogan has emerged: Magical Games.

The 8th Men´s World Floorball Championships will be the biggest sport event organised in Finland during next year. The aim is also to break the previous World Championships spectator records and to offer a magical experience for the spectators. The budget for the championships is the largest so far in Floorball history and rises to 1,5 million euros, which at the same time is the Finnish Floorball Federation´s biggest single investment during FFF´s 25 year old history.

The Men´s WFC 2010 is played on the 4th - 11th of December. Finland is the reigning champion and the World Championships will for the first time be played with 16 teams out of which eight are already qualified (Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Norway, Latvia and Germany). The remaining eight spots will be decided during the World Championships Qualifications in February.

Source IFF and Finland

Chance Prague Masters

The 4th edition of the international veteran tournament 
Chance Prague Masters will start on Thursday (12th) afternoon. 
34 male teams will play for the unofficial European title for players over 35 years. The latest news and high light of this year´s edition is the ladies category for 30+. The city of Prague will be invaded by more than 500 players in their best age from Finland, Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Source IFF


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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!