Friday, October 30, 2009

A European Soccer superstars first score in FloorBall

Next article tells you more - an article from Scotland.

Celtic legend Larsson to swap football for floorball

So why would he do that?

Click the headline and read thish Scottish story.

The answer is - it is so fun.

The World Championship for Females and TV coverage

If you know how to see some of these European TV channels - in some mysterious way here in America (it is not impossible but you have to know how to do it)...
Then here is the schedule for TV coverage in Europe.
WFC TV matches:
Eurosport 2: Both semi-finals & Medal matches and the group match Sweden—Czech Republic
TV 4/Sweden: Both semi-finals & Medal matches and the group match Sweden—Czech Republic
YLE/Finland: Finland´s semi-final and medal match (if playing)
Czech TV: Czech semi-final and medal match (if playing) and possibly also the group match Sweden—Czech Republic
Swiss TV: Asked for high-lights from all Swiss games & the whole match on Sat 12th (if playing).

Sadly enough no American coverage yet...I am however 100% certain that it is just a matter of time since Americans will never be able to resist FloorBall Hockey as it will sweep this continent too.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It is 5 weeks left to the largest FloorBall event of the year

It is time for the 7th female world championships. Click the headline and dive into the material.

We will try to keep an tab on this - the USA is playing in the top division. And competition is stiff. More to follow soon.

Want to see some good clips from Europe?

Just click the headline pls..

I will be back more precisely about when and how we will set FloorBall up here in Tomah, WI for the next few months.
Ha the numbers of visitors to our little site is moving up.
So pls keep on refering this site to others..


FloorBall in Tomah Wis

Its has been confirmed.
We will be up playing again - within a few weeks time - on Sundays.
We will be playing at one of the best gyms available in this community.

More information to follow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Modern Goals?

If someone else comes and claims that this was his or hers idea first - so it might be.
I published this Oct 28th 2009 on this blog for the first time. And I do think this is my very own original idea.

This is my thoughts upon cheap small nets or goals used as you play a light version of FloorBall Hockey.
And yes the IFF, the international governing body of Floorball, do recognize that this sport sometimes is played in what often is called "Swiss-style" with small goals on a basketball court and with maybe only 3 on 3 players.

A small goal or net from main manufacturers like Franklin, Mylec, Huffy etecetra is often a net that has been designed for either some kind of soccer or some rather odd kind of Hockey style activity, in the very best case these goals have been designed for FloorBall Hockey exclusively.
Anyway, these goals are of a basic design in plastic or metal and often equipped with a net made of nylon. End of story.

I will soon write a larger piece about the development of the FloorBall Hockey stick since this is an area where there is very much to be told since the area kind of exploded over the years.
The interesting stuff about the nets or goals used in FloorBall is the opposite, the lack of development.
Since the sport of FloorBall started the small goals have more or less looked the same.

Maybe they do not pay the designers of this equipment enough money and maybe these nets have been too cheap too long?
And, Yes there is Ice Hockey versions too for cross Ice style hockey, kind of bulky, heavy gear carrying a swollen price tag too. Still with Nethanderal basic design and no electronic sensor devices.

Let me ask the following questions about small goals.
Where is the drop nets?
Where is an audible funktion like a bell or a buzzer, maybe a ringtone... that goes off as the dropnet is hit, indicating a score?
Where is some blinking LED's or lights, like in my sons Tennis shoes that goes off as the goal itself indicates a score?
Hot Wheels released a little toy speed radar...Why can not the goal also release the speed of the ball as it is getting scored into the dropnet?
And of course count the goals scored in several different modes...

The kids will love it - irrespective if they play some odd kind of a hockey sport or if they are serious about going to the Olympics with FloorBall Hockey in 2020.

Feel free to submit all your designs to us and we will publish them - abruptly.


Just wait just wait this is good....

FloorBall in Special Winter Olympics as a demonstration sport by 2013

The new rumor is that FloorBall Hockey will make it to the special Olympic Winter games as a
demonstration sport already in 4 years time!

I can not verify this rumor yet but I would not be surprised if it is 100% true.
The source is a wiki as so often..

So all you that want, are able and qualified to compete within the Special Olympics...
It is time to start to practice already now. I have some connections that will get us going.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The wiffle ball

The wiffle ball was invented by David N. Mullany, Connecticut on August 14th, 1953 when he designed a baseball that curved easily for his 12-year old son.
It was named when his son and his friends would refer to a strikeout (a miss in baseball) as a "whiff". (source: Wikipedia)
The original whiffle ball was designed with holes only on one side of the ball so a spinning lightweight ball would curve as much as possible as it spunn in mid-air.

