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Dr Kluger points out some diffrences USA vs Canada

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Dr Kluger, a Floorball expert in Finland, points out the differences between Team USA and Team Canada for the World Floorball Championships.
He say that the Canadian Team mainly consist of players living in Canada with only a few extra players brought on to the team - using Canadian passports but they live and play in Europe. Team USA on the other hand is mainly based upon players with US passports living and playing Floorball in Europe - and only a few players are Floorball players living in the USA on a more permanent basis.

Of course Dr Kluger is right - but we also have heard voices about this from both the UK and France about the mix of players too - involving players with French or UK passports - but not spending too much time in their own country - but still representing a "passport country". And to some people this is a sensitive matter since the subject of national pride might be a big one (for some).

From the perspective of Floorball without borders - this is a matter with no sense at all - as the best players must be eligible to play in a World Floorball Championship. Point is Passport rules only..

But there is also a reality behind the differences between USA and Canada. In Canada Floorball has fast grown strong and parts of this strength come from what many individuals have done - but also through commitment by Hockey Canada to use Floorball for dry-land training as well as through governmental support. All this has created a culture in Canada that involves good quality Floorball players at a fairly decent level at several places and in schools. Canada is just way ahead of the US in this sense.
USA is not there yet. The Floorball operation is still mainly based around foreigners living in the states.
The USA Hockey operation has yet to take the progressive steps as seen in Canada and Floorball in USA schools is still utterly rare. Governmental support is to date unheard of and... What the Dallas Stars now do as well as what the Gretzky Hockey School has in their pipeline might change this in the right direction. But this will take some time as it looks right now.
For now Team USA must rely on a bulk of "European players" - still they are "US passport citizens" - that do know how to play top notch Floorball - to create the very best US team.

We here at Floorballcentral do not think this will hamper the attempts to build good Floorball in the USA - as it will all work as a promotional thing. And USA Floorball needs all the promotions it can get right now.
But heck, yes with some better governmental support, better support from closely related sports like hockey (as we see in Canada) from field Hockey, from the US Olympic organisation, from the Department of Education or why not from Special Olympics or Pickleball...etcetera. The United States will be able to build their own team with players mainly based in the United States too.. But we also think the Europeans must help the USA out too - when did we last time see a top notch Euro team go to the USA to play a demonstration game? This never happened dear Dr. Kluger!

And yes all those things will be good for Floorball here - but we are not there yet - and - only god knows why!

Go Team USA GO!

Good story from Canada

We quote..

"Canada will play a two-game qualification series against the U.S., Feb. 6-7 in Markham, to determine which country represents North America at the 2015 world women's championships next December in Finland."

Full story here via the Intelligencer in Canada

Floorball on the Big Stage World Games

picture linked via the IFF
John Says:
"- - This is a great opportunity for the floorball family to really show the other sports and the Olympic movement, what we can bring the Wroclaw World Games and also hopefully the Olympic Games in the future. The importance of the World Games increases a lot if the recommendations of the International Olympic Committee Olympic Agenda are approved, since the IOC is proposing to increase the cooperation between the IOC and the World Games. In addition the World Games will act as the test site for the sports wanting to be included in the Olympic Games, says IFF secretary general John Liljelund."

In other words... The preparations for the floorball tournament in the World Games in Poland has started...and Floorball will participate in the World Games for the first time as an official program sport with six Men’s teams.
... they aim to make the World Games tourney the best ever for Floorball
... and if you want to read the full coverage about this... go here..

Let us here just now hope that some school people in US get the hang of this...too

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A New Line with famous players do Floorball for Hockey

On the center position we have Gretzky Hockeyschool, on left wing Xhockeyproducts with Bryce Salvador, on the right wing Exel, Left defence player is Pavel Barber and the Right defence - Greg Beaudin. Zen is the goalie...

Who can beat this? - Sorry just kiddin' a bit... But the line-up is indeed cool ;-).

Check this out - it should make some new editorial stuff and interest come forward - we think.

Now, You draw your own conclusions on how Floorball might develop Hockey in North America - or Hockey Develop Floorball - ?

This game has not started yet - but it will be amazing to see as this will develop beyond our own dreams, right?


