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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Offence and style, is that two different things?

First some style in low res from Slovakia....

and who did recommend Lacrosse for Hockey players now again? hmm...

Then something that many people would see as offensive - in many gentlemen sports - maybe?

But heck as a #floorballcowboy we like this too...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Houston Push Forward

You know what we just will rerun - their full PUSH - Stolen from Facebook

If you know anyone in Houston area who should play floorball, please share this with them or have them contact me or do both.
Why should I sign up my child for Floorball
Since majority of Americans have never heard of the game called floorball, which is played over million people in +50 countries, I wanted to share few reasons why parents should choose floorball for their children to participate in.
First of all, floorball is safe, easy to learn and fun sport on its way to 2020 Olympic games. I want to highlight some of the benefits of having your children to play floorball compared to some of the major sports in the USA.
Please feel free to comment, like and share to promote discussion about floorball versus other sports. There are four different factors (one for each major sport) that will be discussed that makes floorball one of the most desirable sports to play in Texas.
First, I wanted compare ice hockey versus floorball. Hockey in Finland pretty much holds the same status as football in the America. It is the national sport where Finland plays in the top level in the world cup and in the Olympics, even taking bronze home from Sochi. Everyone has their home town team to support and many dreams have been fulfilled through hard work and many hours on ice, as many young Finnish hockey players have been drafted to NHL.
If hockey is the ultimate sport in Finland, why even bother to play floorball? The main reason floorball became the second choice sport for the youth was the affordability. Soon after floorball was invented there was an economic downturn in Finland that forced parents to rethink if they were able to afford their children to play hockey. Only in recent years floorball has become the first choice sport among the youth in Finland, Sweden and other European countries.
Here is a list of equipment that that is needed to properly equip your child to play hockey. The items selected are the most affordable hockey equipment from Sports Authority.
Helmet: $49,99
Shoulder pads: $34,97
Performance shorts: $39,99
Youth hockey pants: $59,99
Suspenders: $10,99
Shin Guards: $14,97
Elbow pads: $9,97
Cup $9,99
Mouth Guard: $4,99
Gloves: $34,99
Skates: $46,99
Blade Guards: $6,99
Hockey Stick: $54,99
Hockey Puck: $2,99
Tape: $3,99
Bag: $36,99

The startup cost for hockey equipment, just if you were to buy the cheapest of all the equipment available would come to $423,78 + tax. In addition, three day camps run starting from $160.
The start up cost for one week all exclusive floorball summer camp is $150 + tax, which includes a stick and a ball.
Total hockey startup cost = $583,78 (+SUV to carry all the equipment)
Total startup cost for floorball =$150
Difference: $433,78 (take a vacation or put it in savings account)
Meaning: with the same amount invested on one child playing hockey, you can have almost 4 children to play floorball for the same amount of investment.
I have to say that playing hockey was always fun, whether it was on a frozen lake, school rink with or without boards or on a real hockey stadium. My college experience with 5am hockey practices in the negative weather made it even greater.
We are looking forward to work together with current and future hockey and floorball players. Please share this with anyone you know in the Houston area that should put their children into our very first ever floorball summer camp in Houston TX.
Also, please read the following article how NHL team Dallas Stars is incorporating floorball with their youth program.

The World's Best Sport

From the world's best TV - it is pure brilliance

If you want complain that this is not in English - we suggest you do that here, we kinda gave in

I want a Floorball stick that tweets by itself!

We posted on recent tech sports development last night - In short what happened was that Nike just closed down its hardware unit for gadgets, tracking athletes - and not many understand why?
Some speculated that Nike are moving towards Apple and the hint is that we are to see a new breed of wild "tracking" gadgets for athletes well beyond what you may dream of... They hint about gadgets of some sort of a second degree.

Venturebeat describes this rather well on how the next gadgets will not just have basic sensors that measure heartbeats - they describe this well in this their own reasoning;
"Why Apple’s wearable has to be about the story of you — not just data" 
The article describes how sensors can tell your story... read it...

Did U think Social Media now?
But it will not stop there. As we get not only beyond sensors but computing power (in essence "beyond sensors" connected to computational power in a device - like in a Floorball stick - or connected to your cell phone) nothing is then impossible.
Here is a great story on how your cellphone already today can be used to cure cancer. YES!

Now take this to the Floorball court - imagine shoes, sticks, maybe the ball and the rink as well as the goals - everything is connected - not just only with sensors and readings of big data. But also with world class distributed computational power - hm at some point we might not even need the coach? Maybe each separate play can be forecasted like we today fairly good can predict weather (that is a hard task) and each player will have his or her own live streaming YouTube channel... Scary? And if we can predict game "weather" (short term plays) we might be able to tell long term performance too (how is your teams Floorball climate for instance?). Money? To do all this? Did you ever hear about the betting sports industry?

Maybe, but the main limit to what we can do - or what we will be able to do - is mainly your own mind. But perhaps AI will take care of that too?

I myself is fine - if I just get a Floorball stick that can tweet by itself - each time it scores..

International Bonanza in Tomah Wisconsin

As we look into the nationalities or roots - we have a lots of people coming from different places.. to the 2014 Midwest Floorball Championships - May 3rd.. 2014.

Of course we have Americans and Swedes and Finns.
But we also have people with deep or recent roots from Poland, Malaysia, Germany, England, Scotland, and we probably missed someone too, is someone from Switzerland too? Earlier years we had Swiss people involved... 8 maybe 9 or more original nationalities in a sport tournament - in Tomah Wisconsin? When do you think they had that last? (last year - dear friend - this is how Floorball looks like in America still)

That is not bad - to arrange a Floorball tourney on the border of the frontiers of the Floorball world and serve up like a United Nations party - in US -  Cheeseland!

Where ever you come from all of you are welcome to Tomah - and the Parks and Rec is currently working with the tourney design right now. The final count is eleven teams - the aim is to have an initial qualification round at least for Recreational and Intermediate teams - and probably award an intermediate division too... We will know for sure tomorrow - according to the current plan. Let's See!
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!