The wiffle ball itself even spun of its own kind of a new baseball sport that spread all the way to Spain and it even created a Whiffle ball league for people playing a
whiffle ballball version of the new Sport?

So an old sport, i.e. baseball, with heavy, almost dangerous, balls that is hard to practice with for younger people...suddenly gears up a ball (the wiffle ball)
that is so good that it creates its own sport and later own its own league...
Today I do know that professional base ball teams do use whiffleballs as they practice - at least when they do that together with kids.
And then the whiffle ball made it into golf as well as a little miniatyre whiff... kind of thing y.

End of story?

Nope, somewhere.. someone brougth the wiffle ball to Sweden and a new Hockey sport was born the normal way - no Ciceronian delivery this time.
The baby was named FloorBall with Hockey being the sir name.

Today that ball is better built and one of the interesting features is that the dimples of a golf ball now has been incorporated with new siblings into the wiffle ball.
We have said before the speed record is 117 MPH in FloorBall.
We do not have to repeat that again do we?
And in 2020 the whiffle ball will be in the Olympics. So if the family of Mullany's read this...maybe they should have free tickets to the Olympics in 2020

Minneapolis/St Paul is only one of the bidders for 2020......

Wake up you buddy sports writers!

The rule

They say that in Switzerland it is illegal to play with an Orange blade.
This because as they show this sport on TV it is hard to see the ball since all games in the Swiss league are being played by using an orange ball.

Here is another fresh clip from Finland, enjoy

Slideshow from Finland

Just Beautiful stuff.

Sometimes stills say so much more than moving pictures

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Young Ladies from Yesterday in Sweden

Things coming soon..

I will write about the American invented Whiffle ball..
And maybe publish a poll.
Maybe we can get in some news from other FloorBall places in North America..?
I have also some nasty ideas about the ownership of a few main questions...
Then if you have patients enough I might release a big thing about the technical development of the sticks...It might take weeks though.
And the you can send us new things here...too

Spread the word pls...........

Music for Eyes?

Maybe not my kind of turn it down.

But hey, stop for a second and try to figure out what this German friend is doing.
Look at his ball and blade..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So what about Asia?

The 6th Asia Pacific Floorball Championships 2009 (apac 2009) for Men and Ladies was held from 25 to 29 March 2009 in Pyeong Taek, South Korea.

Now they are maybe not too famous to handle a stick and a puck on ice - but this looks good.

Here you see Japan playing Australia. Enjoy

Another love affair

This is from Jonttu 93.
And please do not say La Crosse one more time it is called FloorBall Hockey.
Even if all moves above the knee level is not allowed in FloorBall so this is illegal in a game. But then there is freebandy too. But that is not exploding like FloorBall Hockey - it is just another big thingy...

Is FloorBall related to Ice Hockey?

What did you say....what is it? a relation to another sport?
Go figure or just go to Huddinge Hockey in southern Stockholm.

Eat it

Friday, October 23, 2009

What is FloorBall Hockey?

This is a very good Question.

I think my own answers are:

- It is the basic European Hockey Sport in school that made it on its own and now it seems like it is on its way to the Olympics.


- FloorBall is a basic word that has the same meaning as FUN.

What is your answer?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 year old boys

This movie is good since it shows the very latest development with protective eye gear.
It is not a mandatory rule to use these, some players are playing without glasses. But the recommendation is that you do use protective eye gear as you play - in particular younger players.
Otherwise they play very good and you can see that they knows how to shot and fiddle with the ball.
The movie is from Sweden and is recorded very recently just outside of Stockholm.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Why Teachers Love Floorball

Many players believe this game to be as fun as any other sport - in many cases even more fun.The speed of the game is another interesting feature as more mature and skilled are playing.
The world record for a hat-trick is recorded at 12 seconds (a hat-trick is when the same player scores three times in the same period). A normal regulation game produces roughly 15 scores during a 3x20 game. So king Soccer - we can only be so sorry about this!
The worlds speed record for a FloorBall has been measured just shy of 120 MPH.

Compared to many other main stream sports this is a relatively safe activity.
With no hard balls, with resonable soft sticks and rules that define this as a non contact sport.
Further there is no destructive parts in this game - no kind of checking and the philosophy behind the game is to create a constructive game play. It is only the ball that can be played.
You can read more about the issue of safety here.

Since it is kind of hard to control the ball. The game to a large extent levels out the different skill levels between players. So even if you are a quite good player you will still loose the ball now and then - this is something that makes the ball also go to other players so they will be able to touch the ball or score.
In some other sports it is my own personal opinion that some less skillful players to a larger extent is at risk to be excluded from passes etcetera. This is however nothing I can prove for the moment.