Today we do not quote - we steal the full monty... in a super quote..
"For Immediate Release- We are thrilled to announce a quantum leap in Floorball Hockey Development for North America. We have built a smart, modern and complete ecosystem that will launch the Sport of Floorball across the school, hockey and community center sectors.
Floorball Academy Plus Inc,  (Floorball+, International Floorball Academy) is an education, training, development and supply portal for the Floorball Community.  With a full menu of starter to premium equipment, online training and membership development tools, we help players, teachers, coaches and organizations to deliver quality Floorball Hockey experiences.
We are proud to call these outstanding organizations our partners:
“In our first conversation with Greg, we immediately saw the genuine passion for growing FloorBall across North America.  We also recognized how Floorball could become another key part in the development of a player’s hockey skills. The professionalism and expertise that Greg’s FloorBall+ team exhibited made it an easy decision for us to become involved as both partners and ambassadors in an effort to grow the sport of FloorBall.”
Bryce Salvador and Peter Ing – Current and Former NHL Players | – Built For Players By Players.
I remember when I first saw floorball being played…it was a YouTube video and I was drooling as I watched the amount of cool things you could do with that stick. I immediately bought one online and started making it a part of my stickhandling routine. I just thought it would be fun, but had no idea how much it would help my overall stickhandling performance. The ball and stick are so light that every single touch on the stick has to be precise. You have to be so mindful. The speed at which the ball moves when stickhandling challenges your reflex speed immensely, and it has really opened up my creative mind which I have now transferred to my ice hockey game. I stickhandle for at least an hour every day in my room or at the rink when I have time. Definitely obsessed. It has given me a renewed love for the sport of hockey. In a world where the the effectiveness of creativity in hockey is just beginning to be realized, I am so excited to see what people come up with when they decide to make floorball a part of their off ice training program.
Pavel Barber
“We are pleased to partner with Greg and his team of Floorball experts to help our players improve their hockey skills with Floorball as a key ingredient of our off-ice training program.  Their skill development, experience and professionalism have been a great addition, complementing our on-ice programs.”
Eric Kleineck & Ty Gretzky- Gretzky Hockey School
“Greg and his team approached us with a unique and compelling opportunity to help re-invent floor hockey in North America, to re-invigorate physical activity and team sports for youth in schools, to create a sustainable business model that is innovative and green, a future sport accessible for everyone.  These are the types of people and products that we want to work with and support at Zen Launchpad, and we have witnessed the unbridled passion from Greg and Pavel when delivering and teaching the message of Floorball and Hockey across a wide demographic base.  We are excited to be a part of the Floorball+ team.”
Cyri Jones – Co-Founder Zen Launchpad
“EXEL has been in the Floorball business since 1992. Starting from that time EXEL has pursued for ground breaking innovations such as Oval shaft amongst many others and top of the line collections to support the Floorball world. For long time this world has been developing heavily on Scandinavian markets and few other European countries and what a development it has been. The markets where Floorball is played a lot it really is one of the most common sport and has taken its place amongst football, ice hockey, and many other.
 It is my great pleasure to introduce North American market to be part of this development and I’m proud to announce Floorball+ and  xHockeyProducts to the EXEL family. Based on the status of the company in the field of Ice Hockey and the people behind the company I’m certain that EXEL will succeed to introduce and develop Floorball there. Based on this partnership EXEL will take the place for the future in the ever growing Floorball community in North America.
On top of this I could not dream of better platform to raise the awareness of this sport than hand in hand with ice hockey. When I heard the possibility to be part of Gretzky Hockey School with xHockeyProducts and EXEL I did not think twice. When young developing hockey stars are not on ice what would be the better way to continue developing eye hand coordination, handling, passing, positioning and most of all fun time than Floorball.”
Jaakko Aro- CEO EXEL Sports 
E-Sports Group Oy
Our world class management team will provide all the essential building blocks to activate a comprehensive set of Floorball programs that can be customized to meet each client’s unique needs.
Please join us in celebrating our grand opening
Friday November 28th, 5pm – 9++
280 East 1st street, North Vancouver.
Also visit us online at (Canada) and (USA)"

Source (if you need to know more)
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Research suggest that eye-injuries are more common in Floorball as compared to Tennis, but less common as compared to Squash (similar to Racquetball).
To minimize this risk of injury Floorballcentral recommend: Use certified protective eye-wear (mandated in many European areas for the youth). Do not lay down on the court. Follow the rules strict on stick height.

Also if you get addicted to this sport - do not blame us!