In some sports the players are standing still for long periods - something that creates a lack of focus on the game, in particular for younger players. In FloorBall the ball is almost not still for a single second.
This creates a level of attention that is almost unsurpassed.
With most players this results in an incredible focus for the game and not really a need for coaches to shout "Hazzle" like they do in some other sports. The young players know in most cases by them self when it is their time to run for the ball or to score.

As you play FloorBall Hockey at full speed - the promise of FloorBall is that your heart gets pumping and the T-shirt will get soaked. One of the Czech Republic Hossa brothers in NHL even claims that FloorBall Hockey helped him to build stronger leg muscles.

A basic set of 12 school sticks costs approx 200 dollars and most players can play in a T-shirt and shorts as well as the indoor Tennis shoes they already own. A basic starter stick costs from 20 dollars - intermediate models
between 40-60 and then of course there is high end sticks too that gets much more expensive.

As Kids arrive for the first time to a Hockey club they know little about how to dribble and to some extent shot. They have further some other basic ideas on how to play some game play concepts in real Ice Hockey.

The International FloorBall Federation claims that this is one of the fastest growing sports today. So this is not another odd way - how to emulate Ice Hockey.
This is the new definition of Hockey with a global very strong growth.
In 2020 it is supposed to be an Olympic sport on its own. It might even be featured earlier on the Olympic agenda within the Special Olympics.
So if you want to go to the Olympics - Start with FloorBall Hockey today!

This text has to some extent been inspired by J Mikkola one of the most important figures in the introduction of FloorBall in Canada. So credits to him.

Update, and disclaimer
I want to add to this text the following since I realize that many readers come from out side of North America.
As I speak about the safety features of Floorball above this must be related to and compared with American mainstream sports like American Football, Baseball, Ice Hockey as well as Floor Hockey.
Sports in the USA generate on an average level some 40000 eye injuries per year whereof 8500 is related to Basketball. This does probably not mean that Basketball is dangerous but that USA play very much Basketball.
In the case Floorball was introduced into American school systems and the use of eye wear was mandated as some organizations do in Finland. Floorball would have the potential to reduce all these numbers since protective eye wear would become more readily available at, for instance schools.
As all active sports Floorball do produce obvious risks of damage to players - it is compared to other American main sports that I claim this to be a rather safe activity. On the other hand the risk of being a passive human being without an active lifestyle seems to be not healthy either and filled with other risks.
As I mention above that Floorball is a non contact sport - it may per definition not be true since you are allowed to play shoulder against shoulder. Since there in some areas are US state laws regulating what is to be considered as a non contact sport - I am honestly not certain on how law makers would define the "contact level" in Floorball.
But it is true that you can not push, hook another stick or tackle another player as you play Floorball.
An important feature for many choosing to play Floorball - I think.

This text is not to be seen as any scientific document it is only the free opinion, judgement and view of the author. You have to determine yourself the level of safety features in the sport of Floorball. I do however recommend - as well as IFF do - all players to wear protective eye wear. And that is my recommendation for any active sport. I think 40000 eye injuries in the USA per year is too high of a number.

M Borg

Monday, October 19, 2009


What they call knee hockey and pond hockey is Floorball.
I have had confirmed by his dad that Oliver and Joakim do play FloorBall - do you hear his hesitation as he say pond hockey...
Ha ha ha I am laughing out load now


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Special Olympics

If the rumor is right. It sounds like the special Olympics will be featuring FloorBall before the regular Olympics in 2020.

Anyway this is how it looks in the Czech republic as they play FloorBall Hockey in Wheelchairs...

FloorBall and Safety

For your pleasure a long Q & A on FloorBall and safety.
Copyright - to me pls

Is FloorBall Hockey a safe sport?
Floorball Hockey is a very safe sport with a low rate of injuries compared to many other dominant sports. This is one of the reasons this is a good and very successful sport in School.
It is safe mainly thanks to the idea that FloorBall Hockey is a non-contact sport and the sport does not allow any destructive plays or moves like body checking, stick checking or anything similar. You can not even put the stick inbetween the legs of another player - the game will be stopped. Only the ball itself is supposed to be played.

Can a player get injured playing FloorBall Hockey?
Yes, even if it is very unlikely that a stick slammed at high speed into a body will harm a player - it is painful. The stick is lightweight and soft as the ball too – the speed of both a ball as well as the stick can still become painful – even if it does not normally cause injury – compare for instance the equipment to aluminum bats and the hard heavy baseballs used in Baseball.
The injuries we mainly want to avoid – is either a stick, finger or an elbow up towards the face or an eye. The rules in Floorball therefore strictly prohibit the ball to be played above the knee of a player. Something highly important to enforce as a very strict rule for younger players. In regulation FloorBall Hockey a player can raise the blade up to his/her hips – only as they not try to play the ball. It is also allowed to follow through with a full swing in regulation Floorball when shooting and no other player is close to the shooting player. A high back swing as in Golf is not allowed. As high sticking is called a 2 minute time out penalty for the player is the rule. Close to goal, a goal penalty is called.
As being involved in a very physical activity as a player there is always the inherent risk of an injury – like in any though sport.

What is the common type of an injury incident?
There is not any common type of an injury incident since they tend to be rather rare. But the following is the risks that all players as well as all parents should be aware of.
As a player at full speed wants to change direction running and puts his or her foot by mistake on the blade of a stick – this player most likely will fall hard on the floor. If a stick - even if this is against the rules - ends up inbetween the legs it might trip a player and the player might fall hard too. The court itself can be a hazard if the gym is equipped with clutter of equipment and pillars that the players might run into or by mistake being pushed into. A regulation size court with regulation low plastic boards is to prefer from the safety stand point – but this is not always available.
Even if it against the rules to play with high sticks – there is always the risk for a stick blade or a stick end, an elbow or a finger that comes up towards an eye.
Some studies further suggest that girls after puberty might be posed for a higher risk of knee injury – something that can be prevented to a high degree by building strong leg muscles. Soccer as a comparison is related to both knee and head injuries.

What is the best way to protect a FloorBall player?
The goal keeper in regulation Floorball Hockey wears a full protective suite including a mask integrated helmet. All other players are suggested to wear protective polyacrylic glasses. This is stated by the International Floorball Federation as well as the American Physicist Association as they recommend protective equipment for players in sports like racket ball, badminton etcetera. Floorball Hockey U agrees fully with this recommendations since the ball can travel well above 100 MPH – something not nice to get into an open eye.
Since the sports was founded the practice using protective glasses has been rare however. It is only during the latest years of play in younger leagues this has become more common. Protective glasses is not yet mandated by a formal rule.
For a healthy player no other protective gear is called for. Some players prefer however knee high socks to limit the pain if someone hits you on the lower part of a leg.

Tell us something more about You, Safety and FloorBall.
One of the best things about FloorBall is that is such a safe, fun and though physical activity as we compare to other broad physical activities. And we do know that physical activities does not only presents risks for injuries – we also know that an active and strong body will prevent some deceases and problems like with over weight. So to some extent it might be safer to engage in a physical activity than not.
I have myself been working more that 13 years at Volvo – a brand name that is built upon safety as being the main corner stone in all their operations. At Volvo I was so concerned about safety that some friends even called me Mr Safety.

Michael Borg

FloorBall Hockey U

This text is not a scientific document. It is not at release for any risks associated when playing FloorBall Hockey with us or under someone elses supervision. All risks are according to local law and we always ask our players, or parents to sign a release form to be fully responsible for taken risks.
This text only reflects the views of the author. Nothing more or less. If you feel uncertain please discuss with your doctor before you engage yourself or your child in a physical activity that can get highly strenuous.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New stuff from Canada

Yesterday our friends up in Toronto released a DVD.

This is an extensive video introducing the sport of FloorBall Hockey.
It also lays out how any hockey player can use floorball as the perfect practice tool.

Here is a preview


Michael Borg

Floorball Hockey live from Europe

There is a big tournament going on in Denmark - more or less right now.

If you want to follow games live on the web for free - try this link


I like this movie because is is so plain unedited fun.
Just a simple camera and some fun with a ball and a stick.

And I even think that the sound has been turned off makes this very authentic.
It is all about love for hockey I think.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This is a floorball goal on ICE

If this 9 year old did not play Floorball Hockey from he was five then I am Santa Claus

This is incredible!

Michael Borg

Friday, October 9, 2009

Old movie from the US team in World Championship

A Scandinavian promotion movie for your pleasure

Floorball is fast

This week the news was released that the worlds fastest hat-trick has been recorded.
A true hat-trick is usually considered when a player - the same player scores three goals in the same period of the game.
A few days ago someone in the lower Swedish floorball league system was able to score three goals within only 12 seconds.
Probably a world record for any sport where you can score a hat-trick.

Think about that for a few seconds - look at 12 seconds and imagine how this experience must have been.

Otherwise if you follow this link you can see the currently valid speed shooting record for FloorBall.
Translated into miles per hour it is 117.27 mp/h. Not many sports gets close to this number as you compare.

There is also a little online game where you try to shot a floorball to score on a goalie at this link.

Have fun
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!